DMK Heritage

Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes Co.


Volume One Wilkes County



Abstracted and compiled by


(Mrs. John Lee)

State Historian Georgia D. A. R., 1926 '28,

State Chairman Genealogical Research, 1928 1932

Regent Hannah Clarke Chapter, D. A. R.,

1920 '22, 1923 '25, 1928 '30.


Table of Contents

Ceded Lands

Mixed Records, Wills, etc

Mixed Records, Wills, etc

Will Book "D D"

Loose Papers

Will Books

Index to Will Book

Inventories and Appraisements

Inventories and Appraisements

Inventories and Appraisements Book "L L" .

Inventories and Appraisements Book "M M" .

Inventories and Appraisements Book "N N" .

Minutes of Inferior Court

Returns of Administrators and Guardians Book "I"

Remnant of Oldest Deed Book

Deed Books; "A A", "B B", "C C" , "D D", "E E", "F F"

Land Court Records

Land Lotteries 1803, 1806, 1819, 1821, 1827, 1832

Paschal Family Bible Record

Minutes of First Court, 1779

Tax Digest, 1785

Deed Book "G G"

Deed Book "H H"

Will Book "H H" 1819 1836

Index to Will Book "11" 1837 1877

Returns of Estates, 1811 1819

Returns of Admr's and Guardians, 1819 1826

Original Papers, 1777 1830

Roster of Soldiers of 1812

Original Marriage Bonds, 1792 1816

First Marriage Book, 1792 1834


AARON, Abbet, Abbett, Abbot, Abbots, Abbott, Abbotts, Abercrombie, Abernathie, Abernathy, Abernethee, Abernethie, ABNEY, Abnott, Acock, Aconon, ACREE, Acton, Adams, Adamson, Ader, Adkins, Adkinson, Adness, Agee, Ager, Ailer, Akin, Akins, Akry, ALBERT, Aldridge, Alexander, Alford, Alien, Allcock, ALLEN, Allgood, Allin, Allison, Alliston, Alston, Amason, AMBREE, Amherst, Amis, Ammons, Amos, Anders, ANDERSON, Andres, Andrew, ANDREWS, ANGLIN, Angling, ANSLEY, ANTHONY, Apperson, APPLING, Archer, Aris, Armer, Armor, Armour, ARMSTRONG, Arnall, Arnett, ARNOLD, Arreck, Arthur, Artope, Asbell, Asberry, Ash, ASHFIELD, Ashford, Ashley, ASHMORE, Ashtry, ASHWORTH, Askew, Askin, Askins, Aspy, Asque, Atchison, Athony, Atkerson, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwood, Augustavius, Augustin, Austen, Austin, Autrey, AUTRY, Averett, Averhart, Awicks, AWTARY, Awtrey, Awtry, AYCOCK, Ayer, Ayers, Ayler, AYLOR, AYRES, Baber, Bacheler, Backus, Bacon, BAGBEY, Bagby, Baggett, Bagley, Bailey, Bain, Baine, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Baley, Ball, Ballard, Ballards, Ballow, Balton, Baly, Banckson, Bank, Banks, Bankston, Bankwell, Banton, Barbee, Barber, Barclay, Bard, BARDAN, BARDEN, Barefield, Barfield, Barfill, Bargamy, Barham, Barker, Barkesdale, BARKLEY, Barks, Barksdale, Barkshear, Barkshin, Barkwell, BARNARD, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barnhard, BARNHILL, BARNS, Baron, Barray, Barret, Barrett, Barron, Barrott, BARROW, Bartee, Bartholomew, Barton, Bartow, Basdel, Bass, Baswell, Bates, Battle, Baugh, Baughan, Baughn, BAUHANNAN, Bauldin, Bawl, Baxley, Baxter, Bayes, Bayley, BAYLIS, Bays, Bayse, BEAL, Beale, BEALL, Beaman, Bear, Beard, Bearden, Beardin, Bearding, Beasley, Beatty, Beaty, BEAVERS, Beazley, Beck, Beckcam, Beckham, BECKWITH, Beckworth, Beddingfield, BEDDLE, Bedell, Bedingfield, Bedle, Beeman, Beesley, BEISHELL, Belcher, Belk, Bell, Bellah, Bellemy, Belvin, Benbrook, BENEFIELD, Bennefield, Bennett, Bensille, BENSON, BENTLEY, Bently, Benton, Bernard, Berry, BESHEL, Beshell, Best, Bethany, Bethshires, Bethune, Bettis, Betts, Beval, Bevan, Beven, Beveridge, Beverly, Bevil, Bevill, Bevin, Bevis, BEWER, Bewford, Beys, Bibb, BIBBS, BIDDLE, Biggers, Bilbo, Biley, Billingley, Billingsbee, Billingsle, BILLINGSLEA, Billingslee, Billingsley, Billingsly, Billups, Binns, Binon, Bins, Bird, Birds, Birdson, Birney, BISHOP, BLACK, Blackborn, Blackbourn, Blackburn, Blackley, Blackmore, Blackshear, Blackshirs, Blackwell, Blair, Blake, Blakey, BLALOCK, Blancks, Blank, Blanks, Blann, BLANTON, Blasingame, Bledsoe, Bledsor, Bledsoy, Blockston, BLOODWORTH, BLOUNT, Bluford, Blunt, Boardman, Boatright, Bobbet, Bobbett, Bobbit, BOGGES, BOGGESS, Boggs, Boggus, Bohannan, Bohannon, Bohanon, Boiling, Boles, Bolin, Boling, Bolland, Bolten, BOLTON, Boman, Bomerdene, Bond, Bonds, BONER, Bones, Bonier, BONNER, Booker, Booles, Boon, Booth, Boram, Boren, Borin, Borom, Borum, Boseley, Bosler, Bostick, Bostwick, Boswell, Boswick, Bosworth, BOUCHANAN, Boughn, Bouldin, Bowdree, BOWEN, Bowers, Bowie, Bowles, BOWLING, BOWLS, Bowman, Bowrum, Boyd, Boyle, Boyls, Boynton, Bozeman, Bracken