DMK Heritage

Births From The
Bristol Parish Register
of Henrico, Prince George, and Dinwiddie
Counties, Virginia, 1720‑1798

Transcribed By
Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne



John Son of Jno Eliza Watts born 10th Octm 1726.

Joel Son of John and Catherine Willson born 6th November 1727.

Joseph Son of Edward and Martha Willson born 1th febr 1727.

Peter Son of James and ann Williams born 7th Dcer 1728.

Henry Son of Essex and ann Worsham Worsham Born 5th August 1727.

Marthew Son of Th° and Margrat Westmoreland Born 18th March 1727.

Martha and tho of Robt and Mary West Born 17th May 1728 Bapt June 2d.

Micael Son of John and anti Willson Born 18th aprill 1728 bapt 2d June.

Henry Son of Henry and Phebe Wallton Born 25th June 1728 Bapt 19th July.

Helen Son of Charles and Eliza Wms Born 3d June 1728 bapt July 28.

Fances D of Wm and Roson Worsham Born 8th febr 1727 Bapt 28th July.

Mary D of George and Sibylla Williams Born 15th ocbr 1727.

Susan D of Charles and Prissilla Williamson Born id march 1727.

Joel Son of Thomas and Frances Walker Born 14th June 1727.

Eliza D of Aron and Mary Wood Born 5th June 1727 bapt July 23d.

Tho Son of Wm and Eliz Walter Born 16th Janr 1727.

Mary D of henry and Martha Willson Born 24th Novm 1728 bapt 27th Dcem.

Winiford D of Joshua and Martha Wall Born Janr 20th 1728.

Wm Son of Win and frances Wells Born 20th Octr bapt 25th Dcer 1728.

ann D of John and Eliza Williams Born 25th octr Bap 1 Decemr 1728.

Laurana D of Eliza Womack Born 20th March 1728.

________ of George and Sibellah Wms Born 12th Octr 1728 Bapt 6th aprill 1729.

Robert Son of David and Mary Walker Born 10th Octr 1729 Bapt 26th octr.

Alexander Son of Ditto Born 3d octobr 1727.

Linder female Slave of Ditto Born 2d august 1728.

Simon Male Slave of Ditto Born 20th June 1727.

Phebe female Slave of Ditto Born 12 Sept 1729.

Martha D. of Danl & Amy Wall. Born 23d June 1729 bapt 26th Octr.

John Son of Charles & Ann Williams Born 17th March. Bapt Sepr 2d 1729.

Edward Son of Thos & Eliz Winingham. Born 3d May 1729.

Susannah & Abigail Drs of Joseph & Isabella Westmoland born 30th Aprill 1729.

John Son of Robt & Temporance West Born 10th May 1729.

John Son of frances and Eliz& West Born 2d March 1729.

ann D of Wm and Margret Whood Born 24th March Bapt octr 2d 1729.

Jn° Son of Charles and Eliza Williams Born 11th March 1729 bapt 10th May 1730.

Amy D of Thos and francis Walthal Born 19th febr 1729 bapt 10th May 1730.

Jack Slave of Garrat Waltal born 14th March 1725.

Lusie Dater of Robt and Mary West Born febr 4th 1729 Bapt 31th May 1730.

Gerrat Son of Gerrat and Eliz Walthal Born 25th febr 1729 bapt 10th May 1730.

John Son of Charles and Prissilla Williamson Born 24th 1730 bapt 10th May 1730.

Miles Son of James and Olive Williams Born 15th Janr 1729 bapt 31th May 1730.

Richard Son of aron & mary Wood Born 15th Sept 1729.

John Son of francis and Eliza West Born 2d March 1729 bapt 2d May 1730.

Phebe and Mary Ds of Jn° and Mary Willson Born 16th June 1730.

Sarah D of John & Susannah Write Born 2d august 1730 Bapt 30th octbr.

Precillah D of Thomas & Eliza Winingham Born 30th June 1730.

Mary D of Richard & Mary Walthal Born 15th Sepr 1730 Bapt 9th Dcer.

Mary D of Robert & Temporance West Born 7th Sept 1730.

Eliza D of Henry & Martha Willson Born 28th Sepr 1730.

Francis son of Henry & Mary Wyatt Born 29th March 1731.

Zachariah Son of John and ann Wall Born 25th July 1731 bapt augst 29th.

David son of Wm & francis Wells Born 23d November 1730 Bapt Janr 10th.

Anne D: of Edward Whit Born 11th Dcer 1730 Bapt 17 Janr Eliz his Wife.

Benjamine son of francis & martha Walthal Born 9th febr 1730 Bapt 3d march 1730.

Richard Son of Henry & Phebe Walthal Born 15th June 1731 Bapt July 27th.

Ruben Son of abraham & Sarah Wells Born 28th July 1731 Bapt 30th august.

Henry Son of Isack & Sarah Winingham Born 16th June 1731 Bapt 12th Sepr.

Jones of David & Sarah Williams Born 23d apr 1731 Bapt 12th august.

Martha D: of Henry & Martha Willson Born 7th septr 1731 Bapt 7th octbr.

Tabitha D: of Joshua & Mary Wynn Born 23d May 1731 bapt 10th octbr.

Mary D: of Charles & anne Williams Born 5th august 1731 Bapt 10th octber.

Samuel Son of Jno & anne Willson Born 31th octbr 1730 Bapt 23d apr 1732.

David & Mary twinns of David & Mary Walker Born 6th March 1731 Bapt 23d apr 1732.

Joell Son of Edward & Mary Winfield born 30th Decem 1731.

Christian datr of Robt & Mary West born Apr 8th 1732 bapt May 7th 1732.

Edward son of Jerrott & Eliza Walthall born Mar. 17. 1731 bapt June 4th 1732.

Wm Son of Wm & Sarah Winingham born 16th Decr 1731 bapt July 2d 1732.

Christian datr of Jn° & Mary Winingham born 20th March 1731 bap July, 7. 1732.

Robert son of Robt & Eliza Williams born 17th June 1732 bapt 13th Augt 1732.

Essex son of Essex & Ann Worsham born 11th June 1732 bapt 20th Augt 1732.

Edward Son Cha & Eliz& Williams born 11th June 1732 bapt 10th Sepr 1732.

John Son of John & Mary Willson born 11th Sepr 1732 bapt 12 Novr 1732.

Mary d of Daniel & amy Wall Born 23d august 1731 bapt 2 Janr.

James Son of Joseph & Sybilla Westmoreland Born 28th Sept 1731 Bapt 2d Janr.

Susanah D: of John & Susanah Write Born 26th Dcer 1732 Bapt febr 4th.

Phebe D: of Wm & frances Wells Born 31th Dcebr 1732 bapt febr 4th.

Judith 13‑, of Henry & Martha Willson Born 24th febr 1732 bapt 28th march 1733.

Elisabeth Dr of Francis & Eliza Wyat Born 22d Dcer 1732 bapt febr 25th.

Christian Dr of Joseph & Sibylla Westmoreland Born 26th febr 1732 bapt 20th may 1733.

Frances of John & Eliza Williams Born 21th febr 1732 bapt 8th apr 733

Mark Son of John & ann Willson Born 20th Novmr 1732 Bapt 20th may 1733.

amy Dr of Robert & Temperanc West Born 24th Sept 1732 Bapt 17th June 1733.

Amy Dr of Francis & Eliza West Born 2d June 1733 Bapt 5th August.

Peter Son of Thomas & Frances Walker Born 19th July 1733 Bapt 28th Sepr.

amy D: of Thomas & Mary Winingham Born 11th august 1733 Bapt Novr 4th.

abram Son of abram & Sarah Wells Born 7th Sept 1733 Bapt 11 Novr.

John Son of Daniel & amy Wall Born 10th Dcer 1733 Bapt Janr 27th.

Elisabeth D of Thomas & Margaret Westmoreland Born 31th octbr 1733

Elisabeth D of Charles & pricilla Williamson Born Janr 1733 Bapt 2d febr.

Josept Son of Charles & Elisabeth Williams Born 2d Janr 1733 Bapt 2d febr.

Ann D: of Henry & phebe Walthall Born 10th March 1733 Bapt 14th apr 1733

frances D: of Joshua & Martha Wall Born 11th octbr 1733 Bapt 24th March 1734.

Hannah D: of John & ann Winfield Born 12th febr 1733 Bapt 20th May 1734.

John Son of Charles & ann Williams Born 14th May 1734 Bapt 4th august.

Mary D: of Adam & Elener Wells Born 18th June 1734 Bapt 11th August.

John Son of Edward & Mary Whitt Born 10th July 1734 Bap 11th august.

John Son of William & Sarah Westbrook Born 4th May 1733 Bapt July 15th.

Henry Son of Richard & Mary Walthall Born 16th May 1733 Bapt July 13th.

Daniel Son of francis & Martha Walthall Born 8th march 1732 Bapt July 13.

Freeman Son of David & Mary Walker Born 3d September 1734 Baptizd ye 9th.

Betty female Slave of Ditto Born ye 15th October 1734.

John Son of Robert & Eliz: Williams Born July 27th 1734.

Martha D. of David and Sarah Williams Born 22d March 1734 Bapt 4 May 1735.

James S of Henry & Martha Willson Born 19. Decemr 1734 Bapt 9 January.

Mary D. of William and Sarah Westbrook Born 3d January 1734‑5.

Ephraim S. of Robert & Temperance West Born 4th Sept 1734.

David S. of Thomas & Francis Walker Born Sept 23d 1734.

