DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798

Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne

Part 6 B-C


Hannaball Ditto son of Bess Born Janr 29 1758 

Anthony Ditto son of Patt Born October 26 1758.

William son of Drury and Elizth Birchett Born may the 12th 1756.

Elizth Daughter of Drury & Elizth Birchett Born January the 4th 1760.

Elizth Daughter of John and Sarah Butler was born Janr 23 1753.

Mary Daughter of John & Sarah Butler was Born Novr 28 1755.

William son of John and Sarah Butler was Born Novr 11 1758.

John son of Sarah and John Butler was Born July 6 1762.

Daniel Son of James & Anner Boiseau was born march ye 4th 1760.

James son of James & Anner Boiseau was born Novr ye 13 1761.

 A negro Girl slave belonging to Ditto Namd Hannah born June 28 1760.

One Ditto named Phillis belonging to Ditto was born Janr ye 1 1762.

Agness Birchett Daughter of Edward & Sara Birchett was Born April ye 6 1753.

d° Edward their son was Born June ye 6 1755.

 d° Ephraim their son was born March the 5th 1758.

d° Henry their son was Born August the 5th 1761.

Drurey son of Drurey & Elizth Birchett was Born July 23 1762.

William Son of William & Sarah Batte was Born November 19th 1763 About one in the Morning Baptizd Janr 12th 1764.

Daniel Birchett son of Edward & Sarah Birchett was Born may the 12th 1764.

Ann daughter of Joseph & Fanny Butler born dc' 8 1766.

Elizth Brandon Daughter of Mary Brandon was born April: 11th 1758.

John son of Mary Brandon was born Octobr the 4th 1760.

Aaron son of Mary Brandon was Born august the 1st 1762.

 Judith Daughter of Mary Brandon was born July the 16th 1764.

Peter son of Mary Brandon was born Jany ye 16th 1766.

Gabril son of Mary Brandon was born Octor ye 2d 1767.

Robt Bird son of Martha Bird was born July the 24th 1756.

Theoderick son of Edward & Sarah Birchet was born Janr 23d 1769.

Nancy Brice Daughter of Wm & Margarett Brice was born Dec. 2d. 1766.

Molley their other Daughter was born Dec. 22. 1768.

Richard Bird Son of Elizabeth Bird was born July 7th 1767.

Susanna Burchet Daughter of Drury Burchet Baptised July 7. 1771.

Charlotte, Dau of Letty, a Negro Woman belonging to Sarah Brown, born December 29th 1791, & baptized Feb 27th 1792.

James, Son of John Baxter & Patsey his Wife, born Novr 4th 1791, & baptized March 11th 1792.

William, Son of Jeany, a Slave belonging to David Buchanan, born in December 1791 & baptized March 25th 1792.

John Bate, Son of John Baird & Polly his Wife, born February 8th & baptized March 31st 1792.

Mary D of Richard Booker & Margaret his Wife, born March 19th & baptized June 3d 1792.

Aggy, Dr of Aggy, a Negro Slave, belonging to the same, born Sept 12th 1790, & bapt. June 3d 1792.

Rebeccah Dr of James Barnes & Elizabeth his Wife, born March 17th & bapt June 17th 1792.

Silias Dunlop Buchanan, the Child of David Buchanan, died the 15th & was buried the 16th of August 1792

John. S. of William Bingham & Mary his Wife born March 27th, and baptized Septr 19th 1792.Mary Anne Jones, Dau of Thomas Batte & Frances his Wife born March 10th, and baptized October 2nd 1792 Chesterfield.Robert Birchett, of Prince George County, was buried October 7th 1792.

Thomas, S. of Suck, a Negro Slave belonging to the Estate of Robert Birchett was born July 10th 1789. & baptized October 7th 1792.

Lid,  Dau' of Sukey, belonging to the same, was born August 31st 1789, & baptized as above.

Milly. Dau of Bet, belonging to the same born Novr. 20th 1789 & bapt. asabpve. 

Anna Buck D' of John Bland & Mary his Wife, born March 12th & bapt June 25th 1792.

Robert Stith, Son of Robert Bolling was buried October 18th 1792.

Rebecah, Dau of Thos T. Boiling & Seigniora his Wife, was born March 18th & baptized October 20th 1792.

Mary Chambless Dau of Nathaniel Barker, & Sally his Wife, born January 9th & baptized Novr 15th 1792.

