DMK Heritage

History of Tazewell County, Ill
















This 963 page book contains a 59 page index. The original book contained 794 pages (no index).





Illinois Confederacy

Starved Rock

Sacs and Foxes

Manners and Customs

Single-handed Combat with Indians


Nicholas Perrot

Joliet and Marquette

LaSalle's Explorations

Great Battle of the Illinois

Tonti safe at Green Bay

LaSalle's Assassination


First Settlements

The Mississippi Company


Gen. Clark's Exploits


County of Illinois


Ordinance of 1787

St. Clair Governor of N. W. Territory



Massacre of Fort Dearborn

Expeditions up the Mississippi



Derivation of the name Illinois

State Bank

LaFayette's Visit

Grammar and Cook contrasted


Winnebago War


Stillman's Run

Battle of Bad Axe

Black Hawk Captured

Biographical Sketch of Black Hawk

FROM 1634 TO 1842

Internal Improvements

Illinois and Michigan Canal

Martyr for Liberty




Battle of Buena Vista


States Seceding

The Fall of Sumter

Call for Troops promptly answered

The War ended -The Union restored

Schedule of Regiments






Lieutenant Governors

State Officials

U. S. Senators

Representatives in Congress


The Great Fire

Commerce of Chicago




Settlement and Organization

LaSalle's Explorations

The War of 1812

The Pioneers

Organization of the County

First Mill

A few First Things

The Deep Snow

Sudden Change

High Water

The Beautiful Prairies

CHAPTER II. Important Labors of the County Commissioner's Court

CHAPTER III. Black Hawk War


CHAPTER V. Zoology and Botany

CHAPTER VI. Criminal Record

CHAPTER VII. Important Labors of the Board of Supervisors

CHAPTER VIII Blooded Stock

CHAPTER IX. Under-ground Railroad

CHAPTER X Pioneer Life

CHAPTER XI. The Rebellion Tazewell County Volunteers

CHAPTER XII Tazewell County Bar





Deer Creek



Elm Grove

Fond duLac




Little Mackinaw





Sand Prairie

Spring Lake



CHAPTER XIV. County Officials and Political History; Election Returns


Pekin Times

Tazewell County Republican

Washington Herald

Delavan Advertiser

Delavan Times

Minier News

Tazewell Independent

Legal Tender

Freie Presse


I., B. & W. Ry

P., P & J. R. R

C., A. & St. L. R. R .

P., L. & D. Ry.

T., P. & W. RY

Ill. Midland IR. R

C., P. & S. W. R. R


Starved Rock

An Iroquois Chief

Gen. Geo. R. Clark

Gen. Arthur St. Clair

Old Fort Dearborn

Old Kinzie House


Black Hawk

C., R. I. & P. R. R. Depot

Eye and Ear Infirmary

Deaf and Dumb Institute

Scene on Fox River

Lincoln Monument

Asylum for Feeble Minded

Southern Normal University

Central Insane Hospital

Industrial University

Exposition Building

LaSalle Street Tunnel

The Crib


Map of Tazewell County


Allensworth, W. P.; Alfs, Gerd; Bacon E. H.; Bemis, T. K.; Bequeaith, John; Bequeaith, Elizabeth; Brenneman, Jacob; Claton, John; Crabb, Daniel; Cobleigh, G. R; Crawford, James; Darah, Robert; Frey, Rudolph; Gaines, John; Golden, C. L; Golden, Mrs. Eliza B.; Griesemer, Adam; Haas, Eli; Haas, Ann Catherine; Haas, Edward; Hall, Ira B.; Hill, Nehemiah; Hill, Emily; Hippen, H. W.; Hoffman, John; Ireland, Francis; Irwin, Joe B; Larimore, Timothy; Lindsey, James A; Lindsey, Jean; Luppen, Luppe; McDowell, Mrs. Kitty; McKinstry, John; Marshall, Horace S; Martin, James P; Minier, Geo. W; Minier, Sarah; Minier, T. L; Minier, Ellen; Nichols, Geo; Orendorff, G. P; Rankin, Daniel M ; Rankin, John S; Reardon, John; Rundle, William; Shurtleff, Flavel; Smith, D. C.; Smith, Fred; Smith, Ties; Stoehr, George; Stoehr, Mary M.; Studyvin, John; Wilson, Dr. R. B. M.; Woods Abraham; Woods Harriet M.; Wood, Dr. E. F.; Zinger, Louis


Laws, Jurisdiction of Court, County Courts, Com. of Highways, Fences, Drainage, Trespass of Stock, Estrays, Horses, Marks and Brands, Articles of Agreements, Notes, Judgment Note, Interest, Wills, Descent, Deeds, Mortgages and Trust Deeds, Trust Deeds, Leins, Bill of Sale, Days of Grace, Limitation of Action, Receipts , Exemptions from Forced Sales, Landlords and Tenants, Criminal Law, Taxes, Subscription, Contract for Personal Services, Newspaper Libel, Lender, Drunkenness, Marriage Contract, School Months, Infants , Adoption of Children, Church Organizations, Game, Millers, Paupers, Public and Private Conveyances, Wages and Stakeholders, Sunday, Definition of Commercial Terms, Legal Weights and Measures, Bee, Dogs, Cruelty to Animals, Names, U. S. Mails, Rates of Postage, Rates of Postage on Third-Class Matter, Registered Matter, Money Orders.


