DMK Heritage

To find a wives name, always check the land sales in the regions you are searching.  Old English law required the wife to sign the land deed when the land was sold to relinquish her dowry rights.  If a man sold his land and died shortly afterward, his widow would have a claim on that land unless she had surrendered her rights.  Most buyers would not accept an indenture without her signature.


Wills most of the time were witnessed by in-laws: . . . Father-in-laws, bother-in-laws, son-in-laws.  This was the husband’s way of showing the wives and his own family that he was providing for her in her old age.


Contrary to popular belief, Quakers did fight in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

They may not have been allowed to stay in the Church afterwards but they did serve


Historical Humor

Everyone has their bad days. Some times those days are just hard to live down.  "Though the raw 4 colonial troops broke before the charge of British regulars, it was a general and not a people that had been defeated, as was to be proven."  The American Army retreated northward, and Captain Isaac Clements company of Pittsylvania Militia, and other Virginia troops, were encamped for the night on the edge of a swamp. The men were exhausted and slept soundly.  Suddenly the night air was rent with a deafening noise.  Captain Clement delighted to tell that his brother who commanded a troop of Bedford Militia leaped to his feet and, drawing his sword, exclaimed, "Gentleman, I surrender!" The noise, however, was not Tarleton’s pursuing force, but a mighty chorus of swamp frogs.

Written by Doris Christian — May 24, 2013