Patrick, S, of John Buck junr, & Sarah his Wife, born October 10th, & baptized Nov' 25th 92.

Sterling, s, of Sion Butler, & Dionicia his Wife, born Septr 11th & baptized Decr 23rd 1792.

Rebecca, Daur of Robert Bolling & Catharine, his Wife, was born February 23rd & baptized May 12th 1793.

Anne, Daur of John Blackwell & Martha his Wife, was born February 15th & baptized May 19th 1793.

Mary‑Anne, Daur of Joseph Benwood and Amy his Wife, born February 3rd & baptized June 9th 1793.

Mary Brooks Daur of Richard Booker of Chesterfield County died July 24th & was buried August 7th 1793.

Richard Booker of Chesterfield County died August 27th & was buried Septr 17th. 1793.

Betsey, Daur of Thomas Brockwell & Jemimah his Wife, born Septr 1793.

Mary Johnson, Daur of Robert Baugh. & Martha his Wife, born Septr 30 & baptized Decr 8th 1793.

Lucy Ann daur of Robt Bolling & Catharine his wife born 3d May and baptized 12th June 1795.

___ Broadie of the Town of Petersburg died Decr 22d & Decr 23d 1794.

Betsey Butler (of Petersburg) died Septr 16th & buried 18th Decr 1794.

John Bland (of P. George) died ___ Decr & buried 11th D° 1794.

Mrs. Bonner Spouse of Jesse Bonar died and buried May 1st 1795.

Robert Baugh was buried 26th April 1795.

Yelverton de Mallet Bolling Son of Thomas Boiling & Seigniora his wife born 10th Decr 1795 & baptd 29th Octr 1796.


Luis [ ] son of Barsheba Cristwell born 18th August 1718 bapt 26th feb: [ ].

Margaret dau of ditto born 16th Aug: 1720 bapt 26th Feb i[ ].

peter son of Wm. & Faith Coleman born 25th June last bapt feb: 9th 17[ ].

John son of Fran: & Mary Coleman born 11th June last bapt May 14th 17[ ].

Rich: son of Rich: & Mary Carlile born 2d May 1719.

Anne dau of Robt& Mary Chappell born 8th febr bapt may 21th 172[ ].

peter‑hannor son of Rich: & Eliz: Cook born febr 28th last bapt July 16th 17[ ].

Nutty a negro girl belonging unto Jno Cureton born 25th of August 17[ ].

Bartho: son of Bartho & Eliz: Crowder born 3d June last bapt July 9th 17[ ].

Anne dau of Edw: & Tabitha Colvill born 10th August last bapt 17th septr 1721.

Geo: son of Cha: & Margery Cousens born 9th septr last bapt nov 2d 1721.

Nath: son of Rich & Mary Carlile born 2d Janr Last bapt febr 1st 1721‑2.

Nutty a negro Girl belonging to Jno Cureton departed this life March 172[ ].

Cooke A negro slave belonging to John & Eliz: Edwards born Jan: 22th 1721‑2.

 Eliz dau of Jno & Mary Caudle born 17th Janr last bapt May 20th 1722.

John son of Cha: & Fran: Chapman born 26th Aug: last bapt June 16th 1722.

Hannah Wife of Titus Crecher bapt 30 octobr last 172[ ].

Mourning dau of Titus & hannah Crecher born 5th xbr 1716 bapt 30th octobr 17[ ].

Millesin dau: of ditto born 25th Janr 1719 bapt 30th octobr 172[ ].

Agnis dau: of ditto born 24 of Aug: last bapr 3th octobr 172[ ].

peter son of Wm & Faith Coleman born & bapt in August 17[ 1.

Kasiah dau of Rich & Mary Carlile born August 24th 1715.

Eliz dau of ditto born Sept 4th 1717.

Amy dau of Tho: & ____ Clay born 9th March last bapt May 5th 172[ ].

Ruth dau of Rich: & Eliz: Cook born 1st Aprill last bapt Aug: 22th 17[ ].

Amy Dau of Fran: & Mary Coleman born 23d of May last bapt septr 29th 17[ ] 

Wm son of Barth & Eliz: Crowder born 23th Augst last bapt Nov 7th 172[ ].

Tho: son of John & Mary Caudle born 5th Janr Inst bapt Janr 30th 172[ ].

