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Gowdey Elizabeth On the 25th. February 1767 Elizabeth of William & Margaret Gowdey was Baptized.

Bacot Peter On the 29th. April 1767 Peter of Peter & Bacot was Baptized

Trousiger Martha Eliz On the 29th. April 1767 Martha Eliz. of Peter & Elizabeth Trouseger was Baptized

Prichard Ann On the 15th May 1767 Ann of Paul & Ann Prichard was Baptized

E. Poinsett (Registr . ......

Christenings. 113

Holliss George On the 7th. July 1767 George of John & Elizabeth Holliss was Baptized

Lindzey Arabella On the 12th. July 1767 Arabellaof Thomas & Elizabeth Lindzey was Baptized

Smith Margaret On the 5th. August 1767 Margaret of Frederick & Mary Smith was Baptized

Akins On the 30th. Septemr. 1767 ___of William & Ann Akins was baptized

Free Sarah On the 2d. October 1767 Sarah a free Negroe was baptized

Neufville On the 2d. October 1767 of John & ___ Neufville was baptized

Young John On the 13th. December 1767 John of David & Susanna Young was Baptized

Gillon Mary On the 20th. January 1768 Mary of Alexander & Mary Gillon was Baptized

Manigault Hannah On the 22d January 1768 Hannah a Free Negroe was Baptized
Enterd. in 110

Cuseck Sarah On the 20th. March 1768 Sarah of Adam & Frances Cuseck was Baptized. Born the 13th. March 1766.

Bacot‑Eliz. Henrietta On the 24th. August 1768 Eliz. Henrietta of Peter & Elizabeth Bacot was Baptized -----------Enterd. in 111

Stevens Benjamin On the 30th. August 1768 Benjamin of Benjamin & Elizabeth Stevens
was Baptized Enterd in 111

Gissindar John On the 16th. Septemr. 1768 John of John & Lucretia Gissindar. was Baptized mEnterd. in 111

Weyman Edward On the 26th. October 1768 Edward of Edward & Rebecca Weyman
was Baptized Enterd. in 111

Valton Harriott On the 1st. November 1768 Harriett of Peter & Elizabeth Valton was Baptized ----------Enterd. in 111
E. Poinsett. (Registr.

Christenings 114

Burnham Thomas On the 10th. November 1768 Thomas of Thomas & Mary Burnham
was Baptized Enterd. in 111

Cummings Hamilton On the 20th. November 1768, Hamilton James & Jane Cummings
was Baptized -----------Enterd. in 111.

Neufville Elizabeth On the 14th. December 1768. Elizabeth of John & ____ Neufville was Baptized

Rush Elizabeth On the 26th. December 1768 Elizabeth of Peter & Catherine Rush was Baptized

Lebba Elizabeth On the 30th December 1768 Elizabeth of Nathaiel & Eliz. Lebba was Baptized

Gravestork Ann On the 13th. January 1769 Ann of William & Mary Gravestork was Baptized

Hutton Jno. Morgot On the 13th. January 1769 Jno Morgot Hamilton of Geo. & Eliz Hutton Hamilton was Baptized

Wood Mary On the 14th. January 1769 Mary of Jonathan & Jane Wood was Baptized

Walker James On the 21st. January 1769, James of Joseph & Jane Walker was Baptized

Wiley Alexander On the 19th. February 1769 Alexander of Alexander & Ann Wiley was Baptized

Clark Margaret On the 20th. February 1769 Margaret of Richard & Hannah Clark
was Baptized

Godin Eliz. Sarah On the 1st. March 1769 Eliz. Sarah of Isaac & Godin was Baptized

Motte Jacob On the 12th. May 1769 Jacob of Charles & Elizabeth Motte
was Baptized

Hall Elizabeth On the 9th. June 1769‑Elizabeth of Geo. Abbot & Louisa Hall
was Baptized, by the Revd. Mr. Isaac Amory at St. Johns Colliton County.

E. Poinsett. (Registr.

Christenings 115

Poaug John On the 23rd. July 1769 John of John & Charlotte Poaug was Baptized, & Born the 1st. Instant

Pinckney Thomas On the 27th. day of February 1761 Thomas son of Charles & Frances Pinckney was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Robt Smith

Pinckney Miles Brewton On the 25th day of October 1769, Miles Brewton Pinckney, Son of Charles & Frances Pinckney, was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Purcell

Huger Isaac On the 1st. March 1767 Isaac son of Isaac & Elizabeth Huger (Vide Births) Was Born

Knight Bulleine On the 15th. Septemr 1769 Bulleine Son of Wm. & Elizabeth Knight
was Baptized & Born 9th. Angst. 1768

Beale Othniel On the 4th. October 1769 Othniel Son of John & Mary Beale was Baptized

Holmes John On the 11th. October 1769 John son of Paty & Jane Eliz. Holmes was Baptized .

