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Goodspeed's History of Knox and Scotland Co., Missouri

















This 612 page book has a new 34 page index.

Table of Contents:


History of Scotland Co.


Anecdotes of the Indians

Local Incidents

Agricultural and Mechanical Association

Methodist Episcopal Church Agriculture

Methodist Episcopal Church South

Battle of Vassar Hill

Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska Bonds

Battle of Lone Jack Mounds

Baptists   Other Settlers

Boundary and Topography   Old settlers' Association

Bench and Bar   Other Engagements

Christians Organization of the County

County Seat   Poor, The

Civil Townships Public Buildings

Cumberland Presbyterians Population

Circuit Court Probate Court

County Court Press, The

County Officers Public Lands

Educational Railroads and Railroad Bonds

Early Churches Runaway Slaves

Election, The first Seventh Regiment of Cavalry

Early Justices Second Regiment of Cavalry

Elections Societies

Episode, A Funny Scraps of History

Finances Settlement Continued

Good White Man, A Slavery

Geology Settlements and Incidents

Highways Soil

Hardships, Disadvantages, etc Townships

Important Trials Township Organization Defeated Indian Incident, An Towns of the County

Later Settlers War of 1812

Litigation War of the Rebellion

Live Stock Wild Animals, Wild Honey, etc HISTORY OF KNOX COUNTY

Agriculture Killing of Louis Buhl

Bridges Killing of J. A. Merriwether

Baptist Churches Killing of Jesse H. Hymers

Banks Knox City

County Organization Locust Hill

Colony Land Entries by Actual Settlers, First County Courts, First Municipal Townships of Knox County Circuit Courts, First Murder of Henry, a Slave

County Seat, Location of Murder of Dr. John L. Taylor

Christian Churches Murder of James O'Donnell

Catholic Settlement Miscellaneous Public Buildings

Capture of Col. Frisby McCullough Miscellaneous Incidents

Criminal Record Millport

County Courts Military History

County Courts under District System Methodist Episcopal Church South

County Officers Methodist Episcopal Church

County investigation of Newark

County Board of Supervisors, Novelty

Dead Hero, The Newspapers

Elections, First Oakland College

Elections after 1850 Public Buildings

Election, August, 1854 Poor and Poor Farm

Election, Presidential, 1856 Pioneers and Pioneer Life

Election, August, 1858 Pioneers-What They Were

Election of 1859 Pioneer Preachers

Election, Presidential, 1864 Pioneer Schools

Election, Presidential, 1868 Pioneer Weddings

Election, Presidential, 1872 Pioneer Housekeeping Incidents

Election, Special, 1875 Pioneer Hunting Experiences

Election, Presidential, 1876 Pioneer Life, Concluded

Election of 1878 Presbyterian Church

Election of 1880 Political Campaign of 1856

Election of 1882 Political Campaign of 1860

Election of 1884 Political Canvass in Knox County, 1860

Election, General, 1856 Political Canvass and Election of 1870 Edina Railroad Bonds

