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History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Ky



Bourbon, Scott Harrison and Nicholas






This is a CD of an 1390 page book with a 52 page index.

Table of Contents:

THE BLUE GRASS REGION OF KENTUCKY-It was a Favorite Hunting Ground of the Indiana-Origin of the Blue Grass-Its Adaptation to a Limestone Soil-Agricultural Excellence of it-Nourishing Properties over other Grasses-Why the Soil of the Blue Grass Region is Fertile --Geographical Extent of the Blue Grass Region

CHAPTER I.-Bourbon, Scott and other Counties-Their Geological Formations - The Blue Limestone of Kentucky-Timber and Soils of Bourbon County-Analysis, etc.-Cane Ridge Lands-Surface Features and Timber ofScott-Chemical Examination of the Soils and Limestone of Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties

CHAPTER II.-The Mound Builders and Pre-Historic Times-Earliest Inhab-itants of the country-Monuments and Fortifications of the Lost Races-Relics of them in Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties-The Indians -Their Occupation of Kentucky-Depredations upon the Whites-Disastrous Defeat at the Blue Licks, etc

CHAPTER III Settlement of Bourbon County-Early Trials and Tribulationsof the Pioneers-Life in the Wilderness-The County Organized and itsMachinery set in Motion-Name of County, its Capital Located, etc-PublicBuildings, etc-County Officers, Past and Present-The Census, Civil Divisions, etc., etc

CHAPTER IV-Pioneer Christianity-Early Meetings and Building of Churches-pioneer Ministers-The Cane Ridge Revival and the Rev. Barton W. Stone-Churches at Present-Educational History-State Aid to Schools-The Superintendent's Report-Colored Schools of the County-ColoredSchool Fund-The Press, etc

CHAPTER V.-Internal Improvements-Turnpikes and Macadamized Roads-Lexington & Maysville-Other Roads-Stage-Coaches, Bridges, etc -Railroads-Their Building-Agriculture in the County-Negro Slavery-Statistics-Fair Associations, Societies, etc.-Their Officers- Distilleries, etc.

CHAPTER VI.--Short-Horn Cattle Interests-Adaptability of Bourbon County for Cattle Raising-Breeders of Short-Horns-Gen. Garrard, Rev. Gano, The Clays, Bedfords and others-importing of Cattle-The Northern Kentucky Importing Association - Some Noted Herds-The Short-HornRecord

CHAPTER VII-War History-Bourbon County's Record-The RevolutionaryWar and Indian Troubles-Our Second Collision with the British Lion-Capt. Garrard's Company-The Mexican War-Capt. W. E. Simms Raisesa Company-Late War between the States-The Blue and the Gray-Incidents

CHAPTER VIII.-Paris Precinct-Introductory, Descriptive and Topographical-Early Settlement by White People-Their Pioneer Troubles and Difficulties-Block Houses and Stockades-Early Industries, Mills, Distilleries, etc.-Turnpike Roads-Pioneer Churches and Preachers-Schools

CHAPTER IX.-City of Paris-Introductory-Selecting a Site for the Town-The names of Bourbonton and Hope well- Every-Day Life of the Settlers-First Brick House-Taverns, etc.-Theatricals and other Pastimes-SomeDistinguished Pioneers-Peroration

CHAPTER X.-City of Paris-Early Period of the Town and its Growth-Pioneer Politics-Improvements of the City-War Excitement and Soldiers-Transient Prosperity after the War-Burning of the Court House-Central University-Murphy Temperance Movement-Cholera, etc

CHAPTER XI. -City of Paris-The Church History-Introduction of the Gospel-Building of the First Churches-Presbyterian Organization the firstin the County-Other Denominations-The Barnes' Revival-Benevolent Institutions-The Press-Odds and Ends Generally

CHAPTER XII-City of Paris-Educational History-The Bourbon Academy-Public and Private City Schools-The Garth Fund-A Sketch of Mr. Garth-Catholic Institutions-Colored Schools and Societies-Some Manufacturing and Miscellaneous Notices

CHAPTER XIII.-Millersburg Precinct-Descriptive and Topographical-Timber Growth, etc.-Settlement of the Whites-Their Hardships and Privations- Early Industries and Pioneer Improvements-Turnpike Roads andBridges-Church and School History, etc

CHAPTER XIV.-Town of Millersburg-Its Founder and Projector-EarlyGrowth, Prosperity and Manufacturing Interests-Churches and ChurchHistory-Sunday Schools--Secret Societies, etc.-The Cemetery-Schoolsand Colleges-Their History and Influence

CHAPTER XV.-Flat Rock Precinct-Boundaries, Topography and SurfaceFeatures-The Settlement by White People-Hard Life in the Wilderness-Improvements and Pioneer Industries-Schools and Churches-Villages,etc.-Masonic Lodge-Mastodon Skeleton

