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*Baptisms Continued 148

Allston Sep. 29. 1792 Rebecca Brewton daughter of William and Mary Allston, Bap.

Mazyck 30 William & Philip Porcher sons of William and Elizabeth Mazyck. Bap.

Morton Oct. 27 William son of William and Mary Morton Bap.

Hume 10 Charlotte daughter of John and Mary Hume Bap.

Stoll 18 William Frederick son of Jacob and Catharine Stoll. Bap.

Rutledge Nov. 6 John son of Sarah and John Rutledge Jun'r. Bap.

Pepoon 8 Maria daughter of Benjamin and Lucy Pepoon Bap.

Quash 14 Andrew Hasell son of Robert and Sarah Quash Bap.

Joel 15 Elizabeth Maria daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Joel.

Pendervis " Kezia daughter of Josiah & Elizabeth Louisa Pendarvis.

Lee 18 Harriott, Sarah-Dorothy, and Joseph Frances, daughters and son of William and Ann Lee Bap.

Kennan Dec 4 Harriott Elizabeth daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Sarah Kennan, Bap.

Duvall Jany 1, 1793 Mary Catharine daughter of John and Martha Duvall Bap.

Foster 13 Robert Smith son of Thomas and Mary Foster Bap.

Andrews 14 Moses son of Moses and Sarah Andrews, Bap

McNeal Archibald Agnaw son of Archibald and Elizabeth McNeal Bap.

Rembert 24 Martha Maria daughter of Isaac and Margaret Rembert Bap

Burnham Feby 10 Mary daughter of Charles and Harriott Rachel Cochran Burnham. Bap.

Patch 16 Jacob Hendrickson son of Nathaniel and Frances Patch

Dewees 16 Ann Price daughter of William and Jane Dewees Bap

Bryan 22 Elizabeth daughter of Samuel and Susannah. Bap.

Besileau 25 Susannah Elizabeth daughter of Philip and Susannah Besileau Bap.

Kerr March 3 Joseph son of John and Mary Kerr Bap.

Townsend 21 Benjamin son of Stephen and Sarah Townsend Bap

Gibbes 24 Allston and son of William Hasell and Eliza Gibbes Bap

Hort April 2. Catherine Chicken daughter of William and Catherine Hort. Bap

Baptisms Continued . 140

Sinkler April 20. 1793 Margaret Ann daughter of James and Ann Mitchell Sinkler

Mitchell May 4 Elizabeth daughter of John Hinckley and Ann Mitchell. Bap.

Miller 19 Mary Magdalen Grimball daughter of John David and Ann Miller. Bap

Martin 31 John son of Samuel and Lucy Martin Bap

Hales June 2 Alexander son of Daniel and Sara Hales Bap.

Paulton 3 Elizabeth Mary Righton daughter of Edward Rachel Paulton. Bap.

Samford 5 Matthew son of John and Ann Samford. Bap.

Lance 7 Maurice Harvey son of Lambert and Sarah Lance. Bap.

Frost 10 Anna Downes daughter of the Revd. Thomas and Elizabeth Frost. Bap

Spindler Thomas son of Jacob and Mary Spindler. Bap.

Crafts 16 Thomas, son of William and Mary Crafts Bap

Do " Anna Daughter of William and Mary Crafts Bap

Bouchenau " William son of Charles and Sarah Bouchenau 1 Bap.

Jones Ann daughter of Joseph and Frances Jones Bap.

Teasdale 30 Caroline daughter of John and Mary Teasdale. Bap.

Do " Louisa daughter of John and Mary Teasdale. Bap.

Speissegger 7 Samuel Ladson son of John and Sarah Phoebe Speissegger Bap.

1 Bouchonneau.

Wyatt 12 Susannah Dunnovan daughter of Peter and Mary Wyatt. Bap.

Do " Sarah Aklin daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Wyatt.

Buckle 18 Joel son of Joel and Elizabeth Buckle.

Elfe 26 Harriott Clarke daughter of Thomas and Mary Elfe. Bap.

Pinckney Aug 1 Roger son of Roger and Susannah Pinckney Bap

Todd John Ball son of John and Elizabeth Todd. Bap.

Gabeau _____ of Anthony and Elizabeth Gabeau. Bap

Ford 31 Elizabeth daughter of Isaac and Mary Ford Bap.

Do " Susannah daughter of Isaac and Mary Ford Bap.

Pritchard Sept 10 Elizabeth Sarah daughter of William and Elizabeth Pritchard Bap

Baas 17 Eliza daughter of Thomas and Dorothy Baas Bap
Oats 21 Edward son of Edward and Catherine Oats Bap.

