DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798
Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne
U‑V Part of W
Abigaell dau: of John & Elinor Vaughan departed this life feb: 23th 1720‑1 in the 6th year of her Age.

James son of Rich & Alice Vaughan born Jan: 23th last bapt March 4th 1721‑2.

Eliz dau of Wm & Ann Vaughan born 14th Sepr last bapt Novr 8th 1721.

Anne dau: of Hen: & Martha Vauden born 19th Janr last bapt 21th March 1722.

Pearc son of Wm & Prissilla Vaughan born 15th March last bapt 16th Sept 1722.

Luis son of Nico: & Ann Vaughn born 20th feb 1719 bapt June 7th 1722.

Abra son of ditto born 6th March 1721 bapt June 7th 1722.

Joss son of Dan: & Eliz: Vaughan born 4th decem last bapt feb: 3d 1722‑3.

Martha D of Rich & Alice Vaughan born 8th Nov: last bapt Sep 12th 1724.

Wm son of Wm & Priss Vaughan born 5th August last bapt Jan 10th 1724‑5.

Jane a negro belonging to Wm Vaughan Senr born 25th Nov 1724.

Williams s of Dan: & Eliz: Vaughan born 4th August last bapt Jany 17th 1724‑5.

Hen: s: of Hen: & Martha Vaden born 6th febr last bapt March 28th 1725.

Isham Son of Daniel and Eliz Vaughan born febr ye 4th 1725.

James Son of Wm and Prissillah Vaughan born 6th March bapt 18th sept 1725.

Eliza D of Jno and Catherine lee born

James Thompson Son of Sarah Vaughan born 24th Sept 1726.

Henry Son of Henry and Eliza Vodin born 12 Sept 1694.

Sipio M Slave of Wm and Julia Vaughan born 3l December 1726.

Richard Son of Richard and Alce Vaughan born 16th Ocem 1726.

Eliza D of Nicolas and Ann Vaughan born 18th Aprill 1727.

Ann D of Daniel and Eliza Vaughan Born 15th Decm 1727.

Susannah D of Wm and prissilla Vaughan Born 25th Decm 1727.

Frances D of William and frances Vodin Born 18th Sept 1728.

Nicolas Son of Nicolas and ann Vaughan Born 20th febr 1728.

Susannah D of Henry and Martha Vodin Born 19th Novmber Bapt 26th Decm 1728.

abigal D of Wm and Mable Vaughan Born 15th 1729 Janr.

Peter Son of Daniel & Eliza Vaughan Born 28th Sepr 1730.

Caleb son of Wm & Mable Vaughan born 25th January 1731 bapt Apr 30th 1732.

Mary datr of Hen & Mary Voden born 14th Jany 1731 bapt May 7th 1732.

Pheboe datr of Robt& Martha Vaughan born 18th May 1732 Bapt June 1st 1732.

Ann datr of Danl & Ann Vaughan born 10th of Octr 1732 bapt Novr 12th 1732.

Wilmot Dr of Isham & Temperance Vaughan Born 3d March 1732 Bapt 3d June 1733.

Mary Dr of William & pricilla Vaughan Born 12th November 1732 Bapt 27th May 1733.

Burrell Son of Henry & Martha Voden Born 2d Sept 1733 Bapt 21th octbr.

abner Son of William & Mable Vaughan Born 25th febr 1733 Bapt 28th apr 1734.

Mary daughter of Daniel & Ann Vaughan born ye 1 January 1734‑5 Bapt 9 Febr.

Henry Son of Morris and Rebecca Vaughan born 14 Decr 1734 Bapt 9th Febr

Peter male Slave of Wm & Julia Vaughan Born 14. Feb 1734

Sarah D of John and Sarah York Born 17th of Feb 1734.‑ Bapt 4 May 1735.[*] Carry'd to Y.

James S. of Elizabeth Valentine Born August 27th 1733.

Nicholas S. of Robert. and Martha Vaughan Born the 21st Nov 1734.

Sarah D. of Samuel & Margrett Vaughan Born 29 July 1735.

Anne D of William and Mary Vaughan Born 7th Jan 735

Mabel D of William & Mabel Vaughan Born January ye 12 1740.

Ruth. D. of Nathanael & Amith Vaughans Born Decr 28th 1741 & Bapt Mar. 7th 1741‑2.

Abram S. of Peter & Anne Vaughans Born Mar. 11th 1741‑2 & Bapt Apr 18th 1742.

