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Goodspeed's History of St. Charles County, Missiouri



















This 636 page book has a 27 page new index. It is the original book by Goodspeed written in 1885.





Brief Historical Sketch



Name - Extent - Surface - Rivers - Timber - Climate - Prairies - Soils -

Population by Counties



Classification of Rocks - Quatenary Formation - Tertiary - Cretacious –Carbonifer- ous - Devonian- Silurian - Azoic - Economic Geology - Coal - Iron - Lead Copper - Zinc - Building Stone - Marble - Gypsum - Lime - Clays - Paints Springs - Water Power



Title to Missouri Lands -Right of Discovery - Title of France and Spain - Cession to the United States - Territorial Changes - Treaties with Indians - First Settlement- Ste. Genevieve and New Bourbon - St. Louis -When Incorporated Potosi - St. Charles Portage des Sioux - New Madrid - St. Francois County - Perry - Mississippi - Loutre Island -"Boone's Lick"- Cote Sans Dessein - Howard County- Some First Things - Counties -When Organized



Organization 1812 - Council - House of Representatives - William Clark First Territorial Governor-Edward Hempstead First Delegate- Spanish Grants-First General Assembly —Proceedings -Second Assembly -Proceedings Population of Territory-Vote of Territory - Rufus Easton - Absent Members-Third Assembly - Proceedings -Application for Admission

CHAPTER VI.Application of Missouri to be Admitted into the Union — Agitation of the Slavery Question-" Missouri Compromise" - Constitutional Convention of 1820- Constitution Presented to Congress — Further resistance to Admission — Mr. Clay and his Committee make Report-Second Compromise -Missouri Admitted

CHAPTER VII.MISSOURI AS A STATE.First Election for Governor and other State Officers -Senators and Representatives to General Assembly- Sheriffs and Coroners — U. S. Senators Representatives in Congress — Supreme Court Judges — Counties Organized — Capital Moved to St. Charles — Official Record of Territorial and State Officers



Fort Sumpter Fired Upon — Call for 75,000 Men — Gov. Jackson Refuses to Furnish a Man -U. S. Arsenal at Liberty, Mo., seized-Proclamation of Gov. Jackson General Order No. 7- Legislature Convenes -Camp Jackson Organized — Sterling Price Appointed Major-General -Frost's Letter to Lyon -Lyon's Letter to Frost Surrender of Camp Jackson — Proclamation of Gen. Harney -Conference between Price and Harney - Harney Superseded by Lyon-Second Conference-Gov. Jackson Burns the Bridges behind Him -Proclamation of Gov. Jackson — Gen. Blair Takes Possession of Jefferson City- Proclamation of Lyon-Lyon at Springfield- State Offices Declared Vacant -Gen. Fremont Assumes Command Proclamation of Lieut.-Gov. Reynolds — Proclamation of Jeff. Thompson and Gov. Jackson — Death of Gen. Lyon — Succeeded by Sturgis — Proclamation of McCulloch and Gamble — Martial Law Declared — Second Proclamation of Jeff. Thompson — President Modifies Fremont's Order — Fremont Relieved by Hunter — Proclamation of Price-Hunter's Order of Assessment-Hunter Declares Martial Law-Order Relating to Newspapers - Halleck Succeeds Hunter — Halleck's Order No. 18- Similar Order by Halleck — Boone County Standard Confiscated — Execution of Prisoners at Macon and Palmyra-Gen. Ewing's Order No. 11- Gen. Rosecrans Takes Command-Massacre at Centralia-Death of Bill Anderson- Gen. Dodge Succeeds Gem Rosecrans -List of Battles



Black Hawk War -Mormon Difficulties — Florida War — Mexican War



Missouri as an Agricultural State-The Different Crops-Live Stock-Horses Mules — Much Cows — Oxen and Other Cattle — Sheep — Hogs — Comparisons — Missouri Adapted to Live Stock — Cotton — Broom Corn and Other Products — Fruits — Berries — Grapes — Railroads — First Neigh of the "Iron Horse in Missouri — Names of Railroads — Manufactures - Great Bridge at St. Louis .



First Court-Court of Common Pleas for the "District of St. Charles" -District Officers-First Grand Jury-First Tax Collections -Organization of the County - Its Early Territorial Limits - First County Court and other Offices Pioneer Attorneys-Early Public Buildings



Boundaries and Conformation - Water Courses - Geology - Indigenous Growths Agricultural Products -Fruits and Grape Culture - Lands, Improved and Unimproved-Number of Farms and Value of all Farm Products-Live Stock-Taxable Wealth -Population- Roads and Railroads -Game, Fish, Etc., Etc.