Perry 27 James son of Edward and Mary Perry Bap.

Doar Aug 1 Francis McCleiland son of John and Esther Doar Bap.

Rutledge Oct 14 Robert Smith son of John and Sarah Motte Rutledge Bap.

Baptisms Continued 150

Warley Oct. 20 1793 Jacob son of Felix and Ann Warley Bap.

Porcher Mary Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Porcher Charlotte Porcher Bap.

Armstrong 27 Archibald son of Archibald and Mary Armstrong Bap

Ladson Nov. 3 James son of James and Judith Ladson Bap

Heyward " James Edward son of Nathaniel and Harriott Heyward. Bap.

Bee 8 James Templar son of Thomas and Susannah Bee. Bap

Flagg 17 William Mason son of Samuel Hawk and Elizabeth Flagg. Bap.

Fordham 25 George John son of Richard and Mary Fordham Bap.

Herlott " Edward Thomas son of William and Mary Herlott. Bap

Gibbes 29 Charlotte Withers daughter of Henry and Mary Gibbes. Bap.

Brown Dec. 18 Thomas son of Squire and Maria Brown Bap

Alexander 22 Mary Bridgeman daughter of David and Mary Alexander Bap.

Johnston Nancy James, daughter of Thomas Nightingale and Nancy Johnston Bap

Graeser 26 Anna Maria daughter of Jacob Conrad and Anna Maria Greaser. Bap.

Jaudon 28 Elias son of James and Sarah Jaudon Bap.

Michau Charlotte daughter of Peter and Charlotte Michau. Bap.

Moore Jany 15, 1794. Thomas son of William and Sarah Moore. Bap.

Pepoon Benjamin son of Benjamin and Lucy Pepoon. Bap.

Pagett 19 Eliza daughter of Thomas and Eliza Pagett Bap,

Bay " Grecia daughter of Elihu Hall and Margaret Bay

Bacott Henry William son of Thomas Wright and Jane Bacott Bap

Swain 31 Margaret Eliza daughter of Luke and Elizabeth Swain. Bap

Yates Deborah Amelia daughter of Samuel and Deborah Yates. Bap.

Dupre F'eby. 2 Esther Mary daughter of Benjamin and Mary Dupre. Bap.

Hort 16 Elias Ball son of William an Catharine Hort. Bap.

Baptisms Continued. 151

Farr F'eby. 17 1794. John Freer Nathaniel son of Joseph and Sarah Farr. Bap.

Do " Mary Freer daughter of Joseph and Sarah Farr. Bap.

Do Jane Ladson Freer daughter of Joseph and Sarah Farr. Bap.

Moultrie 23 James son of James and Catharine Moultrie 1 Bap.

Rose 19 James son of Hugh and Susannah Rose. Bap.

Haskell 23 Charlotte daughter of Elnathan and Charlotte Haskell.

Cochran Harriott Thompson daughter of Charles

Do " Burnham and Rachel Harriott Cochran. Bap.

Calhoun March 6 Mary daughter of William and Lydia Calhoun Bap.

1 See The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, V, 251.

Morgan 9 Elizabeth Jane daughter Charles and Elizabeth Morgan Bap.

Marshall " Charles Garrison son of William and Louisa Marshal. Bap

Ash 10 Andrew Deveaux son of Samuel and Hannah Ash Bap.

Huger 12 Maria Huger daughter of Hugh and Mary Huger. 1 Bap.

Addison 16 Harriott daughter of James and Mary Ann Addison Bap.

Gaillard 17 Martha Doughty daughter of Theodore and Martha Gaillard. Bap.

Elfe 20 Benjamin son of Thomas and Mary Elfe. Bap.

Smith Elizabeth daughter of James and Mary Smith. Bap.

Prince 23 Clement Lempriere son of Clement and Mary Prince. Bap.

Caldwell 24 _______ of Henry and Sarah Caldwell. Bap.

Frost 25 Thomas Downes son of the Revd. Thomas and Mary Frost. Bap.

Chalmers 30 Alexander son of Gilbert and Sophia Chalmers. Bap.

Hogarth April 7 Eleanor Yates daughter of William and Ann Hogarth. Bap.

Gourdine 8 Henrietta daughter of Theodore and Elizabeth Gourdine, Bap.

Doar John son of John and Esther Doar Bap.

Gaillard 13 John son of John and Harriott Gaillard Bap.

