DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part 8 G-H

ann son of Richard & Eliz Green Born 25th febr 1733 bapt 26th May 1734.

Dol fe slave of Stephen Gill Born 5th febr 1728.

Peg of Ditto Born 10th apr 1733.

Joshua son of Charles & francis Gilliam Born 20th March 1733 Bapt 2d June.

Nan Slave of John & ann Gilliam Born 20th May 1734.

Martha D: of William & Amey Green Born 8th May 1734 Bapt 4th July.

Lucey daugr of Thos and Jane Gregory Born 9 July 1734.

Lucey daughter of John & Mary Gibbs born 14. Novemr 1734 Bapt 9 Febry 1734‑5.

Dick Male Slave belongs to Abraham Green Born February 26. 1734.

Inde female Slave belongs to Ditto Born March ye 6th 1734.

Ann D. of Alexr and Mary Gray Born 20th May 1734 Baptiz'd Sept 22d.

Edith D. of Benjamin & Ann Granger Born the 15th June '734.

John S of John & Anne Fitz‑Gareld Born July ye 25 1741.

John of Matthew and Ann Goodwyn B Apr 20th 1740.

Susannah D. of Ditto B. December 17th 1736.

Toney Negro of The Same B: August 2d 1737.

Jimmey Slave of the Same B March 20th 1740‑1.

Patty Slave of the Same B November 23d 1740.

Wm S of Richard & Mary Griffin B Novr 21st 1740.

Burrell S. of Jessey & Amey Grigg B Aprill 28th 1741.

Wm of Abner And Mary Grig B March 6th 1740.

Lewis Burwell S of Burwell & Mary Greens Born Aug. 25th 1741 & Bapt Novr 9th 1741.

Thomas S. of Thomas & Mary Ghents Born Decr 8th 1741 & Bapt March 22d 1741‑2.

Elizabeth D. of Richard & Hannah Garys Born Decr 2d & Bapt Apr 4th 1742.

Peter S. of Nash & Martha Gloydwells Born Octobr 9th 1741 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

Katharine D. of Angus & Isabel Galbreaths born Octob 23d 1742& bapt Janry 15th 1742‑3.

William Randolph S. of Burwell & Mary Greens born March 26th 1743 & baptd May 24th 1743.

Daniel S. of Duncan & Barbara Galbreaths born May 31st 1743 & baptd June 5th 1743.

Mary D. of William & Margret Galbreaths born Aug. 15th 1743 & baptd Septr 11th 1743.

John S of Richard & Hannah Gary born Deer 4th 1743 & bapt Janry 22d 1743‑4.

Sarah D. of Charles & Mary Gees born Aug 22d 1743.

Peter S of Joseph & Elizabeth Grammers born Octob 11th & baptd Novr 11th 1744.

William S. of John & Elizabeth Gilliams born Novr 29th 1744 & baptd Janry 27th 1744‑5.

John S of William & Martha Gibbs born Decr 17th 1744.

John S of Charles & Mary Gees born Janry 18th & baptd March 3d 1744‑5.

Anne D. of Mr. John & Anne Geralds born June 17th & bapt July 9th 1745.

James Williams son of Jane Gent born Aug. 21st 1745.

Richard S. of Richard & Hannah Gary was born Sept 9th 1745.

Joseph S. of Joseph & Elizabeth Grammars was born March 14th 1745‑6.

Pattie Daughter of Wm & Martha Gibbs born Novr 12th 1750

Sarah Rogers, Daughter of Archibald & Hester Gracie, was born December 14th 1791. & baptized February 12th 1792.

Mary Wright, Daughter of John & Priscilla Grammer, was born January 30th, & baptized February 26th 1792.

Wilson, Son of Richard Grigory & Elizabeth his Wife, born Sept 28th 1791 & baptized March 18th 1792.

John, Son of John Gibbs & Martha his Wife, (of Chesterfield) born March 7th & baptized May 12th 1792.

Martha, Daur of the same D° D°.

Bristol, Son of Betty a Negro Slave belonging to John Gilliam, was born March 14th & baptized May 20th 1792.

Elizabeth Cain, Dr of John Goodcy & Susannah his Wife, born Octr 15th 1791, & baptized May 28th 1792.

Sarah Dr of the same, was born July 18th 1790.

Betsy Philipps, Daur of Peninah, a Negroe Slave belonging to William Gilliam, was born March 4th and baptized September 9th 1792.

Lucy Jones, Daur of Erasmus Gill & Sarah his Wife, was born September 7th and bapt the 23rd 1792.

Lucy Jones, Daur of D° buried September 23rd 1792.

Fanny, Daur of little Aggy, belonging to Erasmus Gill, born the 2nd and baptized the 23rd of September 1792.

Erasmus, S. of Elsey, belonging to Erasmus Gill, born April 22nd & baptized Septr 23rd 1792.

Hannah Scot, Daur of Amy, a Negro Slave, belonging to John Grammar, born Sept 27, & baptized Nov 4th 1792.

Elizabeth, Daur, of Josiah Gary & Sarah his Wife, was born Decr 16th 1791 and baptized January 11th 1793.

Nancy Harrison Daur of Richard Gary & Mary his Wife, was born May 10th 1792& baptized January 11th 1793.

Delilah Peterson, Daur of James Grantham, & Jean his Wife, born Decr 17th 1792& baptized January 27th 1793.

