DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part H-J

Nann Female Slave of Instance and Mary Hall born September 30th 1749.

John Male Slave of Ditto born June 5th 1750.

George Male Slave of Ditto born February 7th 1752.

Frank Female Slave of Ditto born April 30th 1752.

Lucey Daughter of Joseph & Ann Hardaway was Born May the 25th 1755.

Drurey Hardway son of Ditto was Born August 13th 1756.

Mason Hardiway Daughter of Ditto Born February 6 1758.

Ann Hardaway Daughter of Ditto Born Septemr ye 24 1759.

Rossey Hunt, Daughter of Samuel Hunt & Ann Lamboth Davis was Born August the 7th 1760.

Daniel Hair son of Thomas and Ann Hair was born ye 18th Decembr 1760 and Baptiz'd at Blandford Church, Bristol Parish March ye 1st 1761.

Mary Herringham Daughter of William & Prudence Herringham was Born august ye 3d 1739.

William Herringham their son was Born May the 15th 1742.

Betty Their Daughter was Born October the 11th 1744.

James son of Thomas and Ann Hair was Born April ye 7th 1762 and Baptiz'd at Blandford Church by Mr. McRoberts may ye 16th 1762.

Mary their Daughter was Born november ye 14th 1763.

Joel Stirdevent Hall son of Mary Hall was Born July the 30th 1760.

Sarah, D of Benjamin Hobbs & Molly his Wife, born March 11th 1789 & baptized March 11th 1792.

Edward, Son of Michael Heathcote & Mary his Wife, born Decr 29th 1791, & baptized March 19th 1792.

Dolly Agness, Dar of William Heth & Elizabeth his Wife, born March 19th 1789, died Octr 31st 1791, & was buried April 5th 1792.

Dolly Anne, Dau of the same, born November 28th 1791, & baptized April 5th 1792.

Williamson Bonner, Son of Jesse Heth & Agnes his Wife, born February, 16th & bapt May 13th 1792.

John Holmes, Son of Holmes Jones (of Sussex) & Susannah his Wife, born March 20th 1791, & bapt May 13th 1792.

Peyton, Son of Henry Harrison (of Sussex) & Elizabeth his Wife, born March 3d & bay May 13th 1792.

Salley, Dau. of William Hall, & Elizabeth his Wife, born February 14th & bapt May 13th 1792.

Benjamin Stith, s, of Drury Hardaway & Anne his Wife, born Dec' 30th 1791 and baptized July 8th 1792.

Peggy Daur of Nancy a Negroe Slave belonging to Edmund Harrison born February 15th & baptized July 22d 1792.

Edward Heathcote, Son of Michael Heathcote, deceased, of the Town of Petersburg was buried October 30th 1792.

Thomas Hope, of Petersburg, died Nov 3d & was buried Novr 5th 1792.

Peterson, S, of Francis Haddon & Becky his Wife, born March 8th & baptized Novr 25th 1792.

Mary Herbert Stith, Daur, of Instance Hall & Eliza his Wife, born May 20th & baptized Decr 13th 1792.

Drury Heath, of Prince George County, died Decr 16th 1792 & was buried January 27th 1793.

William Rives, S, of Thomas Heath & Selah his Wife, born September 6th 1791 & baptized January 27th 1793.

Armistead, 5, of Drury Heath, & Elle his Wife, born Decr 25th 1792 & baptized January 27th 1793.

Robert, Son, of William Hiland & Lucy his Wife, was born April 15th & baptized June 30th 1793.

Delilah Ann Southall Daur of Thomas Hatton & Ann his Wife, born March 29th & baptized August 4th 1793.

Marry Murray Dau' of Edmund Harrison & Mary his Wife, was born ____baptized May 2d 1793.

Andrew Hamilton of the Town of Petersburg died 8th and was buried 11th March 1794.

Martha Ann, and Mary Murray, Daughters of Edmund Harrison & Mary his Wife, died and were buried 17th April 1794.

Peter son of Rich: & sarah Jones born ,7th Nov: last bapt Janr 8th 1720‑1.

Frederick son of peter & Mary Jones born 4th decem last bapt Jany 8th 1720‑1.

James a Moll: belonging unto Mr. peter Jones born 23d June 1720.

Susanna a Moll belonging unto Capt peter Jones born 24th July 1720.

Samuell son of Tho: & Mary Jones born 12th August last bapt Aprill 30th 17

Eliz dau: of Ledbetter & Martha Jones born 7th Janr last bapt febr 25th 1721‑2.

peter A Moll: belonging to Abraham & Sarah Jones born 10th of May last 1721 & bapt xbr 21th 1721.

Abra son of Abra: & Sarah Jones born feb: 16th 1720 bapt Aprill 30th 1721.

James A Moll: belonging to Cap, peter Jones born 10th of xbr 1722.

Hen: A Moll belonging to ditto born in March 1722‑3.

Mary A Moll: belonging to ditto died 12th of Aprill 1723.

