DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne

Lucy D: of James & Eliz: overbury Born 29th July 1733 Bapt 26th august.

Thomas Son of Richard & Dinah Overbury Born July 1st 1734.

William Son of Lanceford and Elizabeth Owen Born 23d Decembr 1734

Thamar D. of Richard & Dinah Overby Born 1st July 1734.

Ann D. of Drury & Elizabeth Oliver Born Sept 4th 1734 Baptiz'd Octob' 27th.

Elizbth D of Edward & Joyce Owan Febry ye 26th 1740.

Catharine D. of Nicolas & Elizabeth Ogilbys Born March 22d 1741‑2 & Bapt May 9th 1742.

Mildred D. of Isaac & Elizabeth Olivers born Octob 15th & baptd Octobr 7th 1742.

Thomas 5. of Isaac & Elizabeth Olivers born Octob 19th & baptd Decr 25th 1743.

Mary D. of James & Anne Olivers was born Septr 6th & baptd Decr 8th 1745.

William S. of Isaac & Elizabeth Olivers was born July 7th & baptd Aug 17th 1746.

Jeans Daughter of David Organ & Elizabeth his Wife, was born April 2nd & baptized June 30th 1793.

John Oliphant died the first day of Novr & was buried the 3d of Nov. 1793.

John Harrison Son of John Osborne & Jane his wife, born 19th July 1794 and baptized 4th Decr 1794.

Wm son of John & Judith Puckett born 15th sept last bapt 17th decem 1720

Smith son of John & Jane Pattison born 28th Aug: last bapt Nov: 27th 1720.

Edith dau: of Wm & Mary Parsons born 7th Aug: 1719 bapt Nov: 27th 1720.

Nathaniell son of John & Fran: peterson born 12th Nov: last bapt Janr 19th 1720‑1.

Phebe dau: of John & Judith puckett born 11th Janr bapt March 5th 1720‑1.

Rich son of Rich: & Martha puckett born 7th March 1718‑19.

Ephraim son of Womack & Mable Pucket born 24th Janr last bapt Aprill 10th 1721.

Martha dau: of Wm & Rebecca Pearcy born 9th Janr last bapt 4th June 1721.

Fran: son of John & Eliz: Perkinson born 5th August last bapt Octobr 8th 1721.

Wm son of John & Susanna Pride born xbr 19th 1721 bapt Janr 31th 1721‑2.

Jeremiah son of Sara Patrum born 1st Janr bapt March 21th 1722.

Eliz: dau: of Seth & Martha Pettypool born 8th May 1721 bapt Octobr 7th 1722.

Jamime dau: of Wm & Mary Parsons born 20th octobr last bapt 16 sept 1722.

Eliz: dau of John & Mary price born 7th June last bapt 16th sept 1722.

Lewis son of Wm & Mary Puckett born 9th Janr 1722‑3 bapt May 5th 1723.

John son of Joss: & Mary Pritchett born 1st May 1716 bapt Aug 25th 1722.

Wm son of ditto born 14th octobr 1719 bapt Aug 25th 1722.

Fran dau of john & Jane Paterson born 28th May last bapt Aug: 13th 1722.

stephen son of Wm & frances pettypool junr born 30th octobr 1721 bapt 14th feb 1722‑3.

Wm son of John & Fran: peterson born 25 Octobr last bapt xbr 7th 1723.

Sarah D: of Seth & Martha Pool born 7th Nov: last bapt Janr 30th 1723‑4.

Joel son of John & Judith Pucket born 11th Nov: last bapt 7th March 1723‑4.

Joseph son of Wm & Mary Persons born ______ bapt Aprill 12th 1724.

Isham son of Womack & Mable Puckett born 14th octobr last bapt Aprill 23th 1724.

_____ A negro belonging to Mr. Wm Poythers born 1st of August 1724.

Luis s: of Luis & Sarah Patrick born 17th Aug: last bapt Aprill 18th 1725.