Harriott Daur of Richard Gregory and Elizabeth his Wife, was born October 27th 1792 and baptized April 4th 1793.

Elizabeth, Daughter of William Gilliam & Christian his Wife was born Octr 26th 1792, & baptized May 16th 1793.

Charles, Son, of Charles Gee & Susannah his Wife, was born April 9th 1792 & baptized June 2nd 1793.

Elizabeth Kid Daur of James Geddy junr & Euphan his Wife was born Febry 14 & baptized July 7th 1793.

Thomas, Son of Charles Gee and Susanna his Wife, born 21st Nov 1793 and baptized 20th Decr 1794.

John Gilliam, Son of William Gilliam & Christian his wife born 15th April 1795 & baptd 5th Feb 1796.

William, Son of D° born ___ & baptd 9th March 1798.


James son of Instant & Mary Hall born Janry 3d 1701‑2.

Judith daughter of ditto born 17th June 1705.

Instant son of ditto born 28th october 1707.

John son of ditto born 18th Jany 1709‑10.

Frances dau: of ditto born 20th July 1716.

George son of ditto born 20th Janr 1718‑9.

James son of Tho: & Jane Hardaway born 10th July 1719.

Betty a negro girl belonging unto Allin Howard born 19th sept 1720.

Arthur son of Gab: & Grace Harrison born 15th Jan: bapt 30th Jan 1720‑1.

Mary dau: of Tho: & Mary Hobby born 29th Jan: last bapt feb 9th 1720‑1.

Tim: son of Tim: & Anne Harris born 1st Aug: last bapt 24th octobr 1720.

Joseph son of John & Mary Hye born 28th March last bapt July 18th 1721.

John & Rich: two sons born at one birth of Edw & Eliz Hall 1st of Octobr last bapt 18th July 1721.

Obedience dau of Rich: & Martha Hudson born 7th July 1720 bapt 30th July 1721.

Anne dau: of Tho: & Jane Hood born July 26th last bapt 19th August 1721.

Wm son of Inst: & Mary Hall born 22th Aprill 1721.

Robin a negro boy belonging unto ditto born 16th Aprill 1714.

Jeney a negro girl belonging to ditto born 18th Aprill 1717.

Micaell son of Micall & Eliz: Hill born 20th febr last bapt Nov 2d 1721.

Jane Dau: of tho: & Jane Hardaway born 26th March last bapt June 1st 1721.

A negro Man belonging to Bullard & Mary Herbert died April 7th 1722.

Wm son of James & phebe Hudson born 11th Jan: last bapt June 17th 1722.

John son of Jeffry & Sarah Hanks born 10th feb: 1721 bapt March 27th 1722.

John son of Christ & Marga Hinton born 29th July last bapt 30th Aug: 1722.

Isaac son of Hall & Eliz: Hudson born 7th July last bapt May 5th 1723.

Wm son of James & _____ House born 25th decem last bapt June 16th 1723.

Grace dau of Wm & Joan Johnson born 31th octobr 1721 bapt August 21th 1723.[*]

Wm son of Tho: & Jane Hardaway born 12th June last bapt 13th Octobr 1723.

Geo: son of Timoth & Anne Harris born 27th feb' last bapt July 10th 1723.

Johanna D of Tho: & Jane Hood born 7th nov: last bapt 30th Jan 1723‑4.

Eliz: D: of Tho: & Johanna Hobby born 26th decem last bapt 30th Janr 1723‑4.

Tho: son of Chris: & Marga Hinton born 31th Janr last bapt feb 6th 1723‑4.

Wm s: of Tho: and Jane Hood born 14th of May 17 Sam son of James & Mary Huccaby born 19th May 1721.

*Erased in original.‑C. G. C.

Ann d of ditto born 9th of octobr 1723.

John son of Bullard & Mary Herbert born 4th Aprill last bapt 24th ditto 1724.

Eliz: d of John & Eliz: Hemans Born ___________

Mary D: of ditto born 1st febr last bapt Aprill 8th 1724.

Mary D: of Hall & Eliz: Hudson born 27th xbr last bapt septr 12th 1724.

Heuen son of Tho & Eliz: Hudson born 4th Augst last bapt 4th Novr 1724.

Mary d of Rich & Martha Hudson born Octobr 9th bapt 4th Nov 1724.

James son of James & Mary Hudson born 1[ ]th Augst last bapt 6th Novr 1724.

John son of Christopher Hinton died Ult. October 1724.

Wm s: of Tho & Sarah Hackney born 28th Sept last bapt 18th Aprill 1725.

Frances D: of Tho: & Jane Hardaway born 4th Aprill last bapt 1725.

James S. of James & phebe Hudson born 10th July last bapt June 13th 1725.

Fran: D. of James & Ruth Hall. born 8th feb: last bapt March 10th 1725.

Johannah D of thorn and Johannah hobby born 14th march 1725.

Mary D of Samuel and Anne homes born 29th novr bapt 6th March 1725.

Lucainna Dat of Jn° and Susan harwell born 18th octm 1725.

David son of Jn° and mary high born 2d march 1725.

Patrick son of Edwd and Eliza hall, born 4th may 1724.

James son of John and Eliza hill born 17 July 1726.

Edward Son of timothy and Ann harris born 27th March 1726.

Written by Bryan Christian — March 06, 2014