DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part 5
Thomas S. of Henry & Anne Bickwiths born Aug 17th 1742 & bapt 4 Octobr 31st 1742.
Margret D. of William & Margret Browders born Novr 16th 1742 & baptd Decr 19th 1742.
John S. of Mary Brandom was born Octobr 22d 1740 & bapt June 12th 1743.
Charles S. of Mary Brandom born March 1st 1742 & baptd June 12th 1743.
Joseph S. of William & Elizabeth Butlers born Janry 5th 1719-20 & bapt Septr 8th 1743.
Anne D. of John & Anne Butlers born Septr 25th 1743 & baptd Octobr 9th 1743
Mary D. of John & Anne Baughs born Novr 22d 1743 & baptd Janry 6th 1743‑4.
Lucretia D. of Richard & Elizabeth Biggins born Nov 7th 1743& baptd Decr 25th 1743.
Mary D. of Richard & Constance Bundy, born Decr 25th 1743 & baptd Feb. 19th 1743‑4
Adam S. of James & Martha Baughs born Feb 1st 1743‑4 & baptd March 18th 1743-4
Betty D. of Henry & Anne Berrys born Aug. 16th 1743 and baptd March 18th 1743-4.
Charles S. of Joseph & Mary Becks born Janry 29th 1743‑4 & baptd Aprile 8th 1744.
Mary D. of Wm. & Agnes Batts born Apr 16th 1744.
Charles S. of Charles & Elizabeth Butterworths born Apr. 18th & baptd May 13th 1744.
Dinah a female slave belonging to Edward Burchet born Feb. 27th 1743‑4.
Frederick S of Thomas & Mary Burge born Nov 21st 1741.[ *]
Woodie S. of Thomas & Mary Burges born March 22d 1743‑4 & bapt March 25th 1744.

Mary D. of Thomas & Martha Baughs born March 20th 1743‑4.
William S. of William & Frances Birchets born Decr 20th 1744 & bapt' Jany 27th 1744‑5.
Charles S. of Henry & Anne Beckwith born Octobr 28th 1744 baptized Febr 3d 1744‑5.
Robert S. of Robert & Jane Birchets born Apr 8th 1744.
Noah S. of Noah & Elizabeth Browns born Jan 26th 1744‑5 baptized Aprile 7th 1745.
Wood S. of John & Sophia Blackmans was born March 22d 1744-5 & baptd May 19th 1745.
Frederick S. of John & Mary Browders was born Feb 22d 1744‑5 & bapt June 23d 1745.
Susanna D. of William & Margt Browders was born June 18th 1745 & baptd July 3d 1745.
Nannie A Negro Child belonging to Mr. William Brodnax was born Octobr 1st 1745.
Agnes D. of Henry & Mary Wilkisons born Septr 8th & baptd Octobr 1745[*]
William S of Mr. William Brodnax & Ann his wife born Novr 26th & bapt' Decr 27th 1745.
*Erased in original.‑C. G. C
Patty D. of Nathanael & Mary Burrows born Sept 22d & bapt Novr 3d 1745.
John S of Peter & Susanna Boilsys was born Octobr 5th & baptd Novr 12th 1745.
Arthur S. of Richard & Elizabeth Biggins was born Octobr 26th baptd Decr 8th 1745.
Hannah D of James & Margaret Bruce was born March 22d 1745‑6.
Mary D. of Charles & Elizabeth Butterworths was born Janry 16th 1745‑6 baptd March 16th.
Phebe D. of Thomas & Martha Baughs was born Octobr 13th 1745 baptd Feb 16th 1745‑6.
Henry S. of William & Agnes Batts was born Feb 17th 1745‑6 bapt Apr. 6th 1746.
Negroes belonging to Mr. James Boisseau: Agnes born Aug 15, 1745; Billie born March 31st. 1746 both baptd May 1746
William son of Richard & Constant Burge born March 23d 1746.
Alexander S. of Thomas & Mary Burge was born June 6th 176.
Betty D of Sarah Brown Mulatto born March 28th 1745.
Ruth Female Slave of Noah & Eliz& Browns born Feb 14th 1747‑8.
James Son of Wm & Ann Baughs, Born July the 3d, Bapt October 5th 1749.
Elizabeth D of Theodk & Frances Bland born 4th Janry 1739
Mary D of Ditto born 22d of August 1745.
Ann D of Ditto born 5th Septemr 1747.
Jane D of Ditto born 30th Septemr 1749
Drury Son of John and Frances Birchet born 2d July bapt Novemr 2d 1749.
Lucy Female Slave belonging to Edward Birchet Senr born Apr 13th 1749.
Anthony Male Slave belonging to Ditto born 27th Septemr 1749.
John Son of Robt& Jane Birchetts Born 17th October 1749.
Robert Son of Alexander & Susannah Bollings born __ March bapt 28th Apr 1751.
David Son of Edward Birchett Junr & Sarah his wife born April 15th 1749.
Peter Son of Ditto born May the 6th 1750.
John Son of James & Mary Boisseau born Febr 12th 1747‑8.
Dinah Female Slave belonging to ditto born June 1st 1746.
Tom Male Slave of ditto born 18th August 1747.
Millee Female Slave of Ditto born October 24th 1749.
Kate Female Slave of ditto born August 6th 175 1.
Clitty Female Slave of Ditto born February 14th 1752.
Theoderick Son of Theodk & Frances Blands born 21st March 1741‑2.
Rebeckah Daughter of Noah & Elizabeth Brown born 19th Novemr 1738.
Betty Daughter of Ditto born 27th Septemr 1740.
William Son of Ditto born 16th October 1742.
Noah Son of ditto born 26th January 1744.
Jesse Son of Ditto born 6th May 1747.
Burwell Son of Ditto born 11th Septemr 1749
Boswell Son of Ditto born 1st May 1752.
Amy a Negro belonging to Ditto born 7th October 1738.
Roger male Slave belonging to D° born 29 March 1741.
Nanny Female Slave to ditto born 18th April 1743.
Titus Male do to d° born 5th Novemr 1745.
Ruth Female do to d° born 14th Februry 1747.
Bobb Male d° to d° born 27th Septemr 1750.
Martha D of Rob. and Jane Birchetts born October 14th 1752.
Jane Daughter of Benjamin & ______ Blicks born ______Bapt 12 Xber 1752.
Benja Son of James & Mary Boisseau born 28 February 1753.
York Male Slave of Ditto 11th July 1752.
Joan Female Slave of d° 18 April 1753.
Quako Male Slave of d° 2d October 1753.
Frances Daughter of Theod Bland born 24th Sept 1752.
James Son of Robert and Jane Burchetts born 6th August 1755.
Molley holt Boisseau Daughter of James & Mary Boisseau Born Sepr 25 1756.
Charles a Negro Slave belonging Ditto son of Patt Born March 28 1755.
Nancy Ditto Daughter of Bess Born June 12th 1755.
Peter Ditto son of Chloe Born July 31 1756.
Silva a Negro Slave belonging to lames Boisseau Born febr 12 1757.

Written by Bryan Christian — February 15, 2014