Gerrald S. of John and Mary Winingham Born ye 1st August 1734 Baptizd 13th Octr.

Thomas S. John & Elizabeth Whitmore Born 4th Aprill 1734.

Edward S. of Langsdown & Elizabeth. Washington Born the 18th Octobr 1734

Margerett D. of Barnabas and Joyce Wells Born ye 1 Decr 1734.

Jane D. of Abraham & Amy Wells Born 23d Sept 1735.

Anne D. of Adam and Eleanor Wells Born 6th Octobr 1735.

Joseph Son of Susanna Wright born 3d Febr 1734.

Jeremiah Son of David & Sarah Wells Born ye 16. Decr 1735.

Jonathan S of Jonathan & Elisabeth Webster Born ye 11 D November 1740.

Anne D of Henry & Martha Wilson Born ye 10 of Febuary 1740.

Francise D of William & Francise Wells Born ye 4th of April 1741.

Deury s of Adam & Elener Wells Born ye May 1741.

Roland s of Thomas & Jane Williams Born July ye

Jane D. of Thomas & Jane Williams Born June ye 12 1741.

Thos S. of Robert & Ann Whitehall B December 17th 1738.

Robert S of Robert & Temperance West B Septemr 17th, 1740.

John S. of Joseph & Martha Worsham B October 3d 1740.

Robert Hicks Son of Joseph & Sib Westmorland B Sept 16th 1740.

Joseph S of Thomas & Margaret Westmorland B Novr 6th 1740.

William S of Miles & Elisabeth Wootten B Febry ye 14th 1740.

Mary D. of Martin & Anne Wilkisons Born Octob 28th 1741 & Bapt Novr 22d 1741.

Drusilla D. of Charles & Priscilla Williamsons, Born Novr 12th 1741 & Bapt Decr 27th 1741.

Margret D. of Robert & Francis Wines Born Oct. 25th 1741 & Bapt Janr 17th 1741‑2.

John S. of Thomas & Francis Wilsons Born Decr 5th 1741 & Bapt Decr 19th 1741.

John S. of Robert & Sara Weeds Born Decr 10th 1741 & Bapt Feb 28th 1741‑2.

Martha D. of Joshua & Martha Walls Born Aug. 23d 1741 & Bapt Apr. 11th 1742.

Amy D. of Robert & Anne Whitehalls Born June 7th 1742 & Bap' July 4th 1742.

Daniel S. of Joshua & Martha Worshams Born Apr 29th 1742 & bapt Jul 4th 1742.

Susanna D. of Francis & Elizabeth Wyats Born June 15th 1742 & bapt July 25th 1742.

Elimelech S. of John & Anne Wilsons Born Apr. 18th 1742 & Bapt Aug. 10th 1742.

Edward S. of Edward & Mary Winfields Born July 2d 1742 & Bapt Sept 19th 1742.

Edward S. of Thomas & Elizabeth Woodliths born Novr 9th 1742& baptd Decr 12th 1742.

Anne D. of John & Elizabeth Wests born Novr 5th & bapt Decr 19th 1742.

William S. of Edward & Mary Wheats born Aug 12th 1742 & baptd Decr 25th 1742.

Henry S. of Henry & Mary Wilkasons born Febry 26th 1742‑3 baptd May 22 1743.

William S. of William & Mary Williams born Aug. 30th 1743 & baptd Octr 9th 1743.

Isham S. of William & Francis Wells born Aug 4th 1743 & baptd Octob 9th 1743.

Sarah D. of Adam & Helenor Wells born Febry 18th 1742‑3.

Thomas S. of Thomas & Jane Williams born Octobr 24th 1743 & baptd Decr 18th 1742.

Winnifred a female slave belonging to Willm Wells born Feb 5th 1743‑4 baptd May 14th 1744.

Amie a female slave belonging to Ditto born Janr 9th 1743 baptd May 14th 1744.

Henry S. of Adam & Eleanor Wells born Feb 5th & baptd March 15th 1744‑5.

Hannah D. of Edward & Mary Winfields born Decr 12th 1744 bapt March 3d 1744‑5.

Mary D. of James & Elizabeth Wortham born Decr 13th 1744.

Thomas S. of William & Mary Williams born Dec 27th 1744 baptd March 24th 1744‑5.

Mason D. of Robert & Frances Wynnes was born May 29th & baptd Septr 1st 1745.

Agnes D. of Henry & Mary Wilkisons was born Sept 8th baptd Oct 1745.

Katharine D. of Henry & Martha Wilsons born Octr 24th & baptd Novr 1745.

Millison D. of James & Jane Williams was born Decr 3d 1745 & baptd Janr 6th 1745‑6.

