DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part 7 D-E
Mary D. of William & Judith Caries Born Deer 11th 1741. Bapt Dcer 26 1741.

George S of John & Lucretia Cox Born Janr 12th 1741 & Bapt March 1st 1741‑2.

Mary D. of James & Mary Christians Born May 31st 1741 Bapt March 21st 1741‑2.

William S. of Joseph & Elizabeth Clarkes Born Janry 6th 1741‑2 & Bapt March 21st 1741‑2.

Mary D. of Benjamin & Francis Coxs Born Apr 28th 1742 & Bapt June 6th 1742.

John S. of John & Anne Chevers Born Jan 18th 1741-2 & Bapt July 25th 1742.

Thomas S. of Thomas & Martha Clemans born Decr 12th 1 742 & baptd Feb. 6th 1742‑3.

Silvia D. of Henry & Francis Chalmers born Dec 5th 1743 & bapt Jan 22d 1743‑4.

Elizabeth D. of Richard & Elizabeth Carliles born Aug 22d & baptized Septr 30th 1744.

James S. of John & Elizabeth Chamles born Octob 6th & baptized Novr 11th 1744.

Robert S of Thomas & Martha Clemmonds born Septr 13th & baptd Novr 11th 1744.

Martha D. of Mr. Burnell & Hannah Claibornes born Feb 19th and bapt March 20th 1744‑5.

Sarah D. of Thomas & Mary Cheeves born Janry 2d & baptd March 24th 1724‑5.

Elizabeth D. of Benjamin & Frances Cooke was born March 15th 1745‑6.

John Son of Richard & Elizabeth Carliles was born March 9th 1745‑6 baptd Apr 27th 1746.

William S. of Boiling & Phebe Clarke was born Janry 26th 1745‑6.

Lockie D. of Thomas & Martha Clemmonds was born Febr 20th 1748.

Frances D. of John & Sarah Chambles was born Jan 24th 1748‑9.

Prissilla Daughter of John & Mary Clemonds born June 30th 1750.

Tabitha Daughter of Thos & Mary Cheeves born Septr 27th 1750 bapt 3d March 1750‑I.

Thomas Son of Thomas & Mary Cheves born 13th November 1738.

Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Mary Cheves born September 15th 1748.

Jemina D. of ditto born April 1st 1753.

Joshua Son of Thos and Martha Clemonds born November 24th 1752.

Mary Daughter of John & Mary Clemonds born 16th May 1754.

John Cureton son of John & Winneford Cureton was born Novr 13 1757.

Margret Daughter of John and Mary Clemons was born December th 3d 1757.

Louisey Cureton Daughter of John & Winneford Cureton born Janr 28 1760.

Elizabeth Cox Daughter of Saml & Ellinor Cox was born August 29th 1759 Baptizd Octor 21 1759.

Elizth Daughter of John & Mary Clemons was born Decemr 25 1762.

Fran Cureton daughter of John Cureton & Winifred his wife was born decemr 13th day 1762.

Charles Cureton Son of John & Winefred Cureton was born Sepr 20th 1765.

Henry, Son of Richard Cook, & Jean his Wife, born August 22d 1790, & baptized April 6th 1792. Sussex County.

Lucy Grice, Daur of Richard Christian, (of Sussex County) & Anne his Wife, born March 10th 1791, & baptized April 6th 1792.

William son of William Cole & Anne his Wife, born Janur 22d, & bapt. June 19th 1792.

Jeany Daur of Hannah a Negroe Slave belonging to William Call, born April 24th & baptized July 22nd 1792.

Walker, S of George Cheatham & Nelly his Wife, born April 2nd and baptized October 2nd 1792.

Maitland Mary Currie Maitland daur of Mr. David Maitland of Blandford died 26th Jany and was buried 27th Jany 1795.[*]

Elizabeth Corbin Daughter of William & Rosey Corbin was born April the 20th 1760.

William Son of John & Mary Clements was Born may the 28th 1760.

Rosey Daughter of William & Rosey Corbin was born febr 27 1764.

Joseph, S, of Ann Crews, was born Septr 27th 1792& bapt January 8th 1793.

Augustus Caesar, S. of Susy a Negro Slave belonging to John Causy, was born November 25th 1792, & baptized March 31st 1793.

Thomas Son of the Revd John Cameron and Anne Owen his Wife, was born Janr 16th and baptized April 1st 1793.

Richard Keith, Son of William Call junr & Hellen his Wife, was born Octr 24th 1792& baptized June 2nd 1793.

Clements, Son of James Clements, was buried 10th May 1795.

*Erased in original.‑C. G. C.


Mary Davis Daughter of William & Maxey Davis, Born April 22d 1747.

Thomas Jones, son of William & Maxey Davis, was Born the 1st Novr 1752

Samuel Davis the son of Ditto was born March ye 23d 1757.

Shepherd Davis their son was born June the 28 1759.

Mary Magdalene a Negro Girl slave belonging to Stephen Dewey Born March 1st 1761.

Maxey Daughter of Robt & Sarah Smelt was born Decemr 30th 1763.

Elizth Davis Daughter of Wm & Maxey Davis was born March 22 1744.

Lewis Burwell, Son of Thomas Dun & Lucy his Wife, born Oct 22d 1792, and baptized May 13th 1792.

Mary, Daur of William Dun (of Sussex) & Jean his Wife, born July 4th & bapt May 13th 1792.

John Creagh, Son of John Denton & Margaret his Wife, born Dec 12th 1789.

Rebeccah Hathorn Dr of the same, born Sept 9th 1791, & bapt June 24th 1792.

Polly Baugh Daur of Shepherd Davis & Martha his Wife, born Decr 17th 1792 and baptized July 7th 1792.

Samuel, S. of Samuel Davis & Sarah his Wife, born January 26th & bapt July 7th 1792.

Aggy Franklin, Daur of William Dodson, and Mary his Wife, was born Jany 11th and baptized March 21st 1793.

Mary Durand, was born June 1st 1776 & baptized July 1 1793.

Lucy Ann Kimbow Daur of James Day & Levina his Wife, born April 20th & was baptized Octr 13th 1793.

Lucretia, D' of John Eppes & Susanna his Wife, was born Febr 7th 1791 & baptized March 11th 1792.

Richard Son of Buckner Ezell (of Sussex) & Elizabeth his Wife born Augt 15th 1791. & bapt May 13th 1792.

Elizabeth Hall Dr of Tinah, a Negro Slave belonging to Frank Eppes, was born January 27th & baptized May 27th 1792.

Richard Eppes (of City point) in Prince George County died the 8th and was buried the 23rd of July 1792.

Mary Danforth Daur of Lewis Edwards & Mary his Wife, was born Jany 4th & baptized April 1st 1793.

Mary Edwards, wife of Lewis Edwards, died Octr 30th & was buried Novr 1st 1792.

Written by Bryan Christian — February 27, 2014