DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798

Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne

Part 9 H

______ son of James and Ruth hall born 27th Novr 1726.

John Son of Mical and Agnis hankings born 7th Janr 1721.

Jane Daughter of Ditto born 7th August 1723.

Joshua Son of Hall and Eliz Hudson born 9th June 1727.

John Son of Christopher ann Rowland born 20th May 1727.

Ann D: of buller and Mary herbert born 21th March 1726‑7.

Blennum male slave of Ditto born 16th June 1727.

Moll female slave of Ditto born 10th Dcem 1727.

David Son of Michael and agness hawkins born 3d June 1727.

James Son of Jo and Rebeckah Harwell born 9th June 1727.

Th° Son of Th° and Eliz hudson born 1th febr 1724.

Joshua Son of Micael and agnis haukins born 25th July 1725.

Susanah D of John and Mary high born 12th aprill 1727.

Sarah D of John and Eliz& harwell born 22d aprill 1725.

Th° Son of Ditto born 29th March 1727.

Theodrick Son of James and Ruth hall born 27th Novm 1726.

Tabitha D of Th° and Eliz Hudson Born 29th march 1728 bapt July 28th.

John Son of Th° and Jane Hood Born 1th octobr 1728.

Mary D of Edward and frances Hill Born 15th Sept 1728 Bapt Nor 12th,

Benj& Son of Hall and Eliza Hudson Born 15th Jan, Bapt 3d March 1728.

Charles Son of Richard and Martha Hudson Born aprill 14th 1729.

Joseph Son of Th° and Jane Hardiway Born 9th March 1728 Bapt 7th aprill 1729.
frances D of Wm and amy Hill Born 2d Janr Bapt 2d feb 1728.

Isack Son of saml and ann homes Born 16th Novmr 1727.

Betty female slave of Mary herbert Born 12th Octr 1 729.

Liewes son of Jn° and frances Hill Born 12 July bapt 12th august 1729.

Richard son of James and Phebe Hudson Born 18th July Bapt 10th august 1729.

John son of James and Ruth Hall Born 2d march bapt 1728.

Wm Son of Jno & Rebeckah Harwell Born 20th august Bapt Sept 6th 1729.

Eliza D of Jn° and Mary High Born 17th June Bapt 23d august 1729.

James Son of Christophar and Margret Hinton Born 25th Janr Bapt 1729.

Frances D of Th° and Sarah Hackney Born 20th Janr 1729 bapt 30th May 1730.

William Son of William and Judith Jones Born 8th aprill 1730 Bapt 10th may 1730.

Ann D of Wm Harris Born 7th March 17 29 Bapt 8th aprill 1730.

James markam son of Jn° Frances Hardiway Born 21th Janr 1729 Bapt 8th aprill 1730.

Frances D of Richard and Phebe Herbert Born 6th octbr 1729 Bapt 8th aprill '730.

Catherine D of Robert and Jane Humphris was Born 20th July 1730.

Betty Slave of Saml Harwell Born 1th octbr 1719.

John male Slave of Ditto Born 25th Novmr 1724.

John Son of David and Eliza Hamleton Born 22d August 1728 Bapt 13th Dec.

Ann D: of Ditto Born 5th may 1730.

Ruth D: of John & Eliz Hammond Born 8th feb: 1730 Bapt 22d apr 1731.

Eliz D of Mical & agnis Hawkins Born 7th June 1731 Bapt 12th august.

Samuel Son of Samuel & ann Homes Born 27th May 1731 Bapt 7th Octbr.

Thomas Son of John & mary High Born 22d Sept Bapt Novmbr 7th 1731.

Jeane D: of John & Francis Hardiway Born 21th March Bapt 14th November 1731.

William Son of william & amy Hill Born 14th febr 1731 Bapt 23d apr 1732.

Ludwell Son of Wm & Mary Jones Born 6th march 1731 Bapt 24th apr 1732.

Frances D: of James & phebe Hudson Born 28th Janr 1732 Bag, 24th apr 1732.

Hanah Slave of Buller & Mary Herbert Born Novr & 2d 1730.

Robert Slave of D° was Born Decemr 26th 1730 Baptized ______

Martha datr of Wm & Margery Hood born 8th May 1732 bapt June 1st 1732.

Thos Boon Son of Edward & Eleanor Hawkins born May 3d 1720 bapt July 16th 1732.

Eliza datr of Tho & Eliza Hudson born March 9th 1731 bapt July 16th 1732.

Mary datr of Wm & Fras Harris born 11th July 1732 bapt 27th Augt 1732.

Peter of Tho & Pheboe Hamlin born 6th Augt 1732 bapt Sept 23d 1732.

John son of Jn° & Fras Hardaway born 14th Sepr 1732 bapt Novr 5th 1732.

Christopher Son of Christopher & Margrit Hinton Born 2d Decr 1731 Bapt febr 23d.

_____ son of Wm & mary Hulem Born 29th Janr 1732 Bapt March 10th.

Eliza D: of william hudson and Charity smithis Born 18th octobr 1732 Bapt 14th Janr.

Drury Son of Thomas & Jane Hardiway Born 2d apt 1733 Bapt apr 7th 1733.

Mary D of Isaac & anne Hudson Born 2d febr 1732 Bapt 7th June 1733.

anne D' of John & Rebeckah Harwell Born 18th march 1732 Bapt 20th may 1733.

George Son of Joseph & Susanah Harper Born 24th Dcer 1732 Bapt 17th June 1733.

ann d: of John & ann Hill Born 19th Sept 1732 Bapt 22d apr 1733.