Edw: Son of Rich & Sarah Jones born 18th Aprill last bapt July 28th 1722.

____ Son of John & Eliz: Johnstone born 21th Janr I722‑23

Lucy dau of Wm & Mary Jones born 9th octobr last bapt 14th feb 1722‑3.

Isaac son of John & Eliz: Johnstone born 22th Janr last bapt may 5th 1723.

Prissilla dau: of Tho: & _____ Jones Born _______ bapt June 2d hard word 1723.

Grace dau of Wm & Joan Johnson born 31th Octob: 1721 bapt August 21th 1723.

Dan: son of Rich & Sarah Jones born 30th Octob' last bapt febr [ ]th 1723‑4.

Ann D: of Abra: & Sarah Jones born 11th May 1724.

Wm son of John & Eliz: Johnson born 25 Octobr last bapt febr 28th 1724‑5.

Eliz: D: of Rich: & Eliz: James born the 8th Inst. bapt feb 14th 1724‑5.

Pru: D: of Rich & Sarah Jones born 19th feb: last hap: 19th Aug 1725.

Sara A negro Girl belonging to Sam Jurden born 17th June 1725.

Francis and Amy Daughters of Ledbetter and martha Jones born 19th July last 1725.

Jane Dat of Wm and Mary Jent born 26th July 1725.

Wm son of Peter and Mary Jones born 25th March 1725.

Tom Slave of Abra and Sarah Jones born 10th febr 1725.

Benj son of Wm and mary Jones born 8th febr 1725.

Lucrece D of philip and Amy Jones born 11th March 1726.

Eliza D of John and Susan Jones born 27th Jany 1726.

Rebeckah Daughter of Wm and frances Jones born ,6th Jan '726.

John Son of John and Eliza Johnston born 4th March 1726.

Benjamine Son of Wm and Mary Jones born 19th febr 1726.

Betty female Slave of Samuel and Mary Jordain born 18th octr Decd 2d Janr 1727.

henry Son of Abra and Sarah Jones born 9th Janr bapt 18th febr 1727.
Martin Son of Wm and Johannah Johnson Born 13th Novr 1713.

Wm Son of Ditto Born 16th Deer 1717.

Ann Dater of Ditto Born 8th June 1710.

Grace Dater of Ditto Born Octor 1720.

Ridly D of peter and Dorithy Jones born 5th august 1728 Bapt 25th august.

Cadwaller Son of peter and Mary Jones Born 19th June 1728 Bapt 25th august.
Wm Son of Phillip and amie Jones Born 23d Sept 1728.

Dick Male Slave of Saml Jordain Born 30th Novmr 1728.

Phebe female Slave of Abra and Sarah Jones Born 8th Decm 1728 Bapt 23d august.

Mary D of Richard & Mary James Born ye 2d Janr bapt 2d febr 1728‑9.

ann D. of ledbetter and martha Jones Born 15 Janr 1727.

Eleonar Dau of John and Susaner Jones Born 20th august 1729.
Pelletiah of Wm and Mary Jones Born 27th July 1729.

Mary of Wm and frances Jones Born 25th May Bapt 30th June 1729.

William Son of William and Judith Jones Born 8th aprill Bapt 10th May 1730.

Joshua Son of Joshua Irby and Mary Blyth Born ith aprill 1730.

William Irby Son of Wm Irby and Mary Green Born 30th Decmb 1730.

Batte Son of Richard and Margrat Jones Born 30th Decmr 1729 Bapt 2d may 1730.

Ridlie Dater of Dorithy and Peter Jones Born 9th August 1730 Bapt 19th Sepr.

William Son of abra and Sarah Jones Born febr 19th 1730 Bapt 23d May 1731.

Peter male Slave of Samuel and Mary Jordain Born 30th June 1731.

ann D of Thomas & Eliza Ivy Born 28th Janry 1730 Bapt 21th feb.

Neptune Son of Thomas & Judith Jackson Born 30th Novmr 1730 at sea Bapt 25th apr 1731.

Mary D: of James & Mary Jones Born 5th July 1731 Bapt august 29th 1731.

peter Son of Peter & Mary Jones Born 28th March 1731 bapt 14th Sepr.

Sarah mulatto Slave of peter and mary Jones Born 11th March 1730 Bapt 14th Sep.

Nathaniel Son of Thom & amy Jones Born 17th apr 1731 Bapt 14th Sepr.

Elisabeth D of Daniel & _____ Jackson Born 2d June 1731 Bapt 1th august.

Peter Son of William & francis Jones Born 11th febr 1731 Bapt 23d apr 1732.

Ludwell Son of Wm & Mary Jones Born 6th March 1731 Bapt 24th apt 1732.

Eliza datr of Peter & Dorothy Jones Born 19th March 1731 bapt 30th May 1732.

Emanuel Slave of Ditto 30th Sepr 1731 Do.

Gideon Slave to Martha Jones Born 14th Augt 1731 Do.

