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Old Somerset: Eastern Shore of Maryland

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A Study in Foundations and Founders


This 557 page book, written in 1935 contains a 15 page index.

Table of Contents


Somerset, 1666-References to Area 1608, 1620 and 1656-The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Isle of Kent Settlement-The Lower Eastern Shore, where Maryland joined Virginia-Lord Baltimore fears encroachment on his territory-Settlements directed "for the better publication and remembrance of the bounds between Maryland and Virginia"-Virginia and the Quakers November 6, 1661: Maryland's response to the petition of certain "inhabitants of Northampton, otherwise called Accomack, in Virginia"-Territorial unit of "the Eastern Shore"-Settlements Established-Wicomico Indians Object-State of Plantation, May, 1662-Progress: Civil and Military Organization-Commissions of 1662 and 1663.


Annemessex and the Quakers-Manokin: Seat of Authority Scarburgh, "Surveyor General and Treasurer of his Majesty for Virginia," claims lands of Manokin-Annemessex settlers-Elzey, of the Commission for the Eastern Shore, refuses demand for subjection-To his Lordship's Council for Maryland: Elzey's appeal on behalf of the settlement-Maryland authorities appeal to the Governor of Virginia-Virginia Assembly's "Act Concerning the Bounds of This Colony on the Eastern Shore"-Scarburgh invades Manokin-Annemessex--Annemessex, the Defiant, and Manokin, the Amenable-Accomack Court's response to Manokin settlers' appeal-Governor Calvert "in person" to Governor Berkeley, of Virginia, and the Commission to Chancellor Philip Calvert to conclude the affair-The agreement of June, 1668.


Manokin-Annemessex secured in their allegiance to the Maryland government-Commissions for "the Eastern Shore" in February, 1663/4, and May, 1664-The Commission of August 25, 1665. Significance of this Commission-Increase in population and expansion of settlements-First court, of which record remains" A Person to Keepe ye Records"-Governor Calvert sends the court a clerk.


Somerset County created by proclamation, August 22, 1666-Theproclamations commission of the peace, clerk of court and sheriff "Captain of All the Forces"-First court for Somerset, September 4, 1666-First marriages, constables, surveyors of highways, and grand jury-Highway for the county and boundaries of the hundreds-Affairs from March, 1667, to October, 1668-The first free Negroes-Somerset County's first election of representatives to the General Assembly.


(1) Followers of the Inner Light: The Quakers who settled Annemessex-Meeting places and the "Meeting House"-A lone beacon of the Inner Light on Wicomico-George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, visits Somerset-The Quakers of Monie Meeting place and the "Meeting House" and burial ground The Bogerternorton meeting and its membership-Meeting place, the "Meeting House" and burial ground

(2) Voice of the People: Earliest remaining record of a Baptism in Somerset, 1669-The grand jury of Somerset Court, March, 1671/2, renders "opinion" that regular religious services should be held in the county-Four places designated-Religious affiliations of grand jurymen rendering the "opinion," and of members of the court to whom it was rendered-Locations of preaching places in Pocomoke, Annemessex, Manokin and Wicomico Hundreds-Robert Maddock, preacher-Benjamin Salisbury, Morgan Jones, Robert Richardson and David Richardson

(3) Of Ancient and Apostolic Lineage: The Church of England in Somerset-Early Churchmen-Liberal type of churchmanship-Earliest remaining records of Burial, Baptism and Marriage, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England-Captain Thomas Walker's bequest in May, 1680 John Huett, first resident clergyman of the Church of England in Somerset-Organization of the church in Somerset under the Assembly's Act of 1692 establishing the Church of England in the Province of Maryland-Parishes of Somerset, Coventry, Stepney and Snow Hill created-Time and places designated by the court for first election of vestries-Members of the first vestries Parish Churches erected-Trotter, rector of Stepney and Somerset, Brechin, rector of Coventry

Notes: Pocomoke Church, 1692, Parish Churches and Chapels of Ease

(4) Children of the Covenant: Planting of the Presbyterian Church in Somerset-Earliest identified Presbyterians-William Stevens' appeal to the Presbytery of Laggan in 1680-First ministers of Presbyterian faith and order-Francis Makemie, father of organized Presbyterianism in America-William Traile, of Rehoboth-Samuel Davis, of Snow Hill-Thomas Wilson, of Manokin-Erection of Presbyterian Church buildings in Somerset: Rehoboth, Snow Hill, Manokin and "at the road going up along the Seaside."

