DMK Heritage

History of Mercer and Boyle Counties






By Maria T. Daviess

Table of Contents:

Geography and Boundaries of Mercer county-Rocks,Minerals andPrehistoric Remains.Soils, Timbers, Flora and Rivers.

Earliest Days-Harrod and Comrades in A. D., 1773-74-First Dwellers and Their Hardships-First Marriages and Births in the Fort.

Clark's and Jones's Mission to Virginia-First Marriages and Births in the Fort-Indian Adventures Bowman's Expedition

The Hard Winter of 1780-81--The Conventions Seeking a Separation From Virginia-Kentucky's Admission Into the Union-Items of Harrods-burg's Municipal Affairs Before the Close of the Last Century.

Sketches of Eminent Men of the Period-General Mercer, General George Rogers Clark, Col. Harrod, Daniel Boone.

Sketches of Eminent Men of the Period, Continued-Simon Kenton-General Ray-Captain Hugh McGary-Col. Silas Harlan-Capt. William Pogue -Hon. J. Brown, United States Senator.

Mode of Living in Early Days-Customs, Fashions andManners.

Burr's Conspiracy-General James Wilkinson.

War of 1812-Men of That Period-General John Adair-General RobertMcAfee-Colonel Gabriel Slaughter.

Civil Commotions After the War of 1812-Eminent Mercer Men of ThatPeriod-Boyle, Robertson and Owsley, of the Old Court Party; Haggin of the New Court.

Restoration of the Old Court by Legislature-La Fayette's Visit to Kentucky As the Nation's Guest-Emancipation-Colonization and Temperance- Cholera 1933.

Elections-- Celebration of First Settlement of Kentucky, at Harrodsburg-Advance of Comfort in Living, Dress, Etc., to Present Time.

Mexican War-Its Origin-Annexation of Texas Immediate Cause-Enthusiastic Volunterage of Kentuckians---Capt. Phil B. Thompson's Mercer Company Accepted-Its Service and Return-Sketch of Its Officers.

From A. D., 1850, to A. D., 1860-Formation of Boyle County Out of Mercer and Lincoln in 1842-Political Condition of the County and State from '50 to '60-Abolition, Its Origin, Spread and Influence on the War Election and Inauguration of Governor Magoffin in 1859.

Biographical Sketches of Prominent Men Who, During This Period, Mingled Largely in the Affairs of the Day-Governor Robert P. Letcher-Thomas P. Moore.

Biographical Sketches Continued-John B. Thompson.


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