DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part K-L
Olive dau: of Charles & Anne King born 30th decem: last bapt July 18th 1721.

Mary dau of Hen: & Mary King born 12th July 1720 bapt July 18th 1721.

Eliz: dau: of Rich & Agnis Kennon Born 12 day decem 1720.

Harry a negro boy belonging to ditto born Janr 1720.

Tho Kent born about 50 years past baptized March 14th 1721-22

John son of Robt& Cath: Kennell born in xbr 1722 bapt 3d feb 17223.

Ann dau of Capt Rich: & Agnis Kennon born 30th Nov: last bapt 30th xbr 1722.

Rich son of Wm & Anne Kennon born 15th Aprill 1712.

Wm son of ditto born 9th feb 1713.

Fran: son of ditto born 3d septr 1715.

Hen: Isham son of ditto born 22th Aprill 1718.

John son of ditto born 20th decem: 1721.

Negroes Belonging to Majr Wm Kennon.

Nutty born 3d octobr 1711.
Pegg born March 18th 1716.
Lewis born 20th Aprill 1719.
Annake born 14th febr 1720.
Hannibal born 17th decem 1722.
Kate born 3d June 1723.

Sarah dau: of Hen: & Mary King born 31th Janr last bapt Aug 21th 1723.

John son of Cha & Anne King born 4th Jan: last bapt 10th Aprill 1724.

John son of Cornelias and Eliz Keeth born 24th Decm 1724.

Rebeckah Dat of henry and mary King born 1th July 1725.

John Son of Jn° and Hannah King born 22d aug 1724.

Sam Son of Cornelias and Eliza Keeth born 13th Decm 1725.

Sarah Dat of Jos and Sarah Kimbal born 20th febr 1725.

Mary D of Wm and Mary Kally born 22d Sept 1725.

Ann D of Charles and Ann King born 3d octbr 1726.

Robert Son of Richard and Agnis Kennon born 14th Aprill 1727.

John Son of John and Ann Kemp born 9th aprill 1710.

Jane Dater of Ditto born 11th May 17 13.

Mary D: Win and Sarah Kelly born 22d Sept 1725.

Nimrod Son of Robt and Jane Kileress born 28th July 1728.

Bille male Slave of Rich' and agnis Kennon Born May 1723.

Mol female Slave Ditto Born august 1725.

Janne female slave of Ditto Born feb 1725.

Sue female Slave of Ditto Born Dcem 1727.

Dick male Slave of Ditto Born March 1727.

Mary D of Richd and agnis Kennon Born 29th Janr 1728.

Martha D of Charles and ann King Born 5th Dcem 1728 Bapt aprill 6th 1729.

Negros Belongine to Majr Wm Kennon.

Hannah female Born 2d June 1723.
Harry male slave Born 1th March 1725.
Phillis female slave Born 1th March 1725.
Scippio male Slave Born 3d March 1727.
Lucy female Slave Born 10th July 1729.
Juno female Slave Born 5th July 1729.
Sampson Male Slave Born 1 decembr 1729.
Phebe female Slave Born 2d Janr 1730.
Sam Male Slave Born 4th January 1730.

Martha D: of Richard & agnis Kennon Born 30th august Bapt 17th octbr 1731.

Thomas Son of John & Mary Lenard Born 18th March 1733 Bapt apr 7th 1734.

Thomas Son of Wm & Eliza Loftus Born 27th august 1733 Bapt 7th apr 1734.

Negro slaves belonging to William Kennon Gentleman.

Daniel male slave Born august 1732.
Cyrus male slave Born July 1733.
Molbrow male Slave Born June 1731.
Cato male Slave Born July 1733.
Prince male Slave Born Dcer 1733.
Adam male Slave Born Dcer 1733.
Jemmy male Slave Born March 1733.

Ann D. of William & Judith King Born 11th Novr 1734.

Mary Slave of Mr. James Keith B Decr 20th 1740.

Molly D of John & Hannah Kinton B Jan 21st 1740.

James S. of Wm & Jane King B Decr 18th 1740.

John S of John & Elizabeth Kirby. B April 18th 1741.

William S. of John & Hannah Kennons Born June 5th 1742 & Bapt July 4th 1742.

Williaw S. of Julian & Elizabeth Kings born Octobr 18th 1742 & baptd Decr 12th 1742.

Milly, Dau of Eleanor Keown, born February 12th 1785 and baptized October 2nd 1792.

John Reading, Son of D° born June 25th 1790 and baptized October 2nd 1792.

Elizabeth Reading, Dau of D° born April 4 and baptized October 2nd 1792.

Betsy Collins, Daur of Stephen Knight, arid Leah his Wife. Born December 9th 1791 and baptized October 2nd 1792.

Polly Cheatham, Daur of Josiah Knight & Milly his Wife, born Feb. 15 & bapt Novr 7. 1793.

Billy Stephens, Son of Stephen Knight & Leah his Wife born July 2 & baptized Nov. 7. 1793.