Notes: Wicomico Presbyterian Congregation; Meeting House of 1697 "at the road going up along the sea side"; Buckingham Presbyterian Congregation; "Meeting House near Mrs. Edgar's," 1706; Pitts Creek Presbyterian Congregation; Some Other Early Presbyterian Places of Worship


Human, Professional, Mercantile and Industrial. The Northampton-Accomack background of Somerset's first settlers-Social and economic status in Virginia-Names of the first settlers of Somerset-European origins of settlers-Status of families in Somerset-The first doctors, teachers, attorneys, traders, merchants, tradesmen.


Stephen Horsey-Ambrose Dixon-Randall Revell-John Elzey--William Thorne-John Odber-Thomas Price-George Johnson -Henry Boston-William Coulbourne--William Bosman-William Stevens-James Jones-John White-John Winder-Edmund Beauchamp.


With notes on David Brown, Robert King, Francis Jenckins, George Layfield, William Whittington, William Brereton.

Part II


I-Governor Calvert's Commission for Settlement of the Eastern Shore Below Choptank River, November 6, 1661

11-Randall Revell's Report on Conditions at Manokin-Annemessex, May, 1662 . . .

Ill-Colonel Edmund Scarburgh's Report of His Proceedings at Man- kin-Annemessex, October, 1663

IV-Somerset County Officials Before 1700

V-Somerset County Marriages. .

VI-First Court House Sites and First Towns in Somerset

VII-A Proposed County on the Seaboard Side VIII-Worcester County (1742) and Wicomico County (1867) IX-The King Homes in Somerset County: (1) "Kingsland"; (2) Bev- erly"; (3) "Kingston Hall"

X-Early Settlers

(a) First Settlers' (1662-1666) Families: Genealogical Notes.

(b) Names of Settlers in Somerset County, 1666-1700.

(c) Names of Quaker, Church of England and Presbyterian Families.

(d) Patentees of Land in the Old Somerset Area, 1662-1666.

