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The Garrison Church/ St. Thomas Parish, Baltimore









This 189 page book discusses the ministers, church wardens and vestrymen of St. Thomas; Parish. It also gives a few biographies ... see Table of Contents below.

Benedict Bourdillon - The "Forest Inhabitants" -TheGarrison Chapel of Ease -Parish Incorporated

Parish Organized -Vestry Record -Thomas Cradock Education - Romance - Marriage - Archbishop Cradock

1745 1770. Vestry House- Communion Rail- Bachelors Taxed-Church Plastered- Surplice Bought

1747 1770. Thomas Cradock- Sermons -Meeting of the Clergy-Psalms in Verse -Death of Parson Cradock

1770 1775. William Edmiston- The Methodists - Chapel at theForks -Chalice and Paten Bought CommunionTable Covered With Green Cloth -The Revolution -A Tory Parson

1775 1782. Thomas Hopkins- Vestry Renounces Allegiance - VestryAct 1779 Rev. William West

1782 1785. John Andrews Tries to Reconcile the Methodists -Dr.Coke - Mr. Asbury Provost University of Pennsylvania

1785 1797. Thomas Fitch Oliver -Pews Re rented -George Ralph Parsonage Built

1797 1805. John Coleman - A Soldier of 1776- A Methodist Preacher Left the Methodists 1784 Marriage - Rectory Enlarged -Glebe Purchased Census Ordered

1805 1810. John Armstrong-A Methodist Ordained by BishopWhite -Pew System Set Aside- Lottery to Pay forGlebe -Mr. Armstrong asked to Resign

1810 1819. George Ralph, locum tenens - John Chandler -TheChurchyard Wall -Joseph Jackson Elected -Dismissed

1820 1849. Charles C. Austin -Major David Hopkins- Parish of theAscension -Churchyard Wall Completed -Death of Mr. Austin

1849 1852. Jacob B. Morss -Joseph J. Nicholson

William F. Lockwood -Rectory Enlarged -A Review-End of Dr. Allens Manuscript

1852 1898. Repairs and Improvements -Dr. Maynard's Legacies -Death of Mr. E. D. Lyon -The Pipe Organ given

St. Marks on the Hill -Church Road Macadamized--Vestry Sued -W. Strother Jones -Assistant Rector--Mr. Lockwoods Death

Hobart Smith -Plans for Enlarging Church- Mr.Tagarts Generous Gift -Plans Carried Out--The La Farge Windows -Growth of the Parish

Biographical Sketches

The Gists The Howards The Owings The Carnans Capt. John Risteau George Bramwell TheMoale Family The Lyon Family The Worthingtons The Cockey Family The Hunt Family JohnGill Dr. Randle Hulse Dr. Thomas Cradock Major John Cradock Abel Brown Charles WalkerDr. Thomas Cradock Walker Joseph WestRev. George Ralph Rev. Jacob B. Morss.


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