EARLY INDIAN TROUBLES. -Outrages During the War of 1812-Forts Built by the Settlers -The "Rangers" Organized -The Expedition to Prairie Du Chien Capt. James Callaway -His Company of Rangers - His Expedition to Rock Island His Subsequent Pursuit of a Band of Indian Raiders in the Vicinity of Loutre Island - His Ambuscade and Tragic Death - His Burial Place.

THE BLACK HAWK WAR. -The Primary Cause of the Trouble - Keokuk Made Chief of the Sacs and Foxes - Two Parties Among the Sacs and Foxes - Black Hawk's Removal Across the Mississippi - His Dissatisfaction and Return, and the Outbreak of the Black Hawk War-His Defeat of Maj. Stillman and Col. Posey His Overthrow at the Battle of Bad Ax- Gen. Richard Gentry-His Expedition to Ft. Pike and Return - Capt. Nathan Boone's Company of Rangers and Whom They Were - Present Survivors - Hardships and Privations - Return of the Rangers to Ft. Gibson and Their Discharge.

THE FLORIDA WAR. -Whom the Volunteers now Remembered Were The Cause of the War - Gov. Boggs' Call for Volunteers - A Regiment formed, Commanded by Col. Richard Gentry - Knott's Volunteers Consolidated with Capt. Jackson's Company-Gentry's Regiment Ordered to New Orleans, thence to Tampa Bay Florida -The Battle of Okeechobee and Vanquishment- Col. Gentry Dies on the Field, Bravely Leading His Men, Just as the Battle is Won -The Return of the Missourians and the Interment of the Remains of Col. Gentry at St. Louis with Military Honors - Col. Taylor's Jealousy and Criticism of the Brave Missourians The Missourians Vindicated by an Investigation.

THE SLICKER TROUBLES. -Slickers and Anti-Slickers-Origin of the Slickers-Rise of the Anti-Slickers -Divers Whippings, Murders, Depredations and Criminal Trials.

THE MEXICAN WAR. - Plan of Operations of the Americans - The Missourians under Col. Doniphan - Capt. McCausland's Company of Volunteers from this County and Whom they Were-The Oregon Battalion Organized -Dr. Ludwell E. Powell of this County Elected Colonel-Threatened Outbreak of the Indians on the Upper Missouri-The March to Old Ft. Kearney-Expedition against the Sioux to Ft. Vermillion-New Ft. Kearney Built and Garrisoned-Close of the Mexican War.

THE CIVIL WAR.-Attributed to the Slavery Agitation-Election of Mr. Lincoln The Secession of the Southern States -Ft. Sumpter Fired Upon - Gov. Jackson's Call for State Militia and Companies of the State Guard Organized- Under President Lincoln's Call Union Volunteers are Enlisted - The Capture of Camp Jackson-Condition of Affairs in St. Charles County-Capt. Richard Overall Organizes an Artillery Company Under Gov. Jackson's Call -Prompt Organization of German Companies of Union Home Guards-Anti-Slavery Views of the Germans and Their Unanimity for the Union Cause-Judge Krekel the Leader of the Union Element in this County-Twelve Companies of Home Guards Organized Judge Krekel Elected Colonel of the Regiment-The United States Reserve Corps for Home Service Formed of Home Guard Volunteers-This and the Home Guards, with other Volunteers, Afterwards Merged into a Regiment of Missouri State Militia and a Regiment of Enrolled Militia-Other Companies of Union Volunteers Enrolled in the County-Total Number of Union Volunteers from the County-Dr. Johnson's Company -A Fight at Mt. Zion, in Boone County-His Capture - Other Southern Volunteers from the County - The Restoration of Peace