Part Ill

References and Index


Abbott, Abraham, Ackworth, Ackworths, Adams, Adamses, Addams, Aleward, Alexander, Alexanders, Allen, Allesccnr, Allison, Ambrose, Anderson, Andrews, Archer, Armistead, Armstrong, Arnold, Arundel, Askew, Askewe, Askews, Askue, Atkins, Atkinson, Austin, Avery, Aydelotte, Aydelotts, Ayleward, Ayleworth, Aylvard, Aylward, Ayres, Bacon, Baily, Bainton, Bairee, Baker, Baldwin, Bales, Balis, Ball, Ballard, Ballards, Baltimore, Banes, Bannister, Barber, Barie, Barker, Barkstead, Barleigh, Barlowe, Barnabe, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Baron, Barre, Barret, Barrow, Barry, Barton, Basset, Bassett, Battian, Baughan, Bayley, Bayly, Beall, Beau, Beauchamp, Beauchamps, Bedford, Bee, Bell, Bellams, Benderwell, Beniam, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Benston, Benton, Bercum, Berkeley, Berkley, Berkum, Berre, Berré, Berrer, Best, Beste, Betts, Bevans, Bevend, Bevends, Bevens, Bewry, Bird, Bishop, Bladen, Blades, Blage, Blair, Blake, Blood, Blouse, Bloyce, Bloyes, Bloys, Bloyse, Boaz, Body, Boice, Boist, Bollard, Bond, Booth, Borud, Bosman, Bosmans, Bosse, Bossman, Boston, Bostons, Bounds, Bourdillon, Bowden, Bowditch, Bowen, Bowles, Bowman, Bowzer, Boyce, Boyden, Boyer, Boyes, Boyss, Boyst, Bozeman, Bozman, Bradshaw, Brangeman, Bratton, Bravard, Bray, Brayer, Brayfield, Brechin, Breechin, Brereton, Breretons, Brevard, Brewerton, Briant, Bridger, Briggs, Briscoe, Britaine, Britten, Brittingham, Brittinham, Broadway, Broadwell, Bromley, Broughton, Brown, Browne, Browns, Bruff, Bruneridge, Brydon, Bult, Bundick, Bunnel, Burch, Burkam, Burkum, Burleigh, Burnett, Burr, Burrage, Burroughs, Bursted, Burton, Bury, Busbo, Buss, Butcher, Butler, Butter, Cade, Cager, Caine, Caldwell, Calloway, Calvert, Calverts, Cameday, Cameron, Cammeday, Campbell, Campison, Camplin, Cane, Canneday, Cannedy, Cannon, Carey, Carlyle, Carne, Carnee, Carney, Carny, Carpe, Carpenter, Carr, Carrell, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Casor, Cassaugh, Cathell, Catherwood, Cathing, Cathol, Catlet, Catlett, Catlin, Catlins, Catlyn, Cattlin, Cattling, Cazara, Chalkley, Chambers, Champlin, Chanceleer, Chancellor, Chancellour, Chares, Chariton, Charles, Chase, Cheeseman, Chelse, Cheltnam, Cheney, Cheseldine, Cheseldyne, Chicken, Chiltnam, Chissam, Christopher, Churchman, Claggett, Claiborne, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clausen, Clauson, Clayland, Clement, Clements, Clifton, Cloyse, Cluff, Clugstone, Coard, Cobb, Cochran, Cockee, Coggin, Colbornes, Colburn, Cole, Colebourne, Coleburn, Colehoune, Coleman, Colleburne, Collett, Collier, Collings, Collins, Collyer, Colmore, Colston, Colville, Conard, Connard, Conner, Conniew, Connor, Convention, Cony, Coode, Cooke, Cooper, Copley, Coppinball, Coppinhall, Cordray, Cordry, Core, Cornbury, Cornehill, Cornelius, Cornewell, Cornish, Cornwell, Costin, Cotman, Cottingham, Cottinghams, Cottman, Cottmans, Cotton, Coulbourn, Coulbourne, Coulbournes, Covan, Coventan, Coventon, Covington, Covingtons, Cowdry, Cox, Craighead, Craper, Crawford, Crawley, Crew, Crocket, Croft, Cropper, Croppers, Crosdale, Crouch, Croush, Croutch, Crow, Crowder, Croweley, Cullen, Curler, Currier, Curtis, Curtises, Custis, Cuvinoe, Dab, Dagworthy, Dale, Dance, Daniel, Daniell, Daniels, Darling, Dashiell, Dashiels, Davey, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davises, Davye, Daw, Day, Dayley, de Brulagh, de Verrazana, Deale, Deane, Deas, Dedecker, Defarmus, Delahide, Delamus, Delemas, Delmas, Denby, Dennahoe, Dennard, Dennis, Dennises, Denson, Dent, Denton, Denwood, Derickson, Devorax, Devorix, Dias, Dickenson, Dickerson, Dickeson, Dickinson, Dickson, Diggs, Dillamas, Dillimas, Dingle, Disharoon, Disharoone, Ditty, Dixe, Dixon, Dixons, Doan, Donehoe, Donelson, Donelsons, Doone, Doricks, Dorman, Dormond, Dornewell, Dornington, Dougherty, Doughterie, Doughty, Dounin, Downes, Dowtey, Dowty, Drane, Draper, Dreadon, Dredon, Dregas, Dregis, Dresden, Drew, Driden, Driggers, Drummond, Dryden, Duer, Duggar, Dukes, Dulap, Duncan, Dupark, Duparke, Duste, Eanes, Eaves, Edgar, Edgars, Edmondson, 