, Brackenridge, Bracking, Braden, Bradey, Bradford, Bradley, BRADSHAW, Brady, Bragg, Brakin, BRAMBLETT, Branch, Brandon, Branham, Brannan, Brannon, Bransom, Brantley, Branton, Brasell, Brasher, Brasill, Brassell, Braswell, Bratcher, Brawner, Brawton, Bray, Brazeel, Brazell, Brazil, Brazill, Brazzelle, Breed, Breedbary, Brevard, BREWER, Brian, Briant, Brice, Brickell, Briden, Bridewell, Bridgeman, Bridges, Bridgman, Bridwell, Brigg, BRIGGS, Brigs, Brinton, Brittler, Broach, Broadnax, Brocus, Brokenbrough, Brook, Brooke, Brooker, Brookner, BROOKS, Broughton, BROWN, Browner, Brownfield, Browning, Browns, Brownson, BROWTEN, Bruce, Bruckner, Bruer, Brummett, Brush, Bruster, Brux, Bryan, Bryant, Brydun, BUCHANAN, Buchannan, Buck, Buckanan, BUCKHALTER, Buckley, Buckner, Buckston, BUFFINGTON, Bufford, Buford, Bug, Bugg, Bulgin, Bull, Bullard, Bulloch, Bullock, Bummett, Bunch, BUNKLEY, Burch, Burden, Burdet, Burdett, BURDINE, Burdit, Burditt, Burford, BURGAMY, Burgemy, Burges, Burgone, Burk, Burke, BURKHALTER, BURKS, Burleston, BURLEYSON, Burlong, Burly, Burnap, Burnes, Burnet, Burnett, BURNEY, Burnley, Burns, Burnside, Burroughs, Burrow, Burson, BURT, Burton, Burwell, Bush, Bussey, Bustsen, Butler, Butt, Buttrill, Butts, Buys, Byars, Byington, Bynum, Byram, Byreen, Cabbins, Cabiniss, Cade, Cadenhead, Cahoon, Cain, Calahan, Calaway, Caldwell, Calhoon, CALHOUN, Call, Callahan, Callaway, Calloway, CALLWELL, Cambron, Camden, Camens, Cameron, Cammell, Camp, CAMPBELL, Campble, Camron, Canady, Canan, Candee, CANDLER, Cane, Cannada, CANNADY, Cannon, Canton, Cantor, CANTRELL, Capps, CAR, Carden, CARDIN, Cardwell, CARE, Carey, Cargham, Cargile, Cargo, Carguile, Carleton, Carlile, Carlton, Carmical, Carmichael, Carmon, CARN, Carnes, CARNEY, Carouth, CARR, Carrell, Carril, Carrington, Carrinton, Carroll, Carson, Carsons, Carter, Cartledge, Cartright, Cartwright, Caruthers, Carver, Cary, Case, Casey, Cash, Cassells, CASTELLAW, Castelo, Caster, Castleberry, Caswell, Catcham, Catching, Catchings, Cater, Catlett, Cato, Catoe, Caudale, CAUDEL, Caudle, Caulk, CAVE, Cavinest, Cawthorn, Cazey, Cervanges, Cessna, Chadwick, Chaffin, Chafin, Chainia, CHAMBERLAYNE, Chambers, Chambes, Chambess, Chambey, Chambless, Chamblin, Champen, Champion, Chancy, Chandler, CHANEY, Chaneye, CHANY, Chapman, Chapmans, Chappell, Chariton, Charlton, Chase, Chatfield, Chatham, Chatman, CHAUDION, Chaudoian, Chauncy, CHAVIS, Cheatham, CHEAVIS, Cheivers, Chelcy, Chelton, Cheney, Cherry, Chesser, Chessna, Chester, Chew, Childers, CHILDREE, Childres, Childreth, CHILDS, Chilipses, Chisalem, Chisholm, Chisolemn, Chisolm, Chivers, Chrismas, Christian, Christmas, Christopher, Chumley, Chunn, Church, Churchill, CIMBERETT, Claburn, Clack, Claiborne, Claibourn, Clancey, Clanton, CLARK, Clarke, Clarks, Clary, CLAUDLE, CLAY, Clayland, Clayton, CLEAR, Clement, Clements, Clemmons, Clemons, CLEMONT, Clerk, Cleveland, Cliett, Cloud, Clough, CLOWER, Clowers, Clyma, Coates, Coatry, Coats, COBB, Cobbin, COBBS, Cobs, Cochran, Cock, Cocke, Cockerham, Cocroft, Codman, Cody, COE, Cofer, Coffee, Coffin, Cogbill, COHOON, Cohorn, Cohoron, Cohran, COHREN, COHRON, Colbert, Colbertson, Colbreth, Cole, Coleman, COLEY, Collear, Collem, Collers, COLLEY, Collier, Collin, Collings, COLLINS, Collum, Colly, Colman, COLSON, Colsons, Colston, Comb, Combs, Comens, Common, Commons, Comston, Conaway, Cone, Conel, Connally, Connaway, Connell, Connels, Conner, Connor, Conoway, Coodey, Coody, COOK, Cooksey, Cooksy, Coonrod, Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Coppage, Coram, Corbet, CORBETT, CORBIN, Corbitt, Cordy, Cormick, CORNEALISON, Corneilson, CORNELISON, Corner, Cosby, Cossey, Costelo, Cotton, Coulter, Courtney, COURVOISIE, Cousins, Covington, Cowan, Cowden, Cowen, Cowles, COX, Cozart, Crabb, Crabtree, Craford, Crafton, Craig, Crain, Crains, Cram, Crane, Cranford, Cratin, Craton, Crawford, Crawley, Crayton, Creamshaw, Creef, CREIGHTON, Crenshaw, Cresswell, Creswell, Crew, Crews, Cribb, Criddle, Crim, Crimm, Crinn, Cripp, Crismas, Crisop, Crisswell, Cristler, Criswell, Critenden, Critinton, Crocker, Crocket, Crockett, Croft, Crook, CROOKE, Crookshanks, Crosby, Cross, Crossby, Crosson, Crouch, Crow, Crowell, Crowley, Crown, Crumbly, CRUTCHER, Crutchfield, Culberhouse, Culdwell, Cullenan, Cullinan, Culpepper, Cummin, Cumming, Cummings, Cummins, Cunea, Cunningham, Cup, Cupp, Cups, Curenton, Cureton, Curinton, Currie, Currin, Currington, Curry, Curtis, Curton, Curvin, Cuthbert, Cutliff, Dabney, Dale, Dallas, Dallis, Dameron, Dampier, Danforth, DANIEL, Danielly, Danilit, Danill, Danilly, Danner, Daracott, Darby, Darden, Dardin, Dark, Darley, DARRACOTT, Darrecott, Darricott, Dart, Davant, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davise, DAVISON, Dawsey, Dawson, Dawsy, DAY, de