DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Part M-O

James Son of James and Anne Murray born July, 10th 1743.

John Son of Ditto born September 13th 1744.

Anne Daughter of Ditto born October 30th 1746.

Margaret Daughter of ditto born February 8th 17489.

William Son of ditto born May 6th 1752.

Mary Daughter of Do born Febr 22 1754.

Thomas Son of Ditto Born Janr 13th Baptized ye 16th following 1757.

Negroes Belonging to James Murray Vizt.

Moll a Mallatto Born Octor 1735.
Patt a Negro B. Octor 1736.
Lucy a Negro. B. May 1739.
Frank a Negro. B. Decr 1740.
Sarah a Mallato B. March 1742.
Charles a Negro. Octor 1742.
Doll a Negro. B. April 1744.
Billy a Negro. June 18. 1744.
Hannah a Negro. B. Octor 1744.
Peg a Negro. July 1746.
Sue a Negro. Octor 1746.
Tom a Mallato. Decr 1746.
Aggy. a Mallato. July 1748.
Tom a Mallato Sept 1748.
Joe a Mallato. Augt '749.
Cate a Negro Octor 1748.
Will a Negro. Feb 7 1749‑50.
Kitt Novr 1751.
Nan, April 1753.
Cate July 1753.
Harry Octor 1753.
Jenny, January 1754.
Cain March '754.
Poll. Jan 7 1755.
Latty, July 1755.
Moll. Sept 1755.
Jenny Novr 1755.
Betty, Decr 1757.
Cyruss, March 1756.
Patt. Decr 1756.
Easter, March 1757.
Antony Sept 1757.
Tabb. Octor 1757.
Matthew. Decembr 1757.
Frank. March 1758.
Bobb, May 1758.
Dick Sept 1758.

Joseph Moore son of John Moore & Mary his wife was Born Janry the 20th 1767 and Baptizd at the Brick Church of Bristol Parish March the 22d 1767.

Henry Son of George Wale Machen & Mary his Wife, Born March 7th 1780 Baptised May 11th 1780.

Elizabeth Daughter of William Edgar & Jane his Wife, Born Febr 6. 1780. Baptised May 11th 1780.

Jamy Cate, Son of Jeremiah Meacham & Milly his Wife, born October 26th 1791, & baptized March 21st 1792.

Louisa, Daughter of Aggy, a Slave belonging to John McLeod, born in March 1790, & baptized March 25th 1792.

Lucy Massenburg, Daur of John Mason (of Sussex County) & Lucy his Wife, born October 26th 1791, & baptized April 6th 1792.

John, Son of John McKenny (of Sussex County) & Rebeccah his Wife, born March 4th 1791, & baptized April 6th 1792.

David, Son of William McCarter & Susannah his Wife, born October 6th 1791, and baptized May 9th 1792.

Joshua Son of Fanny, a Slave belonging to David Maitland, born February 1st 1791, & baptized April 29th 1792.

Thorny Branch, son of Reaps Mitchell & Susanna his Wife, born Octr 20th 1791 & bapt. May 13th 1792.

John Malcolm died June 23d & was buried in St Pauls' Church. Yard, June 24th. 1792.

Elizabeth McMurdo, Wife of Charles J. McMurdo, died the 13th and was buried the 14th day of September 1792.

Martha, Anne, Elizabeth, Daur of Charles J. McMurdo, and Elizabeth his Wife, was born *(the 1st) of *(September) & baptized October 11th 1792.

Elizabeth McFarlane of Chesterfield County, was buried October 16th 1792.

Mary Wales, Daur of Thomas Machen & Sally his wife, was born June 8th 1791 & baptized November 2d 1792.

Richard, S, of George May & Anna his Wife, born September 3rd & baptized December 29th 1792.

Lettice Hickman, Daur of William Meredith & Anne his Wife, born Septr 23rd & baptized Decr 30th 1792.

Pleasant Meredith, a Child of John Meredith, died the 18th & was buried the 20th of January 1793.