Abbey. Abbott. Aberle. Ackerman. Ackerson. Ackley. Adams. Ahrens. Aikens. Ail. Akens. Akin. Albertson. Albin. Albright. Albro. Aldrich. Aldridge. Alexander. Alfred. Alfs. Alien. Allbright. Allee. Allen. Allens. Allensworth. Allgood. Allison. Allouez. Alphonso. Altess. Alvord. Alyea. Ambrose. Ames. Ammerman. Ammon. Amsbary. Amsbury. Anderson. Andress. Andrews. Angler. Angstein. Ankeney. Ankney. Anno. Ansell. Anthony. Aplegate. App. Appenzeller. Applegate. Appleton. Archer. Armington. Armour. Armstrong. Arnold. Arnote. Arnott. Ary. Ashburn. Ashby. Ashmore. Athens. Atkins. Atkinson. Aubray. Aukey. Auld. Austin. Avas. Avery. Aydelott. Ayers. Ayres. Babb. Babbitt. Babcock. Bachman. Backus. Bacon. Bagby. Bagler. Bahrens. Bailache. Bailey. Baily. Baines. Baird. Baker. Baldwin. Ball. Ballard. Balwin. Bamber. Bandy. Bane. Bangs. Banker. Banks. Banner. Baptiste. Barber. Bard. Barefoot. Barger. Baricks. Baring. Barker. Barkmeyer. Barkmier. Barland. Barlow. Barnard. Barnes. Barnett. Barnum. Barr. Barraton. Barrere. Barrett. Barrick. Barron. Bartels. Bartholomew. Bartleson. Bartlett. Bartley. Barto. Barton. Bartram. Bartzfield. Bascom. Basquin. Bass. Bassett. Bateman. Bates. Baughman. Bauler. Bayler. Baylor. Beach. Beadle. Beagle. Beahler. Beal. Beale. Beals. Bean. Beanchamp. Bear. Beard. Beathan. Beaver. Beavers. Beck. Becker. Beckley. Beckly. Beckwith. Becroft. Bedford. Beecher. Beekman. Beezeley. Beezley. Beezly. Behrend. Behrens. Beimfohr. Belchy. Bell. Bellair. Belsley. Belsly. Beman. Bemis. Benford. Bengal. Beninger. Bennett. Bennison. Bensel. Benson. Bentley. Benton. Bequeaith. Bequeath. Bergen. Berghet. Bergstresser. Berket. Bernard. Berry. Bertlitt. Besau. Betcher. Bethard. Better. Betterling. Betty. Beuhrig. Bever. Beveredge. Beveridge. Biggerstaff. Biggins. Bigler. Bildhoff. Billingsly. Bilyieu. Bird. Birkbeck. Birke. Birkett. Birkey. Birky. Biser. Bishop. Bissell. Bitter. Black. Black Hawk. Black Partridge. Blackburn. Blackfords. Blacks. Blackwell. Blair. Blake. Blaken. Blanchard. Blanche. Bland. Blankinship. Blanton. Blazier. Blenkiron. Bliss. Blizzard. Block. Bloom. Bloomshine. Blossom. Blunt. Bly. Boening. Bogardus. Boggess. Boice. Bolton. Bond. Bondurant. Bonk. Bontz. Bonurant. Booher. Boon. Boone. Booth. Bootz. Bordridge. Bortzfield. Boshow. Bosier. Botham. Botzfield. Boucher. Boughman. Bouham. Bounder. Bourland. Bouton. Bowen. Bower. Bowers. Bowes. Bowles. Bowlsby. Bowman. Bowyer. Boyce. Boyd. Boyer. Boyle. Boyles. Boynton. Brack. Bracken. Brackett. Bradburn. Bradbury. Bradfield. Bradle. Bradley. Bradshaw. Brady. Bragg. Branson. Brauer. Brausau. Breacher. Breaden. Brearley. Breckenridge. Breen. Breese. Brem. Brennamann. Brenneman. Brenner. Brentano. Brewer. Brich. Brickle. Bridge. Bridges. Bridgewater. Brien. Brier. Briggs. Brigham. Bright. Brighton. Brikett. Brinistol. Brison. Bristol. Britt. Britton. Brock. Brockman. Brockway. Brodie. Brodrick. Brokaw. Bromwell. Bronson. Brontage. Brookins. Brooks. Bross. Brower. Brown. Browning. Brownlee. Broyhill. Bruce. Bruchher. Bruk. Brumstead. Brunner. Bruns. Brusboom. Bryan. Bryant. Bryen. Bryner. Bryson. Buchanan. Buchele. Bucher. Buck. Buckingham. Buckley. Buckman. Buckstone. Buehrig. Bufford. Buford. Buggs. Bulger. Bullock. Bums. Bumstead. Bunker. Bunn. Burchard. Burgeon. Burgess. Burgoyne. Burhans. Burk. Burke. Burkey. Burkhardt. Burky. Burleson. Burlingame. Burnes. Burnett. Burns. Burr. Burroughs. Burrow. Burrows. Burt. Burtan. Burton. Burus. Burwell. Bush. Bushnell. Butler. Butterweck. Butts. Buxton. Byers. Bynum. Cadwell. Cady. Caldwell. Cale. Caledonia. Calhoun. Callahan. Callaway. Calvert. Cameron. Camlin. Camp. Campbell. Campman. Cane. Cannon. Canon. Cantrell. Cappilo. Capps. Capron. Carett. Carey. Carl. Carlin. Carlock. Carman. Carmichael. Carpenter. Carr. Carrett. Carrol. Carroll. Carson. Carter. Cartwright. Cary. Case. Casey. Cash. Cassel. Cassen. Cassle. Caster. Castle. Casto. Caswell. Cathar. Caton. Cauldron. Caulfield. Cavanaugh. Cavin. Cazey. Centmeyer. Chaffee. Chaffer. Chain. Chainey. Chamberlain. Chamberlaine. Chambers. Champion. Chancey. Chandeler. Chandler. Chaplain. Chaplin. Chapman. Chariton. Charles. Chase. Chauncy. Chawry. Cheal. Cheever. Cheney. Chenoweth. Chesbrough. Cheshier. Chester. Chilton. Christopher. Chumoker. Chunnery. Church. Churchwell. Clamon. Clark. Clarke. Clarkson. Claton. Clauser. Clauson. Clawson. Clay. Clayton. Cleaveland. Clegg. Clemens. Clement. Clements. Cleveland. Clifton. Cline. Clines. Clinton. Cloud. Cloudas. Coal. Cobb. Cobean. Cobleigh. Cochran. Cockefair. Cockrell. Codding. Coddington. Coffee. Coffey. Coffman. Coggins. Coggswell. Cohenoar. Cohenour. Cohrs. Colbert. Colburn. Cole. Coleman. Coler. Coles. Colgan. Collins. Collison. Colloway. Colmery. Colquitt. Colville. Colvin. Conant. Conibear. Conkle. Conklin. Conley. Connell. Conner. Connor. Conrad. Constable. Cook. Cooley. Coombs. Cooney. Coons. Cooper. Coopes. Copeland. Copes. Copie. Coplen. Coplin. Copps. Corbin. Corder. Corey. Coriley. Corley. Cornelius. Cornwell. Correll. Corsley. Corwin. Cory. Costly. Cothreal. Cotton. Cottrell. Couch. Cover. Cowdrey. Cowdry. Cowen. Cowhart. Cox. Coyne. Crabb. Crabtree. Crade. Craft. Crafton. Craig. Cral. Cram. Cramer. Crandall. Crandell. Crane. Cratchett. Cratty. Crawford. Crawl. Creager. Crebs. Creed. Creekmur. Cregg. Cress. Crews. Crihfield. Crisp. Criswell. Crocker. Croell. Croker. Cromwell. Crooks. Cropsy. Crosby. Crosley. Crosly. Cross. Crossman. Crothers. Crouse. Crow. Crozat. Cufaude. Culbertson. Cullnan. Cullom. Culp. Culton. Culver. Cumming. Cummings. Cunig. Cunningham. Curl. Curran. Curry. Cursman. Curtis. Cushman. Cutcomb. Cutler. Dablon. Daget. Daggett. Daily. Dalbey. Dalby. Dallas. Daly. Daman. Damm. Damson. Dand. Dane. Danforth. Daniel. Daniels. Darah. Darchner. Dare. Darley. Darling. Darmstadt. Darnall. Darnell. Daugherty. Daum. Davenport. Davidson. Davies. Davin. Davis. Davison. Day. Dazey. Dean. Deball. Debolt. Decker. Dehalderman. Dehority. Dehwert. DeLacy. DeLamater. Delaney. Delavan. Dement. Demming. Demorest. Dempsey. Denhard. Denhart. Denniel. Denning. Dennis. Denny. Densmore. Detwilda. Devillbis. Devinney. Devinny. Devoe. Devore. DeVries. Deyo. Dick. Dicken. Dickeson. Dickey. Dickinson. Dickman. Dickson. Didcock. Dietrich. Dillon. Dillons. Dills. Dirks. Dirling. Disbrow. Dissman. Divine. Diviney. Divinney. Dixon. Dobsone. Docker. Dodd. Dodds. Dodge. Dodson. Doll. Dollins. Doman. Donalson. Donelson. Donigan. Donley. Donnell. Donohue. Doolittle. Dorrence. Dorsett. Dorsey. Dosier. Dosse. Doty. Dougherty. Douglas. Doward. Dowdall. Doyle. Drace. Drake. Draper. Dreier. Dresser. Dressier. Drew. Drey. Driscoll. Driver. Drovers. Druckhouse. Drummond. Dubois. Duenening. Duff. Duffield. Duffy. Dugger. DuHaut. Duke. Dummer. Duncan. Dunham. Dunley. Dunmur. Dunn. Dunnigan. Dunnington. Dupree. Durfee. Durham. Durnan. Dusenberry. Dustin. Duvall. Dwyer. Dyer. Eade. Eades. Eads. Eagleson. Eakin. Eamon. Eantzi. Earnest. Earp. Easton. Eaton. Eberling. Edds. Eddy. Eden. Edes. Edgar. Edmiston. Edsall. Edson. Edwards. Edworthy. Eger. Egger. Eggman. Egman. Ehlen. Ehrhard. Ehrmannadrant. Eichlieber. Eickhardt. Eidman. Eidmann. Eikelberner. Eisele. Eisener. Ekel. Ekrhart. Elbe. Elder. Elledge. Ellenbocker. Eller. Elliott. Ellis. Ellison. Elliston. Elmore. Elson. Ely. Emens. Emerson. Emiltan. Engel. Engle. English. Ennis. Enslow. Ensmann. Erie. Erlicher. Erwin. Espy. Estes. Etter. Etzler. Evans. Everest. Everet. Everhart. Eversole. Evins. Ewing. Eyers. Eyger. Eyler. Eyrse. Fagg. Failor. Fairchild. Falor. Falton. Fanning. Farish. Farlar. Farmer. Farnham. Farnsworth. Farnswoth. Farquhar. Farran. Farrar. Farrell. Farrow. Farwell. Fatten. Fay. Feehan. Feely. Fehrmann. Fellows. Feltman. Fen. Ferguson. Ferner. Fernes. Ferree. Fessler. Few. Fiegenbaum. Field. Fifer. Figens. Filer. Finigan. Finklin. Finks. Finlay. Finley. Finnigan. Fish. Fisher. Fisk. Fitch. Fitzgerald. Fitzpatrick. Flagg. Flaglee. Flanniken. Flanniker. Flegel. Fleming. Flemings. Fleniken. Flennakin. Fleshen. Fletcher. Fletmeyer. Fliagle. Flinn. Florry. Flovey. Flower. Floyd. Fluel. Fluss. Fluth. Flynn. Flynt. Folk. Folkers. Fonda. Foot. Forbes. Ford. Forester. Forner. Fornof. Forquer. Forsythe. Fort. Foster. Fouke. Fowler. Fox. Franklin. Franks. Fraze. Frazee. Frazer. Frazier. Frederick. Fredrick. Freeman. Freezer. Freibelin. Fremont. French. Frey. Fricke. Frie. Friedinger. Friend. Frink. Frisby. Frock. Frontenac. Fruman. Fry. Frye. Fuchs. Fuld. Fulford. Fuller. Fullerton. Fultz. Fumal. Funk. Funkhouser. Furguerson. Fuss. Gable. Gaengel. Gainer. Gaines. Gaither. Galbraith. Galbreth. Gale. Gallo. Gallop. Gant. Garber. Gard. Gardiner. Gardner. Garland. Garlick. Garretson. Garrett. Garrison. Garritt. Garrrison. Gaskill. Gaston. Gates. Gatlin. Gatlis. Gaudy. Gaunt. Gay. Gaylord. Gehrig. Geiger. Geis. Geiser. Geit. Genoways. Gensett. George. Gerard. Gerrety. Gholstan. Gibault. Gibbons. Gibbs. Giblin. Gibson. Giebe. Gifford. Gilbert. Gilbreath. Gilchrist. Gilcrest. Giles. Gill. Gille. Gillett. Gillon. Gillroy. Gillum. Gilmer. Gilmore. Gilston. Gingrey. Glase. Glasheen. Glass. Glassgow. Glaze. Glazowsky. Gleason. Glegg. Glenn. Glenns. Glodfelter. Glolfetter. Glotfelter. Glover. Goad. Goff. Goffinett. Golden. Goltry. Gongloff. Gooch. Goodal. Goodale. Goodman. Goodrich. Goodwin. Goodyear. Gorage. Gordon. Gorin. Gorman. Gove. Gowdy. Grady. Graf. Graham. Grammar. Grant. Graves. Gravett. Gray. Greeley. Green. Greenan. Greenham. Greenleaf. Gregg. Gregory. Greigg. Greisser. Grenard. Grenetie. Greon. Greuel. Greusel. Gridley. Grier. Griesemer. Griffen. Griffey. Griffin. Griffith. Griggs. Grimwood. Griswold. Groff. Grondenburg. Gross. Groundt. Grove. Grover. Groves. Grubb. Grumbach. Gucker. Guild. Guile. Guinnip. Gulick. Gulon. Gunnell. Gunthert. Gurrety. Gute. Guth. Guthrie. Guy. Guyre. Haas. Habberfield. Hackelton. Hackett. Hackney. Hadley. Haedicke. Haffner. Hafleger. Hafliger. Hailey. Hailman. Hain. Haines. Hainline. Hainlines. Haley. Hall. Hallinan. Halsey. Hames. Hamilton. Hamlin. Hamm. Hammer. Hammers. Hammond. Hample. Hampson. Hamptman. Hampton. Hamrick. Hamson. Hanaghan. Hancock. Hand. Handberry. Handsacker. Handsaker. Haney. Hanger. Hanks. Hanlin. Hanna. Hannagan. Hannig. Hannon. Hanns. Hanson. Happeney. Harbaugh. Harbert. Harbin. Harbinson. Harbison. Hardin. Harding. Hardy. Hariott. Harkey. Harkness. Harlan. Harland. Harlow. Harman. Harmon. Harms. Harmus. Harrington. Harriott. Harris. Harrison. Harsh. Hart. Hartezell. Hartly. Hartman. Hartshorn. Hartzell. Harvey. Harwood. Haslip. Hass. Hatch. Hatcher. Hatfield. Hathaway. Hatter. Hauck. Hauer. Haughtaling. Hauter. Havenhill. Havens. Havermale. Hawk. Hawkins. Hawks. Hawley. Hawser. Hay. Hayes. Hayne. Hayner. Haynes. Haypenny. Hays. Hayward. Hayword. Hazard. Heald. Heaney. Heath. Heaton. Heck. Heckard. Hecker. Heckman. Hedrick. Heenan. Height. Heilman. Heilmann. Heiner. Heintz. Heiple. Heisel. Helm. Helmbolt. Helmreich. Helsh. Hempstead. Hemstreet. Hencle. Hendershot. Henderson. Hendricks. Hendrickson. Hendrix. Heninger. Henkel. Henkle. Hennepin. Henning. Henry. Henshaw. Hensinger. Henslee. Heoffman. Hepperly. Herbert. Herget. Herman. Hermann. Herndon. Herring. Herrmann. Herrott. Hervey. Hess. Hession. Heuston. Heyers. Hibbard. Hibbards. Hibbetts. Hickey. Hicks. Hieronymus. Hiett. Hiffen. Higgens. Higgins. Higginson. Highland. Hight. Hilbert. Hilderbrand. Hile. Hill. Hills. Hilt. Hinch. Hinckly. Hindbaugh. Hindman. Hiner. Hines. Hinges. Hinkle. Hinman. Hinsey. Hinson. Hiple. Hippen. Hiram. Hiscock. Hiscox. Hisel. Hisle. Hite. Hitt. Hittle. Hobart. Hobbs. Hobert. Hoblet. Hoblit. Hobort. Hoby. Hochstadler. Hochstettler. Hocken. Hodge. Hodges. Hodgeson. Hodgland. Hodgson. Hodgsons. Hodson. Hoehley. Hofer. Hoff. Hoffes. Hoffman. Hoffmann. Hoffner. Hoge. Hohl. Hokamp. Holcomb. Holden. Holder. Hole. Holl. Holland. Hollywood. Holmes. Holsopple. Holt. Holtcamp. Holton. Holverstoll. Honner. Hood. Hook. Hoops. Hooten. Hoover. Hopkins. Hopman. Horn. Hornback. Hornish. Horton. Hosey. Hossert. Hough. Houghton. Hougle. Houston. Hover. Hovey. Howard. Howe. Howel. Howell. Howland. Hoyt. Hubbard. Hudley. Hudlow. Hudson. Huget. Huggins. Hughes. Huguet. Huhn. Huhu. Hukiel. Hulbig. Hull. Humbert. Humphreo. Humphrey. Hungerford. Hunt. Hunter. Huntley. Hurd. Hurlbut. Hurn. Hurst. Huscham. Huston. Hutchinson. Hutchison. Huxtable. Hyde. Ickes. Iliff. Ilift. Imhoff. Imig. Ingalls. Ingersoll. Intzi. Ireland. Ironmonger. Irons. Irwin. Isabelle. Isenberg. Isham. Italin. Iwig. Jackel. Jackson. Jacob. Jacobs. Jacobus. Jacquim. Jaeggi. Jager. James. Jameson. Janes. Jansen. Jaquess. Jarvis. Jelly. Jenkins. Jenks. Jewett. Johannes. Johns. Johnson. Johnsons. Joliet. Jolly. Jones. Jordan. Jordon. Joyslin. Judd. Judy. Junker. Jutzic. Kahill. Kahn. Kalmbuch. Kampf. Kampmeier. Kane. Kapp. Karg. Karr. Kastens. Kauffman. Kaufman. Kaurman. Kayser. Kearmy. Keates. Keefe. Keefer. Keeler. Keener. Keith. Keithly. Kelch. Keller. Kelley. Kellogg. Kelly. Kelso. Kemp. Kemper. Kennedy. Kenney. Kenyon. Kepcha. Kepler. Kerman. Kern. Kerr. Kessler. Ketchum. Ketz. Keyes. Keys. Keyser. Kibby. Kice. Kickler. Kiff. Kilby. Killpatrick. Killum. Kilpatrick. Kimler. Kimmins. Kindle. Kines. King. Kingdom. Kingman. Kingsbury. Kinkhead. Kinman. Kinney. Kinsey. Kinsinger. Kinzey. Kinzie. Kipcha. Kipp. Kirk. Kirkham. Kirsehner. Kisel. Kitchell. Kizer. Klein. Kline. Klines. Klingenberg. Klok. Knapp. Knott. Knox. Koch. Kock. Koerner. Kohler. Kolb. Kolp. Koons. Koontz. Koozer. Kopp. Kownslor. Kraeger. Kraft. Kramer. Krater. Kratzer. Krenser. Kress. Kriell. Kruze. Kubbacher. Kuchule. Kueffner. Kuhl. Kuhn. Kulper. Kuly. Kunner. Kuykandall. Kyes. Lackey. Lackland. Lafever. Lahargonette. Lahnes. Laing. Lamason. Lamb. Lamborn. Lamm. Lampet. Lampett. Lamphier. Lamplin. Lancaster. Lance. Land. Landan. Lander. Landes. Landet. Lands. Landwith. Lane. Laney. Lang. Langley. Lansing. Lanson. Lantz. Lappin. Larimore. Larish. Larkin. Larrimore. LaSalle. Laspe. Latham. Lathrop. Laton. Latta. Laughery. Lautz. Law. Lawler. Lawrence. Lawrentz. Lawson. Lawton. Layhe. Layten. Layton. Le Mai. Leach. Learks. Leary. Leaser. Leatherwood. Lederer. Lederman. Ledterman. Lee. Leech. Leeper. Leesman. Left. Legesser. Leggett. Lehman. Leise. Leister. Lemon. Lenard. Leonard. Leonards. Leoni. Leotot. Leslie. Letsey. Levans. Levi. Lewis. Leyston. Lidle. Liester. Light. Lightcap. Lightsey. Lightwine. Lillie. Lilly. Linbarger. Lincoln. Linder. Lindley. Lindly. Lindsay. Lindsey. Linek. Ling. Linn. Linter. Linton. Lipp. Litlar. Little. Little Priest. Livesay. Livingston. Lloyd. Loapman. Lock. Lockwood. Logan. Lohnes. Lombard. Long. Longacre. Longsmith. Look. Loomis. Looney. Loop. Looschen. Lord. Lorenson. Lorrin. Lott. Lotta. Lotz. Louey. Loutz. Lovejoy. Low. Lowe. Lowell. Lower. Lowery. Lowman. Lowry. Loy. Loyd. Loyno. Lucas. Luft. Lugans. Lunn. Luppen. Lupper. Lusk. Luter. Lutjens. Lutz. Lux. Lyford. Lyle. Lymonds. Lynch. Lyon. Lyons. Lytwiler. Mace. Mack. Mackey. Macy. Madden. Maddox. Maddux. Madison. Magee. Magenheimer. Maggin. Mahan. Mahle. Mahoney. Mahood. Maines. Major. Ma-Ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiah. Malick. Mallory. Malone. Maloney. Mananville. Mandiville. Mankee. Manker. Manning. Mans. Mansion. Mantion. Mapes. Maple. Maranville. Marion. Mark. Marley. Marlin. Marmaduke. Marquardt. Marquette. Marrs. Mars. Marsh. Marshall. Martin. Martins. Marvin. Masey. Mason. Masser. Massie. Masters. Mathews. Mathewson. Matteson. Matthews. Mauck. Mauker. Mauly. Maurer. Maus. Maxon. May. Mayerhoff. Mayes. Mc