Anne D. of William & Mary Vaughans Born Janr 20th 1741‑2 & Bapt June 13th 1742.

Thomas S. of Thomas & Elizabeth Vaughans Born July 12th 1742 & bapt Septr 12th 1742.

David S. of Morris & Rebecca Vaughans born Janry 1st 1741‑2.

Sylvana D. of Samuel & Margret Vaughans born Aug. 1st & bapt Novr 7th 1742.

Phebe D. of Daniel & Anne Vaughans born No ,r 12th 1743 & bapt Janr 1st 1743‑4.

Phebe D. of Salathiel & Anne Vaughans born Novr 23d 1743 & baptd Janry 8th 1743‑4.

*Erased in original.‑C. G. C.
Martha D. of Maurice & Rebecca Vaughans born March 10th 1743‑4 bapt May 13th 1744.

William S. of Salathiel & Anne Vaughans born Feb. 16th 1744‑5 baptd Aprile 14th 1745.

Silvester S. of Samuell & Margaret Vaughans born March 14th 1744‑5 & baptd May 19th 1745.

James S. of Joshua & Sarah Vaughans was born Janr' 22d, baptd Feb 23d 1745‑6.

David Son of Salathiel & Anne Vaughans born _____ bapt 4th March 1749‑50.

Ezekiel Son of Henry and Eliza Vaughans born 29th Decemr 1750.

Jessee Son of Joshua & Sarah Vaughans born _____ Baptd 28th Apr 1751.

Jemina Daughter of Morris & Rebecka Vaughans born _____ bapt 21 June 1752.

Mary D of Williams & Ellinor Vaughans born July 26th 1752.

John, Son of Howel Underhill (of Sussex County) & Nancy his Wife, born March the 3d, & baptized April 6th 1792.

Anne Unckle, Dau' of Lewis Unckle, was buried September 22nd 1792.

Sally Newsum Daur of John Verell junr and Martha his Wife, born April 15th, and bap: September 23rd 1792.

Lucetta, Daur of Sarah a Negroe Slave, belonging to John Verell junr was born February 24th and baptized September 23rd 1792.

Peg, Dau of Peg, D°, D°, was born March 4th and baptized September 23rd 1792.

Mary‑Ann‑Elizabeth, Daur of Drury Vaughan & Susannah his Wife born April 21st & baptized July 14th 1793.

Robert Winn, Son of Enoch Vaughan & Mary his Wife, born April 3rd & baptized October 13th 1793.


Martha dau: of Cha: & Eliz: Williams born 18th octobr last bapt 20th Nov: 1720.

Martha dau: of Joss: & Mary Wynn born 1st May last bapt 8th Janr 1720‑1.

Tho: son of Tho: & Mary Webster born 20th June last bapt March 5th 1720‑1.

Gardner son of Geo: & Eliz: Wilson born 15th feb: last bap March 26th 1721.

Daniel son of Wm & Rosamund Worsham born last Nov: bapt March 26th 1721.

Martha dau of Wm & Dorcas Worsham born 18th Nov last bapt Aprill 21th 1721.

David son of Geo: & Sibbil Williams born 22th of Aprill last bapt May 28th 1721.

Tho: son of Tho: & Amy Wilson born June 21th 1721 bapt June 21th 1721.

Jeremiah son of Hen: & Mary Walthall born 28th Aprill last bapt June 4th 1721.

Martha dau: of Wm & Dorcas Worsham born 26th march last bapt June 4th 1721.

Abraham son. of Wm & Sarah Whitamore born 14th feb: last bapt Oct & 8th 1721.

Sarah dau: of David & Sarah Williams born 15th March last bapt July 18th 1721.

Stevens son of ye decd: Hen: Wilson & Mary his relict born 15th septr last bapt octobr 8th 1721.

Dan: son of John & Cath: Walker born febr 14th 1712‑3 bapt Novr 2d 1721.

Wm son of John & Mary West born 12th Septr last bapt Nov 8th 1721.

Ann dau of Rich & Mary Walthall born 25th octobr last bapt 5th March 1721‑2.

Sarah dau of Rich: & Judith Wilson born 23d decem last bapt March 11th 1721‑2.

Eliz: dau of Robt & Mary West born 21th March last bapt May 13th 1722.

Eliz: dau of Cha: & Eliz: Williams born 24th Aprill last bapt May 27th 1722.

Wm son of Wm & Rose: Worsham born 27th sept last bap: Nov 25th 1722.

Rich: son of Rich: & Rebecca White born 13th Nov: 1721 bapt March 27th 1722.

