DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
Mary dau: of Christo' & Sarah Robinson born 3d June last bapt 17th decem: 1720.

Wm A Moll belonging unto Hen: & Eliz: Royall born 7th Aug: 1720 bapt Janr 30th 1720‑1.

Martha dau of Hen: & Martha Rottenbery born 1st sept last bapt 12th octobr 1720.

Matthew son of Israel & Sarah Robinson born 22th Nov: last bapt Aprill 30th 1721.

Margaret A Mollatto belonging to Godfry & Eliz: Ragsdale born 7th Novr last bap May 28th 1721.

Daniel son of Wm & Fran: Rowlet born 10th June last bapt July 30th 1721.

John of John & Mary Rackly born 14th day of June 1720 bapt 18th July 1721.

Fran: Son of Hen: & Eliz: Royall born 10th Janr last bapt July 4th 1721.

Mary dau of Wm & Mary Russell born 2d decem 1719 bapt octobr 9th 1721.

Martha dau of Wm & Eliz Russell born 14th decembr Last bapt Aprill 8th 1722.

Tab: dau of Godfry & Eliz Radgsdale born 13th March last bapt May 20th 1722.

Jack a negro boy belonging to Dan: Radgsdale born Octobr 8th 1722.

Ann dau of Hen: & Eliz: Robinson born Jan: 6th 1719 bapt August 25th 1722.

Faith dau of peter & Alice Radgsdale born 24th octobr last bap 27th decem 1722.

peter son of Hen: & Eliz Robinson born 27th ____ last bapt Jan 10th 1722

Nath son of Christ & Sara Robinson born 21th octobr last bapt Jan 10th 1722-3
Rich son of Jno & Rebecca Raburn Born 28th May last bapt. Aug 21th 1723.

John son of Israel & Sarah Robinson born 8th May last bapt Aug 21th 17223

Nath: son of John & Mary Robinson born 21th June last bapt Aug 21 1723.

Edward son of Godfrey & Eliz: Radgsdale born 8th decembr last bap Jan 12th 1723‑4.

Rich: son of Hen: & Margt Rottenberry born 30th June last bap 29th July 1724

Dan son of Benja & Martha Radgsdale born 7th May last bap sept 6th 1724

Mary d of Ja & Eliz Rigsby born 10th octobr last bap 11th xbr 1724

Patt a negro girl belonging to Mr. Peter & Mary Rowlett born 15th feb: 1724-5

Joseph son Peter & Alice Ragsdale born 17th Janr last may 23th 1725..

Israil Son of Israil and Sarah Robertson born 14th novr 1725

Abr'ham Son of Jn and Mary Robertson born 20th July 1725.

Daniel A negro slave of Geo and mary Rob'son born Decr 1723.

Matthew A negro of Do born septr 1724

Harry A negro of ditto born May 1726.

Cesar a negro of ditto born april 1726.

Daniel son of Josep and Sarah Reeves born 31th august bapt 11 sept 1726

John Son of thos and Eliz Rhaynes born 5th July bap 2d oct 1726

Mary D of thomas and Hannah Roberts born 17th August 1726.

Sarah slave of George and Mary Rob'son born 17th July 1726.

Lot Slave of Ditto born 17th 1726.

Rachail D of benja & and martha Ragsdail born 28th June 1726.

Martha D of Christopher and Sarah Robinson born 27th febuary 1724

Liewes Son of henry and Eliza Robinson born 17th March 1723.

Thomas Son of John and Rebeckah Rayborn born 16th Sep 1726.

ann Daughter of James and Eliza Rigsby born 19th Janr 1726.

John Son of Christopher and ann Rowland born 20th May 1727

ann D of peter and alce Ragsdail born 25th May 1727.

frances D. of John and Mary Robinson born 3d March 1726.

Jemiah D of Wm and Mary Reed born 9th Dcem 1724.

John Son of Benja and Martha Ragsdail Born 23d June 1728

Deborah Son of henry and Eliza Robertson Born 14th March 1727 Bapt 2d June.

David Son of Israil and Sarah Robertson Born 19th august '728.

Francis Son of Thos & Mary Reese born 5th of Decemr 1727.

John Son of Henry & Eliz Royall born 23d October 1729.

