DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part L-M

Elien Lang Daughter of James Lang & Elizth his wife was Born December the 20th 1766.

Elien Lang Departed this life the 4th of august 1767.

Elizth Lang Daughter of James & Eliz Lang was born July the 9th 1768.

Betsy, Daur of Euclid Landford (of Sussex County) & Elizabeth his Wife, born October 19th 1789, & baptized April 6th 1792.

Henry, Son of the same, born December 16th 1791, & baptized April 6th 1792.

Patsey, dau: of Robert Land (of Sussex County) & Martha his Wife, born October the 6th 1791, & baptized April 6th 1792.

Rebeccah Parham, D of John Lewis & Frances his Wife, born April 8th & bapt June 25th 1792.

Thomas S. of Samuel Leigh & Susannah his Wife, born Octr 21st 1791 & bapt July 6th 1792.

Francis Littlepage, S, of Winny Laurence, a free Mulatto, was
born June 20th 1791, and was baptized August 26th 1792.

Mary Daur of John Taylor Leigh & Sarah his Wife born July 18th, and baptized September 30th 1792.

Becky, Daur of John Cotton. & Celah his Wife, born April 2nd and baptized September 30th 1792.

Rebecca Dressony, Daur of John Lanier & Catharine his Wife, was born June 5th 1791 & baptized Novr 2nd 1792.

Peter Singleton s, of Francis Lard & Nancy his Wife, born Novr 2nd & bapt Decr 27th 1791.

Mrs. Laniere (wife of _____ Laniere of the town of Petersburg) was buried 3d Novr 1794.

Samuel Son of Jesse Lee & Polly Marcum his wife born 1st May 1793 & baptized Jan 1st 1795.

Isham Randolph. Son of John Lanier & Anne his Wife born May 5th & baptized August 8th 1793.

Mary dau: of Sam & Mary Moor born 26th xbr 1719 bapt Aprill 10th 1720.

Mary dau: of Dan: & Mary Mellone born 20th March 17 bapt ___

John son of John & Cath: Moor born 8th decem 1720 bapt 19th March 1720‑1.

John Bass son of Margaret Micabin born 26 July last bapt March 21th 1720‑1.

Rosamund dau: of Fran: & Margaret Morrimont born 26th July 1719 bapt 22th June 1721.Joshua son of Peter & Eliz: Mitchell born 26th feb: 1718 hap July 18th 1721.

Tho: son of Tho: & Prissilla Man born 24th May last bapt July 6th 1721.

Marth: d of John & Julian Mays born 8th June Last bapt 18th ditto 1722.

Lucy dau: of Fran & Eliz: Man born 20th Aprill last bapt July 7th 1722.

Priscilla dau of James & Mary Moor born 1st June last bapt July 7th 1722.

Tho: son of Wm & Mary ________________

Dan: son of Peter & Eliz: Mitchell born 26th sept last bapt June 11th 1722.

Ann dau of Rich: & _____ Massy born about Janr or febr last bapt June 14th 1722.

Eliz: dau of Sam & Mary Moor born 13th octobr last bapt 5th Aug: 1722.

Morgan son of Morgan & Sibilla Mackinney born 7th June last bapt 7th octobr 1722.

Fran: dau of James & _____ Matthews born 28th Aprill last bapt Sept 30th 1722.

Joab son of Tho & Hannah Mitchell born 11th feb last bapt sept 16th 1722.

John son of Ann Mackdaniell bass born 21th August 1721 bapt feb 3d 1722‑3.

Eliz: dau: of John & Mary Maise born 30th sept last bapt Jan 10th 1722.

John son of John & Cath: Moor born _____ bapt March 19th 1720‑1.

Sara dau of Ditto born 20th March last bapt 29th Aprill 1723.

John son of Tho & Ann Mitchell born 26th May 1704.

Tho: son of ditto born 19th Aprill 1705.

Fran: son of ditto born 18th June 1708.

Mary dau: of Tho: & Barbary Mitchell born 18th August 1713.

Barbary dau of ditto born 8th March 1715.

Nath: son of ditto born 4th decem: 1717.

Peter son of ditto born 3d Jan: 1719.

Sam son of ditto born 16th June 1722.

John son of Robt & Anne Moody born 18th May 1723.

Mark son of Mark & Eliz: Moore borne 26th July last bapt Nov 7th 1723.

John son of Morgan & Sibbilla Makinny born 12th febr last bapt 10th Aprill 1724.
Sarah d of Rich & Ann Massy born 27th Nov last bapt 10th Aprill 1724.