Nutt. McAlister. McAllister. McArthur. McBride. McCabe. McCain. McCance. McCarmack. McCarthy. McCarty. McCary. McChain. McChesney. McClellan. McClelland. McClellen. McClernand. McClernard. McClintock. McClung. McClure. McCofferty. McColgan. McCollister. McColyon. McConkie. McConnell. McCook. McCord. McCorkle. McCormack. McCormic. McCormick. McCoy. McCray. McCrea. McCreary. McCulloch. McCullough. McCune. McCurdy. McCutcheon. McDaniel. McDonald. McDougal. McDougall. McDowell. McElhany. McFadden. McFadin. McFall. McFarland. McGalliard. McGee. McGhee. McGin. McGinnis. McGovern. McGrath. McGregor. McGrew. McIntire. McIntosh. McJunkins. McKassen. McKasson. McKay. McKeaig. McKee. McKenzie. McKibben. McKinstry. McKinzie. McKnight. McLaughlin. McLean. McLeashes. McMackin. McManis. McMullen. McMurtry. McNaughton. McNeal. McNeely. McNulta. McNutt. McPeak. McQuality. McQueen. McQuinn. McRoberts. McShaul. McTernin. McVeagh. Meador. Meads. Means. Mears. Meckley. Meek. Meeker. Meer. Mehan. Meisinger. Melford. Melick. Mell. Membre. Menard. Mendell. Mercer. Merchant. Merion. Merithew. Meriweather. Merkee. Merriam. Merrick. Merriman. Merris. Merryfield. Merryman. Messinger. Metcalf. Metz. Metzger. Metzler. Meuk. Meyer. Meyers. Mhipp. Miars. Michael. Mickil. Mickle. Middlecoff. Middleton. Mielick. Mihigan. Miler. Miles. Miller. Milligan. Mills. Milner. Milsap. Milton. Minard. Minch. Miner. Minier. Minnich. Minty. Mishler. Mitchel. Mitchell. Moberry. Mobley. Moffatt. Moloney. Monday. Mondy. Monro. Montague. Montgomery. Montross. Mooberry. Moody. Moore. Moorhead. Mora. Morehead. Moreland. Morey. Morgan. Morganstein. Morley. Morrell. Morrill. Morris. Morrisey. Morrison. Morse. Mortimer. Morton. Moschel. Mose. Mosely. Moseman. Mosley. Moss. Mosselmen. Most. Moulton. Mount. Mountjoy. Mounts. Mowery. Mowrery. Moyer. Muckey. Mueller. Mullen. Muller. Mulligan. Mullin. Mullins. Muloane. Multen. Mulvahill. Mulvey. Munder. Mundy. Munroe. Munsell. Munson. Murdock. Murphy. Murray. Murtogh. Music. Musick. Musselman. Mutter. Myerpefer. Myers. Myres. Naffziger. Nale. Nance. Narni. Nash. Nason. Nave. Navin. Naylor. Neal. Neale. Neavar. Needles. Neef. Neele. Neeley. Neisen. Nelson. Nesbit. Neville. Newbanks. Newberry. Newell. Newkirk. Newman. Newton. Nicholas. Nichols. Nicholson. Nievar. Niles. Nimmo. Nixon. Noble. Noblesdorff. Noel. Nofsinger. Nolan. Norman. Norris. North. Norton. Norvelle. Nunke. Oakley. Oatman. Oberman. O'Brian. O'Brien. O'Conor. Odin. Oelschlegel. Oesterley. Offutt. Oft. Ogden. Ogee. Oglesby. Ohite. O'Lary. Old Machina. Oldmann. O'Leary. Oliver. Olliver. Olmstead. Olmsted. Olney. Olslagle. Olson. Oltmanns. O'Mera. Omish. O'Neil. Opdyke. Orendorff. Orme. Orndorff. Ornofield. Orr. Orrell. Orth. Orwin. Osborn. Osborne. Oschmann. O'Shanter. Oswald. Ott. Ottman. Owen. Owens. Paddicks. Page. Paine. Paisely. Pallister. Palmer. Park. Parke. Parker. Parkinson. Parks. Parlier. Parlin. Parmelee. Parmerlee. Parr. Parsons. Patchin. Patrick. Patten. Patterson. Patton. Paugh. Paul. Pautz. Pawson. Payne. Pearce. Pearl. Pearson. Peavine. Pemberton. Pembrock. Pence. Penfield. Peninger. Pennington. Percey. Percy. Perdue. Perkin. Perkins. Pero. Perrin. Perrot. Perry. Peters. Peterson. Petry. Pettigrew. Pettijohn. Pettit. Petty. PettyJohn. Peyne. Peyton. Pfeffer. Phean. Phelps. Philips. Phillip. Phillips. Pickerell. Pickering. Pickernell. Pickertson. Pickett. Pieper. Pierce. Piffin. Pike. Pilcher. Pile. Pillsbery. Pillsbury. Pinckard. Pinkerton. Pinkham. Pippin. Pirkey. Pitkin. Pitts. Place. Plackett. Platts. Pleiffer. Pleuel. Ploepot. Plum. Plumb. Plummer. Poe. Poga. Pohlmann. Pokanoka. Poling. Polland. Pollard. Pomfret. Pomfrett. Pons. Pontiac. Pool. Pope. Popkins. Popping. Pore. Porter. Portman. Poter. Potter. Potts. Poulton. Pouts. Powel. Powell. Powers. Poynter. PRATT. Predemore. Prentiss. Presley. Preston. Prettyman. Price. Priddy. Primm. Princehouse. Princeton. Probasco. Proctor. Proseh. Prosser. Provost. Pruitt. Prunty. Pryor. Puffer. Pugh. Pultz. Purcell. Purdy. Purple. Pursely. Purviance. Puterbaugh. Puterhaugh. Putnam. Py-e-sa. Pypeogee. Pyps. Queen. Quick. Quigg. Quigley. Quillman. Quinlin. Quinn. Quisenberry. Quisenbery. Quisenbury. Ragan. Ragy. Railsback. Raith. Rakestraw. Ralson. Ramige. Ramsey. Randall. Randolph. Rankin. Rankins. Rapp. Ratcliff. Rathbun. Raum. Raus. Rausbarger. Raush. Rawlings. Ray. Rayles. Read. Readdinger. Reader. Reardan. Rearden. Reardon. Recktenwald. Rector. Red