Mark Son of Jn° & Mary Robertson born 23d June 1729.

John Son of Jn° and Rebeckah Rayborn Born 30th Novmr 1729.

Peter Son of Roger and Sarah Ranie Born 20th March 1729 Bapt May 29th 1730.

Prissilla D of Hug and Sarah Riss Born 21th febr 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730.

agnis D of Christophar and ann Roland Born 7th Janr Bapt 22d febr 1729.

Tho: Son of Thomas and Mary Rees Born 2d novr Bapt 22d febr 1729.

Benja Son of John and Eliza Roland Born 6th febr Bapt 2d march 1729.

James Son of Partrick & Isabellah Royall Born 20th June 1730.

Mary D of Joseph and Sarah Reeves Born 20th Sept 1730.

Baxter Son of Godfrey and Eliz Ragsdail Born 16th June 1730.

Nicholas Son of Thomas and ann Rollings Born 4th octbr 1730.

Negro Slaves of Mr. George Robertson Minister.

Daniel male Slave Born 5th Dcer 1723.
Matthew male Slave Born 25th septr 1725.
Harry male Slave Born 26th March 1726.
Lott male Slave Born 10th May 1726.
Sarah female slave Born 16th July 1726.
Cesar male Slave Born 4th Dcer 1727.
Nanny female Slave Born 4th July 1728.
Tom male Slave Born 26th Dcer 1728.
amy female Slave Born 25th July 1730.
Liewess male Slave Born 3d august 1730.
George male Slave Born 2d Sept 1730.
Betty female Slave Born 5th Sepr 1730.
Jo: male Slave Born 29th March 1731.
Ned male Slave Born 15th Sepr 1730.

William Son of Roger & Sara: Reiny Born 13th apt 1731 Bap 12th Sept

______ Son of Shanes & mary Raines Born 12th Sept 1731 bapt 20th octbr.

Nicholas Son of Israil & Sarah Robinson Born 12th septr Bapt novmbr 7th 1731.
Isham Son of John & anne Ratlif Born 10th octbr 1731.

Edward Son of John & Mary Robertson Born 22d Dcer 1731 Bapt 23d apt 1732.
Winfred daughter of Benja & Martha Ragsdale born febr 17th 1731.
Martha datr of Roger & Eliza Reese born feb 9th 1730 bapt May 21st 1732.
Jean Datr Ricd & Jean Raybon born 28th Apr 1732 bapt Augt 13th 1732.

Martha datr of Jn° & Sarah York born 3d June 1732 bapt 13 Augt 1732.
Frederick son of Rich' & Jane Rains born 9th June 1732 bapt Sept 14th 1732.

Alse datr of Thos and Eliza Reams born 31st March 1732 bapt Sept 24 1732.
Sarah datr of Christo & Ann Rolland born 26th Sept 1732 bapt Decr 17 1732.
Rachel D: of peter & alice Ragsdail Born 27th febr 1732 Bapt march 15th.

William Son of James & Sarah Rutlidge Born 9th may 1732 Bapt apr 7th 1733.
Isham Son of hugh & Sarah Reese Born 8th august 1732 Bapt 20th may 1733.
John Son of Thomas Reese Born 30th Septr 1731 Bapt 20th may 1733.

Josept Son of Joseph & Sarah Reaves Born 5th Decr 1732 Bapt 1th august 1733.

Francis son of Thos & Hanah Roberts Born 29th June 1733 Bapt 5th Augt

Charles Son of Israil & Sarah Robinson Born 24th July 1733, Bapt 28th Sepr.

_____ of Roger & Sarah Rainy Born 12th octobr 1733 Bapt Deer 10th.

Charles Son of Roger & Eliza Reese Born 3d apr 1733 Bapt 30th deer.

Phill male Slave of Thomas Ravenscroft Born 8th June 1734.

Benjamine Son of Benjamine & Martha Ragsdail Born 28th March 1734 Bapt July 14th.

Michael Son of John & Judith Roberds Born 7th may 1734 Bapt 30th June.

Thomas Son of Thomas & Elisabeth Reams Born 10th Janr 1733 Bapt 28th July 1734.

Robt S of John and Mary Robinson Born June 10th 1734.