Win pool junr had a Child born feb: 15th 1724‑5.

Tho: s of Nath & Penellope Parratt born 30th xbr last bapt March 28th 1725.

Lucy D: of Seth & Mary perkinson born 6th instant bapt March 27th 1725.

Anne D: of Olive poxon died 30th July 1725.

Eady Dat of Jn° and Jane paterson born 28th July 1724.

phebe Dat of phebe parham born 9th octm 1725.

Tames Son of James and Mary pittillo born 23d Decm 1725.

Ann Dat of James and mary plat born 13th Octm 1725.

Sheppyallin Son of Jno and Judith pucket born 8th Novm 1725.

Nathaniel Son of Nathaniel and penilopy parot born febr 12th bapt 29 may 1726: 1725.

Anne Isham Dat of Wm and Sarah Poythris born 9th Apr bapt 5th June 1726.

Jno Son of Thomas and Isabell phillips born may 8th bapt June 7th 1726.

tabitha Dat of wm and Frances pool born oct 13th bapt June 6th 1726.

Eliza D of Win and Mary pucket born 19th feb 1725.

Wm Son of Wm and Mary parsons born 24th may, 1726.

John Son of John and & Mary powel born 16th march 1725 bapt Augt 22d 1726.

John Son of Seth and Martha pettypool born 6th Janr 1725.

Sarah D of peter and frances plantine born 27th June 1726.

Joseph Son of John and Ann phillips born 6th Nom" 1726.

Th° Son of Edward and Eliz& Powell born 14th July 1727.

Ann D of Hezekiah and Batiah Powel born 16th June 1726.

Wm Son of Wm and Sarah poythres born 14th March 1727 bapt 26th may 1728.

Anna Dater of John and Mary Powell born 3d May 1728.

peter Son of Seth and Marth Pittypool Born 17th May 1727.

ann D of James and Mary pittillo Born 15th July 1728 Bapt 29th July.

Littleberry Son of liewes and Sarah Partrick Born 18th May 1728.

Batty Son of Wm and mary parsons Born 22d August 1728.

Stephen Son of John and Judith Pucket Born 17th octbr 1728 Bapt Nov 10.

Mary D of Nath and Penilopy Parrot Born 21th Novmber 1728.

Mason of Th° and Isabell phillips Born 23d July Bapt 16th Sepr 1728.

Phebe D of John and Judith Pucket Born 2d Janr 1728.

Liewes son of John and Mary Patterson Born 28th august Bapt 2d febr 1728.

Ephraim son of Win and frances Pucket Born 2d March Bapt 30th June 1729.

William Son of Thos & Mary Parram Born 22d Sepr 1729.

Alice D of Seth & Mary Perkinson Born 15th June 1729 Bapt 27th June.

Martha D of Joshua & Martha pritchett d° 15th April 1729.

William Son of William _____ _____

William Son of Zedekiah and Bathua Powel Born 26th aprill 1729 Bapt may 31th 1730.

William Son of peter and frances plentine Born 5th Sepr 1729 Bapt 31th mam 1730.

Pucket Son of John and Susana Pride Born 2d Sept Bapt 1th march 1729.

Eliza D of francis and hannah Poythris Born 1th febr 1729 Bapt 8th aprill 1730.

John Son of peter and Rebeckah pott Born 6th Sept 1729.

Richard price servant of Drury oliver Dest 29th June 1730

sarah Dater of Edward & Mary Parham Born 16th Deer 1730 Bapt 24th Janr.

Mary D of Thomas & Isabel phillips Born 9th march 1730 Bapt 19th apt 1731.

Isham of Seth pirkinson Born 8th may 1731 Bapt June 22d 1731.

James Son of Nathaniel & penellope Parrott Born 12th febr: 1730.

Phillip Son of Wm & Frances pool Born 13th march 1730 Bapt 12th Sept 1731.

Sarah D: of William and Sarah poythris Born 7th august 1731 Bapt 7th octbr.