Rich son of Sam: & Mary Moor born 9th febr last bapt August 2d 1724.

Rich son of Hen: & Eliz: Mays born 1st of Aprill last bapt 6th Novr 1724.

Anne d of Fran & Marga Merimon born 26th June last bapt Nov 6th 1724.

Mary d of John & Mary Mays born 2d last June bapt Octob 11th 1724.

Seth Moor son of great John Moor born 9th Aprill 1692.

Rhuben son of phillip & Mary Morgan born 11th novr bapt 20th febr 1725.

Anne Dat of Jn° and Julia Mayes born 13th febr bapt 20th 1725.

John son of John & Julia Mayes born 29th febr 1719.

Martha Dat of John and Julia Mayes 8th June born 1722.

Thomas son of Thom and Jane Man born 4th June last bapt 30 July 1725.

Amey Dat of Joseph and Eleonore Mathes born 9th Decm 1724.

frances Dat of peter and Eliza Mitchel born 28th oct 1725.

martha Dat of henry and Martha Morris born 2 June 1725.

Priscilla Dat of Th° and Jane Man born 13th Decm 1725.

Winiford Dat of Wm and Eliza Mayes born 22d Augs 1725.

Jno and Rich' Sons of Ricd and Ann Massey born 14th febr 1725.

Jn° Son of David and Eliz Murcollow born 14 Decm 1725.

Wm Son of Samuel and Mary More born 6th July bapt Octobr 9th 1726.

Wm Son of Jn° and Mary Mayes born 11th June bapt octm 4th 1726.

Mark Son Mark and Eliza More born 10th June 1726.

James Son of Jn° and Catherine More born 18th augt bapt 16th Octm 1726.

Mary D: of Jn° and dorithy Morland born 23d Sept bapt 30th Octm 1726.

Mary gardiner D of Gardiner and Eliz& Mayes born 13th Octm 1726.

Edward Son of Robert and Martha Munford born 1th Novr 1726.

James Son of Morgan and Sybellah Makinny born 7th febr 1725.

James Son of John and Mary May born 6th febr 1726.

Eliza D of henry and Susanah Morris born 6th Octm 1726.

Lucrecee D of Wm and Ann Mallone born 11th Janr 1726.

Robert Son of Jerimiah and Grace Mize born 10th May 1721.

Joshua son of Ditto born 10th March 1726.

Mary D of David and Eliz Murcollo born 7th June 1727.

Michaell son of Wm and Eliz Mixon born 15th aprill 1727.

Eliza D of henry and Susanah Morris born 6th Octm 1726.

David son of David and Jane Miles born 17th aprill 1727.

Drury Son of Matthew and Eliz Mayes born 15th Janr bapt febr 20th 1727.

Lucy Datr of Georg hunt and frances More born 22d Dcem 1727.

James Son of John and Julia mayes born Monday ye 18th March 1727.

Agnis D of John and Mary Man Born 31t May 1728.

George Son of John and Mary Mayes Born 19th July 1728 Bapt 6 ocbr.

Jean D of John and Dorithy Moreland Born 21th Sept 1728 Bapt 7th Nov.

Phebe Datr of John and Catherine More Born 22d Octm 1728 Bapt 25th Dcem.

henry Son of Henry and Susan Morris Born 22d octm Bapt March 3d 1728.

Margret D of Thos and Elionar More Born 13th aprill Bapt 16th aprill 1729.

Dorithy D of John and Mary May Born 9th Dcem Bapt 21 Decm 1728.

Martha D of James and Eliza munford Born 29th Sept Bapt 6th Janr 1728.

David Son of David and Eliz Murcollo Born 28th May Bapt 3d august 1729.

Susannah D of Roger and Eliz More Born 27th aprill Bapt 27 June 1729.

Lucia D of Jn° and Mary More Born 24th May Bapt 27th June 1729.

Frances D of David and Jane Miles Born 21 June bapt 10th august 1729.

Zacariah son of John and Rachail Martin Born 22d Janr 1729.

ann D of John and Mary Man Born 29th august Bapt 2d oct 1729.

Lucy D of Thos & Jeane May Born 8th Janr 1729 bapt 28th aprill 1730.

Henry Male Slave of Wm and Mary Mayes Born 24th March 1725 Bapt 3d March 1729.

James Male Slave of Ditto Born 26th Janr 1727 bapt 3d March 1729.

Nancy female Slave of Ditto Born 27th Janr bapt 3d March 1729.

Phillip Son of Phillip and Mary Morgan Born 15th Dcemr Bapt 10th May 1730.

Joseph Son of Josep and Hellen Matthy Born 17th Janr: 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730.