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Norton, Norwood, Nottingham, Nottle, Noughton, Nuball, Nutall, Nuthall, Nuttall, Nutter, Nutters, Nuttley, O'Cane, Odber, Odbur, Oke, Okee, Okey, Olandman, Oliphant, Olliphant, Ormond, Osborne, Oswell, Outen, Outerbridge, Owen, Oxford, Page, Painter, Pake, Palmer, Panter, Paris, Park, Parker, Parkes, Parramore, Parramour, Parsons, Partridge, Pate, Paterson, Patrick, Patterson, Payne, Payton, Peacock, Pearle, Pearse, Peddenton, Peddington, Pedington, Peicke, Pelingham, Penfax, Penman, Penn, Penney, Pennington, Penns, Penny, Pent, Peny, Pepper, Percell, Perkins, Perry, Persill, Phebus, Phesey, Philipson, Phillips, Phillpot, Phoebus, Pierce, Pikes, Piper, Pirrie, Pisher, Pitt, Pitts, Planer, Planner, Planners, Plater, Player, Pointer, Polk, Polke, Pollard, Pollett, Pomfrey, Poole, Pope, Popley, Porter, Porting, Portland, Potter, Poulson, Powell, Poyer, Poynter, Prate, Prentice, Presley, Price, Prices, Prideaux, Priestly, Prim, Primme, Prince, Prise, Pritchett, Proctor, Prouse, Prout, Puckham, Purall, Purnell, Pyle, Quillaine, Quillane, Quillanes, Rackliffe, Rames, Randall, Ratclife, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Ratliff, Rawley, Rayman, Raymond, Raynbowe, Read, Redelphus, Reid, Relfe, Renny, Rensha, Renshaw, Revel, Revell, Revells, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richardsons, Rickards, Rickett, Riddel, Rider, Riders, Riggin, Right, Riley, Risbrooke, Risdon, Rise, Rixon, Roach, Roaches, Roads, Roagues, Roan, Roatch, Robbins, Robbinson, Roberts, Robertson, Robeson, Robins, Robinson, Robinsons, Roch, Roche, Rodgers, Roe, Rogers, Rogerson, Rollens, Ross, Round, Rounds, Rousby, Rouse, Row, Rowatt, Roweil, Rowell, Rule, Rusell, Russell, Rust, Rustell, Sadler, Salisbury, Sallaway, Sangster, Sargent, Sasscer, Saucer, Saunders, Sauser, Savage, Sawcer, Sawser, Sayer, Saywells, Scarborough, Scarburgh, Scharf, Scharff, Schoolfield, Scissco, Scott, Seaman, Searle, Seawell, Seibe, Selby, Sereeke, Serle, Sewall, Seward, Sewell, Seymour, Shankland, Shaw, Shealy, Sheltenham, Sherman, Shewell, Shiall, Shies, Shiles, Shiletto, Shipham, Shipp, Shippen, Shipway, Shoares, Shockley, Showell, Shuttleworth, Sidbury, Sikes, Simmons, Sims, Simson, Skinner, Skipworth, Skirven, Small, Smith, Smiths, Smithson, Smock, Smocke, Smyton, Snossall, Snow, Somerset, Somersett, Sonhill, Southern, Sowell, Speer, Spence, Spences, Sperry, Spratt, Stadley, Standbridge, Standfield, Standridge, Stanford, Stanley, Stapleford, Starret, Starrett, Staton, Stayton, Steele, Steell, Steiner, Stephens, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenses, Stevenson, Stevensons, Steward, Stewart, Stivenson, Stockdale, Stockdell, Stockly, Stogdell, Stone, Story, Stoughton, Stradling, Stratton, Strawbridge, Strawbridges, Streete, Stretcher, Stringer, Stuart, Sturges, Sudler, Sudman, Sugar, Sumbler, Summer, Surnam, Surnams, Sutton, Swaine, Swan, Swem, Talbot, Taney, Tarr, Taylor, Teackle, Teague, Tennent, Thoma, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Thorne, Thornton, Thorowgood, Thurston, Tilghman, Tillman, Tillmans, Tilney, Tilsley, Timbells, Tingle, Tizard, Toadvin, Toadvine, Toadwin, Toft, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Topp, Torrence, Townsend, Townsends, Towson, Toy, Trahearne, Trail, Traile, Traill, Treherne, Trevett, Trewett, Trewitts, Trice, Trotter, Trout, Trouth, Truit, Truitt, Trupshaw, Tucker, Tull, Tulls, Tunnel, Tunstall, Turner, Turpin, Turvile, Turvill, Tyferd, Tyler, Tyre, Tyzard, Utley, Valentine, Vanhack, Vaughan, Vaus, Vaux, Venable, Venables, Venalles, Vesey, Vigorous, Vincent, Voss Waddelow, Waggaman, Wale, Walker, Walkers, Wallace, Wallaces, Wallahane, Walle, Waller, Wallers, Walley, Wallis, Wallises, Wallop, Walston, Walter, Waltham, Walton, Wancklen, Ward, Wards, Ware, Waring, Warner, Warren, Warwick, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watt, Watts, Wattson, Waughop, Weatherhead, Weatherley, Weatherly, Webb, Webster, Weedon, Wells, West, Westlock, Westlocke, Whaley, Whaleys, Whaples, Wharton, Whealton, Whearly, Wheatley, Wheeler, Wheller, Whitaker, White, Whitemarsh, Whites, Whitfield, Whittee, Whittet, Whittfeeld, Whittfield, Whittingham, Whittington, Whitty, Wilcox, Wildgoose, Wilgus, Wilhelm, Wilkinson, Willers, Williams, Williamses, Williamson, Willis, Wills, Wilmot, Wilson, Winder, Winders, Wingod, Winne, Winsar, Winser, Winsor, Winston, Wise, Wises, Witherow, Witherspoon, Witt, Wollford, Wolston, Wood, Woodcock, Woodcraft, Woodgate, Wooldridge, Woolford, Woolfords, Wooten, Wootten, Worcester, Worslake, Worthington, Wouldhave, Wright, Wynder, Wynne, Yalding, Yarritt, Yeo, Yonson, Young,