CHAPTER XVI -North Middletown Precinct-Topographical and Descriptive-Occupation of its Territory by the Pioneers-Early Trials and Troubles-Roads, Bridges and other Improvements-Villages-Churches andPreachers-Schools-Kentucky Classical College, etc

CHAPTER XVII.-Clintonville Precinct-General Description-Physical Features-Early Settlers-Difficulties Encountered-Pioneer Industries andImprovements-Church History-Schools, Villages, etc.-An old MasonicLodge, etc., etc

CHAPTER XVIII.-Hutchinson Precinct-Description, Topography, Boundaries, etc.-The Coming of the Pale Faces-Early Struggles with Dangers and Privations-Villages -Pioneer Improvements, Roads, Bridges, etc. Religious and Education --Hutchinson Academy

CHAPTER N IX.-Centerville Precinct-Physical Features, Boundaries andTopography-Settlement of the Whites-The Oldest Man in the Precinct-Early Trials and Difficulties-Pioneer Industries and Improvements-Churches and Schools-Distilleries, etc

CHAPTER XX.-Ruddel's Mills Precinct-Topography, Boundaries and Physical Features-Settlements, Villages, etc-Earliest History-The Ruddel Family-Pioneer Improvements and Industries-Church History and Early Preachers


CHAPTER I.-Early Settlement of Scott County by White People-Their Conflicts with the Savages-Vicissitudes of Wilderness Life-Formation of theCounty and Its Civil Organization-Public Buildings-Civil Divisions-Population-Elections, County Officers, etc -Political

CHAPTER II.-Moral Improvement and Development-Early Churches andChurch History-Rev. Gano and other Pioneer Preachers-Education, Early Schools, Etc.-Education of the Colored People-Col. Johnson's Indian School-The Newspapers, etc., etc.

CHAPTER III.-Internal Improvements-Early Legislation on Roads-Layingout Roads in Kentucky-Railroads of Scott County-Agriculture-A Sketch of It by J. A. Gano, Sr-Agricultural Statistics-Associations and their Officers-Distilling of Whisky

CHAPTER IV.-The Cattle Interest of Scott--Breeders of Short-Horns and the General Improvement of Cattle-The First Stock Breeders and Importers -Sale of Short-Horns at "Long" Prices-The Different Herds of the County-Fine Sheep and Sheep Raising

CHAPTER V.-War History of the County-Its Revolutionary Heroes-IndianTroubles.-The War of 1812-Col. Dick Johnson's Regiment-Battle of the Thames and Death of Tecumseh--Our Difference with Mexico-ScottCounty in the Late Civil War

CHAPTER VI--Georgetown Precinct --Introductory, Descriptive and Topo-graphical-Early Settlement of White People-Hard Times and FrontierLife-Pioneer Industries and Improvements-Roads and Turnpikes- Schools-Science Hill Academy-Villages--Churches and Preachers

CHAPTER VII.-City of Georgetown-Its Earliest History-McClelland's Fort-A School Notice-The Town Incorporated-Elijah Craig-Paper Mill.Tanneries, Stores, etc.-Other Early Settlers-Rittenhouse Academy-Village Growth and Improvement-First Court House

CHAPTER VIII.-City of Georgetown-Growth and Improvement-The GanoFamily-The Stevensons, Offutts, Josiah Pitts and other Pioneers-Village Organization-Election of Trustees-Manufactories and Business Interests-Miscellaneous Matters, etc., etc

CHAPTER IX.-City of Georgetown-Religious and Educational-The Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians-Organization of Societies-Pioneer Ministers-The Christian Church-Barton W. Stone-Other Denominations- The Colored Churches, etc.-Georgetown College-Its Formation and Endowment-Present Condition-Bacon College-The Military Institute -Female Academy-Other Select Institutions of Learning, etc.,

CHAPTER X.-White Sulphur Precinct-Its Surface Features and PhysicalGeography-While Settlement-Hard Times in the Wilderness-SchoolHistory-Johnson's Indian School-The Old Town of Sodom-White Sulphur-Catholic Church and School

CHAPTER XI-Stamping Ground Precinct-General Description. Timbers, etc.-Settlement of White People-Their Early Trials and Tribulations-Pioneer Improvements and Industries-Schools and Churches-Villages,etc., etc

CHAPTER XII.-Lytle's Fork Precinct-Topographical and Descriptive-Coming of the Pioneer.-Their Early Hardships and Toils-Early Industries,comprising Mills, Bridges, etc.-The Churches-Schools and SchoolhousesVillages, etc

CHAPTER XIII.-Big Eagle Precinct-Its Description and Topography-Advent of the White Man-Early Difficulties and Trials-Pioneer Industriesand Improvements- Religious-The Particular Baptists-Schools and Villages