Bird. Redeger. Rediger. Reding. Redlon. Redman. Reed. Reeder. Reese. Reetor. Reeve. Reeves. Reid. Reiling. Reinagle. Reininger. Reisinger. Reitzenstine. Renard. Renault. Renner. Renstmann. Renwick. Renz. Repper. Reuling. Reuter. Reynolds. Rhine. Rhink. Rhoade. Rhoads. Rhodes. Riblet. Riblett. Ribourde. Ricard. Rice. Rich. Richard. Richards. Richardson. Richmond. Rickman. Riddle. Rider. Ridgeway. Ridgway. Riese. Rigdon. Riggs. Riley. Rily. Rinaker. Rinehart. Ringle. Ringwald. Ripper. Ritchie. Rittenour. Roach. Robb. Robbins. Roberts. Robertson. Robinette. Robinson. Robison. Rochester. Rockard. Rockbold. Rockhold. Rodecker. Rodgers. Roe. Roedee. Roehm. Roelffson. Roelfs. Roelfson. Roelofson. Rogers. Rohm. Role. Roles. Roley. Rollings. Ronan. Roney. Roof. Roos. Roothadrawl. Ropp. Rork. Rosche. Rose. Rosenthall. Rosentreter. Ross. Roth. Rottenberry. Rotze. Roudbush. Rourke. Rouse. Roush. Rowell. Royce. Ruble. Ruebenkoenig. Rugg. Ruggles. Rulon. Rummel. Rummell. Rundle. Runey. Runion. Runkles. Runyon. Rupert. Rupp. Russell. Rutherford. Rutledge. Rutz. Ryan. Ryans. Ryant. Rybolt. Ryen. Sage. Sahmeihart. Sailor. Saint. Sakers. Salee. Sallee. Sallonstall. Saltonstall. Saltontstall. Sammons. Samples. Sampson. Sams. Samuels. Sandburn. Sanders. Sands. Sandusky. Saner. Sanford. Sann. Sanonton. Santer. Sapp. Sargeant. Sargent. Sau-ga-nash. Sawyer. Saxton. Sayr. Sayres. Scarborough. Scates. Scattergood. Schachinger. Schaefer. Schaeffer. Schafer. Schaffer. Schantz. Schaumburg. Schaumleffel. Schaumleffle. Schawarz. Scheidel. Schenck. Schermere. Schertz. Schetch. Schinick. Schlag. Schlagenhauf. Schlagg. Schmick. Schmidt. Schmidtz. Schneider. Schock. Scholotour. Schooley. Schradzki. Schreck. Schrock. Schroeder. Schulte. Schultz. Schureman. Schurman. Schurmann. Schwab. Schwartz. Schwim. Schwin. Schwrim. Scott. Scraggs. Scriver. Scrogins. Scudder. Scully. Seaman. Search. Seaton. Seeds. Seeley. Seelye. Seidel. Seiwell. Sellers. Seltzer. Semple. Sergeant. Servas. Seward. Seymour. Shaefer. Shafer. Shaffer. Shaffnit. Shanholtzer. Shanklin. Shannon. Sharp. Shaubena. Shauholtzer. Shaw. Shay. Shearer. Sheets. Shellenberger. Shellenbergher. Shelton. Sheperd. Shepherd. Sheppard. Sherman. Sherrer. Sherwin. Shick. Shidler. Shields. Shilling. Shinn. Shipman. Shipton. Shiviler. Shmetle. Shoaf. Shoals. Shoemaker. Shompiert. Short. Shorts. Shortwell. Shoup. Shreeve. Shreeves. Shreve. Shreves. Shultz. Shumaker. Shuman. Shumway. Shurtleff. Shurts. Sickler. Sickles. Sidney. Sill. Silversparr. Simms. Simno. Simon. Simons. Simpson. Sinclair. Singleton. Sinnet. Sinus. Sior. Sipe. Sipes. Skelly. Skinner. Skoehr. Slack. Slaughter. Slaughters. Slawbaw. Sloan. Sloat. Slocumb. Sloe. Small. Smalley. Smiley. Smith. Smiths. Smock. Snapp. Snatchwine. Snedeker. Sneider. Snell. Snider. Sniffin. Snyder. Soechtit. Somers. Sommers. Sonnemann. Sonnenstein. Souday. Sowman. Spagle. Sparks. Sparrow. Sparts. Spaulding. Spay. Speaker. Specht. Speck. Speece. Speers. Spence. Spencer. Sperry. Spier. Spillman. Spoonhoff. Spradley. Spriggs. Springer. Spruce. Sprunce. Squibbs. St. Clair. Stack. Stael. Stafford. Staher. Stahl. Stalter. Stambaugh. Stamm. Stanley. Stansberry. Stanton. Staples. Stapp. Stapper. Starbuck. Starck. Starne. Starring. Stauffer. Stearling. Steele. Steers. Stein. Steinbeck. Steinkoff. Steinman. Steinmetz. Stephens. Stephenson. Stephey. Stephy. Sterling. Stetler. Stevens. Stevenson. Steward. Stewart. Stickley. Stickney. Stilcer. Stiles. Stillman. Stimmel. Stiner. Sting. Stinley. Stinnett. Stipes. Stockard. Stockert. Stockmannn. Stockton. Stockwell. Stoehr. Stokes. Stolbrand. Stoltz. Stone. Stookey. Stormen. Stormer. Storms. Storner. Stout. Stover. Strain. Straker. Strangman. Straut. Strawbridge. Strawsburgh. Streeter. Strickfadden. Strickfaden. Strickland. Striker. Strobe. Strong. Stroud. Strubler. Stuard. Stuart. Stubblefield. Stubbs. Stuckey. Stuckhard. Studyvin. Stumbaugh. Stunbaugh. Sturgiss. Sturm. Sturman. Sullivan. Summers. Sunderland. Sunderman. Sunken. Surratt. Suter. Sutherland. Sutter. Sutton. Swain. Swan. Swarens. Swartz. Swayze. Sweat. Sweeney. Sweet. Sweitzer. Swet. Swift. Swiger. Switzer. Syrich. Tackaberry. Taggart. Talbot. Talon. Tanbert. Tanger. Tantlinger. Tarbell. Tart. Tate. Taylor. Tazewell. Tecumseh. Tefft. Teft. Teibert. Templeton. Ten