Wilmoth datr of Joshua & ___ Irby born ____ Bapt 4th 1732.

Richarda datr of Wm & Mary Jones born 18th Nov 1731 Bapt Decr 26th 1732.

Rebecca of Rich's & Margett Jones born & bapt 28th Decr 1731.

Will a Melatto of Abra & Sarah Jones born 3d July 1730 bapt 14th Sepr 1731.

Jas son of Wm & Judith Jones born 3d June 1732 bapt July 16th 1732.

Dianah datr of Jno & Eliz Johnson born 16th May 1732 bapt Sepr 29th 1732.

Thomas son of Thomas & Tabitha Jacob Born 14th Novr 1731 Bapt 30th dcer.

Richard Son of William & Mary Jones Born 12th Novr 1732 Bapt 28th Dcer.

Jenne female Slave of Samuel Jordain Born 25th apr 1733.

Rachel Dr of Thomas & amy Jones Born 12th febr 1732 Bapt 7th apr 1733.

Charles male Slave of Saml Jordain Born 26th May 1733.

Ursula D: of James & Mary Jones Born 28th July 1733 Bapt 14th august.

Margrett D: of peter & Dorithy Jones Born 14th august 1733 bapt 28th Sepr.

Phillip Son of Daniel & mary Jones Born 6th July 1733 Bapt 28th Sepr.

Isabell fem Slave of Thos & amy Jones Born 14th Sept 1731.

Elisabeth D: of Thomas & Elisabeth Ivy Born 25th novr 1732 Bapt 21th octr 1733

Peter Son of abra & Sarah Jones Born 2d novr 1733 Bapt 1th Decr.

George a mulatto Slave of Ditto Born 2d august 1732 Bapt Dcer 1th 1733.

Ned a mulatto of ditto Born 21th Dcer 1732 Bapt Dcer 1th 1733.

William Son of William & Mary Jones Born 21th Janr 1733 bapt March 15th.

William Son of William & Mary Jones Born 21th Janr 1733 Bapt 14th apr 1734

Joseph Son of Daniel & Eliza Jackson Born 5th febr 1733 Bapt 10th March.

John Son of Thomas & Tabitha Jacobs Born 26th apr 1734 Bapt 27th June.

Berriman Son of William & Mary Jones Born ,8th March 1733 Bapt 4th august 1734.

Moses Son of Joshua & Eliz Jane Born 1th July 1734 Bapt 1th Sept.

David Son of Phillip and Amy Jones Born 4 March 1734 Bapt ye 4 May 1735.

Amey D of Thomas and Easter Jones. Born 30 Novemb. 1734 Bapt 4 May 1735.

Judith female Slave of Saml Jordan Born 27 March 1735.

Jenny female Slave belongs to D° Born 11 Apr 1735.

Aggey female Slave belong to D° Born 18 October 1735.

Jane Female Slave belongs to Daniel Jones Born 1st Novr 1734.

Elisabeth Slave Belonging to Abraham Jones Born May ye 8th 1741.

Toby male Slave of Samuel Jurdens Sr Born April ye 14 1741.

Thomas Son of Thomas & Tabitha Jones B July 21st 1740.

Mordica Son of Daniel & Mary Jones B July 22d 1741.

Anne D. of Mr. John & Elizabeth Jones Born May 29th 1742 & Bapt aug 1st 1742.

John A Slave of Capt Richard Jones born Novr 15th 1741 & Bapt July 4th 1742.

Francis & Sara Negro Children belonging to Mrs. Tabitha Jones Born July 4th 1741 & Bapt May 2d 1742.

Judith D. of William & Judith Jones born July 22d 1742& baptd Octobr 17th 1742.

John S of Abram & Sarah Jones born Decr 14th 1742 & baptd Jan 25th 1742‑3.

Edward S. of Samuel & Milson Jordans born Feb 2d 1742‑3 & baptd March 27th 1743.

Anthony A Male Slave belonging to Mr. Abram Jones born Janr 22d 1743‑4.

Betty D. of Mr. John & Elizabeth Jones born Novr 18th & bapt Decr 24th 1744.

Dorothy D. of Major Peter & Dorothy Jones born Janry 29th 1744‑5 & baptd May 5th 1745.

Mary D. of Samuel & Milson Jordans was born Aprile 30th & baptd June 2d 1745.

Ann Daughter of Thos & Lucy Jones born ____bapt 3d March 1750‑1.

Frederick Son of William Jones Jun' born _____ baptized 9th April 1751.

John Hall Jinkins son of William & Mary Jinkins was Born May the 13th 1768.

Sarah Johnson Daughter of Hubbard Johnson was Born Novr 18th 1766.

Elizabeth D. of Tabitha Johnson, a free Mulatto, born May 4th 1791, & baptized March 4th 1792.

Anne Jeffries died Oct ___ 1792 & was buried July 4th 1793.

Written by Bryan Christian — March 20, 2014