DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798

Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne

Part 7 F-G


Thoms Francis, Son of Frans & Sarah Finn was Born April 25 1753.

William Son of Ditto: was born January the 12th 1756.

John Son of Ditto was Born the 18th May 1761.

Sarah Fernendo third Daughter of Benj & Mary Feranondo was Born may the 16th 1764 about 4 oClock in the morning on a Wednesday.

Joel Son of Fras & Sarah Fin was Born augst 8th 1758.

Rosey Daughter of Ditto was Born Octor 13 1763.

David son of Fras Lisenburg Finn and Sarah his wife was Born augst 7th 1765.

Ann Fernando, ye 4th daughter of Benja & Mary Fernando was born the 21st Day of September 1766. On a Sunday about 5 OClock in the Evening.

Ann Laughton, Daur of Simon Fraser & Elizabeth his Wife, born January 18th, & baptizd April 7th 1792.

Arthur Son of Liza, a Negro Slave belonging to Simon Fraser, born March 8th, & baptized May 27th 1792.

Daniel, Son of John K. Fisher & Elizabeth his Wife, born the 2d & baptized the 7th June 1792.

Daniel Baugh, Son of Joel Fenn & Mary his Wife, born April 12th 1791, & baptized June 10th 1792.

Richard, s, of D° & D° born June 28th 1789.

Simon Fraser, of the Town of Petersburg, died October 28th, & was buried Novr 2nd 1792.

Clarissa Birchett, Daur of Betsey, a Mulatto Slave, belonging to the Estate of James Feild, born February 25th, & baptized Decr 9th 1792.

Lucy Daur of Edward Featherstone, & Sarah his Wife, born June 20th 1791 & baptized December 28th 1792.

Martha Edwards, Daur of D°, born Septr 3rd & baptized as above.

Maria Deas, Daur of Thomas Fraser & Ann Loughton his Wife, was born July 3rd 92 & baptized January 16th 1793.


Peter son of Luis & Fran: Green born 16th Innstan. bapt 20th octobr 1720.

Nance son of Tho: & Eliz: Grigory born 10th Nov: last bapt Jan 22th 1720‑I.

Mary dau: of Hugh & Jane Golightly born 24th July last bapt 7br 18th 1720.

Margaret A Mollatto belonging unto Godfry & Eliz: Radgsdale born 7th Nov: last bapt May 28th 1721.

Tabitha dau of Tho: & Martha Goodwin born 25th Janr last bapt July 18th 1721.

Nash son of Robt & Eliz Glidwell born 19th June last bapt July 21st 1721.

Rebecca dau: of Harris & Frances Gillam born 18th July last bapt Sept 30th 1721.

Anne dau: of John & Susanna Garret born 22th Septr last bapt Octobr 2d 1721.

Anne dau of Wm & Mary. Gent born 4th April last bapt 9th octobr 1721.

Mary dau: of John & Mary Gibbs born 18th Sept 1716.

Eliz dau: of ditto born 6th octobr 1718.

John son of ditto born 30th April 1719.

Wm son of Stephen & Martha Gill born 6th Inst bapt Janr 20th 1721‑2.

John son of Robt& Rachel Glascock born 3d feb last bapt 21th Aprill 1722.

Ann dau of John & Mary Gibbs born 23th decem last bapt 15th Aprill 1723.

Susan dau of Wm & Eliz: Grigg born 11th June 1 720 bapt Aug 25th 1722.

Mary dau of John & Abigaell Green born 9th Aug: last bapt 4th Sept 1722.

Abra son of Tho: & Mary Gent born 7th July last bapt 13th August 1722.

John son of Tho & Eliz: Grigory born 1st instant bapt Jan 30th 1722.

David son of Tho & Martha Goodwin born 27th Aug last bapt Janr 30th 1722.

John son of Tho: & Eliz Grigory born 1st Janr bapt 31th instant 1723.

Ann dau of joss: & Eliz: Gill born 30th May last bapt June 15th 1723.

Jn° son of Jn° & Ann Gillam born 2d May 1713.

Eliz: dau of Ditto born 16th Janr 1716.

John son of Tho: & Martha Gunter born 19th octobr last bapt August 21th 1723.

Moses son of Wm & Mary Gent born 15th May last bapt August 22th 1723.

Susanna D: of John & Susanna Garret born 1st Sept & bapt 25th instant Sept 1723.

Susanna D: of Luis & Susanna Green born 14th July last bapt octobr 2Ith 1723.

John S: of Hen: & Eliz: Green born 10th Janr last bapt Septr 22th 1724.

Mary D of Tho Gregory born 9th Sept last bapt 1st Nov 1724.

Ralph S of Rich: & Mary Griffon born 16th febr last bapt May 16th 1725.

Wm S of Harris & Fran: Gillom born 29th Janr 1723 bapt 12th Aprill 1724.

Tho S of Hugh & Jane Golightly born 27th May lest bapt 3d June 1725.

Betty A Negro Girl belonging to ditto born 7th May 1725.

hugh lee golikely son of Jno Golikely born 27th septr 1725.