CHAPTER XIV.-Turkey Foot Precinct-Topographical and Physical Features-Settlement of the Pioneers-Their Hard and Rough Life-Pioneer improvements-Roads, Bridges, etc.-Origin of the Name of Turkey Foot-Churches, Schools, Villages, etc.. etc

CHAPTER XV.-Oxford Precinct-Boundaries, Topography and Surface Features-Timber Growth, etc.-Early Settlement-The Life of the PioneerOn the Frontier-Roads, Mills and Other Improvements-Schools andChurches-Village, etc

CHAPTER XVI.-Newtown Precinct-Descriptive and Topographical Features-Pioneer Occupation--Trials and Hardship of the Settlers-Mill, Roads, Bridges, etc.-Methodists and other Early Churches --Schools-Newtown Village


CHAPTER I-Early Settlement or Harrison County-Life in the Wilderness-Its Hardships and Privation --Organization of the County-The Erectionof Public Buildings--Laying off the County into Election Precincts-TheCensus since 1800--County Officers, etc., etc.

CHAPTER II Religious History of the County, Pioneer Churches and Pioneer Preachers-- Christianity at the Present Day-Educational --The Schools of the County--Schoolhouses and their Furnishings-- Superintendent's Report-- Colored Schools, etc.

CHAPTER III.- Internal Improvement -- Turnpike Roads and Bridges-TheRailroad History of the County-Whisky Making as a Commercial Interest Some of the Distilleries--- Agriculture-- Fair Associations and Officers--Statistics, etc.

CHAPTER IV.-Short-Horn Cattle Interest-Early Introduction of Fine Cattle Into Kentucky-Different Importations and Importing Companies-The 17's, and Their Breeding and Quality of Stock-Present Breeders and Their Extensive Herds, etc ,etc

CHAPTER V.-War History of the County-Her Pioneers in the Revolutionary Army-The War of 1812 and its Recruits from this Section-Our War withMexico and Its Results-The War of the Rebellion Harrison County'sBlue and Gray .

CHAPTER VI.-Cynthiana a Precinct-Description and Topography-Timber Growth, etc.-Early Settlement of White People-"Rough Habit, Coarse Fare and Severe Duty "-Pioneer Manufactures and Industries-Churches, Schools, Villages, etc., etc

CHAPTER VII-City of Cynthiana-Laid Out as us Town and Granted a Charter-Cynthia and Anna-Some Old Houses and Landmarks-Bridges and River Improvements-First Sale of Town Lots-Courts, Officers, etc.Prayer of Judge Reed-War, etc

CHAPTER VIII -Cynthiana-Early Mills and Other Manufactories-Pioneer Merchants and Mercantile Establishments -- Marriages -- Postmasters and Post Offices-Physicians. Diseases and Epidemics-Later IndustriesBanks and Banking Institutions

CHAPTER IX-Cynthiana-Secret and Benevolent Institutions-The Press--Bishop Kavanaugh as a Printer-Educational History-Harrison Academy-Graded Schools-.Education Among the Colored People-The Moore Fund, etc

CHAPTER X-Cynthiana-Christianity in an Early Day-Pioneer MinistersThe Methodists and Presbyterians-Other Church Organizations-Formation of Colored Churches-Richard Henderson and Isaac Miller-Church Summary

CHAPTER XI -Sylvan Dell Precinct-Boundaries and Topography Settlement by White People-Their Trials and Troubles-Pioneer Industries--Laying Out Villages and Their Growth-Churches and Preachers Schools, Schoolhouses, etc

CHAPTER XII -Richland Precinct-Topography, Physical Features, etcComing of the Pioneers-Their Early Life in the Wilderness-Improvements and Industries-Roads, Mills, etc.-Church History-Schools and School History-Villages, etc

CHAPTER, XIII.-Berry Precinct-Topographical and Descriptive-Settlement of the Pale Faces-Their Life on the Frontier-Mills, Distilleries, and Other Improvements-Early Churches and Preachers-Educational Interests-Villages

CHAPTER XIV-Rutland Precinct-Its Description, Topography and Surface Features-Early Settlement-Hard Life and Frontier Vicissitudes-Pioneer Industries and Improvements-Early Churches-Villages and Educational history of Precinct

CHAPTER XV-Unity Precinct-Topographical Features-Timber Growth, etc.-Pioneer Occupation of the Precinct-Early Trials and Troubles Mills, Roads, and Other Improvements-Schools and Educational Advantages-Churches, etc

CHAPTER XVI -Leesburg Precinct-General Description-Topographical Features-Settlement of the Whites-Life in the Wilderness-Hard Times. etc.-Mills, Roads, Distilleries-Religious and Educational History-Villages, etc., etc

CHAPTER XVII -Claysville Precinct-Surface and Physical Features--Advent of the Pioneers-Their Buffets with Wild Beasts and Indiana-Pioneer Industries and Manufactories-Churches and Church History Schools and Teachers-Villages, etc


CHAPTER I -Early Settlement of Nicholas County-Rough Life on the Frontier-The Difficulties Met With-The County Organized-The Courts and Officers-Blue Lick Springs-Public Buildings of the County-Election Precincts-The Census, etc., etc

CHAPTER II -Moral and Educational Development in the County-The Organization of Churches-Pioneer Preachers-The Deering Camp Ground--Educational History-Schools and School History-Statistics-Colored Schools, etc.