John Son of John & mary Parham Born 26th Sept Bapt 6th Novmbr 1731.

Mary D: John & anne phillips Born 11th apr bapt Novr 14th 1731

Nathaniel Son of John & martha Peterson Born 25th apr 1732.

Rebeccah datr of Hezekiah & Bathia Powell born 26th febr 1730 bapt June 18th 1732.

Frances datr of Saml & Amy Pitchford born 5th Jan 1731 bapt July 9th 1732.

Jane Datr of Peter & Rebecca Pott born 10th feb 1731 bapt Augt 13th 1732.

Joshua of Josha & Catherine Pritchett born 9th May 1732 bapt Augt 13 1732.

Robt Son of Wm & Mary Perkinson born 13th Sep' & bapt ye 28th 1732.

Obedience Datr of Jn° & Pricilla Pickins born 26th Octr 1732 bapt Decr 26th 1732.

Elisabeth D of Gower & archer parham Born 20th octbr 1732 Bapt 24th febr.

Penellope Dr of nathaniel & Penellope Parrott Born 8th may 1733 bapt 20th may 1733.

anne D of Edward & mary Parham Born 14th march 1732 Bapt 8th apr 1733.

Eliza Dr of George & Jane penticost Born 3d febr 1732 Bapt 20th may, 1733.

Eddith D: of Seth & Elisabeth pirkenson Born 20th July 1733 Bapt 28th august.

Mary. D: of Edward & Elizabeth powell Born 12th august 1733 Bapt novr 4th.

Charles Son of Charles & Sarah Pistole Born 15th Sepr 1733 Bapt 11th

Frances D: of william & Frances Pettipool Born 18th apr 17313, Bapt Dcem 10th.

anne D: of Seth & martha Pettipool Born 25th Sept 1733 Bapt dcer 10th.

Henry Son of James & mary Pittillo Born 31th octbr 1730 Bapt febr 9th.

Lucy D: of Ditto Born 11th Novr 1733 Bapt Janr 20th 1733.

anne D: of Seth & martha pettipool Born 25th Sept 1723 Bapt dcer 6th.

Robert Son of John & Mary powell 17th Novmr 1733 Bapt febr 10th.

Isham Son of Thomas & Mary Parham Born 17th Sepr 1732 Bapt febr 12th.

John Son of Thos & Mary Pott Born 12th octbr 1732 Bapt 12th febr 1733.

Drury Son of John & Judith Pucket Born 25th Janr 1733 Bapt 12th febr.

Rebeckah d of Hezekiah & Bathia Powell decest 26th march 1734

martha D: of Charles & mary Parrish Born 10th May 1734 Bapt 4th august.

Rachel D: of Philip & Rachel Prescot Born 3d March 1733.

Thomas Son of Charles & Sarah Pistol Born 2d May 1735 Bapt 6th July.

Thomas S of Thomas and Mary Parham Born Septemr 22. 1734 Bapt May 1735.

Jane female Slave belonging to Wm Parsons Born May 1st 1729.

Betty female Slave belonging to D° Born June 15th 1733.

Dick male Slave belonging to D° Born June 19th 1731.

Dick male Slave belonging to D° Died Augt 22 1731.

Batty Son of William and Mary Parsons departed this life Octor 11th 1734.

James Markham Son of William and Mary Parsons Born the 31 March 1731.

James Markham Son of William and Mary Parsons departed this life Octor 26th 1734.

William S. of Gower & Archer Parham Born the 2d July 1735.

William S. of George and Jane Penticost Born 2d August 1734.

Sarah D. of William & Juliana Peirce Born 17th Augst 1734.

James S. of Thomas & Izabella Phillips Born Sept 12th 1734.

Lucy D. of George & Jane Pentycost Born January ye 25 1740.

John S. of John & Elisabeth Porter Born ye 20 of febuary 1740.

John s of John & Anne Phillips Born August ye 20 1740.

John Son of Wm. And Juliana Peircy Sept 30th 1740.