Susanna d of Jno & Fra: Cureton born 19th Jan. last bapt March 7th 17[ ] 

Moses s: of Robt& Katharine Cannell born 8 febr last bapt 10th Aprill 17[ ].

Robin a negro belonging to John & Fran Cureton born 19th July 1724.

Rich son of Hen: & Mary Crowder born 26th March last bapt Aug 30th 172[].

Sarah d of Cha & Fran: Chapman born 18 feb last bapt 6th Novr 172[ ].

Frances D of Abra: & Fran: Crowder born 14th xbr last bapt feb: 7th 172[ ].

Benja s: of Dan: & Eliz: Coleman born 14th decem: last bapt May 10th 172[ ].

Nutty A negro belonging to Jno Cureton Died.

Wm son of patrick & Jane Dorarm.

Mary Datr of Jno & Mary Cawdle born [ ] 8th last bapt Jul 22d 172[ ].

Sarah Dat of Rich' & Eliza Cook born 18th Decm 172[ ]. 

Jno Son of Robt and winiford Cook born 29th septr 1724.

David Son of Samuel and hannah Crew born 28th Janr 1725.

Betty Slave of John and frances Cureton born march 16th 1725.

Amy D of batholomiew and Eliza Crowder born 20th Septr 1725.

Jack m Slave of Jno and Mary Coalman born 6th febr 1726.

Martha D of Daniel and Eliz Coalman born 20th novr 1726.

John Son of John and Elliner Curtis born 22d febr 1726.

Febe D of Abraham and frances Crowder born 3d Janr 1726.

Lucretia D of John and Mary Cordle born 7 May 1727.

Eliza D of john and frances Curiton born 20th Janr 1726.

Jo male Slave of henry Cox born 10th octm 1727.

William Son of Cornelias Cargell and Eliza Daniell born 15th June 1727.

Matthew Son of Tho and Eliza Couch born 24th July 1725.

Peter M. S of Walter Childs born 14th January 1727.

[       ] of Wm and Mary C [       ] on Born 12 August 1727 

[       ] D of Wm and Sarah Coalman born 18th August Bapt Sept 20th 17[]8 

[       ] D of Samuell and Ann Crews Born 19th Decm 1727 Bapt 2d June 

[       ] female Slave of Henry Cox Born 2d septbr 1729.

[Ge]orge & Richard sons of Bath° and Eliz' Crowder Born 13th         Octr 1727 

[Hen]ry son of Henry and amy Crowder Born 15th June Bapt 24th Janr 1729.

[Ric]hard son of Jno and Dinah Cook Born 27th July Bapt 24th Janr 1729.

[A]braham son of Robt and Eliza Chappell Born 6th May Bapt 15 June 1729.

George son of Daniel and sandilla Carnill Born 31th March Bapt 27th June 1729.

[J]one female slave of henry Cox Born 22d Novm 1729.

David son of Jno and Mary Cawdle Born 27th febr Bapt '9th March 1729.

Alexander son of alexander and Mary Chisnall Born 25th Decm: 1729.

Jamme male slave of Jno and francis Curiton Born 18th July 1730.

agnis female slave of Ditto Born 17th July 1728.

Thomas Son of John and Mary Crowder Born 19th July 1730 Bapt: 6th Septr.

Abraham Son of abraham and frances Crowder Born 30th au­gust 1730.

Abraham Son of abraham and Mary Cock Born 30th Sepr 1730 Bapt 14th Decr.

Martha D of William and Sarah Coalman Born 10th Sepr 1730 Bapt 8th octbr.

Maryligon Coalman of John and Mary Coalman Born 18th July 1731 bapt august 10th.

anne D. of Charles & margry Cousins Born 8th Janr 1730 Bapt apr 19th 1731

Martha D of George & Eliza Crook Born 9th apr 1715.

Mary D. of Ditto Born 28th March 1717.                                    

Tabitha D. of Ditto Born 8th febr 1719.

Joseph Son of Ditto Born 28th august 1722.

James Son of Ditto Born 27th Janr 1725.                                                           ...........................Bapt 11th Sepr 1731.

Nickols Son of Robt and Winnifred Cook Born 28th July 1731 Bapt 12th Sept.

anne D. of Wm & Margaret Coalman Born 11th apr 1731 bapt 19th Sepr.

Daniel Son of Daniel & Eliza Coalman Born 24th May 1731 bapt 14th Sepr.

