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Christenings. 121
Lord, Mary Apr. 4th. 1773, Mary, of John & Margaret Lord, was baptized

You, Mary Apr 5th 1773 Mary, of Thomas & Elizabeth You was baptized

Shaw, Esther May Apr 18, 1773, Esther May, of Pott & Elizabeth Shaw was baptized

Wragg, Elizabeth Apr. 30th. 1773, Elizabeth, of William & Henrietta Wragg was baptized

Wright, John May 7th. 1773, John, Izard, of Alexander & Elizabeth Wright was baptized

Forinsby, Rovert June 4th. 1773, Robert, of John & Ann Forinsby was baptized

Leigh, Sophia E. June 4th 1773, Sophia Egerton of Egerton & Margaret Leigh was baptized

Hatfield, Sarah June 20th 1773 Sarah of John & Sarah Hatfield was baptized

Pinckney, Rebecca July 11th. 1773, Rebecca, of Charles & Frances Pinckney was baptized

Clements, Anna Maria July 14th . 1773, Anna Maria, of John & Sarah Clements, was baptized

Drayton, Sarah Motte Aug 6th 1773. Sarah Motte, of William & Mary Drayton was baptized
Pickerin, Samuel Aug 9th . 1773, Samuel, of Samuel & Mary Pickerin was baptized

Whaley, Joseph Aug 9th. 1773, Joseph, of James & Sarah Whaley was baptized

Flagg, Sarah Sept. 7th. 1773, Sarah, of John & Mary Magdalen Flagg was baptized

Bonnetheau Mary Sept. 12th. 1773, Mary, of Peter & Ann Bonnetheau, was baptized .

Cockran, ___ Nov 14th. 1773, ____ of Robert & ______Cockran, was baptized

Mathews, James Dec. 8th 1773, James, of John & ____Matthews, was baptized

Crofts, Mary Dec. 9th. 1773, Mary, of Robert & Judith Crofts, was Baptized

Wakefield Mary Dec. 28th. 1773, Mary, of James & Sarah Wakefield was baptized

(Charles E. Rodman Regst.)

Christenings 122

Smith Caroline Jan. 13th. 1774, Caroline, of Roger & Mary Smith, Was Baptized

Bee, Sarah More Jan. 25th. 1774, Sarah More, of Thomas & Sarah Bee, was baptized

Teulon, Peter Mar. 3rd. 1774, Peter, of Charles & Comfort Teulon was baptized.

Hort. Wm. H. Gibbes Apr. 18th. 1774, Wm. Haddrell Gibbes. of Wm. & Alice Hort, was baptized

Parker P. Manigault May 22nd. 1774, Peter Manigault, of John & Mary Parker, was
baptized 1

Dutton, William May 22nd. 1774, William, of Elizabeth Dutton was baptized

1 He was born February 19, 1774. His mother's maiden name was Daniell. He was graduated at Yale, September 11, 1793 ; was rector of St. John's Parish, Berkeley in 1796, and assistant rector of St. Philip's in 1802, dying in July of that year.

Shubrick, Sarah Motte July 9th. 1774, Sarah Motte, of Richard Susannah Shubrick, was baptized

Breedlove, Mary July 21st. 1774, Mary, of Nathaniel & Susannah Breedlove, was baptized .

Rutledge, Thomas July 22nd. 1774, Thomas, of John & Elizabeth Rutledge, was baptized .

Bland, Ann Aug 8th. 1774, Ann, of George & Mary Bland was baptized

Cowan, John, Aug. 14th 1774, John, of George Kesson & Sarah Cowan, was baptized

Doughty, Rachel Aug. 22nd. 1774, Rachel, of William & _____ Doughty, was baptized

Whitney, Lebbeus Sept. 19th. 1774 Lebbeus, of Lebbeus & Mary Ann Whitney, was baptized

You. Mary, Oct 22d 1774, Mary, of Thomas & Elizabeth You, was baptized

Shrewsbury, J. Dickerson Oct 16th. 1774, John Dickerson, of Stephen & Mary Anne Shrewsbury, was baptized

Moon, Margaret Oct. 23rd. 1774, Margaret of _____Moon. was baptized

Garnier, Henry Oct. 23rd. 1774, Henry. of Melchior & ______. Garnier, was baptized

Parker, Wm. McKenzie Dec. 3rd. 1774, William McKenzie, of Jno & Mary Parker, was baptized

Follingsby, Mary Dec. 4th. 1774, Mary, of John & Elizabeth Follingsby was

(C. E. Rodman)

Smith, J. Rutledge, Jan 6th 1776, John Rutledge of Roger & Mary Smith, was baptized..

Smyth, Ann Thomas Feby. 16th 1776, Ann Thomas of James & Ann Smyth, was baptized
Bee Roger Smith Feb. 18th. 1776, Roger Smith of Thomas & Sarah Bee, was baptized.

Wish, Mary Mar. 20th. 1776, Mary, of Benjamin & Thetis Wish, was baptized.

Sansum, Mary Ann May 16th. 1776, Mary Ann, of John & Susannah Sansum was baptized

Christenings. 124

Sansurn, Susannah May 16th. 1776, Susannah, of John & Susannah Sansum, was baptized

Hogarth, William May 25th. 1776, William, of William & Ann Hogarth, was baptized.