Susannah of Kaleb & Frances Pritchet B Aug 24th 1740.

Patty D of Thomas & Mary Presise B Decr 10th 1740.

Magdaline D of Israeli & Elizabeth Peterson Born Novr 21st 1740.

Wm. S. of Charles & Sarah Pistol B Decr 19th 1740.

Ann D of Morgan & Ann Purreah B August 1st 1741.

John S of Aron & Ann Pricheat B Febr 26 ye 1740.

Thomas S of Thomas & Mary Presise Born Decr 27 1735

Mary Daughter of D° Born March ye 29th 1738.

Elizabeth. D. of Major Willm & Sara Poythress's Born Sep 21st 1741 & Bapt Novr 22d 1741.

Henry. S. of William Petty & Francis Pools Born Jany 27th 1740‑1 & Bapt Novr 29th 1741.

Sara. D. of Daniel & Francis Pegrams Born Decr 29th 1741 & Bapt Febr 28th 1741‑2.

Mary. D. of Gower & Archer Parhams Born Decr 23d 1741 & Bapt March 14th 1741‑2.

William. S. of Thomas & Mary Perrys Born Apr 19th 1742 & Bapt May 9th 1742.

William. S. of Edward & Mary Pegrams Born June 18th 1742 & Bapt July 4th 1742.

Mary D. of Edward & Amy Paynes Born Oct. 16th 1741 & Bapt July 24th 1742.

Anne D. of Joshua & Lucy Porters born Octob 7th 1742 & baptd Decr 12th 1742.

George S. of John & Anne Phillips born Febr 15th 1742‑3 & baptd May 29th 1743.

Anne D. of George & Jane Pentecost born Sep 8th 1743 & baptd Octobr 9th 1743.

Reuben S. of Abram & Esaia Peebles was born Aprile 11th & baptd June 9th 1745.

Frances D of Mr. John & Martha Petersons was born Septr 3d & baptd Octob. 27th 1745.

Elizabeth D. of John & Anne Phillips was born Feb. 5th 1745‑6.

Luke S. of Edward & Elizabeth Powels was born May 8th & baptd Aug. 3d 1746.

William Son of Joseph & Frances Parsons born May 9th baptd 29th May 1750.

Edith Daughter of Wm. & Mary Parsons jun' Born 22nd May bapt Sept 16th 1750.

Two Twins, Mary & Elizabeth Brown Daughters of William Brown & Servant Probey was Born July 20th 1761.

William Son of Lewis & Sarah Parham was Born april the 22d 1761.

William Paterson son of James Paterson & mary was born Sept 12th 1768.

David Parrish Son of James Parrish Baptised July 4. 1771.

Henry, Son of Lewis Parham (of Sussex County) & Rebeccah his Wife, born January 28 & baptized April 6th 1792.

Lotty Williams, S. of Page a Negroe Slave belonging to Thos G. Peachy, born July 1st and baptized August 19th 1792.

William Parsons, and his Wife (of Prince George) were buried September 3rd 1792.

Jean Peachy Dau' of Samuel Peachy, was buried October 11th 1792.

David, S, of William Perkins & Margaret his Wife, born October 11th & baptized December 23rd 1792.

Ann, Daur of Wm Parry & Phoebe his Wife, born September 7th 1789 & bapt Decr 28th ___9[ ].

Peggie, Daur of James Peebles & Betsy his Wife, born Sept 19th & bapt January 27th 1793.

William Poythress died 15th and was buried 18th Octr 1794.

Hannah Dau of Baldwin Pearce & Rebeccah his Wife, was born February 23rd and baptized April 2nd 1793.

Sarah H. Pope. Daur of Ralph Pope, died June 19th & was buried June 20th 1793.

James Son of William Prentis & Mary his Wife, born August 3 & baptized Septr 23rd 1793.

Mary, Daur of William Poythress & Mary his Wife, born Sept 24 & bap: Nov. 7. 1793.

Written by Bryan Christian — April 18, 2014