John Son of John and francis Curiton Born 27th Sept 1 bapt octbr 20th.

Oather son of Robt Cobb born Jan 1st 1731.

Robt son of Robt& Eliza Chaple born 2d April 1732 bapt May 7th 1732.

 Drury Son of Edwd & Mary. Burchett born Jan 1st 1731 bapt May 29. 1732.

Wm Son of Wm & Sarah Coleman born 23d June 1732 bapt Aug 13th 1 732.

Jno Son of Thos & Mary Cheaves born 3d Augt 1732 Bapt 14th Sepr 1732.

John son of Jno & Mary Crouder born 11th Sept 1731 bapt May. 22d 1732.

Frances d of Henry & Frances Chamlis born 7th Novr 1732 Bapt 29th dcer.

 Mary d of ditto, born 26th May 1729 Bapt Deer 29th 1732.

Isham son of John & Sarah Clayton Born 1th Novr 1727 Bapt febr 27th.

Sarah D: of john & Mar Cordle Born 19th octobr 1732 bapt Janr 14th.

Frances of Henry & amy Tucker Born 25th apr 1733 Bapt 3d June 1733.

Isaac son of William & Eliza Chandler Born 15th apr 1732 Bapt 7th apr 1733 

Susana D' of Robert & agnis Childers Born 28th august 1732 bapt 7th apr 1733

Filis female Slave of William Crawley Born 15th July 1731.

Jenne female Slave of Ditto Born 29th March 1733.

Warner son of william & Eliz: Coalman Born 20th March 1732 Bapt 26th august 1733.

Jenne female slave of Walter Childs Born Deer 1732.

Margery lucas D: of William & Margaret Coalman Born 24th Sepr 1733 Bapt 21th octbr.

Rebeckah D: of Thomas & Martha Clemmonds Born 10th Novr 1733 Bapt 5th Dcer.

John son of Charles & Mary Clay Born 2d Janr 1733 Bapt febr 10th.

Sare female Slave of John Curiton Born 27th March 1734.

anne D: of Cornelias & Sarah Clensy Born 10th febr 1733 Bapt 10th March.

Sarah D: of William & Sarah Coalman Born 20th March 1734 Bapt 28th apr.

Robin male Slave of Ditto Born 11th Deer 733

Catharine D: of Thomas & Mary Covington Born 16th febr 1733 Bapt 15th May 1734.

Tom male Slave of Saml Cobbs Born 1th Sepr 1729.

Mol fe: slave of Ditto Born 7th Dcer 1732.

William Son of Francis & Mary Coalman Born 2d May 1733 Bapt July 2d.

David Son of abra & frances Crowder Born 26th may 1733 Bapt July 2d.

Susanah daughter of Tho & Mary Cheives Born Augt 1st 1734

William S of Joseph and Eliz Coleman Born 8th March 1734.

 John S. of Robert and Agnis Childres Born 20 Apl 1734 Bapt Apl 19th 1735.

Ben male Slave belongs to the Colledge of Wm & Mary Born March 1734.

Abraham Son of William & Elizabeth Chandler Born 26th Febry 1734.

Susanna Male Slave Belonging to Saml Cobbs Born 11th June 1732 bapt Octor 6th 1734.

Fredirick S. of Robert & Winifrid Cook Born 15th Xbr 1734.

Dunnim S. of John and Elizabeth Coziear Born 28th July 1734 Baptiz'd 18th Octor

William S of John and Mary Crowder Born y 1st Octobr 1734.

 Freeman S. of Thomas & Martha Clemmonds Born 26th June 1735.

Ann Ford D. of Martha Holy Cross being Illigitimate Born 24th Sept 1735.

Sarah D of John and Lucretia Cox Born Novr 2d 1735.

Martha D of Evin & affa Colbreth Born Febuary ye 8 1740.

William S of William & Mary Cheves Born December ye 22 1740.

Elisabeth D of John & Elisabeth Clark Born March ye 16 1740.

Daniel S of John & Margret Clark Born March ye 17 1740.

Joshua S of Henry & Francise Chambles Born May ye 15 1741.

Martha D of Solomon & Martha Crook B Febry 1st 1740‑1.

George S. of George & Mary Cavanist B Janry 30th 1740.

Joseph S. of Abraham & Frances Crowder B Apt 22d 1741.

Written by Doris Christian — February 23, 2014