First Legislators from St. Charles County-Whom They were and Their Prominence and Influence - Maj. Benjamin Emmons, Col. James Flaugherty, Col. John Pitman and Judge Robert Spencer-St. Charles County the Home of the First Missouri Congressman or Territorial Delegate in Congress, Hon. Edward Hempstead Only Five Counties Then in the Territory-The Continued Prominence of this County in the Legislature - Her Members Secure the Location of the Seat of Government at St. Charles after the Adoption of the State Constitution -Sketch of the Legislature and State Officers at that Time-National Politics Little Discussed Prior to the Formation of the State Government-Judge Rufus Easton, of St. Charles, Succeeds Hon. Edward Hempstead in Congress and Serves two Terms - Hon. John Scott Then Elected upon the Pledge that He would Secure the Admission of Missouri into the Union-His Zeal and Success-Rise of the Missouri Question, or the Opposition to the Extension of Slavery-The "Missouri Compromise," and the Admission of the State into the Union -Attitude of the People of St. Charles County on the Slavery Question-The Grand Jury Make a Formal Presentment Against the Congress of the United States - Copy of the Presentment- Constitutional Convention of 1820-Members From St. Charles County -Political Issues Between the Democrats and Whigs after the Temporary Settlement of the Slavery Question - The County Largely Democratic - Democratic Sentiment of German Immigrants -Early Public Men of the County After the Organization of the State Government-Public Men of a Later Period, and Until the Outbreak of the Civil War-Col. Ludwell E. Powell, Hon. John D. Coalter, Maj. Wilson L. Overall and Hon. William M. Allen, Whigs-Judge Carty Wells, Hon. James R. McDearmon, Dr. William G. McElhiney, Joseph Wells, Col. Pines Shelton and Judge Arnold Krekel, Democrats-Suspension of Politics During the Civil War Abandonment of the Democratic Party by the Germans - Growth of the Republican Party Former Whigs Generally Become Democrats- Political Attitude of the County Since the War - Leading Democrats - Leading Republicans - Register of Public Officers Since the Formation of the State Government-Bonded Indebtedness





History of Printing and First Newspapers -The Missourian, First Paper in Missouri, outside of St. Louis, West of the Mississippi - When Established and by WhomIts Success - Suspended and Never Revived - Succeeded by the Clarion Cosmos, Oldest Paper in St. Charles County -Descended from the Clarion, which was followed by Free Press, Advertiser, etc. -Purchase of Cosmos by W. W. Davenport--Other Proprietors of Paper-Destroyed by Fire -Continued Publication by Stock Company-Dr. Davis, Editor-Size of Paper -Politics -St. Charles Hews--When Established-Removal from Wentzville to St. Charles- Sold to F. C. King, and in 1874 to Stock Company - Passes into Hands of P. A. Farley Succeeded by James C. Holmes - Characteristics and Politics - St. Charles Demokrat--German Weekly - Started in 1852 -First Issue -Whom Supported- Hon. Arnold Krekel Editor until 1864-Various Changes Through which it has Passed-J. H. Bode, Present Proprietor - Katholicher Hausfreund - Public Schools in County Railroads- California Emigrants

CHAPTER IX.HISTORY OF FEMME OSAGE TOWNSHIP.First Settlers -Augusta- Location-Femme Osage Post office -Pleasant Hill M. E. Church South - Biographical



Area-Portage Des Sioux-Early Settlers-Point Prairie Presbyterian Church--St. Francis Church - Biographical



Its Location and Boundaries-Principally Timbered Land-Blue Grass Yield and Corn Crops -Stock Raising -Population -Water Facilities- Large Creeks and Tributaries-Abundance of Spring Water-Fine quality of Timber, and the Lumber Industry- Callaway, the Second Township Settled in the County Advantages that Attracted Pioneer Immigration - Whom the Pioneers were - The Callaway Family -The Howells- Joseph Baugh - Henry Abington - The Edwards, Oglesby Young- Other Pioneers-C. F. Woodson the Oldest Living Resident of the Township- The Character of the People of the Township- Their Schools, Churches, Etc.-Biographical



Location and Area -Physical Features- Early Settlers -City of St-Charles-Post Established - Village Incorporated - Board of Trustees Organized and the Village--Constituted a City - Advancement -Newspapers - Schools e'- Francis Duquette -Bridge-Car Factory-Woolen Mills-Gas Company - Pork Houses-Union Fire Company - Tobacco - Foundry - Flouring Mills - Secret Orders - A. F. And A. M.-I. O. O. F.-A. O. U. W.-K. of H.-Order of Chosen Friends Official Record of the City from 1849 to 1884



Area -Early Settlers - Autobiography of Mr. Howell - O'Fallon - St. Peters -Mechanicsville - Hamburg - Weldon Springs - Cottleville - Gilmore – Peruque Fort - Churches - Biographical



Old Settlers - Wentzville - For Whom Named - Location, Etc. - Foristell When Laid Out, and by Whom - Churches in Township - Biographical


Abbington, Abby, Abington, Abram, Adams, Addelheide, Adkinson, Adoniet, Ahley, Ahmann, Ahrens, Akers, Alcorn, Alderson, Alexander, Alkire, Allen, Alley, Alligator, Amos, Amptmann, Anderson, Andrews, Angbert, Angert, Apperson, Arens, Argent, Armstrong, Arnold, Ash, Ashby, Ashley, Ashy, Asper, Atchison, Atkinson, Audrain, Augendendt, Augney, August, Auping, Austin, Aversman, Avis, Ayers, Aylett, Baber, Baby, Bacon, Baer, Bagby, Bailey, Baker, Baldbridge, Baldridge, Baldwin, Baler, Ball, Ballentine, Ballner, Baltezer, Baltzer, Banker, Banks, Barada, Barady, Barbee, Barbour, Barcroft, Barez, Barker, Barkhead, Barklage, Barks, Barnes, Barnum, Barrat, Barret, Barrett, Barricklom, Barron, Bartin, Barton, Barwise, Baseler, Bates, Batt, Baugh, Baughs, Baumer, Bauvis, Bay, Bearfield, Beatty, Beauchamp, Beauchemin, Bechbrede, Beck, Beckebrede, Becker, Beckett, Beckley, Becktold, Bedows, Behnert, Bell, Beller, Beng, Benjamin, Bent, Benton, Beotkiss, Berfield, Berg, Berger, Bernhart, Bernhoester, Berry, Bert, Berty, Best, Betholdes, Bettis, Beumer, Bevan, Beverburg, Beverly, Bevitt, Beyl, Bezzenberger, Bibb, Bigelow, Biggs, Bilboa, Bingham, Binkert, Birch, Bishop, Bixby, Black, Black Hawk, Blackmore, Blackwell, Blademore, Blair, Blakey, Blanchette, Bland, Blankenship, Blantink, Blanton, Blattner, Blennerhassett, Blesse, Bliss, Bloebaum, Bloehaum, Blow, Boal, Bode, Boecker, Boegel, Boemer, Boermann, Boettlor, Boetzkes, Bogel, Boggs, Bogy, Boil, Bollinger, Bond, Boone, Boones, Booth, Borberg, Borgman, Borgmann, Born, Boschert, Bose, Bosman, Boudreaux, Boullion, Bourke, Bowen, Bower, Bowles, Bowlin, Bowman, Bows, Boyce, Boyd, Boyer, Boyse, Bozart, Bracken, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brandes, Brandt, Branham, Brannock, Brazier, Breckenbridge, Breker, Breton, Bricar, Brim, Brinckmeyer, Brine, Bringer, Brinker, Briscoe, Brittle, Britton, Broadhead, Broadwater, Brockhagen, Brockmeyer, Broecker, Broeker, Broemmelmeyer, Brooker, Brookes, Brooks, Brouns, Brown, Bruche, Brucker, Brueggemann, Bruener, Bruere, Brugiere, Brumfield, Brunelle, Brunk, Brunner, Bruns, Brunsick, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Bucher, Buchmiler, Buckingham, Buckner, Buermann, Buffington, Bull, Bullet, Bullett, Bunding, Bunker, Burch, Burckhart, Burdett, Burdine, Burke, Burket, Burkhart, Burkhoff, Burkman, Burlingame, Burrows, Burt, Bushmeier, Busschots, Butler, Byer, Byngton, Byram, Byran, Byrd, Cabanne, Cabel, Cady, Cake, Caldwell, Callaway, Callaways, CAMERON, Campbell, Cannon, Carmicle, Carpentier, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Caruthers, Case, Casey, Casper, Cass, Castilo, Castlio, Cavenor, Cayce, Cerre, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chaneyworth, Chapman, Chappell, Charless, Charlesworth, Chasseur, Chauvin, Chinn, Chouteau, Christie, Christy, Claiborne, Clairmont, Clamorgan, Clardy, Clark, Claus, Clauss, Clay, Cleaver, Cleland, Clemens, Clemson, Cleveland, Cliff, Clint, Clopper, Cloud, Clowers, Coalter, Coats, Cochran, Cockrell, Coghlan, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Colgin, Collett, Collier, Collins, Colman, Combs, Conn, Connor, Conoier, Conrad, Conveys, Conway, Conyers, Cook, Cooke, Coontz, Cooper, Copes, Cordell, Coring, Corley, Cormack, Cornforth, Cornoyer, Cornwell, Coshow, Costello, Coster, Cote, Cotting, Cottle, Coulk, Countz, Couzins, Cox, Craig, Craighead, Cravens, Crawford, Creach, Crealey, Creech, Crenshaw, Crittenden, Crosby, Crow, Crowe, Crumes, Cruse, Culbertson, Culver, Cunningham, Currence, Currier, Curtis, Curtley, Custer, Dabney, Daernenburg, Dahmann, Dallmeyer, Dalton, Damann, Daminer, Dammann, Dance, Daniel, Daniels, Darby, Darst, Datson, Daudt, Daugherty, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Day, De