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Since I am not getting genealogy questions to answer, I will start publishing parish records on the blog. I will try to put up a few pages a couple of times a week.
Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part 3
John son of Rich: & Jane Burch born 7th March last bapt June 11th 1722
Annakin A Slave belonging unto Capt Drury Bolling born in April 1720.
Sue A slave belonging unto ditto born in Nov: 1720.
Mingo A negro boy belonging unto ditto born in July 1722.
Benja son of Benja & Eliz Blick born 26th March 1721 bapt March 29th 172__.
John son of Rich & Agnis Barber born 21th Aprill last bapt 31th May 172__.
Cha son of Nico: & Ann Butterworth born 6th Jan: last bapt feb 14th 172__.
Agnis dau of Edw & Margaret Birchett 6th Jan: last bapt 27th August 1721.
Wm. son of Jno & Anne Bradshaw born June 9th 1719.
John son of ditto 1st febr 1721‑2.
Wm. son of Edw & Mary Burchet born 30 xbr (Dec.) last bapt July 7th 1723.
Wm. son of Ja. & Eliz Baugh born 5th Aprill last bapt July 21th 1723.
Wm. son of John & Eliz Browder born 7th July last bapt 18th August 1723.
Tho. son of Geo. & Ann Brooks born 20th feb. last bapt Augt 21th 1723.
prissilla dau of Jam. & Mary Banks born 31th Janr last bapt Augt 22th 1723.
Robt son of Robt & Ann Bevell born 10th Octr 1723.
Gabe A negro boy belonging to Capt Drury Bolling born 10th of 9br 1723.
Bety A negro girl belonging to Mad. Anne Bolling born 28th Aprill 1723.
John son of Tho & Letitia Broadway born 10th May 1720 bapt Janr 30th 1723‑4.
Abigail D. of Rich: & Agnis Barber born 27th octob last bapt feb. 6th 1723‑4.
Anne D. of Tho. & Eliz Bott born xbr ult bapt feb 1st 1723‑4.
prud. dau. of Jno & Rebeca Broyely born 16th x last bapt feb. 15th 1723‑4.
Wm. son of Edm. & Mary Broadway born 4th June last bapt Aug 30th 1724.
Mason d of Majr Robt & Anne Bolling born 14th August last bapt sept 22th 1724.
Andrew s of Andrew & Eliz Beck born 4th March last bapt 18th Aprill 1725.
Randolph s. of Patrick & Rose Bardin born 12 March last bapt May 2d 1725.
Tho. s. of Tho & Ester Backly Born 24th June last bapt 7th March 1724‑5.
Ann daughter of ditto born 28th May. 1722.
Jam s. of Edw. & Margaret Burchet born 19th Nov. last bapt June 13th 1725.
________ of John & Anne Bradshaw
Mary D. of Moses & Mary Beck born 27th May last bapt 25th July 1725.
Luis s of Jno & Eliz. Baugh born 25th June last bapt may 7th 1725.
John son of John burton and Catherine born 7th Sep bapt 12th octr 1725.
Catherine burton Decst 10th Septr 1725.
John Son of benja & Elisa blick born 27th octbr 1725.
Gower Son of Jno & Ann Bradshaw octbr 24th 1724.
martha dat of George and Ann brooks born 31th March 1725.
George son of henry and ann baly born 2d Day o June 1725.
Eliza Dat of Hugh and mary brag born 8th July 1725.
Mary Dat of George and Eliz Browder born 20th Augt 1725.
Eliz Dat of abraham and mary Burton born apr 1726.
Anne Dat of simon and Martha Bursby born Janr 28th bapt march 20t11 1725.
Samuel burton son of Judith nunsry born august 8th 1725.
Wm son of James and Mary bankes born Apr yr 17th 1725.
Mol Slave of Capt Drury bolling Deceast. born 24th Sept 1726.
Mary D of Joseph and Margarit brewer born octbr 7th 1725 bapt 2d octbr 1726.
Wm son of Robert and Ann Bevill born 2d octbr bapt 30th 1726.
Sarah D of Mary bly born 29th Aprill bapt Decbr 18th 1726.
Eliza D of Francis and Eliz bracy born 23d Decbr 1724.
Handstess D of Edmond and martha browder born 30th Novr 1721.
James son of Ditto born 24th Aug 5 1725.
Edward son of Edward and Mary Brawdiway born 7th Decmbr 1726.
Abram son of Lazarus and Winefred berten 17th Deem 1726.
Mol female slave of Abra burton born 4th Janr 1722.
lego slave of Ditto born 14th february 1724.
peter slave of Ditto born 15th aprill 1726.
Robert son of Wm and Mary batte born 16th octem 1727.