Eyck. TenEyck. Tennent. Tenney. Tenny. Tenzlinger. Terhune. Terrell. Tew. Thamer. Tharp. Thayer. Thielman. Thomas. Thompson. Thornton. Thorp. Thorpe. Thummel. Thurber. Thurmond. Tice. Tilden. Timbiell. Timbrell. Tinney. Tipton. Tobey. Tobias. Tochugy. Todd. Toennigs. Tohms. Toler. Tollinger. Tomblin. Tomm. Tompkins. Tomplain. Tonti. Tooker. Tool. Totten. Touchstone. Toulon. Town. Towne. Towns. Townsend. Townshend. Traeger. Trask. Traver. Travis. Treat. Trent. Trieka. Trimble. Triplet. Troger. Tromly. Trost. Trout. Trowbridge. True. Truehoff. Truet. Trumbull. Tryon. Tucker. Tuesburg. Tuesbury. Tuley. Tumbleton. Tupper. Turchin. Turley. Turner. Turney. Turrell. Tussillian. Tutter. Tuttle. Twiggs. Twineham. Tyndale. Uable. Ucbel. Umdenstock. Umphrey. Underhill. Underwood. Unkreig. Unland. Unzicker. Updegraff. Updike. Upham. Upson. Uquat. Urich. Urish. VadDoser. Valentine. Vamickle. Van Arsdale. Van Benthusen. Van Buren. Van Deusen. Van Hague. Van Meter. Van Nest. Van Ostrand. VanArman. Vanarsdale. VanBuren. Vancamp. Vance. Vancil. Vandervoort. VanDeusen. Vandeventer. VanDorn. VanDuesen. Vandusen. Vankiper. Vanmeter. VanNortwick. Vanorman. Vanorstrand. VanOstrand. Vanzant. Varble. Varney. Varnum. Vatterline. Vaughn. Vaupel. Vawter. Velde. Velden. Ventras. Verbryck. Vermilyea. Vernon. Verry. Vilas. Villhauer. Vincent. Vining. Voelpel. Vogan. Vogel. Voglesang. Vohlow. Voigt. Volk. Volpel. Voorhees. Vorhees. Vories. Vork. Voss. Voth. Voupel. Vroom. Wade. Wadlegh. Wagenseller. Waggenner. Waggoner. Wagner. Wagoner. Wagonseller. Wakefield. Waldick. Waldon. Waldron. Walker. Walkyns. Wallace. Walles. Wallingford. Walten. Walter. Walters. Waltmire. Wandschneider. Wanttand. Ward. Ware. Warfield. Warmsley. Warne. Warner. Warren. Wasborn. Washburn. Washburne. Wasmuth. Waterhouse. Waters. Wather. Wathon. Watkins. Watson. Watt. Watts. Waughap. Waughop. Wayne. Weatherford. Weaver. Webb. Webber. Weber. Webster. Weeks. Wehner. Wehring. Wehrle. Wehrli. Weirick. Weiroch. Weiss. Welch. Welcher. Welk. Weller. Wellington. Wells. Welsh. Wemple. Wendle. Wenger. Wentworth. Wert. Wertz. Wesley. West. Westerfield. Westerman. Westfall. Westspher. Weyand. Weyhrich. Weynet. Weyruch. Whalen. Whaley. Wheaton. Wheeler. Wheelock. Whetstone. Whipple. Whisler. Whistler. Whit. Whitaker. White. White Crow. Whitefoot. Whitehead. Whiteside. Whitfield. Whiting. Whitman. Whitmer. Whitmore. Whitney. Whittaker. Whittemore. Whittier. Wibray. Wicks. Wieburg. Wieland. Wieterhaet. Wike. Wilber. Wilbur. Wilcox. Wilder. Wildhack. Wileman. Wiles. Wiley. Wilkey. Wilkinson. Will. Willard. Williams. Williamson. Willis. Wills. Willson. Wilmoth. Wilsey. Wilsie. Wilson. Wilt. Wilts. Winans. Windham. Windle. Windsor. Winkel. Winkle. Winklebleck. Winn. Winninghaum. Winslow. Wire. Wiseman. Wisler. Witte. Wolf. Wolfe. Wolford. Wolneldorf. Wolston. Woner. Wood. Woodall. Woodberry. Wooders. Woodland. Woodrow. Woodruff. Woods. Wooldrige. Wooley. Woolf. Woolstein. Woorfoot. Wooters. Worden. Worick. Work. Working. Worley. Worrell. Worst. Worstall. Worth. Worthen. Worthington. Woy. Woytsberger. Wrenn. Wright. Wrigler. Wurkler. Wyatt. Wybray. Wyhrick. Wyman. Wynd. Wynet. Yager. Yale. Yates. Yerker. Yolk. Yontz. York. Yost. Youle. Young. Youtz. Zaneis. Zanies. Zehr. Zeigler. Zelle. Ziegenbien. Zimmer. Zimmerman. Zinger. Zingerich. Zinser. Zinzer. Zuber. Zuckweiler. Zumwalt.