Bolt, De Coen, De Lile, De Smet, Deason, DeBleick, Decker, Deemar, Deiker, Deiman, Delafield, Delassus, Delille, Denker, Denne, Denninger, Denny, Deppe, Derrocher, Des Lachou, DeSmet, DeTheux, Devine, Devore, Dezane, Dhu, Dickerson, Dickhouse, Didier, Dieckmann, Diehr, Dieker, Dierker, Dinkmeyer, Dirkee, Dithmyer, Dodge, Dodson, Dolan, Dolby, Doniphan, Doree, Dorenenburg, Dorlaque, Dorse, Dorsey, Dotson, Dougherty, Douglass, Downs, Dozer, Drake, Draper, Dras, Droste, Drummond, Drury, Dryden, Dubbert, DuBois, Dubourg, DuBourke, Duchesne, Dudley, Duff, Dugan, Dumont, Dunand, Duncan, Dunklin, Dunlap, Dunlop, Dunnica, Duquette, Durant, Durfield, Durrell, Dusosey, Dwiggins, Dyer, Earickson, Easley, Eastabrooks, Easter, Easton, Eaton, Eddings, Edward, Edwards, Egarty, Eggebrecht, Eggerbrecht, Eggerman, Ehlmann, Ehrhard, Eike, Eilts, Eliot, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Elsworth, Ely, Emerson, Emmons, Englelage, English, Ensaw, Ensor, Ernst, Erritt, Ertz, Eshbough, Etrenne, Evans, Evelen, Evers, Eversman, Ewing, Eysvogels, Fagg, Fallice, Fallis, Fant, Farley, Farmer, Farnsworth, Farr, Farrar, Feach, Fehr, Ferguson, Ferney, Ferrel, Ferrell, Ferry, Fetch, Fick, Ficklin, Fielding, Fife, Filling, Finch, Findley, Finklenburg, Finney, Fischer, Fisk, Fitch, Fitts, Flaget, Flaugherty, Fletcher, Flint, Flippin, Floar, Florathay, Fluesmieir, Folbush, Folleilius, Forbish, Ford, Forderhase, Fords, Foreman, Foristell, Forman, Forney, Forshea, Foster, Fox, Franklin, Frans, Frapa, Frazier, Fredricks, Freize, Fremont, French, Freymuth, Friedrich, Fripp, Froeschee, Frost, Fruit, Fry, Fuchs, Fuhr, Fulkerson, Gaertner, Gaff, Gallagher, Gallaher, Gallon, Galt, Gamble, Gannaway, Gantkins, Garbs, Gardenhire, Gardiner, Garland, Garrett, Garriott, Garrs, Garvin, Gates, Gatty, Gaty, Gatzsweiler, Gatzweiler, Gaugh, Gausman, Gauss, Gautkins, Geiger, Gemeinde, Genteman, Gentry, Gerdemann, Gerding, Gerdts, Geret, Gerling, Gerneau, Gett, Geyer, Gibbs, Gibson, Gidding, Giddings, Giesmann, Gilbert, Giles, Gilkey, Gill, Gillett, Gilmore, Gilpin, Girty, Givens, Gladu, Glassford, Glenday, Glendy, Glenn, Glover, Goddard, Godefroi, Godfrey, Goe, Goebel, Goehagan, Goehel, Goepel, Goettlich, Goodlett, Goodrich, Grabbs, Grabenhorst, Graberherst, Graebner, Graham, Grammar, Grand, Granfield, Granger, Grant, Grantham, Grascurth, Graus, Gravelly, Gravely, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenwell, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Griggs, Grimes, Grimm, Griswold, Groenemann, Grojean, Gronefeld, Groom, Groshong, Gross, Grothe, Grove, Growe, Gruber, Gruenkorn, Gruer, Grumke, Guetlich, Guhlemann, Guillet, GUILLLT, Guillot, Guinard, Guinn, Gut, Gutermuth, Guthrie, Haake, Hachting, Hackman, Hackmann, Haelen, Haepler, Hafer, Haferkamp, Hagemann, Haigler, Hall, Halleck, Hamil, Hamilton, Hammond, Hancock, Hand, Hannahs, Hansam, Hansel, Hansell, Hardach, Hardin, Harnett