Tabitha D of Richard and ann Massie Born 8th Janr 1729 Bapt 30th May 1730.

Michal Son of Henry and Mary Matthews Born 27th Decm 1729 bapt 10th May 1730.

Eliza D of George and frances More Born 1th Janr Bapt 22d febr: 1729.

Robert Son of Wm and ann Marshall Born 23d Dcemr 1729 Bapt 3th March 1730.

Zachariah Son of Jn° and Rachald Martin Born 22d Janr 1729 Bapt 1th March 1729.

Moses male Slave of Jn° and Julia Mayes Born 19th June 1730,

Sarah Dater of John and Julia Mayes Born 13th Decr 1730.

Elisabeth Dater of John and Mary May Born 2d octber 1730.

Thomas Son of Roger and Eliz more Born 20th Sept 1730 bapt 15th Novr.

Matthew Son of Marke & Mary fowler Born 4th Janr 1730 bapt augst 29th 1731.

Lucy D of John & mary mayes Born 26th Jan" 1730 Bapt 21th febr.

Sarah D: of michael & Eliza Mackey Born 16th Dcmr 1730.

Betty rutherford Dater of John and Catharine more Born 25 June Bapt 2d octbr 1731.

mary D of Samuel & Mary More Born 29th apr Bapt 7th Novmbr 1731.

Elisabeth D: of Wm and ann marshal Born 13th July Bapt 24th Sept 1731.

Ja[ ] Son of David & Elisabeth Maccollo Born 29th Sept 1731 bapt Decm 25th.

Laurana D: of Robert & ann Moody Born 29th Janr 1731 bapt apt 23: 1732.

Martha D: of Joseph & Eleanore Matthews Born 8th Janr 1731 Bapt 23d apt 1732.

Frank male Slave of Jn° & Julia mayes Born 28th Novr 1731.

John Son of Phillip & mary morgan Born 30th Novr 1731 Bapt 23d apt 1732.

William Son of Rich' & Eleanor McDearmon born May 18th 1732.

Jonathan son of Jonatha & Sarah Mote born ____ bapt Sept 23d 1732.

Willm Son of Alexr & Ruth Moor born 14th Sepr 1731 bapt May 22d 1732.

Eliza Datr of Saml & Mary Morgan born Apr 20 1732 bapt Decr 17th 1732.

James Son of James & Eliza Munford born Sept 16th bapt Decr 26th 1732.

Thomas Son of David & Jane Mils Born 29th deer 1731 Bapt Janr 30th.

Johanna D: of Wm & Elisabeth Mayes Born 14 sept 1732 bapt Janr 19th.

William son of John & Mary May Born 28th Decr 1732 bapt 24th febr.

Dick male slave of Robt & martha munford Born 21th Decemr 1732 Bapt febr 4th.

Daniel son of James & leah more Born 11th febr 1732 Bapt 2d apr 1733

Roger son of Roge & Eliza more Born 8th Deer 1732 Bapt 25th febr.

Robert Son of Francis & Eliza Man Born 7th febr 1732 Bapt 8th apt 1733.

George Son of John & Mary More Born 23d Nov' 1732 bapt 8th apt 1733.

Daniel Son of Nath & Mary Molone Born 15th Sept 1732 Bapt 17th June 1733.

avis D of Thomas & Eleonore More Born 27th March 1733 Bapt 17th June.

Harry Male Slave of Jn° & Julia Mayes Born 23d febr 1732.

Delilah D: of Matthew Mayes & Eliz: Born 20th July 1733 Bapt 26th august.

frances D: of Robert & ann Moody Dcest novmber 1732.

David Son of Jonathan & Sarah Mote Born 13th apr 1733 bapt 20th octbr.

Peter Son of John & Martha Manson Born 24th Dcer 1733 Bapt 30th Dcer.

John Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Man Born 23d Dcer 1733 Bapt March 22d.

Matthew Son of John & Sarah Meuse Born 27th febr 1733 Bapt 7th apr 1734.

Mary D: of John & Mary Man Born 28th febr 1733 Bapt 10th March.

anne D: of william & anne Mershall Born 28th Janr 1733 bapt 10th March.

Joseph Son of George & ann marchbank Born 4th octbr 1733 Bapt 10th March 1733.

Susannah D: of James & Elisabeth Munford Born 29th March 1734 Bapt 28th apr.

Richard son of william & Elisabeth Martin Born 27th august 1733 dcest 22d November.

Micail son of Micail & Catharine Mikedermond Born 25th febr 1733 Bapt 15th May 1734.