CHAPTER III--Internal Improvements, etc.-The Old Maysville Road-Other Turnpikes-Bridges Turnpikes and Railroads.-Building of the Kentucky Central-Distilleries-Agriculture-Its Rise, Progress and Growth In Nicholas County, etc., etc

CHAPTER IV.-Fine Stock Interests of Nicholas-The First Improvement In Cattle-Importation of Short-Horns, and Their Adaptation to the, Blue Grass Region-Some of the Breeders of the County and Their Herds- Value of Cattle-Raising-Fine Sheep, etc

CHAPTER V.-Carlisle Precinct-Its General Description and Topography-Early Settlement and Pioneer Life-Manufacturing Enterprises and Industries-The Old Buffalo Trace Roads, etc-Schools and Teachers-Churches, etc

CHAPTER VI.-City of Carlisle-Laying out the Town-First Sale of Lots-Public Buildings, Hotels, etc.-Business Enterprises and Manufactories-Mills, Tanneries and Stores-Names of Some of the Original Lot Owners and Settlers-Early Officers, etc

CHAPTER VIE-Carlisle- Amusements and Entertainments-More of theManufacturing Interests -Anecdote of Col. Russell-The Maysville Pike-Cholera Epidemic, Deaths, etc-Internal Improvements-Rebel Raid Newspapers, etc

CHAPTER VIII.-Carlisle-Its Religious History-The Presbyterian Church-Rev. Mr. Rankin its First Pastor-Organization of other Churches-Elder Rogers-A Sketch of his Life-Some other Eminent Preachers-MasonicFraternity, etc

CHAPTER IX-Carlisle-A Chapter of Biographies-Coy. Metcalfe, otherwise"Old Stone Hammer "-Business Men, Past and Present, and Pioneers ofthe Town-Some of their Oddities, Peculiarities and Eccentricities

CHAPTER X.-Lower Blue Licks Precinct-General Outline and Topography-Early Settlement-Life on the Frontier-Blue Lick Springs-The SaltMakers-Their Capture by the Indians-Battle of Blue Licks-Churches, Schools and Villages

CHAPTER XI.-Headquarters Precinct-Topography-Boundary, Physical, etc.-Early History-Settlement of the Whites-Villages, etc., etc.-Turnpikes and other Improvements-Churches and Church History-Schools, Secret Societies, etc., etc

CHAPTER XII.-Ellisville Precinct-Its Broken Surface and General Topography-Early Settlement-Pioneer Industries and Improvements-Ellisville as the County Seat-Its Former Glory and Present Desolation-Educational and Religious History

CHAPTER XIII.-Union Precinct-Descriptive, Topographical, etc, etc.-Incident of Somerset Creek-Settlement of the Pioneers-Early Improvements and Industries-Mills and Roads-Churches, Schools and Villages,

CHAPTER XIV.-Buzzard Roost, or Upper Blue Licks Precinct-Name of Buzzard Roost-General Topography-Early Settlement-Rough Life of thePioneers-Improvements, etc.-Churches-The Deering Camp-Ground-Schools and Villages