Slade Ann Smiley On the 13th. October 1769 Ann Smiley of Partianna Slade was Baptized

Phillips Ann On the 10th. Novemr. 1769 Ann of James & ___ Phillips was Baptized

Smith David On the 24th. Novemr. 1769 David of David & Mary Smith was Baptized .

Harvey Elizabeth On the 29th. Novemr 1769 Elizabeth of Thos. & Eliz. Harvey was Baptized

Prichard William On the 26th. Decemr. 1769 William of Paul & Ann Prichard was Baptized

Tebout Elizabeth On the 24th. January 1770 Elizabeth of Tunis & Deborah Tebout was Baptized

Wish John On the 26th. January 1770 John of Benja. & Thetus Wish was Baptized

E. Poinsett. (Registr.) Christenings 116

Harleston Sarah On the 12th. of April 1770 Sarah of John & Elizabeth Harleston was Baptized

Smith Mary On the 27th. of April 1770 Mary of Thos. Laughton & Eliz. Smith was Baptized

Burges Elizabeth On the 11th. May 1770, Elizabeth of John & Elizabeth Burges was Baptized

Bacot Mary On the 18th. May 1770 Mary of Peter & Eliza. Bacot was Baptized.

Doyley Margaret On the 30th. Day of January 1757. Margaret of Daniel & Ann Doyley was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Clark

Doyley Ann On the 27th. day of September 1759 Ann of Daniel & Ann Doyley was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Robt . Smith

Doyley Rebecca On the 19th. day of May 1761, Rebecca Daniel & Ann Doyley
was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Robt. Smith

Doyley Daniel On the 3rd. Day of May 1763, Daniel of Daniel & Ann Doyley was Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Robt. Smith

Powell Ann On the 13th. January 1770, To Ann of Joseph & Ann Powell was Baptized

Williams Peter On the 13th. January 1770 Peter of Peter & Elizabeth Williams was Baptized

Melyard Martha On the 23rd. January 1770 Martha of William & Susanna Melyard was Baptized

Spidell William On the 4th. February 1770 William Hamon of Geo. & Mary Spidell
was Baptized

Nowell Charles On the 17th February 1770 Charles of John & Elizabeth Nowell was Baptized

Granger James On the 29th. April 1770 James at Henry & Eleanor Granger was Baptized

Proby Barbary On the 20th. May 1770 Barbary of Solomon & Barbary Proby was Baptized .

Mann Catherine On the 10th. June 1770 Catherine of John & Christian Mann
was Baptized ....

E. Poinsett (Registr . .......

Chiristenings 117

Mann Mary On the 10th. June 1770 Mary of John & Christian Mann
was Baptized ....

Moore Catherine On the 7th. July 1770 Catherine of William & Susanna Moore
was Baptized ....

Moore Jane On the 7th. July 1770 Jane of William & Susanna Moore was Baptized

Carter Celia On the 8th July 1770 Celia of James & Francis Carter was Baptized
Woolford Mary On the 10th. July 1770 Mary of Richard & Ann Woolford was Baptized

Trusler William On the 5th. Septemr. 1767‑Mary of William & Sarah Trusler was Baptized

Trusler Elizabeth On the 10th. February 1770, Elizabeth of William & Sarah Trusler was Baptized

Harleston Nicholas On the 12th. August 1768, Nicholas of Nicholas & Ann Harleston was Baptized‑pr Rev. Mr. Hart

Reid Alexander On the 27th. July 1770 Alexander, son of Alex. & ____Ried
was Baptized .

Tyler Elizabeth Sept. 18th. 1770 Elizabeth, of George & Elizabeth Tyler was Baptized

Thomlinson James Sept. 18th. 1770 James of James & Catherine Thomlinson was Baptized

Cunningham Andrew Oct. 1st. 1770, Andrew of Andrew & Isabella Cunningham, was Baptized

Gardner Anne Oct. 5th. 1770, Anne, of Thomas & Mary Gardner, was Baptized
Alexander Anne Dec. 2nd. 1770, Anne of Alexander & Rachel Alexander, was Baptized

Sharp Barnett Aug. 5th. 1770, Barnett, of _____& Anne Sharp, was Baptized‑a natural child

Reid Thomas Sept. 17th. 1770, Thomas of _____ & Rose Reid, was Baptized

Naylor Elizabeth Ann Jan 10th. 1771, Elizabeth Ann, of Rigby &_____. Naylor, was Baptized .

Shrewsbury Mary Ann Jan 11th. 1771, Mary Ann, of Stephen & Mary Ann Shrewsbury, was Baptized

McClich Mary Feb. 6th. 1771, Mary of ______& _____McClich, was baptized

Nowell Feb 1771, ______ of John & Elizabeth Nowell was Baptized

(Rodman Regst.)