Mary D. of Joshua & Martha Worshams was born Novr 4th 1745 & baptd March 2d 1745

Lucy D. of Thomas & Jane Williams was born Jan 2d 1745‑6 baptd March 16th 1745‑6.

Sarah D. of Mr. Anthony & Anne Walke was born Feb. 16th 1744‑5.

Negroes belonging ??????
Ben Sept 1744 baptd Ap.
Peter Mason born Decr 6th 1745 Bapt. 2. 1746.

Sloman S. of Joshua & Lucretia Wynne was born Octob. 13th 1745 baptd Feb. 16 1745‑6.

Mary D. of Arthur & Alice Wyatts was born Janry 24th & bapt Feb 23d 1745‑6.

Pattie D. of Adam & Eleanor Wells was born Apr. 6th bapt' May 19th 1746.

Thomas S of Thomas & Francis Wilson was born March 30th & bapt June 1st 1746.

Robert S of Mr. Antony & Anne Walkes was born Aug. 16th & baptized Sept 1747.

Antony S of Ditto departed this Life Sept' 1747.

belonging to Mr. Anthony Walke.
Neptune a negro boy born Decr 24th 1747
Bristol born May 1748

Sarah D of Arthur & Alice Watts was born Janry 24th 1748.

Richard Son of Richard & Hannah Wells born 17th February 1747‑8.

Randolph Son of Adam and Elanor Wells born 15th Feb 1749.

Eliza Daughter of James & Jane Williams Born 21st April 1752.

Frederick Son of ditto Born October 24th 1749.

Joshua Son of Ditto Born _________

Hannah Daughter of Miles & Martha Williams born June 7th 1752.

Edward Son of Arthur & Alice Watts born April 20th 1753.

Jo Walkers Register.

Gollorthun Walker son of Joseph & Penelope Walker was born Sepr ye 10th 1745.
Reubin Walker their son was Born march the 20th 1751.
Penelope their Daughter was Born August the 3d 1753.
Pattey their Daughter was Born Novemr the 19th 1755.
Lettisha their Daughter was Born Febr the 9th 1758.
Martin their son was Born Novr the 16th 1759.

Jean Woolfolk Wife of Fracis Woolfolk, of Sussex County, died March 21st, & was buried April 6th 1792.

John, Son of Ludwell Williams (of Sussex) & Johannah his Wife, born March 25th 1792.

Sally Allen Daur of John Winn (of Sussex) & Katy his Wife, born Jan 8th & bap: May 13th 1792.

Martha, Daur of Edmund Weathers (of Sussex) & Mary his Wife, born Mar: 18th & bap. May 13th 1792.

William Baird, S, of Joseph Westmore and Elizabeth his Wife, born November 10th 1791 and baptized August 21st 1792.

Henry, S, of Wm Worsham & Clarissa his Wife, born August 17tn 1791 & baptized Decr 28th 1792.


Edw: son of Edw: & Mary Yeans born 5th Janr last bap 14th Aprill 1723.

John: son of Edwd & Mary Yanes born 2d July last: bapt 26 sept 1725.

Eliz D of Edward and Mary Yeans Born 6th May 1727 Bapt octbr 1th.

Thomas Son of Edward and Mary Yanes Born 7th febr 1728 Bapt novm 23d.

Jane D of John and Sarah York Born 7th Sept 1729.

Francis Cadet Son of Micael cadet and Temperance young Born 25th octbr 1731 Bapt 25th Dcer.

Martha datr of Jn° & Sarah York born 3d June 1732 bapt Aug 13th 1732.

Josiah Son of Edward & Mary yanes Born 17th June 1733 bapt 8th Sepr 733

John Son of Saml & Judith young Born 10th Sept 1733 bapt Janr 27th.

Sarah D. of John and Sarah York born 17th febr' 1734 Baptizd 4th May 1735.

James Smith The son of William & Dianer Yarbrough was Born Sepr ye 2d 1745.

Richard son of Ditto was Born March ye 8 1747‑8.

Elizth Daughter of Ditto was Born October ye 23 1750.

William son of Ditto was Born April ye 7th 1753.

Ozwell son of Ditto was Born april 24 1756.

Joseph son of Ditto was Born November ye 4 1758.

Ruth Their Negro Girl slave was born Jan ye 15 1751.

Marsilva their Negro Girl slave was Born March 22d 1753.

Anthoney their Negro Boy was born March the 1st 1763.

Sukey their Negro Girl was Born January the 31 1766.

Dianer, Wife of William Yarbrough departed this life, may the 18th 1767 aged 42 years.

Tom a Male slave Belonging To William Yarbrough was born may the 3d 1768.

Nanny a Negro Girl belonging to William Yarbrough was Born February the 13th 1769.

Henry. S. of Henry Young & Winney his Wife, of Bath Parish, Dinwiddie, born May 3d and baptized September 17th 1792.

Written by Bryan Christian — May 11, 2014