James, John May 27th. 1776, John, of John & Elizabeth James, was baptized

Elizabeth James May 27th. 1776, Elizabeth, of John & Elizabeth James, was baptized

Huger Eliza July 21st. 1776, Eliza, of Benjamin & Mary Huger, was baptized.

Prioleau Phil. Gendrun July 21st. 1776, Philip Gendrun, of Samuel & Catherine Prioleau, was baptized

Simons, Benjamin Sept. 14th. 1776, Benjamin of Benjamin & ____Simons, was baptized

Hainsdorff. Carolina Sept. 20th. 1776. Carolina, of Henry & Margaret Hainsdorff, was baptized

Coram, John, Nov. 22nd. 1776, John of John & ______Coram, was baptized
Taylor. Paul Nov. 20th. 1776, Paul, of Barnard & Mary Taylor. was baptized
Horry, Elizabeth B. Dec. 3rd. 1776, Elizabeth Branford, of Thomas & Mary Horry, was baptized

Callighan, John, Dec. 26th. 1776, John, of John & Jane Callighan, was baptized .
Hall, Eliza Maria Apr. 19th. 1777, Eliza Maria, of Daniel & Susannah Hall, was baptized

Hall Susannah M Apr. 10th. 1777, Susannah Matthews, of Daniel & Susannah Hall, was baptized

Farr, Mary Apr. 19th. 1777, Mary, of Thomas & _____Farr, was baptized
Baron, Alexander J. July 20th. 1777. Alexander John, of Alexander & Sarah Baron, was baptized

McGilvery, Mary July 20th. 1777, Mary, of William & Ann McGilvery was baptized

Christenings. 125

Shaddock, Abigail July 20th. 1777, Abigail, of Benjamin & Mary Shaddock, was baptized

Hamett, Christopher July 25th. 1777, Christopher, of Thomas & Charlotte Hamett, was baptized

Dawson, William Aug. 1st. 1777 William, of John & _____ Dawson was baptized.

Doile, Samuel Aug. 13th 1777, Samuel, of Samuel & Mary Doile was baptized

____ Jane Blake Aug. 31st. 1777. June Blake, of ____ & Rose ____ was baptized

Harper, William Sept 6th 1777, William of Thomas & Elizabeth Harper, was baptized.

You, Sarah Sept 6th 1777, Sarah, of Thomas & Elizabeth You was baptized

Shrewbury Edward Sept. 24th. 1777, Edward, of Stephen &, Mary Ann Shrewsbury, was baptized

Smyth, Elizabeth Nov. 2nd. 1777, Elizabeth, of James & Anne Smyth, was baptized

Smith, Press McP Nov. 11th. 1777, Press McPherson, son of Press & Elizabeth Smith, was baptized

Simpson, George Nov. 21st. 1777, George, of Archibald & Ann Simpson, was baptized .

Smith, Ben. Burgh Nov. 25th, 1777, Benjamin Burgh, of Roger & Mary Smith, was Baptized

Bee, P. Smith Nov. 27th. 1777, Peter Smith, of Thomas & Sarah Bee, was baptized

Reed, Margaret Nov. 29th. 1777, Margaret, of John & Isabella Reed, was baptized

Rind, Arabella A Dec. 14th. 1777, Arabella Ann, of David & ___ Rind, was baptized

Dorell, Nathaniel Dec. 17th. 1777, Nathaniel, Of ______ & _____ Dorell, was baptized

Ward, Ann Jan. 1st. 1778, Ann, of Joshua & _____Ward, was baptized.

Alexander, William Jan. 4th. 1778, William, of Alexander & Rachel Alexander, was baptized.

Harleston, Elizabeth Jan. 4th. 1778, Elizabeth. of John & ___ Harleston was baptized

Motte, Rebeccah Jan 9th. 1778, Rebeccah Motte, of Jacob & Rebeccah Motte, was baptized

Christenings. 126

Hoppen, Sarah Jan. 10th. 1778, Sarah, of Thomas & Charlotte Hoppen was baptized

Wyatt, Mary L Feb. 14th. 1778, Mary Lingard, John & Violetta Wyatt, was baptized

Huger, Mary S. Mar. 24th. 1778, Mary Shubrick, of John & Charlotte Huger, was baptized

Heyward Thomas, Mar. 25th. 1778, Thomas, of Thomas & Elizabeth Heyward, was baptized

Frazier, Sabina Apr 23rd. 1778, Sabina, of Alexander &. ____Frazier, was baptized

Rooker, James L. May 16th. 1778, James Lawrence, of William & Jane Rooker, was baptized

Whitesides Thomas June 6th. 1778, Thomas , of Thomas Jane Whitesides, was baptized

Whitesides James June 6th 1778 James of Thomas & Jane was baptized

Lowndes Sarah Aug. 26th. 1778, Sarah, of Rawlins & Sarah Lowndes, was baptized

Fish, Arabella Sept. 6th. 1778, Arabella, of John & Sarah Fish was baptized

Elliott, Barnard Oct. 6th. 1778. Barnard Elliot, ______ was baptized

Baker Richard B. Oct. 6th. 1775, Richard Bohun Baker, _____ was baptized

Harvey Thomas Dec. 26th. 1778, Thomas, of Thomas & Elizabeth Harvey, was baptized

*Tucker, Wm. Tucker Jan. 22nd. 1779 William Tucker, of Tucker & Christian Harris, was baptized.