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Grosvenor, Grotius, Grove, Groves, Grubb, Grubbs, Gruelle, Guill, Gunn, Gunnell, Guthrie, Gutzeit, Guyser, Hackley, Hadden, Haden, Hagan, Haggard, Haggerty, Haggin, Hahn, Hair, Hale, Haley, Halffinger, Hall, Halleck, Halliday, Ham, Hambrick, Hamilton, Hamiltons, Hamlet, Hammett, Hammond, Hamon, Hampton, Hamson, Hand, Handy, Hanly, Hanna, Hannah, Hannas, Hannegan, Hansford, Hanson, Harahan, Harcourt, Hard, Harden, Hardesty, Hardie, Hardin, Harding, Hardwick, Hardy, Hargis, Harlan, Harmar, Harmon, Harmony, Harney, Harp, Harper, Harrick, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harrod, Harslip, Harsy, Hart, Harves, Harvey, Harvy, Harwood, Hastings, Hatch, Hatton, Havicus, Haviland, Hawes, Hawkins, Hay, Hayden, Haye, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hazelrick, Hazelrigg, Hearn, Hearne, Heatherington, Heathman, Heddington, Hedger, Hedges, Heffle, Helm, Helvy, Hendershot, Henderson, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendricks,, Hendrickson, Heney, Henkle, Henley, Hennessy, Henniss, Henry, Hensley, Henson, Herald, Herman, Herndon, Herne, Herr, Herrick, Herrin, Herrington, Herriott, Herron, Herschfield, Hervey, Hetch, Hewitt, Hibbler, Hibler, Hickerson, Hickey, Hicklin, Hickman, Hicks, Higginbotham, Higgins, Highland, Hildreth, Hiles, Hilgard, Hill, Hillock, Hillory, Hiner, Hinkle, Hinkson, Hinkston, Hinton, Hiram, Hitchcock, Hitchins, Hite, Hitner, Hitt, Hizer, Hobbs, Hobday, Hobson, Hockady, Hockensmith, Hodge, Hodges, Hodson, Hoessli, Hoffman, Hoffner, Hogan, Hogg, Hoggins, Holdaway, Holdcraft, Holden, Holding, Holladay, Holland, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Hollins, Holloway, Holmes, Holroyd, Holt, Holton, Holtzman, Honey, Honeycutt, Hood, Hook, Hoomes, Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopson, Hord, Hornback, Horrey, Horton, Hoskins, House, Houston, Houstons, How, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howerton, Howk, Howse, Hoy, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hubble, Huddleson, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Huffstetter, Hughes, Hughs, Hukel, Hukill, Hulett, Hull, Huls, Humble, Hume, Humes, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hurst, Huston, Hutchcraft, Hutchcrafts, Hutcherson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutson, Hutzell, Hyles, Ingalls, Ingels, Ingle, Ingles, Ingrain, Ingram, Innes, Innis, Ireland, Irvin, Irvine, Irwin, Isbel, Isbell, Isette, Isgri, Isgrig, Isgrigg, Islam, Ison, Jacks, Jackson, Jacoby, James, Jameson, Jamison, January, Jarvis, Jaynes, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jesse, Jeter, Jett, Jewell, Jewett, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Jordan, Joslin, Jouett, Jourdan, Judy, Juett, Kavanaugh, Kean, Kearn, Kearney, Kears, Keath, Keen, Keenan, Keene, Keenon, Keger, Kehley, Kehoe, Keifer, Keiningham, Keiser, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kelso, Kemp, Kemper, Kendall, Kendrick, Kennair, Kennaird, Kennant, Kennard, Kenneally, Kennedy, Kenner, Kenney, Kenny, Kenton, Kerfoot, Kern, Kerr, Ketchum, Key, Keyes, Kilbe, Kilburn, Killum, Kilpatrick, Kimberly, Kimbrough, Kime, Kimes, Kincade, Kincaid, Kincart, Kines, King, Kinkead, Kinman, Kinmans, Kinnard, Kinney, Kinston, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirtley, Kiser, Kizer, Kleiser, Klizer, Knapp, Kniffin, Knight, Knox, Kookendoffer, Kraut, Kreiner, Kroeger, La Rue, Lacy, Lafayette, Lafferty, Laforgee, Lail, Lair, Laird, Lake, Lambe, Lamme, Lampton, Lancaster, Land, Lander, Landram, Landrum, Lane, Lang, Langdon, Langhorn, Langhorne,, Langley, Langston, Lanier, Lapham, Lard, Laren, Larimore, Larvell, Lary, Latta, Laughlin, Laughorn, Lawder, Lawell, Lawrence, Lawson, Layman, Layson, Layton, Le