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Since I am not getting genealogy questions to answer, I will start publishing parish records on the blog. I will try to put up a few pages a couple of times a week.



Births From The

Bristol Parish Register

of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie

Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798


Transcribed By

Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne




Ephraim son of Wm. & Amy Andrews born 4th febr last bapt septr 1st 1721.

George son of Wm. & Anne Archer born 31st July last bapt septr 3d 1721.

Mary dau of Robt & Mary Abernathy born 16th Aprill last bapt 9th Octobr 1721.

Tho: son of Tho: & Ann Addison born 1st Aprill last bapt 27th May 1722.

Isham son of Rich & Mary Andrews born 19th Aprill last bapt July 7th 172‑.

Tally son of Hen: & Mary Alley born 24th Augst 1 bapt March 27th 1722.

Ann dau of Abra & Mary Alley born 25th Instant bapt 31st May 1722.

Fran: dau of Geo: & Mary Archer born 8th May last bapt 19th August 1722.

 Wm. son of Tho. & Mary Adaman born 2d July last bapt. 17th feb 1722-3


Geo: son of Wm. & Avis Andrews born 14th Janr last bapt July 10th 1723.

Mary D. of Tho & Jane Andrews born 14th Aprill last bapt July 10th 1723.

Judith D. of Geo & Mary Archer born 23d Aprill last bapt 5th sept 1724 

Winifred D of Wm. & Avis Andrews born 1st June last bapt 16th septr 1724.

Drury son of Abra & Mary Allen born 1st Xbr 1724.

Fran: son of Rich & Mary Andrews born 10th August last bapt March 28th 1725.

Tho Son of Tho: & Mary Adaman born 6th octobr 1724 bapt 12th Sep 1725. 

John son of Robt & Mary Abertnartha born 27th bapt 1723.

Mary Dat of Ann Andrews being Illigitimate born 18th octber last 1725.

Martha A negro of George Archer born Janr 1725.

David Son of Robt and Mary Abertnarthy born May 29th bapt June 6th 1726.

Wm Son of Elkana and Sarah Allen born 3d sept 1726.

Sarah D of John and Catherine Adams born 30th Apr 1726.

Winefritt D of Abraham and Mary Alle born 22d Aprill 1727.

Eliz D of Tho and Jane andrews born 11th Novemr 1726 bapt 15 1727.

Wm S of Rich' and Mary andrews born 13th May 1726 bapt 15 novemr 1727. 

avice D of Wm and avice andrews Born 7th Decm 1727 Bapt.

Martha D of Wm. and Ann Archer born 19th Bapt 19th Janr 1727.

Mary D of George and Sarah Archer Born 25th June 1728.

Eliza D of henry and Eliza anderson Born 14th Aprill 1729.

Ellinor female slave of Ditto Born 14th Aprill 1729.

 Sarah D of Elcanah and Sarah allin Born 28th Decr Bapt 4th March 1728.

Henry Son of Richard & Mary andrews Born 3d febr 1729 Bapt 28th Aprill 1730.

John Son of Wm and avis andrews Born 7th July 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730. 

Mary D of Abraham and Mary Alle Born 13th July 1730.

Thomas Son of Christophar and Mary Addison Born 12th Septr 1730.

Eliza D: of Robert and Mary Abernarthy Born 20th May 1730 Bapt 20th Septr

Frances D of William and Ann Archer Born 14th august 1730 Bapt octr 12th.

Sarah D of George & Mary Archer Born 31th Decr Bapt 21th febr 1730.

anne of Thomas & Ann Addison Born 11th febr 1730.

Martha Datr of Thos & Jean Andrews born 16th March 1731 Bapt June 1st 1732.

Luciana datr of Wm & avis Andrews born 9 septr 1731 Bapt July 30th 1732.

Pheboe dater of Rich' & Mary Andrews born 26th March 1732 bapt July 30th 1732.

Jean Datr of Geo & Mary Archer born 12th July 1732 bapt Sep' 3d 1732.

Clyborn of Henry & Elisabeth Born anderson 21th Decr 1732 Bapt Janr 14th 1732.

amy D of Robert & Mary abernarthy Born 30th Janr 1732 Bapt 26th March 1733.

Eleonore D of abraham & Mary allen Born 11th   apr 1733 Bapt 27th may 1733.

Winifred D' of Christopher & Mary addison Born 8th octbr 1732 Bapt 17th June 1733.

Phebe D: of Wm & ann archer Born 3d Sept 1733 Bapt octbr 18th 1733.

Robert Son of John & martha alexander Born 2d Janr 1733 Bapt 30 febr.

John Son of James & Elisabeth anderson Born 4th May 1734 Bapt 4th august.

Field Son of field & Elisabeth archer Born   July 1734 Bapt 2d July.


Written by Bryan Christian — January 27, 2014