Mary Dat of Thomas and Martha Gunter born 17th Decm 1724.

Wm Son of Wm and Ann Gower born 30th Aprill 1725.

Agnis D of Jn° & Mary Gibs born Octm 6th 172[ ].

Jn° son of Jn° and Susannah Garrot born 10th July last 1726.

John Son of harris and francis Gilliam born 18th Apr 1726.

John Son of benja & and Anne Grainger born 24th Decm 1726.

John Son of Joshua and Sarah Glass born 10th octm 1726.

Ann D of John and Abigail Green born 12th January 1725.

Dorcus D of henry and Eliz green born 27th Sepr 1726.

Wm Son of Wm and Mary Gamliin born 24th July 1727.

Mary D: of George and Rosamond Green born 24th febr 1721.

Eliza D of Wm and Ann Gower born 18th March 1726.

Eliz & D of James and frances Grigg born 24th aprill 1726.

Phebe female Slave of John and ann gilliam born 29th June 1727.

Joseph Son of benja and Ann Grainger born 10th febr 1727.

Eliz Dater of Joshua and Sarah Glass born 15th aprill 1728.

John son of John and Ann Gilliam born 2d May 1712.

Eliz Dater of Ditto born 16th Jany 1714.

Edward Son of Wm and Susannah Gates Born 6th Novr 1727.

John Son of Richard and Mary Griffin Born 22d June 1727 Bapt octm 1.

John Son of John and Eliza Gilliam Born 13th Dcem 1725.

Lucy D of Ditto Born 17th Dcem 1727.

Amie D of harris and frances Gilliam Born ____ aprill 1728 Bapt 28th Sept.

Susan D of Robt & Eliza Glidewell Born 13th Novm' 172[ ].

Margret D of John and Abigal Green Born 15th febm 1727 Bapt 2d June.

Martha D of peter and Mary Green Born 27th May 1728 Bapt 2d June.

Susannah D of John and Mary Gibs Born 1th Dcer 1728 Bapt 20th aprill 1729.

Isack Son of John and Susan Garrot Born 9th Dcer 1729.

James son of James and francis grigg Born 7th Janr Bapt 24th 1729.

amy of stephen and Martha Gill Born 25th May Bapt 30th august 1729.

Robt Son of Robt and Eliza Glidewell Born octr 23d 1722 Bapt March 19th 1729.

Josiah son of Charles and frances Gilliam Born 30th March Bapt 30th 1730.

Sarah D of Joshua and Sarah Glas Born 24 Janr Bapt 22d febr 1729.

ann D of George & Rosomond Green Born 1th febr 1729.

Harris Son of Harris and frances Gilliam Born 8th Sept

Phebe D: of John and Mary Gibbs Born 1th Sept 1730 Bapt 4th octbr.

Thomas son of John & susannah Garrat Born 6th Dcer Bapt 4th Janr.

Benjamine son of Benjamine & ann Grainger Born 21th feb 1730.

William Son of William & amy Hill Born 14th febr 1731 Bapt apr 23d 1732.

Winnifrid D of Henry & Eliza Green Born 17th March 1731 Bapt 23 apr 1732.

Abraham Son of John & Susan Garratt Born 3d July 1729.

Thomas son of Ditto Born 6th Dcer 1730.

Fanny female slave of Wm Green Born 4th Janr 1731.

Tom a Male Slave of Jn° & Mary Gibbs Born 10th Febr 1731.

Richd Son of Corn's & Susanna Gibbs 22d June 1724 bapt May 29th 1732.

Susanna datr of Ditto born 31 Jany 1726 bapt Ditto.

Lucie datr D° 15 Apr 1728 Ditto.

Thos Son D° 14 March 1730 Ditto.

Joshua Son of Joshua & Sarah Glass born 26th Apr 1731.

Eliza datr of Charles and Francis Gilliam May 7th 1732.

Frances datr of Benja & Ann Granger born 2d Sept 1731 bapt May 22d 1732.
Peter Son of James & Fras Grigg born 6 March 1731 bapt Nov 5th 1732.

Mathew Son of Jn° & Mary Gibbs born 25th Sept 1732 bapt Novr 19th 1732.
Patty female slave of abraham Green Born 18th Dcer 1731.

Jemima d of John & abigal Green born 28th July 1731 Bapt. 2d Janr.

Drury son of Thomas & Jane ________

Mary D of Joshua & Sarah Glass Born 17th, febr 1731 Bapt 8th apr 1733

James son of Harris & Frances Gilliam Born 13th May 1733 Bapt 24th June.

Johannah female Slave of abraham Green Born 25th May 1731.

Jonathan Son of John & Esther Green Born 29th Dcer 1732 Bapt 25th august 1733.

Mary D: of William & Susanna Gates Born 26th febr 1732 bapt 6th Sepr 1733

Stephen Son of John & Susan Garret Born 9th apr 1733 bapt octbr 20th.

Mol fe slave of Wm Green Born 18th March 1733.

Tarance lamb son of Eliza Glidewell Born 14th Janr 1733 bapt 24th March 1734.

Written by Bryan Christian — March 04, 2014