Engagement at Newark Railroads

Enlistment in the Federal Service Representatives

Fiftieth Regiment Enrolled Mo. Militia Raids and Robberies in 1864

Forest Springs Settlements, First

Greensburg Six Men Chase Sixty

Goodland Skirmish at Cunningham's

Hurdland Secret Orders

Hedge City Slavery Days

Industries State Senate

Jeddo Schools Public and Private

Knox Collegiate Institute "Tadpole Campaign," The

Killing of Lark in Bentley Towns


Knox County Scotland County


Abbott, Abernathy, Adams, Agin, Agnew, Ahern, Alderman, Alexander, Alien, Allen, Allred, Allyn, Alverson, Ambrose, Ammerman, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Arehart, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Arrasmith, Arthur, Asbury, Ashby, Ashcraft, Atchison, Atkinson, Aucutt, Ausmus, Austin, Aylward, Babcock, Bader, Bailey, Bain, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Ballard, Ballow, Balthorpe, Balthrope, Baltzell, Bank, Banks, Barclay, Barker, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barns, Barr, Bartlett, Bassett, Bates, Battiste, Baxter, Bayliss, Beach, Beachamp, Beacock, Beagle, Beal, Beard, Beatty, Beck, Becket, Beckner, Beckwith, Beckworth, Beehymer, Bees, Bell, Bender, Benham, Benjamin, Bennett, Bennington, Bennium, Benson, Bentley, Berry, Best, Bibb, Biggerstaff, Biggs, Billups, Birch, Birthright, Bishop, Bitler, Black, Black Hawk, Blackburn, Blacks, Blair, Blake, Blakey, Blanchard, Bledsoe, Block, Blood, BLY, Board, Bohon, Boies, Boltz, Bond, Bone, Bonner, Boon, Boone, Boothe, Boren, Boring, Bostick, Botts, Bounds, Bourd, Bourn, Bourne, Bowen, Bowling, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Boyle, Boylston, Bozarth, Brackett, Bradfield, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bragg, Brandenburgh, Brashear, Bratton, Brawner, Breckenridge, Breckinridge, Bredett, Breedlove, Breiner, Brewer, Brewington, Briggs, Bright, Briscoe, Broadhurst, Broadus, BROADWATER, Brodrick, Bromson, Bronson, Brooking, Brooks, Brosius, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Brumbaugh, Bruner, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buck, Buckley, Buckner, Buddle, Buel, Buell, Buford, Buhl, Bulkley, Bull, Bumps, Bunce, Bunnell, Burk, Burkett, Burlingame, Burnett, Burns, Burrus, Burt, Burton, Busey, Bush, Bushnell, Buskirk, Bussey, Butler, Butt, Buttles, Byrd, Byrne, Byron, Cabell, Cade, Cady, Cahalan, Cailiff, Caldwell, Calhoon, Call, Callaway, Calloway, Calvin, Campbell, Cannon, Caples, Cardee, Carder, Carlyle, Carmon, Carneal, Carnega, Carnegy, Carney, Carr, Carrick, Carson, Carter, Case, Casper, Cassidy, Cassilly, Caster, Caswell, Cater, Cathel, Cave, Caywood, Cecil, Cell, Chadwell, Chadwick, Chandler, Chaney, Chany, Chapin, Chariton, Cheatum, Chenault, Cherry, Chester, Chew, Childers, Childress, Chilson, Chilton, Chipley, Chisholm, Chronic, Chronnelly, Circle, Clagett, Clancey, Clancy, Clanton, Clapper, Clark, Clarke, Claude, Claypool, Clayton, Clemens, Clements, Clemison, Clemons, Clifford, Clopper, Cloyd, Clye, Cochran, Cochrun, Cock, Cockrum, Cody, Coe, Coen, Coffee, Coffey, Coffman, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Colland, Collett, Collier, Collins, Combs, Comley, Comsey, Condell, Condit, Conditt, Conduit, Cone, Conkle, Conley, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connor, Conrad, Conway, Conyers, Cook, Coolidge, Cooney, Coony, Cooper, Cope, Corbyn, Cornelius, Cornwell, Cort, Coster, Cotterman, Cottey, Cottingham, Cotton, Coulson, Courtney, Cover, Coverston, Covington, Cowan, Cowell, Cowen, Cowgill, Cox, Coy, Cracraft, Craig, Cramer, Crampton, Crandall, Crane, Craven, Cravens, Craw, Crawford, CRAWLEY, Crim, Critchlow, Crocker, Crockett, Crook, Crosby, Crow, Crowley, Crows, Culbertson, Cummings, Cundiff, Cunningham, Cupp, Curry, Curtice, Curtis, Cushman, Cusic, Custard, Daggs, Dale, Daly, Darby, Dare, Darrah, Dary, Daugherty, Daulton, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Day, Dayhoff, De France, De Kalb, De Wolf, Dean, Debord, Deen, Deer, DeHaven, Dell, Demaree, Demoss, Denniston, Deshazer, Deshler, Dewitt, Dewty, Dibble, Dickerson, Dines, Dingee, Dixon, Doan, Dobson, Dobyns, Dod, Dodd, Dodson, Doherty, Don, Donadson, Donaldson, Donely, Donevan, DONNELL, Donnelly, Donnolly, Dosetheus, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dowden, Downey, Downing, Downings, Doyle, Drake, Draper, Drew, Driscoll, Dromey, Drowey, Dryden, Dubois, Duckworth, Duell, Dugno, Dulin, Dull, Dunbar, Dunkin, Dunn, Dunscomb, Durkee, Durnall, Durst, Dutton, Dye, Dyer, Dysart, Eads, Eagle, Eagleson, Earley, Early, Easley, East, Eastin, Ebelee, Eberman, Eddy, Edelen, Eden, Edens, Edmonson, Edmonston, Edwards, Egleston, Elder, Eldridge, Eller, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ely, Embry, Emery, Engle, English, Ennis, Ensign, Erikson, Eskridge, Evans, Eve, Everett, Everman, Ewalt, Ewin, Ewing, Eyman, Faber, Faha, Farand, Farmer, Farnesworth, Farnsworth, Farrer, Farwell, Faulkner, Fauquier, Felix, Fellers, Felps, Feltz, Ferguson, Ferrell, Ferryman, Fetters, Fickle, Fielding, Fields, Fifer, Fight, Finch, Findley, Fipps, Firestone, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Flemming, Fletcher, Flynn, Folk, Ford, Fordny, Fore, Foreman, Forman, Forney, Forquer, Forrester, Forsha, Forsyth, Foss, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Francis, Frazee, Frazier, Freeland, Freeman, Freil, French, Fresh, Freshes, Frieal, Friend, Frirear, Frost, Fry, Frye, Fryrear, Fugate, Fulk, Fullerton, Fulton, Funk, Furgeson, Gale, Gamble, Gangloff, Ganoung, Gantt, Gardner, Garrett, Garrigus, Garrison, Garwood, Gates, Gatton, Gauss, Gearing, Gentry, George, Gerhold, Gibbons, Gibler, Gibson, Gifford, Gill, Gillespie, Gilstrap, Givens, Glascock, Glaze, Gleason, Glover, Goddard, Goggin, Golden, Goodloe, Goodwin, Gorden, Gordon, Gorin, Gough, Grady, Graham, Grainger, Grant, Gratz, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenley, Greenwade, Greenwood, Grees, Gregory, Griest, Griffith, Grimsley, Groome, Grout, Guille, Guinn, Guion, Gumsteg, Gundy, Gunn, Gupton, Guthrie, Gwynn, Hackley, Hagar, Hagemeier, Hagood, Haines, Hale, Hall, Halleck, Halliburton, Hamblin, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammond, Hanan, Hancock, Haner, Hanes, Haney, Hankins, Hanley, Hannah, Hannahs, Hanson, Harbor, Harbour, Hardenbrook, Hardesty, Hardin, Hardman, Hardy, Harkness, Harle, Harness, Harper, Harr, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harshman, Hartley, Hartman, Hartsell, Harvey, Harwood, Haselwood, Hatch, Hatfield, Hathaway, Hatten, Hawk, Hawkins, Hawks, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Haynie, Hays, Hayth, Hayward, Haywood, Headen, Heald, Hedges, HEINZERLING, Heller, Henderson, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Hennessey, Henry, Herdman, Hereford, Heritage, Herriford, Herriot, Herron, Hersman, Hertzog, Hewitt, Hickman, Hicks, Higbee, Higby, Higgins, Hildreth, Hill, Hillbrant, Hiller, Hilles, Hilliard, Hillins, HILLIS, Hinchcliffe, Hindman, Hines, Hinkson, Hirner, Hitt, Hixon, Hoagland, Hodge, Hodges, Hogan, Hogue, Hohstadt, Holder, Holeman, Holland, Hollandsworth, Holley, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth, Hollister, Holloway, Holly, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Holtsinger, Holtzclaw, Homer, Hoofer, Hoon, Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Horn, Hoskins, Hostadt, Hotchkiss, Houghland, Houser, Houston, Howard, Howe, Howerton, Howey, Howk, Hubert, Huce, Hudnall, Hudson, Hues, Huff, Huggins, Hughes, Hulan, Huling, Hull, Hullis, Hulse, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunolt, Hunsaker, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hunter, Hurd, Hurlbut, Hurley, Hurn, Hussey, Hustead, Huston, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hymers, Ijams, Inlow, Inman, Ireton, Irwin, Isaacs, Israel, Jack, Jackman, Jackson, Jacobi, James, Jameson, Jamison, Jarvis, Jayne, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jellette, Jenkins, Jewett, John, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Justice, Kaufman, Kaylor, Kays, Keach, Keeler, Kehoe, Kell, Kellar, Kellen, Keller, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelly, Kelso, Kendall, Kendrick, Kenney, Kenoyer, Kenrick, Keokuk, Kephart, Kerfoot, Kern, Kerr, Keryea, Kesterson, Ketchum, Kibbee, Kiggins, Kilgore, Kimball, Kimbley, Kimley, Kincaid, Kincheloe, King, Kinkead, Kinman, Kinney, Kinter, Kirby, Kirk, Kittle, Kizer, Klienk, Klink, Knight, Knott, Knox, Kroes, Kutzner, Lackey, Ladd, Lair, Lamden, Lamine, Lancaster, Landsberry, Lane, Lanesbury, Lanius, Lansbury, Lantz, Larson, Laswell, Lathrop, Laughbridge, Laughlin, Laurence, Lawrence, Lawton, Layman, Laytham, Leach, Leaper, Lear, Lee, Leeman, Lees, Leflet, Legrand, Lehew, Lemons, Leslie, Levengood, Lewis, Lewises, Light, Lillard, Limbaugh, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsey, Ling, Lingle, Linley, Linn, Linville, Lipscomb, Little, Livingston, Locket, Lockhart, Loe, London, Long, Longfellow, Loomis, Loring, Lotspeich, Louderback, Louthan, Love, Lovell, Lowe, Lowen, Lowens, Lowry, Lowther, Lucas, Luckett, Luke, Lycan, Lycon, Lyle, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Mace, Mackey, Magee, Maggard, Mahan, Major, Majors, Makemsom, Malcolm, Mallory, Malone, Maloney, Manning, Marble, March, Marcilly, Marksberry, Marquess, Marquis, Marsh, Marshall, Martena, Martin, Martindale, Marvin, Mason, Masters, Matha, Mathes, Mathews, Matkin, Matkins, Matlock, Matthias, Mauck, Mayfield, McAlister, McAllister, McAntire, McArthur, McBride, McCabe, McCafferty, McCall, McCandles, McCandless, McCann, McClain, McClamloch, McClamroch, McClamrock, McClellan, McClenihan, McClintick, McClintock, McClure, McConnell, McCoy, McCracken, McCullough, McCune, McDaniel