1 The entry is misleading. It was an attempt to record the baptism of Maria Huger, daughter of Hugh and Mary Golightly (Huger) Rutledge. Nicholls 17 Mary Ann, Thomas, and Richard Moss, daughter and sons of Thomas and Sarah Nicholls. Bap.

Rogers 18 Charles son of Christopher and Mary Ann Rogers. Bap.

Moorhead " John Roberts son of John Alexander and Sarah Moorhead, Bap

Baptisms Continued 152

Bochet April 30. 1794. Alexander Myott son of John Peter and Sarah Bochet Bap.

Crofts May 4. Louisa daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Crofts Bap.

Bee 7 Richard Moncrief son of Joseph and Susannah Bee Bap

Grimke 9 Ann Rutledge daughter of John Faucheraud and Mary Grimke Bap

Peak 14 William James son of Joseph and Elizabeth Peak Bap

McKoy 18 William West son of Abraham and Elizabeth McKoy Bap

Guy " Sarah daughter of James and Sarah Guy Bap.

Shepeler 21 John Clements Son of John and Sarah Shepeler Bap.

Theus 18 Mary Esther daughter of James and Theus. Bap.

Miller 24 Samuel Findlay son of Samuel and Ann Findlay Miller. Bap.

Granger June 8. Elizabeth Jane daughter of James and Anna Granger. Bap.

Gibbes 15 Anna Maria daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Gibbes. Bap.

Gibson 16 Thomas Callaghan son of Robert and Jane Gibson. Bap. Mayer 29 Joab Raymond son of John George and Charlotte Dorothea Mayer. Bap.

Simmons July 18 Eliza Susannah daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Simmons. Bap.

Weyman 20 Edward son of Edward and Catherine Weyman. Bap.

Dorman " Martha daughter of Robert, and Martha Dorman Bap.

Benny Aug. 11 Peter son of Peter and ______ Benney Bap.

Wyatt 14 John son of John and Violetta Wyatt. Bap.

Strepper 29 Nathaniel son of George and Rebecca Strepper Bap.

Wyatt 29 Elizabeth Mary daughter of Peter and Mary Wyatt Bap

Gray Sept 1. Benjamin Francis son of Peter and Hannah Gray, Bap.

Hall Robert Wilson son of William and Ann Hall. Bap.

Bignal 3 Abiel George Story son of James and Hannah Bignal. Bap.

Collins 10 Eliza daughter of Manasseth and Eliza Collins Bap.

DeLesseline 19 Lydia Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth DeLesseline. Bap.

Baptisms Continued. 153

DeLesseline Sept. 19. 1794 Isaac son of John and Elizabeth DeLesseline Bap.

Boone Maria daughter of _____ Boone.

Kenna Oct. 2. Richard son of John and Martha Kenna. Bap.

Ball 4 Jane daughter of John and _____ Ball Bap

Speed 5 Isabella daughter of William and Christina Speed Bap

Gourdine 19 Mary daughter of ______ and Mary Gourdine Bap.

Penman " Mary Edgar Cathrine daughter of James and Jane Penman Bap.

Porcher 26 Charlotte daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Porcher. Bap.

Roberts " John Samuel son of John and Hannah Roberts Bap

Smith 30 Sarah daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Smith Bap.

Quash Nov. 5 Francis Dallas son of Robert and Sarah Quash. Bap.

Beekman 9 Ann Lee daughter of Samuel and Ann Beekman Bap.

Joel " Thomas Lee son of Thomas and Elizabeth Joel Bap

Bonneteau 16 James son of Peter and Elizabeth Bonneteau Bap.

Forster Mary Elliott daughter of Thomas and Mary Forster. Bap.

Jones Frances daughter of Joseph and Frances Jones. Bap.

Pendervais Stobo son of Josiah and Elizabeth Louisa Pendervais. Bap.

Buckle 3 Mary daughter of Thomas and Ann Buckle. Bap

Manigault 12 Harrietta daughter of Gabriel and Margaret Manigault Bap.

Heyward " Joseph Manigault son of Nathaniel and Henrietta Heyward Bap.

Stoll Jany. 14. 1795. James Gregson son of Jacob and Catherine Stoll. Bap

Morris Feb 9 James Son of Thomas and Mary Morris Bap.

Do " Mary Gadsden daughter of Thomas and Mary Morris Bap.

Traver 16 Maria Ann daughter of John and Maria Traver Bap

Brooks 22 John son of John and Mary Brooks Bap.

Dupree Josiah James son of Benjamin and Mary Dupre Bap.

Gibbes Mar. 30 Washington son of William Hazell Gibbes Bap.

Bowers April 15 Mary Martha daughter of Frederick and Mary Bowers. Bap.

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