Christenings 118

Farquhar, Margaret Apr. 3rd. 1771, Margaret, of George & Elizabeth Farquhar, was baptized

Sharp Alexander Apr. 10th. 1771, Alexander, of Alexander & Ann Sharp was baptized

Chalmers Sarah May 4th. 1771, Sarah of Gilbert & Elizabeth Chalmers was Baptized

Wallace, Martha July 10th. 1771 Martha of Edward & Martha Wallace was baptized

Wallace Elizabeth July 10th 1771 Elizabeth of Edward & Martha Wallace was baptized
Whish Benjamin July 20th 1771 Benjamin of Benjamin & Thetis Whish was Baptized

Valton Peter Smith Aug 2nd. 1771, Peter Smith of Peter and Elizabeth Valton, was baptized .

Murphy, William Aug. 6th 1771, William, of William & Martha Murphy was baptized

Cole, John Sept. 17th. 1771 John, of Thomas & Ruth Cole, was baptized

Wright J. Alexander Sept. 18th. 1771, James Alexander, of Alexander & Elizabeth Wright, was Baptized

Gordon, J. Alexander Oct . 7th. 1771, John Alexander, of John & Elizabeth Gordon, was baptized .

Boen, Thomas Oct. 27th. 1771, Thomas, of John & Mary Boen, was baptized .

Blakie Elizabeth Oct. 30th. 1771, Elizabeth, of John & Jennett Blakie, was baptized

Atkerson George Oct. 1st. 1771, George, of William & Mary Atkerson, was baptized .

Taylor James Oct. 8th. 1771, James, of Christopher & Ann Taylor, was baptized

Beale, Mary H. Nov. 24th. 1771, Mary Hannah, of John & Mary Beale, was baptized
Daniel, Mary Nov. 29th. 1771, Mary, of Robert & Elizabeth Daniel was baptized
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Christenings. 119

Rush, John Dec. 4th. 1771, John, of Peter & Catherine Rush, was baptized

Dart, Isaac Motte Jan . 1st. 1772, Isaac Motte, of John & Martha Dart, was baptized .

Kennedy, Rachel Jan. 27th. 1772, Rachel, of Richard & Susannah Kennedy, was baptized

Kennedy, John, Jan. 27th. 1772, John, of Richard & Susannah Kennedy, was baptized

Kennedy Sarah Jan 27th. 1772, Sarah, of Richard & Susannah Kennedy, was baptized

Irons, John Feb. 20th. 1772, John, of Simon & Sarah Irons, was baptized.

Alexander, Elizabeth Mar. 16th. 1772, Elizabeth, of Alexander & Rachel Alexander, was baptized

Harrison, Mary April 15th. 1772, Mary, of John & Sarah Harrison was baptized

Clark Mary Apr. 18th. 1772. Mary, of John & Mary Clark Mary, was baptized

Neufville, Benjamin May 14th. 1772 Neufville, Benjamin, of John & ____was Baptized

Skottowe, Thos. Brittiffe July 1st, 1768, Thomas Brittiffe & Mary Lucia Skottowe was baptized .

Skottowe, Nicholas Brittiffe June 9th. 1772, Nicholas Brittiffe of Thomas & Mary was ` baptized

Skottowe C. Brittiffe June 9th. 1772, Coulsin Brittiffe, of Thos. & Mary Lucia Skottowe was baptized

Telfair, Mary Lucia June 9th. 1772, Mary Lucia, of William & Elizabeth Telfair was baptized.

Telfair, Thomas June 9th. 1772, Thomas, of William & Elizabeth Telfair was baptized.

Elsinor, William June 14th. l7472, William, of Alexander & Elizabeth Elsinor, was

Christenings. 120

Elsinor, Ann June 14th. 1772, Ann, of Alexander & Elizabeth Elsinor, was baptized .

Kelly John, June 20th. 1772, John, of John & Catherine Kelly, was baptized

Cogdell, Richard July 19th . 1772, Richard, of John & Elizabeth Cogdell was baptized

Faesch, Harriott July 22nd. 1772, Harriott, of John & Sarah Faesch, was baptized

Bull, William July 24th. 1772, William, of Thomas & Sarah Bull, was baptized

Graham, Alexander July 24th. 1772, Alexander, of Faithful & Jane Graham, was baptized.

Guy, James Sept. 11th. 1772, James, of James & Sarah Guy, was baptized

Marshall, Mary Nov. 7th. 1772, Mary, of Matthew & Mary Marshall, was baptized

Smith, Mary Dec. 30th. 1772. Mary, of Roger & Mary Smith, was baptized

Swallow Jan. 1st. 1773‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ , of Newman & Frances Swallow, was baptized.
Daniel, Mary Mar. 16th. 1773, Mary, of Thomas & Mary Daniel, was baptized

Howard, Robert Mar. 17th. 1773, Robert, of Robert & Ann Howard, was baptized
Goff, Mary Ann, Mar. 17th. 1773, Mary Ann, of Richard & ____ Goff, was baptized .

Quash, Sarah Mar. 19th. 1773, Sarah, of Robert & Constantia Quash. was baptized

Sanders, Mary Apr 3rd. 1773, Mary, of John & Elizabeth Sanders, was baptized

(C. Elmer Rodman Regst.

Written by Bryan Christian — July 09, 2014