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Since I am not getting genealogy questions to answer, I will start publishing parish records on the blog. I will try to put up a few pages a couple of times a week.



Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
  1. Part 2
George Son of Richard & Tabitha Archer Born 30 April 1734.

Ruth D. of Jane anderson born July 12th 1733.

Amey D. of John & Elizabeth anderson Born 18th June 1734.

Henry S of Henry & Elizabeth anderson Born 4 Janr 1734.

Thomas S of Thomas & alice Archer Born Octobr 3d 1734 Baptiz'd the 25th.

Lucey D. of abraham & Mary Allen Born Sept 12th 1735.

Fredrick S of Thomas & Alce Archer Born November ye 13th 1740.

Mary D of Peter & Elisabeth Aldridg Born febuary ye 22nd 1739.

Miles S of abraham & Mary Allen Born may ye 18th 1741.

Lucy D. of David and ann Abernothy B Feb 14th 1740.

John S of William & Agnis Abbet Feb 26th 1740.

William S. of Richard & Tabitha Archers born Septr 20th 1738 & Bapt Octobr 30th 1741.

Roger S. of Richard & Tabitha Archers Born May 10th 1741 & Bapt Octobr 30th 1741.

Mary D. of John & Elizabeth Atkinsons Born Septr 5th 1741 & Bapt apr 11th 1742

Robert S. of Robert & Sara Abernethys Born March 27th 1742 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

William S. of Charles & Ellis Abernethys Born Apr 4th 1742 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

Joanna D. of William & Ellis Aldrige Born Jany 10th 1741‑2 & Bapt May 11th 1742.

Elizabeth D. of Richard & Mary Aycock born Decr 4th 1742 & Bapt Feb 20th 1742.

Martha D. of Elizabeth Allen born Octobr 28th 1742 and baptd Aprile 10th 1743.

John S. of Peter & Elizabeth Aldrige born June 14th 1743 & baptd May 9th 1743.

Sara D. of William & Mary Archers born Janr 28th 1742‑3 & baptd Jun 12th 1743.

Mason D. of Abram & Mary Allens born Novr 20th 1743 & baptd Janry 1st 1743‑4.

Mille D. of Peter & Elizabeth Aldridge born Janry 25th '744‑5 & baptd Aprile 28th 1745.

Mary D. of William & Mary Archers born Septr 16th 1745 baptd Octob ___1745.

Frederick S. of John & Lucy Aberneathys was born Sept 2d baptd Novr 10th 1745

Shade Son of Winifreid Alley born ____ Baptized May 12th 1751.


David Son of William & Jean Andersons born Novemr 29th 1750.

James Son of Ditto born January 21st 1753.

Sukey D of Drury and Abigail Alley born August 28th 1752.

Binns Son of Howell Adkins (of Sussex) & Susannah his Wife, born March 13th & bapt. May 13th 1792.

Branchey a Negro Boy slave belonging to Roger Atkerson was Born April 23d 1761.

Samuel, Son, of Thomas Adams, & Mary his Wife, born August 11th & baptized September 22nd 1793.

William Archer (of Dinwiddie) was buried 23d June 1795.



Robt son of Majr Robt & Anne Bolling born 30th octobr Last bapt 13th Nov 1720

Wm. son of Wm. & Mary Belsher born 4th June last bapt 24th octobr 1720.

Ruth dau: of Rich: & Agnis Barber born 14th octobr last bapt Janr 1st 1720‑1.

John son of Moses & Mary Beck born 4th Nov last bapt March 21th 1720‑I.

Eliz: dau: of Andrew & Eliz: Beck born 26th octobr last bapt March 21th 1720‑I.

Tho son of Tho: & Mary Burge born 31th may last bapt 17th septr 1721.

Rich: son of John & Eliz: Brown born 3d July instant bapt July, 19th 1721.

Tho: son of Wm. & Mary Batt born 3d July last bapt Sept' 27th 1721.

 Agnis dau of Edw: & Margret Birchet born 6th Janr last bapt 27th August 1721.

Vide D: for Banks.[*]

Wm. son of Joe & Rebecca Bryerly born 9th sept last bapt octobr 22th 1721.

James son of Robt & Ann Bevell born 2d nov: Last bapt 25 decembr 1721.

Jane dau of peter & Eliz Baugh born 15th Nov: last bapt March 5th 1721‑2.

John son of Wm. & Anne Brown born 30th Augs: last bapt March 11th 1721‑2.

Tho: son of Tho & Eliz Bott born 4th decem 1721 bapt Aprill 1722.

Cha: son of James & Mary Banks born sept 18th Anno 1716.

Mary d: of ditto born Nov: 21th 1718.

Sarah d. of ditto born 10th Nov: 1721.

Tho son of Wm. & Mary Belcher born 28th June last bapt July 7th 1722.

 Wm. son of Hugh & Mary Bragg born 20th March last bapt July 15th 1722.


*Three leaves, containing the first (and much the larger) part of the register of names in D, F and F, are missing.‑C. G. C.


Written by Doris Christian — February 02, 2014