Grand, Leach, Leake, Leary, Leathers, Lecompt, Lecompte, Lee, Leech, Leeper, Leer, Leforge, Legget, Leggett, Lemmon, Lemon, Lennox, Lenox, Leonard, Lettin, Letton, Levi, Lewis, Liddell, Liggatt, Light, Lilly, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lingenfelter, Link, Linn, Linsey, Linville, Little, Littleton, Litton, Livar, Liver, Livermore, Livingston, Livingstone, Lloyd, Locket, Lockhart, Lockland, Logan, Logwell, Long, Longmoor, Longstreet, Lonny, Loring, Louderback, Lovejoy, Lovely, Lowe, Lowers, Lowery, Lowry, Loyd, Lucas, Luckey, Ludwig, Lurrson, Luther, Lydick, Lyell, Lyle, Lym, Lynd, Lyne, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lysle, Lyter, Lytle, Macauliff, Macey, Machir, Mackey, Mackintosh, Macklin, Macneese, Macon, Maddox, Madison, Maffett, Maffit, Magee, Magoffin, Mahoney, Malcolm, Malcom, Malian, Mallon, Mallory, Malone, Manly, Mann, Mansfield, Mantelle, March, Mark, Markham, Markwell, Marsh, Marshall, Marston, Marten, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Masoner, Massee, Massie, Masterson, Maston, Matchett, Matheney, Matheny, Mathers, Mathews, Matson, Matthews, Mattox, Maxwell, May, Maybrier, Mayhall, Maynard, Mays, Mc Kee, Mcaboy, Mcadams, Mcbride, Mccabe, Mccall, Mccalla, Mccandless, Mccann, Mccarney, Mccauley, Mccay, Mcchesney, Mcchord, Mcclanahan, Mcclane, Mcclannahan, Mcclary, Mcclellan, Mcclelland, Mcclellands, Mcclellans, Mcclintock, Mcclintocks, Mccloud, Mcclung, Mcclungs, Mcclure, Mccollough, Mccollum, Mcconahay, Mcconnahay, Mcconnell, Mcconnells, Mcconnico, Mccord, Mccormack, Mccormick, Mccormicks, Mccowan, Mccoy, Mccracken, Mccray, Mccready, Mccreery, Mccrery, Mccroskey, Mccuan, Mccullough, Mccune, Mcdaniel, Mcdonald, Mcdowell, Mcduffey, Mcelroy, Mcfall, Mcfarland, Mcgann, Mcgary, Mcgaughey, Mcgee, Mcgill, Mcginn, Mcginnis, Mcgrain, Mcgraw, Mcgriffin, Mcguinnis, Mcguire, Mchatton, Mcilvain, Mcilvaine, Mcintire, Mcintosh, Mcintyre, Mcjoy, Mckay, Mckee, Mckenney, Mckenzie, Mckine, Mckinney, Mckoy, Mclair, Mclaughlin, Mclean, Mcleod, Mcmahan, Mcmahill, Mcmahon, Mcmakan, Mcmanus, Mcmekin, Mcmillan, Mcmillen, Mcmiller, Mcmillin, Mcmurtry, Mcnear, Mcneer, Mcnees, Mcnerney, Mcnew, Mcpheeters, Mcpheters, Mcshane, Mcvey, Mears, Meek, Mefford, Megibben, Mehurin, Melton, Menaugh, Meng, Menifee, Menniss, Menzer, Meredith, Mernaugh, Merrett, Merrick, Merriman, Merringer, Merritt, Merriweather, Merschmann, Messick, Metcalf, Metcalfe, Metier, Michael, Milam, Miley, Millan, Miller, Millers, Millier, Milligan, Million, Mills, Milton, Minor, Miranda, Mitchell, Mitchell,, Mitcheltree, Moan, Mock, Moffat, Moller, Monday, Money, Monin, Monroe, Monson, Montgomery, Montjoy, Moore, Moorehead, Moores, Moran, Morehead, Moreland, Morey, Morford, Morgan, Morin, Moring, Morlones, Morray, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Mosby, Mosely, Moss, Mothershead, Motte, Mount, Mountjoy, Mounts, Moxley, Muir, Mulberry, Mullen, Mullin, Mullins, Munday, Munford, Munger, Muntz, Murphy, Murphy,, Murray, Musgrove, Musselman, Musser, Muth, Myall, Myers, Myles, Nabel, Nail, Nannelly, Nash, Nasser, Neal, Neale, Nealey, Nebel, Neely, Neff, Nelson, Nesbet, Nesbett, Nesbit, Nesbitt, Netherland, Nevins, Nevius, Newberry, Newel, Newell, Newells, Newman, Newsam, Newton, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholses, Nicholson, Nippert, Nixon, Noble, Noel, Noland, Nolcini, Norman, Norris, Northcott, Northcutt, Northcutts, Norton, Norvell, Norvill, Nott, Nourse, Nuckols, Nugent, Nunan, Nunn, Nunnelley, Nutter, O'Banner, Obey, O'Connor, Odell, Oden, Oder, Offutt, Ogden, Ogle, O'Hara, Olds, Oldson, Oliver, O'Neal, O'Neill, Ooten, O'Rear, Ormsby, Ornsparber, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, Overby, Overfield, Overly, Owen, Owens, Owings, Oxley, Packston, Padgett, Page, Palmer, Parchall, Parish, Park, Parker, Parks, Parrish, Parrott, Parvin, Pate, Paterson, Paton, Patterson, Pattersons, Patton, Paul, Paxton, Payne, Payton, Peak, Peale, Pearce, Pearre, Peck, Peckover, Peering