, Harney, Harper, Harpool, Harrigan, Harris, Harrison, Hartman, Haslepp, Haslip, Haspes, Hatch, Hatcher, Hauser, Hausman, Haveker, Havens, Haverstakes, Hawkins, Hawks, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hayward, Hazeltine, Head, Headington, Heald, Heart, Heath, Hegeman, Heidelmann, Heign, Heihm, Heinimann, Heldenberg, Heldman, Helmkampf, Hempstead, Henderson, Hendricks, Hennemeyer, Henry, Henschel, Hensell, Hensick, Hermann, Herrington, Herron, Hess, Hester, Heven, Heyden, Heye, Heyer, Heymaun, Hibert, Hickman, Hiemer, Hieronymus, Hiet, Higginbotham, Hilbert, Hildeberndt, Hilderbrand, Hill, Hinds, Hines, Hinkle, Hinman, Hitch, Hockaday, Hockelman, Hodapp, Hoddup, Hoehn, Hoelscher, Hoffman, Hogan, Holke, Holladay, Holliday, Hollrah, Holman, Holmes, Holrah, Holscher, Holthaus, Holtman, Holts, Holtz, Holtzcheider, Hoover, Hopkins, Horrell, Horst, Horstman, Hospers, Hostetter, Hough, Houston, Houts, Howard, Howell, Huber, Hubert, Hucker, Hudson, Huebner, Huelskemper, Huffman, Hufschmidt, Hug, Hughes, Hughlin, Humphreys, Huncker, Hund, Hundhausen, Hungrolin, Huning, Hunnies, Hunt, Hunter, Hupe, Hurrint, Huser, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutton, Hutz, Hyde, Iben, Iman, Irion, Irish, Irving, Irwin, Iten, Itschmer, Ittner, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacquet, James, Jameson, Jamison, Janease, Janis, January, Jenkins, Jennings, Jerney, Jessup, Jeude, Jewell, Jewett, Johann, Johannpeter, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jose, Journey, Jouve, Judson, Julian, Jung, Jungkuntz, Junion, Kaferkamp, Kalaursmier, Kammier, Kansteiner, Karrenbrock, Kasper, Kastien, Kauffman, Kausteiner, Kay, Kearney, Kearny, Keaton, Keck, Keen, Keeton, Keishler, Keithley, Keller, Kellogg, Kelsoe, Kemper, Kenna, Kennedy, Kenner, Kent, Keokuk, Kerney, Kerr, Kesel, Kessler, Kettray, Kibler, Kiburz, Kichlie, Kile, Killiam, Kincaid, King, Kinney, Kirby, Kirchhoff, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirtley, Kirtly, Kissinger, Kister, Kittener, Kleasner, Klesener, Klug, Knapp, Knepel, Knights, Knippenberg, Knoop, Knott, Koch, Kock, Koelling, Koenig, Kolkmeyer, Koning, Kook, Korp, Koster, Krah, Krainhard, Krekel, Kronsbein, Krugar, Kruge, Kruse, Kuhlhoff, Kuhlman, Kuhlmann, Kunze, LaBarge, Lacey, Lackland, Lacroix, Lacy, Lafland, Laging, Lamaster, Lamb, Lamme, Landwehr, Lange, Langemann, Lapsley, Laumeier, Law, Lawler, Lawless, Lawson, Leak, Leaper, Lebaume, LeChasseur, LeClere, Lee, LeFaivre, Leible, Leimbrock, Lenk, Leonard, Leonis, Lepage, Leseuer, Lett, Lewis, Lienemann, Liguest, Lilly, Lindley, Lindsay, Linenan, Linhoff, Linkogel, Linn, Linnemann, Lipross, Lipscomb, Little, Livergood, Livingston, Loan, Loebecke, Logan, Long, Longe, Lorine, Lotte, Loughy, Louis, Love, Lovelace, Loving, Lowe, Lowndes, Loyd, Lubring, Lucas, Luckett, Ludwell, Lumber, Lupton, Lusby, Lusson, Lyon, Macay, Machens, Mack, Mackay, Mackey, Mades, Madler, Maertens, Mahan, Maher, Malerson, Maling, Mallinckrodt, Manfield, Mangold, Manning, Mansard, Maples, Marhenieke, Marks, Marmaduke, Marrett, Marsh, Marshall, Marten, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matascha, Mathews, Matson, Matthews, Mattison, Matuschka, Maury, Maxant, Maxwell, May, Mayers, Mayes, Mays, McArthur, McAtee, McBride, McCall, McCausland, McClarin, McClellan, McClenney