Ann d of Henry & Ann Robinson Born May 8th 1734.

Mary D. of Thomas & Mary Reese Born 8th Octobr 1733

Sarah D. of Hugh & Sarah Reese Born 10th Octobr 1735

Isham s of Joseph & Sarah Reaves Born January ye 25 1740.

John s of Hugh & Elisabeth Ray Born June 4 1741.

Thomas S of Robert and Hannah Rivers B June 28th 1740.

Thomas S of John & Mary Reess B Feb 12th 1739.

George S of Martha & Sarah Robarson B Deer 6th 1740.

Mason D of Thomas & Mary Reess B July 10th 1740.

James S of Hugh & Sarah Reess Born August ye 29 1741.

Hannah female Slave of Judath Roberts Born Decm ye 1st 1735.

Jack male Slave of Dito was Born January ye 29th 1737.

Sarah female Slave of Dito was Born July ye 15th 1741.

William S. of Samuel & Anne Rawthorns Born Novr 4th 1741 & Bapt May 2d 1742.

Peter S. of Henry & Susanna Robertsons Born Mar: 21st 1742 & Bapt July 25th 1742.

David & Lowerel twin Child of Charles & Anne Roupers were Born June 29th 1742 & Bapt Aug. 15th 1742.

Elizabeth D. of Hugh & Elizabeth Raes born April 25th 1743 & baptd May 22 1743.

Usiller D. of Timothy & Mary Reeves born July 7th 1743

Sarah D. of Peter & Sarah Roshill born march 1st 1743‑4 baptd apr 29th 1744.

Judith D. of William & Priscilla Reeves born Aug. 10th & baptized Octobr 14th 17144.

John S. of Philip & Mary Rogers born Aprile 14th & baptd July 21st 1745.

Elizabeth D. of Patrick & Sarah Roney was born March 5th 1745‑6.

Neil S. of Hugh & Elizabeth Raes was born Feb. 19th 1745‑6 bapt Apr 2d 1746.

Sarah Slave to partrick & Sarah Roneys born Septemr 3d 1754.

William Reaves Son of John & Frances Reves was Born July ye 13 1743.

Mary Reves Daughter of Ditto was Born July ye 7 1745.

John Reves Son of Ditto was Born Novr the 15th 1747.

Richard Reves the Son of Ditto was Born Octor the 5th 1750.

Thomas Reves their Son of Ditto was Born Sepr the 15 1753.

Thomas Roney son of Patrick and Sarah Roney was born Janr 19 1756.

John Roney the son of Ditto Born October the 8th 1757.

Richard Russell Son of Wm and Rachel Russell was Born 1759 Sepr ye 10th.

Tim, Son of Nanny, a Slave belonging to William Robertson, born August 28th 1791, & baptized March 25th 1792.

Thomas, Son of Jeany, a Slave belonging to William Robertson, born January 4th & baptized March 25th 1792.

Susannah, Daur of Joel Reading (of Sussex) & Martha his Wife, born Novr 6th 1791, & bap. May 13th 1792.

Elizabeth Archer, D of James Robertson, & Martha F, his Wife, born Nov 27th 1791, & bapt May 30th 1792.

Robert, S, of Robert Russel and Jenny his Wife, born the 6th & baptized the 12th of August 1792.

Edmund Ryan of the Town of Petersburg died the 25th, and was buried the 26th of October 1792.

John Fetherstone, S, of Jacob Reese & Diancy, his Wife, born May 14th, & baptized December 15th 1792.

Littleberry S, of William Royal & Sarah his Wife, born Novr 2nd & baptized Decr 27th 1792.

Anne, Daur of William Robertson & Elizabeth his Wife, was born Novr 25th, 1792 & baptized January 6th 1793.

_____ Reeves wife of James Reeves buried 20th Decr 1794.

Col. John Reeves (of Sussex) buried March 15th 1795.

Patrick, Son of Robert Roe & Nancy his of Albemarle Parish Sussex County‑was born April 9th 1792. & baptized May 26th 1793.

John Alexander Son of James Robertson & Martha Feild his Wife born May 29th & baptized August 7th 1793.

Written by Bryan Christian — April 22, 2014