ROCHEFEUILLE, DEADWILER, Deal, DEAN, Deane, Deard, Dearen, Dearing, Dearring, Decker, Dedwiler, Deens, Deeren, Deerin, Deering, Dejarnett, DEJERNATT, DeJernett, Delaney, Delany, Delegall, Delisle, Demerest, Dempsey, Denison, Denley, Denly, Denman, DENNIS, Denson, Dent, Depriest, Derecott, Derricott, Deshields, Desmortiers, Devant, Devaux, Deveaux, DEVENPORT, Devereux, Dewberry, DeYampert, Diamond, Diar, Dicken, Dickens, Dicker, Dickerson, Dickey, Dickins, Dickinson, Dickson, Dier, Dies, Digby, Dilbow, Dillard, Dilley, Dillon, Dimond, Dinson, Dismack, Dismick, Dismukes, DIVINES, Dixon, Dizmacks, Dobbs, Dobson, Dod, Dodd, DODSON, DOGGETT, Doherty, Donaway, Donoghoo, DOOLEY, Dooling, DOOLY, Dorherty, Dorough, DORSE, Dorsey, Dorster, Dorsuger, Doss, DOSSEY, DOSTER, Dotsell, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dove, Dowdell, Dowdels, Dowdy, Dowell, DOWLING, Downey, DOWNS, Dowsing, Doyster, Dozer, Dozier, Drake, Driver, Duberry, DuBois, Duboisberranger, DuBoisberrenger, DuBose, Duck, DUCKWORTH, Dudley, Duff, DUGAS, Duglas, Duhamel, DUHEM, DUKE, Dukes, Dukins, DULLANAY, Duloney, Dunafin, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunefant, Dunifin, DUNISON, Dunkan, Dunkin, Dunlap, DUNN, Dunnals, Dunnaway, DUNNIFEN, DUNNIFIN, DUNNISEN, Dunnisin, DUPIUS, Dupoys, Dupree, Durden, Durham, Durkee, Durkey, Durkie, Dusenberry, DuVies, Duzenberry, Dyampert, Dye, Dyer, Dysart, Dyson, EADES, Eads, Eadson, EAGER, Eargan, EARLEY, Earls, Early, Easley, Eason, Easter, Easters, Eastey, Eastridge, Eberhart, Echols, Eckels, Eckles, Eckols, Ector, EDDS, EDDWINGTON, Edge, Edgeworth, Edison, Edminds, Edmonds, Edmondson, Edmons, EDMUNDS, Edmunson, Edsison, Edson, Edward, Edwards, Edwington, EELLS, Eidson, EILANDS, Eivy, ELAM, Elbert, Elder, Elison, Elkin, Elkins, Elleott, Elless, Ellet, Ellin, Ellington, Elliot, Elliott, ELLIS, Ellison, Ellit, Ellitt, ELSBERRY, Elsbury, Ely, Embre, Embree, Embry, Emerson, Emett, Emmett, Emmison, Enge, English, Enlow, Ennis, Epperson, Epps, ERVIN, ERWIN, Espey, Ester, Esters, Estes, ETHERINGTON, Eudaily, Eudaley, Eudaly, Eudialey, Evans, Evant, Evens, Everet, Everett, Everhart, Evering, Everyhart, Evrett, Faber, Fagan, Faire, Fairfax, Falk, Fallin, Fannin, Fanning, Fans, Far, Fares, FARGERSON, Farimbrough, Farler, Farley, Farmer, Farmington, Farnesworth, Farnsworth, Farr, Farral, Farrar, Farrell, Farrington, Farris, Farro, Farroll, Farrow, Farwell, Fatten, Faver, Favers, FAVOR, Favour, FEASTER, Felps, Felts, Fenis, Fennell, Fenning, FERENTON, Fergerson, Fergus, Ferguson, Ferington, Fermel, Ferrel, Ferrell, Ferriage, Ferrill, FERRINGTON, Few, Ficklen, Ficklin, FIDLER, FIELDER, Fields, Filio, FILLDER, Fillilove, FILPSE, FILSON, Fin, Finch, Findley, Finey, Finley, Finn, Finnell, Finney, Fish, Fisher, Fisk, Fitzjarrell, FITZJARRILL, Fitzpatrick, Flanagan, FLANEGIN, Flannagan, Fleming, Flemister, Flemming, Flennikin, Fletcher, Flewellen, Fling, Flint, Flonce, Florence, Florey, Flory, Flourney, Flournoy, Floyd, Floyds, FLUKER, Fluney, Flurey, Flurney, Flurry, Flynt, Fondren, Ford, Forgerson, Forgnon, Forgue, Forgus, FORLOW, Formby, Forster, Forsyth, FORT, FOSS, FOSTER, Fouch, Fouche, Fouchee, Fowler, Fox, Foxwell, Fraiser, Francis, Franklin, Franks, Fraser, Frazer, Frazier, Fraziers, Frazor, FREEMAN, Freman, French, FRETWELL, Frish, Frith, FROST, Fry, Fuller, Fullilove, FULSAM, Fulsom, FULSOME, Fulsum, Fulton, FUNDERBURG, Furbush, Furgeson, Furguson, Furman, Futch, Gaar, Gaddy, Gafford, Gaffords, Gaines, GAINS, Gaitan, Gale, GALESPIE, Galliher, Galphin, Gambel, GAMBILL, GAMBLE, Gambol, Games, Gammage, Gammon, Gann, Gantt, Gardiner, Gardner, Garland, Garner, Garnet, Garnett, Garr, Garrard, Garratt, Garrett, Garretts, Garrott, Gartrell, Garvin, Garvis, Gaston, Gates, Gatewood, Gatlin, GAUNT, Gay, Gazaway, Geaconinny, Gebreth, Gedding, Genens, Genkins, Gentry, George, GERIT, GERMANY, Gess, Gest, Gholson, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibert, Gibson, Gibsons, Gidden, Giddens, Giddings, GIDDINS, Gideans, Gideon, Gilbert, Gilbird, Gilbreth, Gilder, Giles, Gilham, Gill, Gillam, GILLIAM, GILLILAND, GILLILIN, Gillum, Gilmer, Gilmore, Gimons, GIRADEAU, Glaghorn, Glaisnor, GLASCOCK, Glass, Glasscock, Glaze, Glazener, Glen, Glenn, Glover, Gloze, Godby, Godfrey, Godin, GODING, Godley, Godwin, Goff, Goin, Going, GOLDEN, Goldin, GOLDING, Goldsbrough, Goldsby, Goldson, Goldwire, Golliher, Golsby, Golson, Good, Goodall, Goode, GOODIN, Gooding, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodrum, Goodwin, GOODWYN, Googer, GOOLSBE, Goolsby, Gordin, GORDON, GORHAM, Gorley, Gorman, Goss, Gough, Goulding, Gouldsborough, Govely, Gowdy, Gower, Goyne, Goza, Grace, GRADY, Gragg, Graham, Grainger, GRANGER, Grant, Grantham, Grantland, Grants, Grasey, Graves, Gray, Graybill, Grayham, Grear, Greaves, Greear, GREEN, GREENE, Greenlee, Greer, Greere, GREGG, Gresham, Greson, GREY, GRIER, Griffen, Griffeth, Griffey, GRIFFIN, Griffis, Griffith, Griffy, Grigg, Griggs, Grigsby, Grimes, Grimesley, Grimlin, Grimmett, Grimsley, Griner, Grisham, Grissup, Groce, Groves, Grown, Gruar, Grubbs, GUEST, Gugel, Gugle, Guien, Guilford, Guin, Guinn, Guise, Gullatt, Gullory, Gunn, GUNNALS, Gunnells, Gunnels, GUNNILLS, Gunnolds, Guries, Guthrie, Guttery, GUY, Hackle, Hackney, Hackweth, Hadaway, Haddaway, Haden, Hadley, Hafford, Haft, Hagan, Hagen, Haggard, HAGIN, Hagler, Hail, Hails, Haines, Hains, Haken, Hale, Haley, Haliday, Hall, Hallwell, Halsel, Ham, Hambleton, Hambrick, Hames, Hamil, Hamilton, Hamitol, Hamlen, Hamlin, Hammack, Hammand, Hammel, Hammell, Hammet, HAMMETT, Hammill, HAMMOCK, Hammon, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons, Hamner, Hamnor, Hampton, Hamrick, Hancock, Handley, Hanes, Haney, HANNA, Hannah, Hannon, Hansford, Hansird, Hanson, Harbert, Harbin, Harbon, Harbuck, Hardee, Hardeman, Harden, Hardiman, Hardin, Hardman, Hardwick, Hardy, Hareston, HARFORD, Hargraves, Hargrove, Harinton, Harkens, Harkey, HARKINS, Harkleford, HARLAND, Harley, HARLING, Harlow, Harmon, Harnesberger, Harnett, HARNSBERGER, Harper, Harpers, Harrage, Harrell, Harrington, HARRIS, Harrises, Harrison, Harrol, Harroll, Hart, Hartfield, HARTSFIELD, Harty, Harvard, HARVEY, Harvie, Harvill, Harvy, Harwood, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hathcock, Hathorn, Hatley, Haves, Hawes, HAWKINS, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Haynes, HAYNS, Hays, Haywood, Hazlerigg, Head, Heard, Hearn, Hearnesberger, Heart, Heath, Heatly, Hecle, Hedgepeth, Hedleston, Heeth, Heflin, Heisler, Helton, HEMBY, Hemmins, Hemphill, Henard, Henderson, Hendley, Hendon, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Hengson, Henley, Henly, Henry, Hensey, Henty, Hepburn, Herbert, HERD, Herenton, Herinton, Herkins, Herman, Herndon, Herold, Heron, Herrage, Herrege, Herren, Herrin, Herring, Hester, Hewbank, Hewell, HEWETT, Heygens, HICHE, Hickman, Hicks, Hickson, Hide, Higdor, Higginbotham, Highnote, Highsmith, Hight, HIGHTOWER, Hill, Hillhouse, Hilliard, Hills, Hillyar, Hillyard, Hillyer, Hilton, HILYARD, HINDLEY, Hindly, Hindsman, Hines, Hingson, Hinkson, Hinley, Hinson, Hinton, HITCH, Hitchcock, Hitche, Hitcock, HITT, Hix, Hixon, Hixson, Hobby, Hobson, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgin, Hodgins, Hodo, Hoff, Hog, Hogan, Hogans, Hoge, HOGG, Hogins, Hogue, Holbrook, HOLDENESS, Holderness, Holdiness, Holeman, Holiday, Holifield, Holiman, HOLLADEY, HOLLAMOND, Holland, HOLLIDAY, HOLLIFIELD, HOLLIMAN, Hollined, Hollingshead, HOLLINGSWORTH, HOLLIS, Holloday, Hollolee, Holloway, Holloy, HOLMAN, Holmes, Holoman, Holt, Holton, Holtsclaw, Holtzclaw, Holyfield, Home, Homes, Hood, Hoods, HOOF, HOOKS, Hooper, Hopkins, HOPPER, Hops, HORN, Horton, Hosey, Hoskins, Host, Houghton, House, Houston, Houton, Howard, Howards, Howell, Howinton, Howle, Howson, Hoxey, Hoyt, Hozledig, Hubbard, Hubbards, Hubert, Huckaby, Hudden, Huddleston, Hudgens, Hudgins, Hudson, HUDSPETH, Huet, Huett, HUFF, Huffman, Huggins, Hughes, Hughey, Hughs, Huguley, HULING, Hulings, Hull, Human, Humphrey, Hundley, Hundsman, Hunnicutt, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hunton, Huntsman, Hurley, Hurst, Hurt, Huse, Huskey, Huskman, Huson, Husong, Husson, Hustice, Huston, Hutchens, Hutching, Hutchingson, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutson, HUTTON, HYDE, Hynes, Inge, INGLISH, Ingraham, Ingram, Inloe, Irion, Irions, Irons, Irvin, Irving, IRWIN, Isbell, Isham, Islands, Ivey, IVY, JACK, Jackson, James, Jameson, Jamison, Janes, Jardin, Jareatt, Jarratt, Jarrell, JARRETT, Jarretts, Jarril, Jarrot, Jarvis, Jeanes, Jeans, Jefers, Jeffers, Jefferson, Jeffres, Jeffries, Jeffs, Jemison, Jenkin, JENKINS, Jennens, Jennings, Jennins, Jermany, Jesse, Jeter, Jett, Jewel, Jiles, Jinkins, Jinnens, Jinnings, Johns, JOHNSON, Johnston, JOLLIE, JONES, Jordan, Jorden, Jordin, Joseph, JOSEY, JOSSEY, JOURDAN, Jourden, Joyner, Jurden, JURKINS, Justice, Kade, Kain, Kannon, Kappell, Karr, Kaufman, Kean, Keansey, Kear, Keas, KEATING, Keatley, Keeling, KEELOUGH, Keeth, Keeton, Keith, Keiths, Kekendall, Kelley, KELLOG, Kellogg, Kellough, Kelly, Kelough, Kelsey, Kemp, Kendall, Kendrick, Kennady, Kenneda, KENNEDY, Kennerly, Kennon, Kenny, Kent, Keough, Kerby, KERK, Kern, Kerr, Key, Keykendall, Kid, Kidd, Kieder, Kiesler, Kilgore, Killcres, Killey, Killgore, Killingsworth, Kimball, Kimble, Kimborough, Kimbra, Kimbro, Kimbrough, KINCADE, Kindrick, King, Kinman, Kinnebrew, Kinningham, Kirby, Kirgan, Kirk, Kirkham, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirtly, Kit, Knight, Knox, Kooper, Kursey, Kuykendall, Lacey, Lacie, Lackey, LACKY, LACY, LADNER, Ladson, Laflore, Laget, Lain, LAMAR, Lamb, LAMBERT, Lamberth, Lambet, Lambeth, Lamkin, Lampkin, Land, Landers, Landon, LANDRASS, Landrum, Landsdale, Lane, LANG, Langdon, Langford, Langham, Langharn, Langston, Lanham, Lankester, Lankford, Laprester, Laprestre, Laramore, Larkin, Larramore, Lasey, Lasley, Laslie, Lassiter, Lastly, Latham, Laughlin, Laughten, Laughter, Laughton, Laurance, Laurence, Law, Lawed, LAWLESS, Lawlion, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lawsone, Lay, Layden, Layson, Lea, Leach, Leard, Leath, Leavins, Leconte, LeCrass, Ledbetter, Ledford, Ledsom, Lee, LEFTRICH, Leftwich, Leget, Legett, Legget, Leggett, Leggin, Lehre, Leigh, Leitner, LEMARS, Lemmons, Leneare, Lenham, Lennard, LENOIR, Lenty, Leoet, Leonard, Leprester, LePRESTRE, Leprestrie, LeSeuer, Leseur, LESLEY, Leslie, Lesly, Lespriestre, Lester, Lestragelt, Letherdel, Letsom, Lett, Leverett, Leverettt, Leveritt, Levingston, Lewellen, Lewis, Lieurance, LIFFLOUR, LIFFLOWE, Liggin, Lightfoot, Lile, LINCECUM, LINCOCEAN, LINDSACUM, Lindsay, LINDSEY, Lindsy, Liner, Lingo, LINICUM, Lining, Linn, LINNIECOM, Linsom, Linton, Lion, Lipham, Lipscomb, Lipsey, LISHMAN, Lisle, LITTLE, LITTLES, Littleton, Livingston, Lloyd, Lobdell, Lock, Locket, Lockett, Lockhart, Lockheart, Logan, Lomax, Long, Longstreet, Losson, Lott, Lourman, Love, LOVEL, Lovell, Lovet, Lovett, Lovill, Lovin, Loving, Lovit, LOW, Lowe, Lowery, Lowrey, Lowry, LOYALLESS, LOYD, Loyson, Lucas, Lucey, Lucket, Luckett, Luckey, Luckie, Lucre, Luker, Lumcans, Lumkens, LUMKIN, Lumpkin, Lunceford, Lunsford, Luntsford, Lybas, Lybass, Lyle, Lyman, Lyn, Lynch, Lyner, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lysa, Lyster, Lyttle, Maberry, MABREY, Mabry, Macbee, MACCORD, MACKALPIN, Mackenay, Mackey, Mackie, Mackintosh, MACKLEMURRAY, Macklin, Macon, Madden, Maddin, Maddock, Maddox, MAGEE, Maginta, Magruder, Maguire, Mahan, Maharney, Maher, MAHONEY, Mahony, Main, Makon, Mallary, Mallory, Malone, Man, Manin, Mankin, Mann, Mannen, Mannin, Manning, Manon, Manson, Mara, Marbury, Marcus, Mariden, Marinack, Markes, Markley, MARKS, Marler, Marlin, Marlor, Marlow, Marrable, Mars, MARSHALL, Martain, MARTAINE, MARTIN, MARTINDESS, Martins, Mason, Massa, Massee, Massery, Massey, MASSIE, MATHEW, Mathews, Mathis, Matthew, Matthews, Mattison, Mattock, Mattocks, Mattox, Mauck, Maughan, Maughon, MAUK, Mauldin, Maury, Mauzy, Maxwell, May, Maye, Mayer, Mayhon, Maynard, MAYNOR, Mayo, MAYS, McAlhattan, McAlpin, McAster, McAstin, McAvoy, McBride, McCain, McCall, McCallum, McCamey, McCammon, McCarly, McCarron, McCarter, McCartney, McCarty, McCENAY, McClain, McClan, McCLANE, McCLARY, McCLEAN, McClenan, McClenbery, McCLENDON, McCleroy, McCleskey, McClesky, McCling, McClung, McClure, McCluskey, McClusky, McCOLLERS, McCommins, McConkey, McCONNAY, McConnell, McCord, McCorial, McCormack, McCormick, McCowen, McCoy, McCrackin, McCrary, McCraven, McCravey, McCravy, McCree, McCRORY, McCULLARS, McCULLERS, McCulloch, McCullough, McCune, McDanel, McDaniel, McDermett, McDole, McDonald, McDoogall, McDougald, McDowell, McDuff, McDugald, McElroy, McErvin, McEwen, McFall, McFalls, McFarland, McFarlands, McFarlin, McFerren, McFerrin, McGahee, McGarrey, McGarry, McGary, McGee, McGeehee, McGehee, McGill, McGintee, McGinty, McGlocklin, McGough, McGowin, McGuire, McHAIR, McHardy, McHinsley, McIlroy, McIntier, McIntosh, McJunkin, McKee, McKeen, McKelroy, McKenney, McKensey, McKenzie, McKey, McKie, McKindley, McKinney, McKinnie, McKinsey, McKleroy, McKluskey, McKmorin, McKneel, McKNIGHT, McKonnel, McLAIN, McLANE, McLaughlin, McLawlin, McLaws, McLEAN, McLelalin, McLELAN, McLellen, McLendon, McLeod, McLeroy, McLester, McLmurry, McLowd, McLroy, McLuskey, McMath, McMechin, McMeekin, McMekin, McMillan, McMullin, McMUNN, McMurrain, McMurray, McMurtee, McNAB, McNabb, McNeal, McNeil, McNIEL, McNight, McNutt, Mcpeters, McRAE, McRaes, McRay, McRea, McRight, McRorey, McRorie, McVay, McVunry, McWhorter, Mead, Meador, Meadows, Mealor, Meals, Medium, Medlock, Meekins, Meeler, Megeath, Meiler, Meitteir, Meland, Melear, Mell, Melligan, MELONE, Meloy, Melton, MENDENAL, Mendenghall, MENDENHALL, MENDINGHALL, Menzies, MERCER, Meredith, Meriwether, MERONA, Meroney, Merrell, MERRIL, Merrill, MERRIT, Merry, Metz, Michael, Mickelburrough, Micou, MIDDLETON, Milam, Miler, Miles, Miliere, Miller, Millers, Millican, MILLIGAN, Millner, MILLS, Milner, Milton, MIMMS, MIMS, Minis, MINOR, MINTON, Mires, Mitchell, MITCHEM, Mitchum, Mitter, MOATES, Moats, MOBLEY, Moffet, Moffett, Moler, Molich, Molloy, Moloy, Moncreaf, Moncrief, Mondroe, Monfort, Montaigut, MONTCRIEF, Montford, Montfort, Montgomery, Montroug, Montrouy, Moody, Moon, Mooney, MOOR, Moore, Moran, More, Morel, Moreland, Moreman, Moreton, Morgain, Morgan, Morgin, Moringer, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, MOSALY, MOSBY, Moseley, Mosely, Moses, Mosewell, Moslay, MOSLEY, Moss, MOSSLEY, Motes, Mott, Mounce, Mounger, Mountain, MOUNTCASTLE, Mountgomery, Mourman, Move, Mozeley, Mozley, Muckle, Muckleroy, Muleeday, Mulesday, Mulieday, Muligan, Mulkee, Mulkey, Mullican, MULLIGAN, Mullikin, MUNCREEF, Muncrief, Munk, Murden, Murphey, Murphree, Murphy, Murray, Murry, MUSE, Musgroaves, Musgrove, Mustgrove, Myles, Myre, Myrick, Nail, Nale, NALL, Nalls, Napier, Nash, Naul, Naylor, NEAL, Neale, Nealey, Neel, Neely, Neesmith, NeeSmiths, Neil, Neill, Nelams, Nelms, Nelson, Nephews, Nesbit, Netherland, Nettles, Nevill, Newall, Newbel, Newberry, Newby, Newell, Newman, Newmon, Newsom, NEWSON, NEWTON, Nichels, NICHOLS, Nicholson, Nickel, Nickels, Nickelson, Nickles, Nickleson, Niel, Nightingale, Nisbet, Nisbit, Nix, NIXSON, Noble, Nobles, Noel, Nolan, Noland, Nolen, NOLES, NOLLEY, Nordick, NORDIKE, Norman, Norris, North, NORTHERN, Northrop, Norton, Nowell, Nowlan, NOWLAND, NOWLEN, NOWLIN, Nox, Noxon, Nuberry, Nugent, Nugeon, Nunnally, Nunnelee, NUNNELLEE, Nunnery, Nunnilee, Nusom, Nusum, Nuten, Nutting, Oakley, Oar, OATS, Obar, Oby, O'Cavanaugh, ODAM, O'Daniel, Odear, Odingsells, Odom, Offutt, Ogden, Ogle, Oglesby, Ogletree, O'Leary, Olive, Oliver, ONEAL, O'NEAL, O'Neall, ONEIL, O'Neil, Onell, O'Rear, O'Reiley, Organ, Orman, ORME, Orr, Osbern, Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, O'Sullivan, Ousley, Overby, Overstreet, OWEN, Owens, Owin, Owins, OWSLEY, OXFORD, Ozborn, Ozbourn, OZBURN, Ozburnd, PACE, Pack, Page, PAIN, Paine, PALMER, PALMORE, PALMOUR, Pannell, Pannil, Pannill, Paradice, Paredice, Parham, Paris, PARISH, Paritt, PARK, Parkenson, Parker, Parkerson, Parkes, Parkinson, PARKS, Parmelia, Parr, Parrack, Parris, Parrish, Parrott, Parrum, Parsons, Partain, Partidge, Partin, Partridge, Paschal, Paschall, Paskal, Paskel, Paskil, Paskill, Pasteur, Pasture, Pate, Pater, Patrick, Patridge, Pattee, PATTEN, Patterson, PATTON, Paul, PAULL, Paulle, Paxon, Paxton, Paymen, PAYN, PAYNE, Peacock, PEANEAS, Pearce, Pearman, Pearmon, Pearre, PEARSON, Peavy, Peddycord, Peebles, Peek, Peeples, Peerman, Peeters, Peevey, Peevy, Pelot, Pen, Pendal, Pendall, Pendleton, Penman, Penn, Pennington, Perdue, Perking, PERKINS, Perman, Perre, Perregin, Perreman, Perriman, Perry, Person, Persons, Perteet, Pery, Petee, Peteet, Peter, Peterman, Peters, Peterson, PETIT, Pettee, Petterson, Pettice, Pettigrue, Pettis, Pettit, Pettris, Pettus, PETTYGREW, Pevy, Peyton, PHAIR, Phanes, Phar, Pharr, PHARRINGTON, Pheanis, Phearis, Phelps, PHILIPS, Phillip, Phillips, Philpot, Phinazee, Phinizy, Phipps, Phips, Phoebus, Phoenis, PICKENS, Pickett, PICKRELL, Picquet, Pierce, Piggot, Piggott, Pinckney, Pinckston, Pinkerton, PINKSTON, Pinson, Pinter, PIPER, Piquet, PIRKEN'S, PIRKINS, Pitchford, Pitman, Pittard, Pittman, Pitts, Plant, Platt, Pleasant, Plumb, Plummer, Poag, Poage, Poague, PODA, Podah, Poder, Podey, Pody, Poe, Poeters, POGUE, Poiner, Pointer, Polack, Poland, Pollard, Ponder, Pool, Poole, Poor, Poore, POPE, PORDER, Porter, Porterfield, Porters, Portwood, Posey, Poss, Poteet, Potter, POTTS, Poulain, Poullain, POULLIAN, Pounds, Powel, POWELL, Powers, Poyner, Poynter, Poysur, Poythress, Poythriss, Prater, Prather, Pratt, Pray, Prestage, Prestidge, Preston, Prewett, Prewit, Prewitt, Price, Prince, Prine, PRITCHEN, Pritchett, Prockter, Procter, Proctor, Prophitt, Prudhomme, Prudhommer, Pruett, Pruitt, Pryor, Psalmonds, Pucket, Puckett, PUGH, Pulham, Pullam, Pullen, Pulliam, Pullin, Pullom, PULLUM, Purkins, Purnal, Puryear, Pusley, Pye, Quails, QUEARNS, QUEEN, Quern, QUERNS, Quigley, Quin, Quinlan, Quinn, Qurns, Rabun, Radcliff, Radford, Rafferty, Ragan, Ragans, RAGGAN, Ragland, Raglin, Ragsdales, Railey, Rain, Raine, Raines, Rainey, Rains, Rakestraw, Rambo, Ramey, Ramsey, Ramsort, Randal, Randall, Randle, Randolph, Raney, Ransom, Rasberry, RASBERY, Rasbury, Ratcliff, Ratleff, Ratliffe, Ravot, Ray, Raynor, Read, Ready, Rease, Reaves, Rebertson, REDDICK, Redick, REDOCK, REED, REES, Reeves, Regan, Regin, Reid, REILY, Reiser, Reisher, Rembert, Render, Renfroe, Reoynalds, RETHERFORD, REUBEN, Reveare, Reveire, Revere, Reves, Revier, Reviere, Revot, Rexey, REYNOLDS, RHENY, Rhodes, RIALS, Rice, Rich, Richards, RICHARDSON, RICHERSON, Richeson, Richey, Richmond, Rickason, Rickerson, Riddle, Riden, Ridley, Rie, RIESER, Rigans, Righley, Right, Riley, Rimes, Ringo, Ripley, Rives, Riviere, ROAN, Robarnet, Robbins, Roberson, ROBERTS, Robertson, Robeson, ROBINS, ROBINSON, Roby, Rockmore, Roddy, Roden, Rodes, Roe, Roger, ROGERS, Roles, Rolls, Rolston, Roly, Ronden, Rone, Ropers, Roqmore, Roquemore, Rorey, Rorie, Rory, ROSE, Roseborough, Rosee, Rosier, ROSS, Rossiter, Rounsvill, Roussau, Rouston, Routledge, Routon, Rowan, Rowden, Rowe, Rowland, Rowlett, Royland, Rozier, Rucker, Ruddell, Ruddle, Ruff, Ruling, Rumbley, Rumbly, Rumley, Rumsey, RUNALS, Runestraw, Runnalds, Runnals, Runnell, Runnells, Runnels, Runnolds, RUSHING, Rusier, Russell, Rustin, Ruston, Ruth, RUTHERFORD, Rutland, Rutledge, Ryalls, Ryan, Ryand, Ryland, RYLEY, Ryly, RYON, Saffold, Safford, Saggus, SAILORS, Sale, Sales, Sallis, Salmon, Salmonds, Salmons, SAMMONS, Sampson, Samson, Samuel, Sandeford, Sanders, Sandford, Sandifer, Sandiford, Sandra, Sandtford, Sanford, Sankey, Sansom, Sansorn, Sapp, Sappington, Sarlock, Satterwhite, Saunders, Sawyers, SAXON, Saxton, Scarlett, Schmidt, SCHRODER, Scoggin, Scotham, SCOTT, Scrine, Scrogin, Scudder, Scudders, Scuder, Scurlock, Seabury, Sead, Seagroves, Seal, SEALE, Seals, Seamore, Searring, Seay, Seers, Selfidy, Selfridge, Semmes, Semore, Sessions, Sessoms, Seth, Sewall, Sewel, Sewell, Sexton, Seybold, Seymour, Shackleford, Shacklegford, SHAFFER, Shaler, Shank, SHANNON, Shareman, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Shearer, Shearman, Sheats, Sheets, Sheffield, Sheftall, SHEILDS, Shelman, Shelton, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sheppeard, Shepperd, Sherburn, Sherburne, Sherer, SHERILL, Sherirell, Sherman, Sherod, SHERRAL, SHERRALL, Sherrel, Sherrell, SHERRELLS, Sherrer, Sherril, Sherrill, Sherrod, Sherror, Sherwood, Shick, Shields, Shipton, Shirley, Shirling, Shoemaker, Short, SHORTER, Shorts, Shriner, Shropshire, Shruptine, Shuffill, Shumate, Shuptrine, Sibert, SIDWELL, Sidworth, Sigman, Sikes, SILL, Silvey, Silvia, Silvy, Simmes, SIMMONS, SIMMS, Simon, Simons, Simonson, Simonton, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Singletary, Singleton, Sinkfield, Sirls, Sissom, SIZEMORE, Skinner, Slack, SLADE, Sladen, Slaik, Slaobyen, Slaten, Slater, Slaton, Slatter, Slaughter, Slaven, SLAYDEN, SLAYTON, Sleigh, Smallwood, Smart, Smelt, Smith, Smiths, Smoot, Smyth, SNEAD, Sneed, Snelson, Snider, Snow, Snyder, Solly, Sorrell, Sorrow, Southard, Spann, Sparkes, Sparks, Spear, Spearman, Speer, Spencer, Spiers, Spikes, Spradlin, Spradling, Spratlen, Spratlin, Spratling, Spree, Springer, Springers, Springfield, Spurlin, SPURLING, Spurlock, Sraing, ST