, Peers, Pelham, Pemberton, Pendleton, Penn, Peoples, Pepper, Percy, Perkins, Peroines, Perrin, Perry, Peter, Peters, Peterson, Pettus, Petty, Peyton, Pfeiffer, Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Pickett, Pickrell, Pierce, Pigg, Pike, Pines, Pinkerton, Pinkertons, Pinney, Pinter, Piper, Pitts, Pius, Plascutt, Plascutt, Platt, Pluggey, Plummer, Poindexter, Polk, Pollard, Pollmeyer, Pollock, Pomeroy, Poole, Poor, Poore, Pope, Porter, Porters, Potter, Potts, Powel, Powell, Powers, Poynter, Poyntz, Prather, Pratt, Praul, Prentice, Prescott, Preston, Prewitt, Price, Priest, Pritchett, Proctor, Protzman, Prowel, Prowell, Pryor, Puckett, Pugh, Pughs, Pullen, Pullum, Pulum, Purcell, Purviance, Purvis, Pyke, Pyron, Quigley, Quilt, Quincy, Quinlan, Quinn, Quisenberry, Quisenbury, Race, Rafinesque, Raines, Rainey, Rains, Rallen, Ralls, Ralston, Ramey, Ramsay, Ranck, Randal, `, Randolph, Rankin, Rankins, Rannalls, Rannells, Ransdall, Ranson, Rash, Ratcliff, Ratliff, Ravenscraft, Rawlings, Rawlins, Ray, Raymond, Reading, Ready, Reamy, Rear, Redd, Reding, Redmon, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reibolt, Reid, Remington, Remingtons, Renaker, Reneker, Renick, Renn, Rennick, Reno, Rentz, Respess, Reulen, Reynolds, Rherer, Rhinelander, Rhoton, Ricards, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richart, Richetts, Richey, Richie, Rickerson, Rickets, Ricketts, Riddell, Riddle, Rieckel, Riggan, Riggs, Right, Righter, Riley, Ringo, Rion, Ripley, Risers, Risk, Risque, Ritchie, Roach, Robards, Robb, Robbins, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robey, Robinett, Robinette, Robinson, Robison, Roby, Roche, Rodes, Rodgers, Rodman, Roger, Rogers, Rohs, Rollen, Rollins, Roper, Rorer, Rose, Roseberry, Rosebury, Rosecrans, Rosenberg, Ross, Rotherk, Rout, Routt, Rowan, Rowe, Rowland, Royce, Ruarch, Ruch, Rucher, Rucker, Ruddel, Ruddell, Ruddle, Ruggles, Rule, Runnick, Rupard, Rush, Rusk, Russell, Rutherford, Rutland, Rutledge, Rutter, Rvin, Ryan, Rybolt, Ryland, Ryles, Rynes, Sadler, Salin, Salisbury, Sallie, Salmons, Salyers, Sammons, Sample, Sampson, Samuel, Samuels, Sanders, Sandford, Sandusky, Sanford, Sang, Sappington, Satterfield, Saunders, Savage, Savary, Savery, Sawyer, Sayre, Scarce, Scearce, Schable,, Schneider, Schooler, Schroder, Schultz, Schuman, Schumate, Schwartzweiler, Schwarzwelder, Scobee, Sconce, Scott, Scroggin, Scroggins, Scruggs, Scudder, Seamands, Sears, Seaton, Seawright, Sebree, Secrest, Secrist, Sedgwick, Sedwick, See, Seebree, Seeley, Segester, Sehon, Seibert, Selby, Sellars, Sellers, Sensine, Serency, Sergeant, Settle, Settles, Seward, Shackelford, Shackleford, Shaler, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharrard, Sharrer, Shaw, Shawham, Shawhan, Shawhans, Shay, Sheckels,, Shellers, Shelley, Shellman, Shelman, Shelton, Shepard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sherman, Sherwood, Shidell, Shields, Shier, Shipman, Shipp, Shire, Shockey, Shook, Shores, Shortridge, Shrader, Shropshire, Shropshires, Shrout, Shultz, Shumate, Shy, Sibert, Sidener, Sidney, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Simrns, Sims, Sinclair, Sinisers, Sinnockson, Sipe, Sisson, Sitgraves, Skaggs, Skidmore, Skillman, Skinner, Skirvin, Slattern, Slaughter, Smarr, Smart, Smedley, Smeltzers, Smiser, Smith, Smiths, Smoot, Snapp, Snead, Snell, Sniff, Snively, Snoddy, Snodgrass, Snyder, Soaper, Sockhart, Somers, Soper, Southerland, Southworth, Sowders, Spahr, Sparkes, Sparks, Sparr, Spates, Speak, Speakes, Spear, Spears, Speers, Spencer, Speyers, Spiers, Spires, Spohn, Spradling, Sprake, Sprengel, Spuell, Spurgin, Spurlock, Spurr, Squires, St