John, S. of John McLeod, & Isabella his Wife was born Jan 18 & baptized March 10th 1793.

James. Son of William McDowell & Susanna his Wife, was born January 20th & baptized May 5th 1793.

*These blanks filled up by her son C. J. Gibson Dec'r 12th 1848. The above note is in Dr. Gibson's handwriting.‑C. G. C.
Elizabeth Agnes, Daughter of David Maitland & Susanna his Wife was born April 23rd & baptized June 20th 1793.

Lewis Lanier‑Son of John Marks & Martha his Wife, born May 6th & baptized July 10th 1793.

Jemimah Wyat, Daur of Jeremiah Meachen & Milly his Wife, born March 16th & baptized August 10th 1793.

Pollsy Daur of Edward Marks & Sally his Wife, born July 24th & bapt Sepr 11th 1793.

Johanna, Daur William Marks & Eliza his Wife, born August 3rd & bapt Sepr 22 179[ ].

Ephraim May was buried 16th Octr 1794.

Mary Currie Maitland daur of David Maitland died 26th & buried 27th Janr. 1795.

Tazewell Son of Tho' Mitchell and Rebecca his wife (of the County of Sussex) born 16th Augt 1794 and baptized 15th March 1795.

Alexander Campbell Maitland Son of William Maitland & Elizabeth his wife was born Aug' 2d & baptized 9th D° 1795.

Died Octr 25th & buried Octr 26th 1796.

David Currie Maitland Son of Robert Maitland & Susan his wife, born 2d Novr & baptd 26th Decr 1796: died Octr 1797

Mary dau: of Tho: & Margret Neel born 7th Nov: last bapt March 31th 1721.

Phebe dau: of Dan & Eliz: Nance born in octobr 1712.

Eliz: dau: of Ditto born 6th July 1719.

Elinor dau of John & Jane Nance born 25th May last bapt July 19th 1721.

Fran: dau: of Raise & Ann Newhouse born 28th March 1720 bapt July 1st 1721.

Tho: Son of ditto: born 1st sept 1712.

_____Son of Rich & Dina ________

James Son of Wm & Ann Norton born 2d of octobr 1721 bapt 30th octobr 1722.

Elinor dau of Dan & Eliz: Nance born 9th sept last bapt 28th Octobr 1722.

_____ D: of Tho & Margaret Neel born last summer bapt Augst 6th 1723.

Tho: son of Jn° & Jane Nance born 22th sept last bapt Janr 19th 1723‑4.

Peter son of Tho & Eliz: Nunnely born 3d Janr bapt 2d febr 1723‑4.

Tho son of Tho: & Marga Neel born 1 sept 1712.

John s: of Rich & Mary Nance born 15 decem last bapt 14th June 1724.

Mary d of Wm & Anne Norton born 9th Janr last bapt Nov 1st 1724.

Frances Dat of Thom and mary neel born: 7th may bapt 25th July 1725.

Richard son of Jn° and Jane Nance born 24th Janr bapt 15th May 1726.

Eliz Dat of Rich' and mary nance born 7th Nova bapt 15th May 1726.

Thom son of Thomas and Eliza nunnally born 27 sber: 1726

Martha D: of John and Ann Nipper born 19th Nom 1726.

Mark Son of Robt and Eliz Nobles born 18th May 1727.

Sarhah female Slave of Th° and Eliza Nunally born 11th May 1728.

Sarah D of Th° and Margrat Neal Born 5th Janr 1727.

Eliza Dater of Daniel and Mary Nance Born 19th June 1728.

Wm Son of John and Jane Nance Born 12th July 1728 bapt July 29th.

Nan female Slave of Daniel nance Born Janr ye 5th 1727.

Sarah female Slave of Ditto Born aprill ye 10th 1728.

Obedience Dar of Richd and _____ Nunally Born 26th Novmber 1728.

John Son of Th° and Eliza Nunally Born 4th Dcem Bapt 12th Jar 1728.

Thomas Son of Thomas & Marget Neel Born 4th July 1730 Bapt 9th august.