Drury Son of William & Martha Hawkins Born 25th may 1733 Bapt 29th July 1733.

John Son of William & margret Hatcher Born 13th July 1733 Bapt 25 august.

Anne D: of Thomas & Phebe Hamlin born 21th august 1733 Bapt 20th octbr.

Sarah D: of Thomas & Jane Hood Born 21th feb' '733 bapt March 22th.

Joakim Son of Hall & Elisabeth Hudson Born 11th febr 733 Bapt 10th March.

William Son of William & Mary Hulone Born 13th apr 734 Bapt 5th May.

Hannah D: of Solomon & lucy Hawkins Born 15th Dc& 1733 Bapt 27th June 1734.

Robert Son of Christopher & Margrit Hinton Born 14th apr 1734 Bapt 4th July.

anne D: of Thomas & Eliza Hodges Born 19th June 1734 Bapt 28th July.

John Son of John & Eliza Hammons Born 17th may 1733 Bapt July 15th.

Negro's belonging to Wm Hockins.

Amey female 12. August 1727.
Lewis male 1 May 1719.
Willo d° 26 Sep 1719.
Scipio d° 4 March 1731.

Wm son of Willm & Martha Hawkins, Born 9 March 1734 Baptiz'd 4 May 1735.

Edward S: of Edward and Franis Hill Born 22d January 1734.

Thomas S: of John and Franis Hardaway Born the 20th Sept 1734.

John S. of Thomas and Sarah Hackney Born March 9th 1734.

Phillis female Slave belongs to Thomas Hickman Born 4th day of June 1735.

Sawney Male Slave Belong to Ditto. Born 22d day of June 1735.

Edmund S. of David and Mary Hattaway Born 31st January 1734.

Abraham S. of William and Magery Hood Born 11th December '734.

Isham S of Edward & Jane Hawkins Born January ye 15 1740.

Harbud S of John & Ruth Hawkins Born December ye 22 1740.

Sibbinor female Slave belonging to Instance Hall Born may y 15 1741.

Susannah D of Thomas & Agnis Hardiway B Sepr 27th 1740.

Richard S of John & Rachell Hardey B. Augt 20th 1741

James S of John & Katharine Hansell B Febry 29th 1741.

Richard S of Richard & Elizabeth Harris B Febr 18th 1740-1

Hannah D. of Richard & Winnifred Heylins Born Apr 17th 1741 & Bapt Nov 15th 1741.

John S. of Ussery & Mary Hitchcocks Born Decr 9th 1741 & Bapt March 21st 1741‑2.

Thomas S. of William & Elizabeth Harwells Born March 27th 1742 & Bapt June 6th 1742.

Obedience D. of Robert & Sina Hudsons Born June 9th 1742 & Bapt July 24th 1742.

Keren‑happuch D. of John & Francis Hardaways Born Janry 27th 1741 & Bapt May 30th 1741.

Ainsworth S. of John & Francis Hardaways Born June 30th 1742 & Bapt July 3d 1742.

William a Slave of William Hudson Born Sepr 11th 1741 & Bapt July 25th 1742.

Winnifred a fern. Slave of William Hudson born Novr 25th 1739 & Bapt July 25th 1742.

Lucy D. of Richard & Mary Hawkins Born May 14th 1742 & Bapt Sept 13th 1742.

John S. of Abram & Lucy Hawks born Decr 7th 1742 & baptd Janry 9th 1742‑3.

Edwards S. of William & Mary Hobbes born Deer 29th 1742 & baptd Febr 20th 1742‑3.

John S. of John & Martha Halls was born Feb' 3d 1742‑3 & baptd March 27th 1743.

David S. of William & Elizabeth Harwoods born Janry 28th 1742‑3 & bapt May 29th 1743.

Elizabeth D. of Michael & Susanna Hills born July 18th 1743 & baptd Sept 4th 1743.

Lucy D. of Francis & Frances Haddons born July 15th 1743 & baptd Octob 16th 1743.

Mary D of Peter & Barbara Harwoods born Aug 5th 1743 baptd Apr 29th 1744.

Sarah D of Willm & Mary Hobbes born Apt 22d & baptd June 10th 1744.

William S. of Willm & Elizabeth Harvey born Apr 9th & bapt' June 10th 1744.

Anne D. of Robert & Margret Hudsons born July 31st & bapt Septr 17th 1744.

Edward S. of Francis & Frances Haddons was born Aprile 8th & baptd June 9th 1745.

Will a Negro Child belonging to Instance Hall born Septr 23d 1745.

Anne D. of John & Martha Halls was born June 22d & baptd Aug __1745.

Randolph S. of Peter & Barbara Harwells was born May 22d & baptd Septr 1st 1745.

Benjamin S. of Richard & Elizabeth Harrisons was born Jan 25th 1745‑6 bapt Apr. 27th 1746.

Anne D. of Thomas & Anne Harmers was born March 2d 1745‑6 baptd Apr. 27th 1746.

John S. of William & Elizabeth Harwells was born March 4th 1745‑6 baptd Apr. 27th 1746.

Jesse Son of William & Mary Hobbs was born June 6th 1746.

Amie D. of Michal & Susanna Hills was born April 27th & baptd June 22d 1746.

Mary D. of Frances & Francis Haddons was born May 13th 1748.

Frederick son of John & Christian Hawks born 22d January 1750‑1 bapt 3d March.

Written by Bryan Christian — March 17, 2014