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History and Reminiscences of Dougherty Co., Ga.


And Reminiscences of







This is a 442 page book with a new 30 page index.

Table of Contents:

Title Page



List of Illustrations

Introduction, By Joseph S. Davis

Dougherty County, By Lucian Lamar Knight

History and Reminiscences of Dougherty County

Old Settlers of Albany

Georgia Laws, 1853,

Act Creating Dougherty County.

Georgia Laws, 1838,

Act to Incorporate the Town of Albany.

History of Albany, By General Henry Morgan

Trials of Pioneers When Dougherty and Albany Were

Young, By Miss Rosa Woolfolk

What Life Was Like in Albany in the 'Forties, By Mrs.

Adelaide E. Jackson

(Reprinted from Herald, October, 1907.)

From the Diary of An Albanian of Early Days, By Mrs.

Rosa J. Hilsman

Relics of the Red Man, By H. T. McIntosh

A. W. Muse Collection of Indian Relics

Kennard's Settlement

Old Bridge Was Social Center of Albany, By N. F. Tift

Old Albany, By Miss Emma R. Sutton

Some Albany Papers of 1885

Many Scenes and Events of Long Ago, By Mrs. C. M. Clark

Events of Twenty three Years Ago

Albanian of Forty Years Ago Recalls Old Times

Dougherty County Officers

Albany Postmasters

Officials of the City of Albany

Some of Albany's Mayors

Dougherty's Physicians, Past and Present

The Albany Bar

Prominent Citizens of the Past

The Jew in Albany, By Edmund A. Landau

Education in. Dougherty County, By S. R. deJarnette

Parent Teacher Association

Georgia Chautauqua

History of C. L. S. C. of Albany Womans Club, By Mrs. S. J. Jones

Albany Churches

Dougherty's Women During the '60's and After, By Mrs.W. L. Davis

The Jefferson Davis Chapter, Children of the Confederacy

Women's Organizations

Thronateeska Chapter, D. A. R., with Sketches of Regents

Commodore Richard Dale Chapter, D. A. R.

The Albany Womans Club, By Mrs. S. J. Jones

History of Albany Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1906 1923

Pilot Club

American Legion Auxiliary

Hotels, Banks and Newspapers

Transportation and Water Power


The Paper Shell Pecan

Some Albany Fairs of Long Ago

Carnegie Free Library

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Young Men's Christian Association

Unselfish Helpers

Associated Charities

Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls

Albany's Climate

Albany Parks

Blue Springs

Oakview Cemetery

Iris Court

Albany's First Brick Residence

The Military History of Dougherty County

What Dougherty's Women Did During the '60's and After, By Mrs. W. L. Davis

Albany Guards 0

Muster Roll Co. K, Dougherty Greys

The Nelson Rangers

Co. C, 2nd Georgia Cavalry

Muster Roll of Dougherty Hussars, 1861

List of Govt. Officials in Albany, Ga., Oct. 13, 1864

The War With Spain, and Mexican Border Service

World War

In Memoriam

Poem, "In Memoriam," By Maude Dillard Morris


Story of First Automobile in Albany

The Negro in Albany


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