, McClenny, McCloud, McCluer, McClure, McClurg, McConnel, McConnell, McCormack, McCormick, McCourtney, McCowan, McCoy, McCrary, McCready, McCrow, McCrowdy, McCulloch, McCullough, McCutchen, McCutcheon, McDaniel, McDearmon, McDermid, McDermon, McDonald, McDowell, McElhany, McElhiney, McFall, McFarlane, McFerron, McGirk, McGrath, McGready, McGregor, McGuire, McHenry, McHugh, McIntire, McIntosh, McKee, McKenzie, McKim, McKnight, McLane, McLaughlin, McLoud, McManone, McMenamy, McMenomy, McMike, McMillan, McMillin, McMitchell, McMullen, McMullin, McNair, McNeill, McPheeters, McQueen, McRobert, McRoberts, McSpaddin, McWaters, Meanes, Meek, Meglason, Mehring, Meier, Meigs, Meinsohn, Meir, Melkersmann, Mene, Menings, Menrin, Mercer, Merideth, Merten, Mescheda, Messe, Mester, Metcalf, Metcalfe, Mette, Meyer, Miens, Miller, Millington, Mills, Milns, Mindrop, Mindrup, Minor, Miracle, Mispagel, Mitchell, Mittelberger, Mittog, Mittrucker, Mlitzko, Moehlenkamp, Moellenbrock, Moellenhoff, Moentmann, Mohrmann, Moledor, Mollan, Monroe, Montague, Mooler, Moore, Moorman, Moreland, Morgan, Morgantahler, Morgerkort, Moritz, Morman, Morris, Morrison, Moseley, Moslander, Moss, Mountjoy, Mowatt, Muchatt, Mudd, Muelle, Muench, Muhnn, Muke, Mullan, Mullens, Muller, Mulligan, Munday, Munson, Murdoch, Murdock, Muron, Murphy, Muschaney, Muschany, Music, Musik, Mycanopee, Myer, Myers, Nahm, Napton, Naylor, NcNair, Neddermeier, Neeley, Neigel, Neil, Nelson, Neustaetter, New, Newby, Newcomb, Newland, Neye, Nichols, Nicklaus, Niederkorn, Nievey, Nixon, Noel, Nole, Nolle, Norris, Norton, Novall, Nuelle, Oberhellmann, Oberkoetter, Oblinger, Oehler, officers, Oglesby, Ohmes, Oldham, Oliver, Onan, O'Niel, Orear, Orf, Orowe, Orrick, Ostoman, Otey, Otting, Ottman, Oty, Overall, Overstreet, OWEN, Owens, Painter, Paling, Pallardie, Pallarsie, Palmer, Panke, Parett, Parker, Parklage, Parks, Parmer, Parsons, Paso, Pate, Patterson, Patton, Paule, Payne, Payton, Pearce, Peaseley, Peck, Peebles, Pelters, Pendleton, Penn, Pennington, Pepeper, Pepin, Perceley, Perkett, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Pettibone, Pettis, Pettit, Pettus, Peyton, Phaff, Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Picard, Pichi, Pieper, Pile, Piper, Piths, Pitman, Pitner, Pits, Pittman, Pitts, Pittt, Plackemeyer, Plagmeier, Platt, Poage, Poague, Polk, Pollard, Pollmeier, Poor, Porter, Posey, Potter, Pourie, Powell, Praft, Pratt, Pratte, Preston, Price, Prichett, Pricur, Priggemeier, Prime, Pringle, Pritchett, Proctor, Progue, Pronge, Pujal, Pulliam, Putten, Quade, Raab, Rahmoeller, Rains, Raley, Ramsey, Randolph, Rassfeld, Rattray, Rauch, Ray, Raynal, Rea, Rechtern, Reck, Reckhaus, Rector, Redmon, Reeble, Reed, Reeves, Reid, Reilly, Reineke, Reinschmidt, Reisdorff, Reiske, Relfe, Renner, Reynal, Reynolds, Reys, Rice, Richard, Richardson, Richey, Riddick, Riemenschneider, Riggs, Ringe, Risker, Rives, Rixrath, Roach, Robards, Robbins, Robert, Roberts, Robidoux, Robinson, Rochester, Rodes, Rodman, Roemer, Roes, Rogers, Rohlfing, Rohlman, Roi, Roley, Rollins, Rood, Roper, Rosatti, Rosecrans, Ross, Rothwell, Rotter, Roundtree, Rourke, Rowe, Rowland, Roy, Royal, Rue, Rueffer, Ruenzi, Ruff, Ruster, Rutger, Rutgers, Rutkowski, Ryall, Ryan, Rybolt, Rye, Ryland, Sack, Saillison, Sali, Salmon, Sanders, Sandfort, Sanford, Sanguinette, Sargent, Saucier, Savage, Savying, Sawyer, Scales, Schaa, Schaaf, Schaberg, Schaeffer, Schatz, Schemmer, Schenck, Schieper, Schiermeier, Schiller, Schlootman, Schmall, Schmalzinger, Schmidt, Schmucker, Schneider, Schoat, Schoenmakers, Scholl, Scholle, Schone, Schroer, Schröer, Schuhmacher, Schulte, Schultz, Schumann, Schurz, Schwarz, Schwatke, Schweizer, Scitz, Scott, Scruggs, Sears, Seeger, Sehart, Seib, Seigler, Seisl, Seitz, Senate, Senden, Sephus, Seuyaser, Seybold, Shaberg, Sharp, Shaw, Sheets, Sheley, Shelley, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherman, Sherwood, Shields, Shoane, Shore, Short, Shrader, Shuck, Shultz, Shurlds, Sibley, Sievers, Sigel, Silvey, Silvy, Simmonds, Simms, Simon, Simonds, Simons, Simpson, Sims, Singleton, Sitlon, Sitten, Sitz, Skinner, Slamn, Sleahberg, Smedts, Smelcers, Smiley, Smith, Soizes, Somers, Sonebraker, Sonnenschein, Spalding, Spankern, Spanswick, Sparks, Spears, Speein, Speers, Spencer, Spiers, Spinks, Spires, Sprague, St. Cin, St. Cyr, St. Mary, Stahlhuth, Stahlsmidth, Stake, Stallard, Stanard, Stanbark, Starnater, Starring, Staudinger, Steele, Stegale, Steinberg, Steinbruegge, Steiner, Stephens, Stephenson, Stewart, Sthallsmith, Stiegemeier, Stiehl, Stienmeir, Stockslager, Stoddard, Stollard, Stolz, Stone, Stonebraker, Stover, Strahan, Strathman, Strathmann, Stratman, Strider, Stringfellow, Stroll, Strother, Struben, Stubbs, Stuckhoff, Stultz, Stumberg, Sudbrock, Suhre, Sullivan, Summa, Summer, Sumner, Suntmier, Surber, Swaggat, Swan, Swearer, Tabeau, Tagart, Talbott, Talley, Tallmadge, Tannehill, Tanner, Tarwater, Taylor, Tayon, Teaque, Teckemeyer, Temple, Tesson, Thaw, Thedeau, Thoele, Thomas, Thompson, Thornhill, Thro, Tieman, Tiemann, Tiger Tail, Timberlake, Timbraup, Tintrup, Tirart, Toade, Tobey, Tollett, Tompkins, Tosti, Tracey, Travis, Trendley, Tripp, Tripps, Trisir, Troge, Trout, Truitt, Trumbull, Tschieder, Tucker, Tuepperts, Tumbehl, Turpin, Tuttle, Tweihaus, Twyman, Tyler, Uckley, Uderbert, Uhl, Urf, Vaelkerding, Valentine, Van Assche, Van Bibber, Van Dorn, Van Horn, Van Laer, Van Leert, Van Mierlo, Van Quickenborn, Van Swearingen, Vanberkelow, Vanbibber, Vandiver, Vaughan, Veliers, Venable, Vennor, Verhaegen, Verreydt, Versmann, Vest, Vetsch, Vick, Vincent, Vogg, Vogt, Voisard, Waddell, Wade, Wagner, Walker, Walks, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wanke, Wapelhorst, Ward, Wardlaw, Wash, Waters, Watkins, Watrin, Watson, Watts, Waye, Wayne, Wealthy, Wearin, Webb, Weber, Weeke, Weems, Wehrley, Weigel, Weightman, Weinreben, Weinrich, Weinshagen, Welch, Weldon, Welker, Wellnoth, Wells, Welmart, Welot, Wencker, Wentz, Wenzel, Werler, Wesemann, West, Westhoff, Wetmore, Wharton, Wheatley, Wheeler, Wherry, White, Whitehead, Whitley, Whitney, Whittles, Wieddey, WIELAND, Wigger, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wildberger, Wilhelm, Wilke, Wilkey, Wilkie, Wilkinson, Willard, Willbrandt, Williams, Willmes, Wilson, Wincker, Windhorst, Windmeuller, Windmuller, Wingate, Winkelmeir, Winston, Wise, Wisniewski, Witten, Wobus, Woesthof, Woldmann, Wolf, Wolff, Wood, Woods, Woodson, Woodward, Woody, Woolfolk, Wooten, Wortman, Woulker, Wray, Wright, Wulfekammer, Wulfekoetter, Wyatt, Yaeger, Yager, Yarnell, Yeager, Yoste, Yosti, Young, Zeisler, Zerr, Ziesler, Zimmerman, Zimmermann, Zull, Zumwalt,