Dorithy D of John and Rebekah Bryally born 30th febr 1726.
Eliz D of John and ann Bradsho Born 20th July 1727 bapt 1. octbr.
Eliza Dater of Ishmail Bullock and Bersheha Chiswell Born 17th March 1721.
Frances D of Ditto born 2d March 1722 Bapt octm 11th 1727.
Abraham son of Abra and Mary Burton Born 28th Janr 1727.
Rich' son of John and frances Byrge Born 29th March 1728.
Amie D. of Tho and Dorcorrs Booth Born 5th June 1728 Bapt 3d June.
John son of Henry and Avis Balie Born 23d Octm 1727 Bapt July, 28th 1728.
Lucy D of John and Mary Beavil Born 19th Novm 1727 Bapt July 4th.
Dol female slave of abraham Burton Born 18th July 1728.
Tho. son of Wm and Mary Bryan Born 29th May 1728.
Mary D of John and Sarah Burton Born 15th June 1728.
Robert son of Wm. and Eliza Bowman Born 14th March 1728.
Ann D of Richd and agnis Barber Born 22d august 1728.
Edward son of Wm and Mary Belcher Born 10th March 1728.
Joel son of Hugh and Mary Bragg Born aprill 10th 1729.
William son of Edmond and martha Browder. Born 31th octm Bapt 12th Janr 1728.
Sarah D of Wm and Dorithy Browder Born 22d Dec' Bapt aprill 20th 1728.
amy D of andrew and Eliza Beck Born 22d octm Bapt febr 16th 1728.
Peter male slav of John Burton Born 4th May 1729.
David son of Lasurous and Winfrit Benton Born 16th sepr 1729.
Sarah D of Mary Blaton 24th Janr Decsd 1th febr 1729.
Wm son of Jno and Mary Blackston Born 9th May Bapt 27th June 1729.
John son of Thos and ann Brooks Born 21th Decm Bapt 15th Janr 1729.
John son of Win and Mary Batte Decsd Oct' 8th 1729.
ann D of Ditto Decsd Octr 6th 1729.
Ceasor male slave of Ditto Decsd Octr 6th 1729.Ditto Margery Sue. Jone Dinah Tom 11th 1729.Eliz D of John and frances Byrg Born 11th Decmr Bapt 12th March 1729.Jeane D of George and Eliza Browder Born 29th Dec' 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730.Martha Dat of George and Ann Brooks born 31th March 1725.
George son of henry and amy baley born 2d June 1725.
Eliza Dat of hugh and mary brag born 8th July 1725.
Mary Dat of George and Eliza browder born 20th augt 1725.
Martha Dat of Richard and Jane burch born 27th febr bapt 29th May 1726 1725.
Tho. son of John and Eliza Blanchet Born 22d febr 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730.
John son of John and ann Butler Born 15th aprill 1730 Bapt 10th May.
Wm. son of William and amy Bowen Born 2d Decmr 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730.
Phebe D of John and ann Bradsho Born 21th Dec' 1729 Bapt 10th March 1730.
Eliza D of Simon and Martha Bursby 7th Jany 1729 Bapt 2d March.
______ Dater of John and Mary Bentley Born 19th May 1730.
Phebe Dater of Abraham and Mary Burton Born 11th Sept 1730 Bapt 7th Decr.
Henry son of john and Johannah Burrough Born 26th octbr 1730 Bapt 15th Novm.
Amy D of Richard and agnis Barber Born 30th august 1730.
Lucie D of Robert and avis Bowen Born 23th august 1730.
Abraham son of Edward and Margret Burchet Born 15th June 1730.
David son of David and Mary Barret Born 23d octobr 1730 Bapt 12th Jany.
Joseph son of Robt & ann Beavil Born 11th Decr 1730 Bapt 14th feb.
John son of Eliz Butler Born 10th febr 1725 Bapt 19th Sepr 173l.
Sarah D of William and Eliza Butler Born 8th Decm 1714 Bapt 11th Sepr 1731.
Eliza D of Sam & Catharine Bartlet Born 25th Janr 1730 Bapt 12th Sepr 1731.
Mary D of francis & Eliza Bressie Born 3d 1731 Bapt 15th august 1731.
Sarah D of Mary Bly Born 29th apr 1726.
Thomas son of Thomas & anne Brooks Born 10th June Bapt 11th octbr 1731.
Miles son Liewes & Eliza Bobbitt 22d Janur 1731 Bapt apr 23rd 1732.
Jo. male slave of abra Burton Born Nor 1730.
Jane female slave of Ditto Born Janr 1730.
Benja Son of Jno & Ann Bradshaw born April 6th 1732.
Sam a Negro of James Boisseau born May 14th 1732.


Written by Bryan Christian — February 05, 2014