ALMAND, St. CLARE, Stalker, Stalling, Stallings, Stallins, Stallions, Stamper, Standard, Standaw, Standley, STANDLY, Stanfield, STANLEY, STAPLER, Staples, Stapleton, Stark, STARKE, STARNES, Starns, Starr, Staten, Statham, Stathams, Staton, Stayton, Steed, Steel, Steele, Stephen, STEPHENS, Stephenson, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stibblefield, Stiles, Stinson, Stirk, Stith, Stocks, Stokes, STONE, Stonly, Stoval, Stovall, STOY, Street, Streetman, Striblin, STRIBLING, Stringer, STRINGFELLOW, Stripling, Strodor, Strong, Strother, Stroud, Strozer, Strozier, STUART, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Stuffs, Stuman, Sturges, Suart, Subtrine, Suddeth, Suddith, SUDDUTH, Sudlet, SUDWORTH, Sullivan, Summerlin, Summers, Summons, Suptrine, Surtza, Sutherland, Sutton, Swain, SWAN, Swann, Swanson, SWENEY, Swift, Swinney, Switcher, Switzer, Switzwer, Sword, Sybert, Sykes, SYMMONDS, Sympson, Taber, Tabert, Tabor, Tailor, Tait, Talbert, TALBOT, Talbott, Taliaferro, Tallent, Talley, Talliaferro, Tally, Talor, Tanchell, Taney, Tankersley, Tanner, Tanyard, Tarpley, Tarver, Tarvin, Tate, Tatom, Tatum, Tayler, TAYLOR, Teasley, Telfair, TELLEIR, Tellier, TEMPLETON, Tendall, Tennel, Tennill, Tennille, Terondet, Terondit, Terrell, Terrence, Terrill, TERRONDET, Terry, Tever, Theed, Therman, Thigpan, Thirman, THOMAS, Thomason, Thomeson, Thompkins, THOMPSON, Thomson, Thornhill, Thornton, Thrash, Thrasher, Threlkeld, Thrower, Thurman, Thurmand, Thurmon, THURMOND, Thweatt, Tibs, Tidwell, Tigsel, Tiler, Tilghman, Tiller, Tillery, TILLET, TILLETT, Tilley, Tillory, Tillot, Tindal, Tindall, Tindell, Tindill, Tiner, Tinsley, Tison, TOBBERT, Tod, Todd, TOLE, Toler, Toles, Tollet, Tollett, Tols, Tomas, Tomilson, Tomlinson, Tommas, Tompkins, Tomson, Tool, Toombs, Torrance, Torrence, Town, Townley, Towns, Townsend, Townson, Toxy, Tracy, Trailer, Trainer, Trammel, Trammell, Trammill, Trap, TRAPP, Travis, Trawick, Traylor, TREWET, Trewit, Trice, Trimble, Triplet, Triplett, Troup, Trouton, Troy, TRUAX, Truett, Truitt, Truman, Tuck, Tucker, Tuft, Tugel, Tuggle, Tuley, Tully, Tunstall, Tureman, Turk, Turley, Turman, Turner, Turpin, Tuttle, Tweedell, TWEEDLE, Twiggs, Twiner, Twining, Tyler, Tyson, UNDERWOOD, Updegraff, Upshaw, Upshier, Upton, Vaden, Vadon, Valentine, Van, Van Allen, Van Jemine, Vance, Vanderburgh, Vandivere, Vanhoose, Vann, Vanwinkle, VanZant, Vardeman, Varden, Vardman, Varmilion, Varner, Vaser, Vason, VASSER, Vaughn, Vaux, Veasey, Veasy, Veazy, Venable, Verdel, Verdell, Verden, Verdiman, Verner, Vernon, Vial, Vickers, Vieland, Vierny, Vincent, Vineyard, Vining, Vint, Violet, Virgin, Wadd, Waddell, Waddle, Wade, Wadkins, Wadsworth, Waggoner, Wagner, Wagnon, Wagoner, Wakefield, Walkall, WALKER, Wall, Wallace, Wallecon, Waller, Walling, Wallis, Wallow, Walls, Wally, Walser, Walsworth, Walth, Walton, WAMBERSIE, Wambosee, Ward, Ware, Waring, Warne, Warthen, Wasden, Washborn, Washburn, Washington, WATERS, WATKIN, WATKINS, Watley, WATSON, Watsons, WATSTEN, Watt, Watters, Watts, Wayne, Weatherby, Weatherford, Weatherly, Weatten, Weaver, WEBB, Webster, Weems, Welborn, Welborne, Welbourn, WELCH, Welcher, Wellborn, Wellborne, Wellbourne, Wellmaker, Wells, Welsher, Werthington, Wesley, West, WESTBROOK, Whaley, Wharry, WHATLEY, Whealer, WHEALY, WHEAT, Wheatley, Wheats, Wheelas, Wheeler, Wheeles, Wheelis, Wheelwright, WHEET, Wheetley, Where, Whicker, WHITACRE, Whitaker, WHITE, Whitefield, Whiteker, Whiteside, Whitfield, Whitlet, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitney, Whitsell, Whitsill, Whittaker, WIATT, Wicker, WICKERSHAM, Wideman, Wilbarviere, Wilborn, WILBORNE, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Wilburn, Wilcher, Wilde, Wilder, Wiler, Wiley, Wilhite, Wilie, Wilkenson, Wilkerson, Wilkes, WILKEY, WILKINS, Wilkinson, Willborn, Willbourn, Willey, Willia, William, WILLIAMS, Williamson, Willie, Willin, Willingham, Willis, Willoby, Wills, WILLSON, Wilmoth, Wilmouth, Wilsher, WILSHIRE, WILSON, Wimbush, Winder, Winfrey, Wingfield, Winn, Winney, Winslow, Winsted, Winston, Winters, WISE, Wiseman, Witich, Witt, Wittich, Witzell, Wodsworth, Wolf, Wolfe, Womack, WOOD, WOODALL, Woodard, Woodberry, Wooddy, WOODLE, Woodroff, Woodroof, Woodroofs, Woodrough, Woodruff, WOODS, Woodson, Woodward, Woodworth, Woody, Woolbridge, Woolbright, Wooldridge, Woolf, Woolley, Woolmaker, Wooten, Wooton, Wootone, WOOTTEN, Woottens, Woottert, Wordall, Worrel, Worrell, Worsham, Wortham, Worthen, Wray, Wright, Wyatt, Wyche, Wylie, Wylley, Wynn, Wynne, Wyott, Yambert, Yampert, Yancey, Yancy, Yarborough, Yarbrough, Yearnest, Yerberry, York, Yorke, Young, Zachry, Zellers, Zellner, Zimmerman, Zoslene, Zubar,