Mary dau: of Wm & Rebeca Ledbetter born 28th decem: last bapt feb 26th 1720‑1.

Fran: dau: of Sam: & Fran: Lee born 23th octobr Last bapt feb: 26th 1720‑1.

Wm son of John & Fran: Ledbetter born 19th febr last bapt July 23th 1721.

Tho son of Hugh & Mary Lee born 11th Nov: last bapt March 4th 1721-2.

Mary dau of Jn° & Cath: Lee born 21th Janr Last bapt Aprill 22th 1722.

Peter son of Tho: & Ann Leeth born 22th septr last bapt March 31th 1723.

Eliz: dau of peter & Abigaell Leeth born 19th octobr last bapt 16th xbr 1722.

Jane dau: of Fran: & Jane Lajohn born 28th August bapt 18th Nov: 1722.

John son of Wm & Elizth Laws born 29th March last bapt Aug: 25th 1722.

Mary dau of ditto born 1th feb: 1719 bapt Aug: 25th 1722.

Hannah dau of Tho & Eliz Lockett born 28th decem last bapt March 10th 1722‑3.

Peter son of Tho & Ann Leeth born 22th sept last bapt 31th March 1723.

Wm son of Sam & Fran: Lee departed this life 29th Sep 1723.

Eliz: dau of John & Mary Lewis born 21th Nov 1705.

Mary d: of ditto born 12th June 1707.

Ann: d of ditto born 16th Aprill 1710.

John son of ditto born 26th Septr 1711.

Wm son of ditto born 22th April! 1713.

Fran: dau of ditto born 11th febr 1715‑16.

Susan: dau: of ditto born 11th Aprill 1718.

Tho: son of ditto born 29th Aprill 1720.

Frances dau: of Peter & Abigael Leeth born 2d Novr last bapt Janr 19th 1723‑4.

Sarah D of Matthew Lee & his Wife born 26th august 1721.

Amy D of ditto born 25 decem: 1722.

Eliz: dau: of Tho: & Mary Luis born July 27th 1722.

Susanna d: of Hugh & Mary Lee Junr born 10th feb last bapt May 24th 1724.

Martha d of John & Anne Lile born 28th June last bapt Nov. 2d 1724.

John Son of Joss & Mary Lantroop born 27th 8br last bapt 11th xbr 1724.

James S: of Wm & Elishaba Laws born ___ March ___ bapt May 16th 1725.

Tho: S of Matt: & Eliz: Ligon born 7th feb: 1724‑5.

Joss S of Wm & Elishaba Laws born 27th Janr 1716.

Wm Son of ditto born 20th of febr 1718.

John Son of ditto born 29th March last bapt August 25th 1722.

Mary D: of ditto born 1st febr 1719 bapt August 25th 1722.

Mary D: of Matt: & Anne Lee born 30th May last bapt 4th Aug: 1725.

samuel son of Samuel and frances lee born 30th Aprill bapt 5th septr 1725.

Sarah Slave of benja locket born 24th march 1725.

Charles Son of Th° & ann Leith born 23d Augt 1725.

Robin Slave of Jno Ledbetter Decst 30th march 1726.

tab Slave of Jno & Mary Ledbetter born June 18th 1726.

Sarah D of Peter and Abigill Leath born 8th March 1727.

lucy female Slave of benja and Winefrit locket born 12th Slay 1727.

Thomas Son of Thomas and Sarah lee born 12th Janr 1726.

Joseph Son of Joseph and Mary lantrope born 16th Dcem 1726.

Eliza D: of Wm and Elishabah Laws born 17th March 1725.

John Son of john and ann liles born 23d March 1726.

Eliz' D 31 Matthew and Eliz" Ligon born 9th Decem bapt 9th febr 1727.

Thomas Son of John and anne Lanthrop born 30th Decem 1727 bapt 14th aprill 1728.

Sam female Slave of matthew Elisabit Ligon born ye 12th may. 1728.

ann D of Wm and Eliz Loftis Born 2d august 1728.

Edwd of Edward and Martha Liewes Born 3d octbr 1728.

Mary D of Joseph and Mary lanthrope Born 24th Novm bapt 13th March 1728.

Winnifrit Wife of Benj locket Dcesd 25th Novm 1729.

Mary D of Peter and Abigal Leeth Born 5th aprill bapt 26th octr 1729.

Eliza D of John and Sarah Lovett Born 4th May 1730 bapt 10th May.

Margrat D of John and ann lantroup Born 21th May 1730 bapt 27 Sbr.

John Son of Thomas Liewes Born 3d august 1730.

William son of Joseph & mary Lantrop Born 13th Janr 1730 Bapt apr 18th 1731.

Sarah D of Sam'l & Frances lee Born 20th March 1731 bapt august 30.

William Son of William & Eliza loftis Born 11th May 1731 Bapt Sepr 6th.

Mary D of John & mary Leonard Born 20th august 1731 Bapt Sept 6th.