Leanord Son of Richard and Mary Nance Born 15th Decmr 1730 Bapt 4th Jar.

Lucy D of Daniel & Eliz nance Born 24th Dcember: 1730 Bapt Janr 10th.

Daniel Son of Thomas & Eliz' Nunally Born 28th march 1731 bapt august 15th.

Nathaniel son of Rich' & Mary Nance born 9th Decr 1731 bapt May 12th 1732.

Winny Slave of Dan' Nance born Octr 1. 1732.

Mary Dr of Thomas & Eliza nunally Born 1th febr 1732 bapt 20th may 1733.

James son of John & margret nevil Born 1th July 1733 Bapt 19th May 1734.
Zachariah Son of Thomas and Eliz. Nunnally Born 19th ay 1735. bapt 6th July.

Jamey Male Slave Belonging to Danl Nance Sr Born Sep 15 1735.

Giles S. of John and Martha Nance Born 4th May 1735.

Thomas Son of William & Ann Nance Born 29th February 1735 Bapt 18th April 1736.

Ann D. of Richard & Mary Newman B March 30th 1741.

Anne D. of Richard & Mary Nances Born Janry 15th 1741‑2 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

Sarah D. of William & Ann Nances born janry 30th 1742‑3 & baptd febr 27th 1742‑3.

Will a male Slave belonging to Daniel Nance born Feb 6th 1744‑5.

Ned a male Slave belonging to Ditto born Decr 1743.

Sarah D. of Thomas & Priscilla Nantzs born Octob 19th 1745 & baptd Jan 6th 1745‑6.

Johney Nash son of John & Mary nash was Born Novr 4th 1758.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Agness Norton was Born January the 23d 1755.

Sarah Norton their Daughter was Born October the 21st 1756.

Patty Norton their second Daughter was Born the 19th October 1758.

Frances Norton their third Daughter was Born June the 1st 1760.

William Norton their son was Born April 22d 1762.

Cressy, Daur of Beck a negro slave, belonging to Mrs. Lucy Newsum, was born March 5th and baptized September 23rd 1792.

James son of Nico: & Jane Overby born 5th sept last bapt 4th octobr 1720.

Fran: dau: of Wm. & Marga Overby born 20th feb: last bapt 20th July 1721.

Robt son of Rich: & Dina Overby born 18th Aprill last bapt 18th June 1722.

Adams son of Nico: & Jane Overby born 28th July last bapt Nov: 7th 1722.

Nico: son of peter & Ann Overby born 1st sept last bapt Nov: 7th 1722.

Eliz: Dau of Drury & Anne Oliver born 8th June 1718.

John son of Ditto born 11th July 1720.

Wm Son of ditto born 26th July 1722.

Martha d of Rich: & Dinah Overbury born 8th decem last bapt feb: 6th 1723‑4.

Martha D. of Drury & Amy Oliver born Nov: 25th last bapt Janr 31th 1724‑5.

Abraham son of James and Ann Overberry born 26th august last bapt 17th septr 1725.

Mary D of nicholas and Jane Overberry born 9th August bapt 17th Sept 1725.

Martha D of Drury and Amy Oliveer Deceast Spr ye 27th 1726.

Eliza D of howard and Margarat Owen born 24th July bapt 2d octm 1726.

Drury Oliver Son of Wm and Eliz Olivier born 12th Aprill 1685.

Martha D of Drury and Amy olivier born 27th May 1727.

Jaminah Dr of Richd and Dinah overberry born 26th Janr 1727.

Peter Son of Peter and ann overberry Born 30th July 1727.

John Son of Th° and anne oliver born 18th aprill 1728.

John Son of Howard and Margret owen Born 1th august 1728.

Mary D of Drury and amy oliveer Born 8th march Bapt 20th aprill 1728.

Thomas Son of Howard and margret owen Born 2d July 1730 Bapt 25th octr.

Rubin Son of Richard & Dinah overberry Born 12th august 1731.

Written by Bryan Christian — April 12, 2014