M'Crady, Eliza Feb. 3rd. 1779, Eliza, of Edward & Elizabeth, M'Crady, was baptized

Huger, Daniel Mar: 2nd. 1779, Daniel, of John & Charlotte Huger, was baptized

Hort, Culcheth Mar 2nd. 1779, Wm. Culcheth, of William & Alice Hort, was baptized

Webber, John Mar. 3rd. 1779, John, of John & Ann Webber, was baptized .

Darby, R. Andrew, Feb. 3rd. 1779, Robert Andrew, of William & Joan Darby was baptized

Ross, John Mar. 8th. 1779 John of John Ross, John & Elizabeth Ross, was

* For Tucker read Harris

Gervais, D. Sinclair Mar 9th. 1779, David Sinclair, of John, Lewis & Mary Gervais,
was baptized

Christenings. 127

Shaw, William A. Mar. 10th. 1779, William Archibald, of Pott & Elizabeth Shaw, was baptized

Hamilton David A. Mar. 10th. 1779, David Alexander, of David & Elizabeth Hamilton was baptized

McCan, Margaret Mar. 17th. 1779, Margaret, of Patrick & Mary McCan, was baptized
Smith, Henry M. Apr. 7th. 1779, Henry Middleton, of Peter & Mary Smith, was baptized
Smith Louisa C. Apr 7th. 1779, Louisa Columbia, of Thomas & Sarah Smith was baptized

Chalmers Harriott Apr. 9th. 1779, Harriott, of Gilbert & Sophia Chalmers, was baptized

Lestarjette, Sophia E May 2nd. 1779, Sophia Elizabeth, of Lewis & Elizabeth Burnham Lestarjette, was baptized

McFarlin, Andrew May 2nd. 1779, Andrew, of Mordecai & Mary McFarlin, was baptized

Doughtty, Chiffele Aug 20th. 1779, Chiffele, of William & Rachel Doughty, was baptized

Graham, Abigail Aug. 22nd. 1779, Abigail, of William & ___Graham, was, baptized

Harris Thomas B. Aug. 22nd. 1779, Thomas Boston of Tucker & Christiana Harris,
was baptized

Bentham, Sophia B. Sept. 5th 1779, Sophia Boswell, of James & ___ Bentham was baptized

Ferguson, Thomas L. Sept. 8th. 1779, Thomas Ladson, of Thomas & ____ Ferguson, was baptized .

Debois Sept. 8th 1779, _____ of ______&_____ Dubois, was baptized

Pinckney, Charles C Sept. 10th. 1779, Charles Cotesworth, of Charles Cotesworth & _____Pinckney, was baptized

Conyers, Susannah Sept. 14th. 1779, Susannah, of John & Susannah Conyers was baptized.

Bolton, Elizabeth Sept. 23rd. 1779 Elizabeth of Allen & Martha Bolton was baptized

Wyatt, James L. Sept. 24th. 1779 James Lingard, of John & Violetta Wyatt, was baptized.

St. John, Mary G Sept. 25th. 1779, Mary Goff 2 of James & Elizabeth St. John was baptized

Conyers, John Sept. 26th 1779, John of Daniel & Ann Conyers, was baptized.

Drayton, Caroline Sept. 29th 1779 Caroline, of Charles & _____ Drayton was baptized

Christenings. 128

Davis, Mary Oct. 3rd. 1779, Mary f William & Elizabeth Davis, was baptized

1 This was a son of Col. ( subsequently Gen). Charles Cotesworth Pinckney by his first wife, Sarah Middleton, to whom he had been were married, Sept. 28, 1773.

2 Gough.

Miller, Cato Ash Oct. 10th. 1779, Cato Ash, of Solomon & Ann Miller, was baptized

Ward, Frances C. . Oct. 29th. 1779, Frances Carolina, of John & Love Ward, was baptized

Crofts Love L. Oct. 29th. 1779, Love Legier, of George & Elizabeth Crofts, was baptized

Logan, Honoria M Nov. 10th. 1779, Honoria Muldrup, of George & ___ Logan, was baptized

Radcliffe, Thomas Dec. 8th. 1779, Thomas of Thomas & Lucretia Constant Radcliffe, was baptized

Alexander Rebekah Dec. 16th. 1779, Rebekah and Ann, (twins) of Alexr. & Rachel
& Ann Alexander, was baptized

Shubrick Sarah Alicia Dec. 27th. 1779, Sarah Alicia, of Thomas & Mary Shubrick, baptized

Pritchard, George W Dec. 28th. 1779, George Washington, of Paul & _____ Pritchard, was baptized

You, John, Feby. 6th. 1780, John, of Thomas & ____You, was baptized

Written by Bryan Christian — July 12, 2014