Thomas son of Matthew & ann Lee Born 6th Decm 1731 bapt octbr 17th.

William son William & Jane Lovesy Born 14th March 1 730 bapt 10th octber.

John Son of Jn° & Mary Lenoard Born 30th Janr 1731.

Martha D of peter & Tabitha Lee Born 16th octbr 1731.

William son of Jn° & Eliz" Lile born July 3d 1732 bapt 13th Augt 1732.

Joanah datr of Wm & Eliza Lewis born 7th July 1732 bapt Octr 8th 1732.

Mary Wife of Joseph lantroup Decsd 10th Decr 1732.

Elisabeth D: of Thomas & Elisabeth Lewis Born 16th Janr 1732 Bapt 25th March 1733.

John Son of John & Sarah Loveit Born 14th Janr 1732 Bapt febr 25th.

Thomas Son of Samuell & Frances Lee Born 22d apr 1733 Bapt 1th august 1733.

Henritta Dater of Williams & Frances Margret Lockley Born 9th apr 1733 Bapt 1th august 1733.

Burrill Son of Thomas & Sarah Lee Born 30th august 1733 Bapt 11th Novr.

Littleberry Son of William & Elishaba Laws Born 23d June 1733. Bapt 14th July 1734.

Joshua Son of Catharine Lee Born 11th May 1734 Bapt 4th august.

William Son of Thomas & ann Lister Born July 7th 1734 Bapt 7th august.

Jesse Son of Thomas & anne Lewelin Born 11th March 1733 Bapt 28th July 1734.

Patrick Son of John & Mary Lenard Born 31st July 1734 Bapt ye Apr 16. 1735.

Mary D. of John and Sarah Lovett Born 20. March 1734 Bapt 4 May 1735.

Mary Lee departed this Life the 8th day of January 1734‑5 wife of Hugh Lee jr.

Sarah D of John and Sarah Leveret. Born ye 2d November 1734.

Drury S of Richard & Johannah Ledbetter Born ye 24 Novr 1734.

Elizabeth D. of Christopher & Mary Lane Born August 2d 1735.

Osbun s of Frances & ann Ledbetter Born Febuary ye 14 1740.

Elisabeth D of John & Rebacah Leeth Born January the 22 1749.

Frederick s of John & Mary Lenard Born March 22 1740.

Roland s of Daniel & Elisabeth Lee Born may ye 6th 1741.

Ann D of Richard and Mary Newman B March 30th 1741[*].

William S of Richard & Ha[ ] Ledbiter B March 22 1740.

*Erased in original.‑C. G. C.

Thomas S. of Thomas & Mourning Lenoye born Aug. 11th 1 741 & Bapt Octobr 18th 1741.

Obedience D. of Joseph & Mary Lewis's Born Novr 5th 1741 & bapt Janr 17th 1741‑2.

James S. of Thomas & Elizabeth Lewis's Born May 28th 1741 & bapt Jar 17th 1741‑2.

Anne D. of William & Anne Lee Born Apr 22d 1742 & bapt Septr 19th 1742.

Mary D. of John & Elizabeth Lantrops born Octob' 25th 1742 & bapt 4 Feb 20th 1742.

Mary D. of Frances & Anne Leadbetters born Deer 5th 1742 & baptd Febr 20th 1742.

Mary D. of Nathanael & Rebecca Lees born March 11th 1742‑& baptd May 29th 1743.

Mary D. of George & Katharine Lewis born June 3d 1743 & baptd July 3d 1743.

Ephraim S of John & _____ Leadbetter born Decr 30th 1742.

Winifred D of John & Mary Lenard born May 31st 1743

Anne Lee _____ Died Feb. 4th 1743‑4.

Joseph S. of Willm & Mary Liffsay born March 20th 1743‑4 & baptd May 27th 1744.

Drury S. of Daniel & Elizabeth Lees born Aug. 31st & baptd Octob. 28th 1744.

Frederick S. of Thomas & Mary Lees born Feb. 1st 1744‑5 & baptd May 5th 1745.

Peter S. of John & Elizabeth Lantropes was born Aprile 2d & baptd May 19th 1745.

Woodie S. of Francis & Anne Leadbetters was born Aprile 5th & baptd June 9th 1745.

Mille D. of John & Keziah Loffsetts was born Novr 15th 1745 & baptd Jan 5th 1745‑6.

Frederick S. of William & Mary Loffsay was born Deer 19th 1745 & baptd March 16th 1745‑6.

Shadrach Son of Thos and Hannah Lantrop Born 14th Decem" 1749 bapt 1st April 1750.

Winifred Daughtr of Amoss & Mary Love born 8ber 7th 1750.

Benjamin Son of Benjamin and _____ Lawsons ____born bapt. 3d March 1750‑1.

Burwell Son of Thomas and Mary Lee born december 3d 1750 bapt 1 March.

Written by Bryan Christian — March 31, 2014