John Son of David & Jane Miles Born 27th apt 1734 bapt 26th May.

Benica female Slave of John & Julia Mayes Born 8th July 1734.

John Son of Sam' & mary morgan Born 26th apr 1734 Bapt 23d June.

Elizabeth, Daughter of Robt& Ann Munford born Sept 22d 1734 Bapt 21st Octobr.

John Son of John and Mary Moore Born ye 9th May 1735 Bapt 6th July.

Vadrey S. of Wm and Susana Macbie Born 23 decemr 1734 Bapt Apr 19 1735.

Robert Son of Jams and Mary Moore Born ye 23d January 1734.

Daniel s. of Robert and Ann Moody. Born ye 2d xbr 1734

John S. of John & Elizabeth Morris Born ye 24th Novr 1734.

William S of William Martin & Elizabeth his wife Born Novr 28th 1734.

Anne D. of David & Elizabeth Mccholler. Born 29th July 1735.

Jane D. of John and Ann Mooney Born Decr 13th 1735.

Henry Son of Henry & Sarah Mitchell Born 7th Augt 1735.

Betty D: of John & Agnes May was Born the 16th Novm 1740.

William s of Daniel & Susanah Maccloud Born march ye 1740.

Martha D of John & Dorithea Moorland B Sepr 12th 1740.

Joel S. of Wm And Sarah Martin B March 18th 1740‑1.

Wood S. of John & Mary Moor B March 27th 1741.

Elizabeth D. of David & Elizabeth Maccullochs Born July 23d 1741 & Bapt Octobr 30th 1741.

Anne D. of William & Isabel Martins Born Aug. 30th 1741 & Bapt Octobr 4th 1741.

Reuben S. of William & Anne Melones Born Septr 26th 1741 & Bapt Novr 15th 1741.

Lucy D. of Matthew & Elizabeth Martins Born Sep 25th 1741 & bapt Decr 24th 1741.

Isham S. of Daniel & Jane Meadows Born Feb 16th 1740‑I & Bapt Jan 3d 1741‑2.

Hannah D. of Richard & Mary Meanlands Born Novr 13th 1741 & bapt Jan 17th 1741‑2 .

Theodorick. S. of Capt Robert & Anne Munfords Born Feb 21st 1741‑2 & Bapt Feb 26th 1741‑2.

Frederick. S. of John & Sara Mayes Born Feb 2d 1741‑2 & Bapt Apr 11th 1742.

Catharine D. of Malcom & Catharine MacNeils Born Feb 12th 1741‑2 & Bapt Apr. 26th 1742.

Jane. D of Humphry & Elizabeth Moodies Born March 30th 1742 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

Susanna ID. of John & Jane Meadlands Born Decr 13th 1741 & Bapt July 25th 1742.

Mary D of Roger & Elizabeth Moors Born May 11th 1742 & Bapt Aug. 15th 1742.

Richard S of John & Agnes May was Born December 20th 1742.

Benjamin S. of James & Elizabeth MacDowals Born Septr 27th 1742 & bapt Octobr 3d 1742.

Addie D. of Henry & Sarah Mitchels born June 20th 1743 & bapt Janr 6th 1743‑4.

Anne D. of Mr. Hugh & Jane Millers born March 13th 17423 & bapt Aprile 10th 1743.

Margret D. of Daniel & Susanna MacLauds born Janry 8th 1742‑3 & bapt May 22d 1743.

Elizabeth D. of John & Elizabeth Manns born Janr 28th 1743-4 bapt May 13th 1744.

Jane D. of John & Jane Meadlands born March 23d 1743‑4 bapt Septr 22d 1744.

John S. of John & Agnes May born Decr 20th 1744 baptized Feb 24th 1744‑5.

William S. of John & Elizabeth Man born Decr 11th 1744 bapt' March 3d 1744‑5.

Patrick Smith S of Margaret Malone born Feb. 27th 1744 baptized April 14th 1745.

Phyllis A female Slave belonging to Mr. Hugh Miller was born March 12th 1744‑5.

Anne D of Mr. Hugh & Jane Milles was born March 13th 1742‑3 & baptized Apr. 10th 1743.

Robert S. of Ditto was born March 28th 1746 & baptized _____

Jane D. of Ditto was born Feb 21st 1747‑8 & baptized _____

Negroes belonging to Mr. Hugh Miller.
Betty born June 1740 Beck born _____ 1742
Tony born Aprile 1746
Cutchnia born Sept 1746
Rose born Septr 1747
Isaac born March 1748

David Son of John May jr and Agnes his wife Born _____ 1749 Bapt 5 Octor.

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