Cha: son of Ja: & Olive Williams born 23d feb: 1721 bapt March 29th 1722.

Mary dau of Robt & Mary Wynn born 26 Nov: 1722.

Joss son of ditto born 3d August 1722.

joss son of joss & Mary Wynn born 24th Jan last bapt Aug: 13th 1722.

Cha son of Cha & Ann Williams born 26th May last bapt 13th Aug: 1722.

Eliz dau of Hen: & Phebe Walthail born 10th Jan last bap: March 10th 1722‑3.

Burgess son of John & Ann Wall born 22th May 1722 bapt June 20th 1723.

Joss: son of Joss & Martha Wall born 21th febr last bapt June 20th 1723.

Sibilla dau of Geo & Sibilla Williams born 18th this Inst bap August 22th 1723.

Jude a negro girl belonging unto Hen: Walthall born 31th August 1723

Eliz: D: of Wm & Anne Wall born 6th last septr bapt August 6th 1723.

John son of Hen & Mary Walthall born 5th Nov: 1723.

Marga dau of Cha & Eliz: Williams born 19th of Novr last bapt 22th decem 1723.

Wm son of Wm & Martha Womack born 10th of sept last bapt Janr 19th 1723‑4.

John son of Tho & Eliz: Wilkinson born 25th Nov last bapt Aprill 10th 1724.

Mary d of David & Sarah Williams born 29th August last bapt 10th Aprill 1724.

Wm son of Wm & Martha Womack born 10th sept last bapt Janr 19th 1723‑4.

Rich s of Dan & Anne Wall born 19th Aprill last bapt June 21th 1724.

Anne d of Wm & Sarah Wells born 8th March last bapt May 20th 1724.

Ephraim son of Fran: & Eliz: West born 2d febr last bapt septr 12th 1724.

Abra son of John & Mary West born 2d febr last bapt 16th sept 1724.

Rich son of Rich & Judith Wilson born 19th May last bapt Nov 1st 1724.

Obedience D of James & Olive Williams born 10th May last bapt Nov 6th 1724.

Rich son of John & Eliz: Williams born 14th Sept last bapt 6th Nov 1724.

_______ of Ja & Kath Wood born ye last of October bapt Aprill 19th 1724.

Maball D: of Hen: & phebe Walthall born 10th of May last bapt June 27th 1725.

Christopher s: of Rich: & Mary Walthall born 28th Jan: last bapt febr 6th 1724‑5.

Marga D. of Joss: & Mary Wynn born 25th Nov: last bapt febr 8th 1724‑5.

Marg. D of Ditto born 31th decembr 1723.

Drury s of Wm & Ann Wall born ye last July bapt Janr 12th 1724-5.

Isham s: of joss & Martha Wall born 25th Nov last bap May 30th 1725.

Cha: s of Cha & Eliz: Williams born 11th June 1725.

susanah and francis daughters of Robt and Mary west born 2d March bapt 6th March 1725.

David Son of Jn° and Ann Wall born 12: June bapt 21: aug 1 725.

John Williams Departed this life Jan ye 16th 1725.

Sarah Dat of Charles Wms And Ann born 20th Sept 1725.

henry Son George and Sybellah williams born 4th november 1725.

Daniell Son of Daniell and Amy Wall born 25th march 1726.

Ann Dat of Th° and mary Westmoreland born 12 apr bapt June 6th 1726.

John Son of David and Sarah Williams born Jan r 23d bapt June 6th 1726.

Dick Slave of henry Waltal born 15th August Last 1726.

Joseph Son of Jn° and Eliza William born 15th July 1726.

Margarit D of Joseph and Margaret Wilson born 27th octm 1726.

Thomas Son of Joseph and Mary Wyn born 6th Aprill 1726.

Sarah D of henry and Martha Wilson born 9th Decem 1726.

Agnis Wailer D of Charity Smithis born 30th May 1726.

francis Son of francis and Eliza West born 9th febr 1726.

Ann Daughter of Richard and Aann Westmoreland born 2d aprill 1722.

______ Of Wm. and Ann Wall born 15th Dcemr 1726.

henry Son of Joshua and Martha Wall born 3d Janr 1726.

Mary Daughter of John and Ann Wall born 13th Decm 1726.

Mary D of Charles and Eliza Williams born 19th april1 1727.

Lucy D of Charles and Ann Williams born 6th May 1727.

Jane D. of John and Mary Willingham born 2d May 1727.

Written by Bryan Christian — May 05, 2014