, McDevit, McDole, McDonald, McDowell, McEldowney, McElroy, McElwee, McEvoy, McEwen, McFadden, McFaden, McFall, McFarland, McGary, McGee, McGinnis, McGonigle, McGrath, McGrindley, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, McKee, McKelfresh, McKenzie, McKim, McKinney, McKnight, McLaughlin, McManamy, McManomy, McMenomy, McMillen, McMillin, McMurray, McMurry, McMurtry, McNeece, McNeil, McNeill, McNulty, McPherson, McPike, McQueen, McQuoid, McReynolds, McWilliam, Mead, Means, Mederith, Medley, Meech, Meeker, Mefford, Melick, Mendenhall, Menefee, Menifee, Meriwether, Merrill, Merriwether, Messner, Metcalf, Mety, Meyer, Meyers, Middleton, Milan, Miles, Millburn, Miller, Milligan, Million, Mills, Milton, Miner, Minkey, Minor, Minter, Mitchell, Moberly, Mobley, Mock, Modisett, Moffit, Monroe, Montgomery, Monticue, Moody, Moore, Morey, Morgan, Morison, Morrey, Morris, Morrow, Morton, Moss, Mote, Mott, Motter, Moulsworth, Mount, Mourhess, Moyers, Mudd, Muder, Mulch, Mullens, Mullins, Mumford, Munns, Muns, Murley, Murphy, Murray, Murrow, Musgrove, Musselman, Myers, Myres, Nance, Naphus, Nater, Neal, Needham, Neel, Neff, Nelson, Nesbit, Nevill, New, Newell, Newland, Newman, Newnam, Newton, Nichols, Nickell, Niles, Niseley, Noble, Noblett, Noel, Nolan, Norcross, Norris, North, Northcraft, Northcut, Northcutt, Norton, Nuckols, Nunn, Nutter, Oakes, O'Brien, Ohlwiler, Oiler, Oldfather, Oliver, Olson, Orman, Orr, Osborn, Oston, O'Sullivan, Otto, Owen, Owens, Oxyer, Oyler, Padgett, Palmer, Parcell, Parent, Parish, Park, Parker, Parkhurst, Parks, Parrett, Parrish, Parson, Parsons, Patricia, Patterson, Pattersons, Patton, Pauget, Paull, Paxson, Payne, Pearce, Peddicord, Peirce, Pence, Pendery, Pendry, Penn, Penny, Perry, Peters, Petree, Pettet, Pettibone, Pettingill, Pettit, Pettitt, Petty, Pettyjohn, Phelan, Phillips, Phillpot, Phipps, Pickard, Pickering, Pickins, Pierce, Pierson, Pile, Pinkley, Pinson, Pitkin, Pittman, Plank, Pledge, Plumer, Plummer, Plunkett, Poage, Poe, Poinier, Pollock, Pollocks, Pomroy, Poole, Poor, Poore, Pope, Porter, Poslethwait, Post, Potter, Powell, Power, Powers, Pratt, Preston, Price, Priest, Prime, Primm, Pritchard, Proctor, Pruner, Pryor, Pugh, Pulis, Pulliam, Pulse, Purmort, Purvis, Putnam, Pye, Quick, Quinn, Quisenberry, Quisenbury, Raddatz, Rader, Raid, Rainbeau, Rainey, Ralls, Ralston, Ramage, Randle, Randolph, Rankin, Ransom, Rathbone, Rathbun, Ray, Record, Recus, Redd, Reddish, Redditz, Redmond, Reed, Reeds, Rees, Reese, Reid, Remley, Reneker, Rex, Reyburn, Reynolds, Rhoades, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rice, Rich, Richardson, Richmond, Ricker, Rigg, Riggs, Riley, Rimer, Rinehart, Riney, Ringer, Risk, Risor, Roat, Robb, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roby, Rockwell, Rodgers, Rodman, Rogers, Rollings, Rollins, Romjue, Rook, Rose, Roseberry, Rosenthal, Ross, Rouner, Rounsville, Rourke, Rouse, Rouze, Rowan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Rubble, Rucker, Rudd, Rudy, Rule, Rumjue, Runkle, Runyan, Ruse, Rush, Russel, Russell, Rutherford, Rutter, Ryan, Ryburn, Rye, Sabin, Sacket, Sadler, Sale, Sales, Saling, Sallee, Samuel, Sanders, Sandknop, Sasey, Sasseen, Sauderson, Sauer, Saunders, Sawyer, Saxton, Saylors, Schad, Schee, Schempp, Schnebly, Schofield, Schuler, Schultz, Schwind, Sciens, Scofield, Scott, Seaman, Sears, Seber, Sebral, Sebre, Sebree, Secord, Sedorus, Seeber, Selby, Sells, Seright, Settle, Sever, Sevier, Seward, Sexton, Seymour, Shackelford, Shacklet, Shacklett, Shafer, Shamp, Shane, Shanes, Shanks, Shannon, Sharer, Sharkley, Sharp, Shartle, Shaver, Shaw, Shea, Shearman, Sheets, Sheffield, Shelby, Sheldon, Shelton, Sherman, Sherrill, Sherwood, Shields, Shipman, Shipp, Shoats, Shoemaker, Shook, Shoot, Shopson, Shores, Short, Shotten, Shuffet, Shuffitt, Shultz, Shumate, Shurtleff, Sibley, Sigesteil, Sigler, Simill, Simington, Simon, Simonson, Simpkins, Simpson, Sisson, Six, Skidmore, Skinner, Skirvin, Slaughter, Slavin, Slingerland, Sloan, Slocum, Small, Smallwood, Smiley, Smith, Smithey, Smoot, Snarr, Snead, Snell, Snelling, Snow, Snyder, Somers, Somerville, Soule, Souther, Southworth, Sovereign, Soward, Sowers, Spangler, Sparks, Speigh, Spellman, Spencer, Spiers, Spillman, Spilman, Sprague, St. John, Stabler, Stacy, Stafford, Stample, Stander, Standiford, Stanfield, Stansifer, Staples, Starbuck, Starke, Starkee, Starr, Stateler, Staten, Stearns, Steele, Step, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stice, Stiles, Still, Stine, Stinsons, Stockton, Stokely, Stone, Story, Stout, Stovall, Stover, Strickler, Stringfield, Strode, Strosnider, Stuart, Stutenburg, Sublett, Suiter, Sullivan, Summerlin, Summers, Surrey, Surry, Suter, Sutton, Swalley, Swane, Swartz, Sykes, Tadlock, Talbot, Talbott, Tandy, Tannehill, Tanquary, Tarr, Tate, Tatlow, Taylor, Teacle, Teeters, Templeton, Terrill, Testman, Teter, Thacher, Thatcher, Thomas, Thome, Thompkins, Thompson, Thomson, Threlkeld, Throckmorton, Tilford, Timmons, Tinker, Tinney, Tinny, Toadvine, Tobin, Todd, Tolle, Tolman, Tompkins, Toohey, Toole, Toppass, Townsend, Towson, Tracy, Treat, Trebilcock, Trent, Triplett, Troth, Troutman, True, Truman, Tucker, Tull, Tully, Turk, Turner, Turpin, Tuttle, Tyler, Unruh, Unser, Updegraff, Upton, Utter, Van Carnip, Van Dorn, Van Dyke, Van Horn, Vance, Vandenburg, Vandever, Vanlandingham, Vannarman, Vannoy, Vanosdol, Varner, Vaught, Vertner, Victor, Vincent, Vincil, Von Carnip, Wade, Wagner, Wainwright, Wait, Walden, Waldo, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walsh, Walters, Waltman, Walton, Wamsley, Ward, Warner, Warring, Washburn, Waterman, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watters, Watts, Waugh, Wayland, Wayman, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weekly, Weider, Welch, Weller, Wellington, Wells, Welsh, Welty, Werner, Wescott, Wesley, West, Wetherbee, Wetherspoon, Wetzell, Weyer, Whaley, Wharton, Wheat, Wheeler, White, White Breast, Whiteaker, Whitehead, Whitelock, Whiteman, Whitesell, Whitten, Whitton, Widerman, Wieland, Wightman, Wilcox, Wildman, Wiley, Wilfley, Wilford, Wilison, Willett, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wills, Wilsey, Wilson, Wine, Winn, Winterbottom, Winters, WIRT, Wise, Wiseman, Withers, Witherspoon, Witt, Wolf, Wolgamott, Wonderley, WOOD, Woodbridge, Woodcock, Woodruff, Woods, Woodsmall, Woodson, Woodward, Woodyard, Woolen, Woolery, Work, Worrell, Worth, Worthington, Wren, Wright, Wunder, Wyatt, Yalton, Yates, Yeager, Young, Youngs, Zimmerman, Zink