Clair, St. Clair, Stack, Stackhouse, Stafford, Stahel, Stamper, Stamps, Stanbury, Standeford, Standerford, Standiford, Stanfield, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Stapleton, Stapp, Stark, Starks, Starr, Staten, Staughton, Stedman, Steele, Steers, Steffee, Stemmons, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevenson,, Steward, Stewart, Stiffee, Stiles, Stipp, Stipps, Stirman, Stites, Stitt, Stivers, Stoakes, Stockton, Stoddard, Stofer, Stokeley, Stoker, Stokes, Stoll, Stone, Stoner, Stonnoy, Stoops, Story, Stout, Stover, Strader, Straghn, Strahan, Straughan, Strave, Streshly, Strode, Strong, Strother, Struve, Stuart, Stucker, Stump, Sturgis, Suddeth, Sudduth, Suggett, Suggetts, Sullivan, Summers, Summit, Summitt, Summitte, Sumrall, Sunderland, Sutfin, Sutphin, Sutton, Swader, Swart, Swartwout, Swartz, Swartzwelder, Swearengen, Swearingen, Swearinger, Sweeney, Swift, Swihawk, Swiney, Swinford, Swinney, Sydner, Taber, Taft, Taggert, Talbert, Talbot, Talbott, Talbotts, Talbutt, Taliaferro, Tall, Talmage, Taney, Tanner, Tant, Tapp, Tarleton, Tarlton, Tarr, Tarver, Tate, Tatman, Taul, Tayloe, Taylor, Teal, Tearne, Tebbs, Tellett, Templeman, Tenebaugh, Tennants, Terrell, Terrill, Terry, Tharp, Thatchel, Thatcher, Thaxton, Theobald, Theobalds, Theobold, Thomas, Thomason, Thomasson, Thompson, Thompsons, Thomson, Thorn, Thornberry, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Threlkeld, Throckmartin, Throckmorton, Throop, Thuntin, Thurman, Thurston, Tilford, Tillett, Tilton, Timberlake, Tippet, Tipton, Toadvine, Todd, Todhunter, Toebbe, Tolliver, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Torrence, Torrey, Totten, Tout, Towles, Towles,, Townsend, Trader, Trahune, Train, Trainer, Treacy, Trigg, Trimble, Trimnel, Triplett, Trott, Trotter, Trousdale, Trout, Troutman, Truax, True, Trumbull, Trundle, Tubman, Tucker, Tull, Tully, Tune, Tunis, Tureman, Turley, Turner, Turney, Turrey, Turtoy, Tuttle, Twyman, Tyler, Umstead, Underwood, Urmston, Usher, Utterbach, Utterback, Van Buren, Van Degraff, Van Deren, Van Dervort, Van Hook, Van Matre, Van Meter, Van Swearingen, Vanbuskirk, Vance, Vanderen, Vanhook, Vanice, Vanmeter, Vansant, Vardeman, Varden, Varnon, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vaught, Veach, Veatch, Veech, Venable, Vennerman, Vernon, Vernons, Vickers, Victor, Viley, Vimont, Vincent, Violett, Vogan, Waddell, Wade, Wadsworth, Waggener, Waggoner, Waggott, Wait, Waites, Waits, Wakefield, Wakeman, Walden, Walk, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallen, Waller, Wallis, Walls, Walter, Walters, Walton, Warberton, Ward, Warder, Wards, Ware, Warfield, Warner, Warnock, Warnuck, Warren, Warring, Wash, Washington, Wasson, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watt, Watton, Watts, Waugh, Way, Wayne, Weakley, Weatherby, Weathers, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Webster, Weeks, Weighert, Weis, Weisiger, Welby, Welch, Weldon, Wells, Welsh, Welty, Wernwag, Wesley, West, Westfall, Whaley, Whalin, Whalley, Wheat, Wheatley, Wheeler, Wherritt, Whisner, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whiteker, Whitely, Whiting, Whitledge, Whitley, Whitman, Whitney, Whitson, Whittaker, Whitteker, Whitting, Whittlesey, Whitton, Wickhoff, Wickliffe, Wiggington, Wiggins, Wightman, Wigington, Wiglesworth, Wilcox, Wilcoxon, Wiles, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wilkes, Wilkins, Willet, Willett, Willetts, Willhoit, William, Williams, Williamses, Williamson, Willis, Willmott, Willoughby, Wills, Wilmot, Wilmoth, Wilmott, Wilson, Wilsons, Wilwroth, Winfrey, Wingate, Winn, Winston, Winter, Wirt, Wise, Withers, Witherses, Witherspoon, Withrow, Witt, Wofford, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolfolk, Wolford, Wood, Woodbury, Woodford, Woodgate, Woodman, Woodruff, Woods, Woodward, Woodyard, Woolery, Wooley, Woolley, Woollums, Worley, Wornall, Worrall, Worthen, Worthington, Wregg, Wren, Wrest, Wright, Wyatt, Wyche, Wyles, Wyman, Wynne, Yancey, Yancy, Yarnall, Yates, Yeary, Yerkes, Ylursley, Yost, Young, Yourk, Zachary, Zachry, Zane, Zeising, Zilor, Zimmerman, Zollars,