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Chronicles of the Cape Fear River (Brunswick, New Hanover, Duplin and Perder)





Besides giving a historical background of the Cape Fear area, it has a a great deal of information on the Blockade Runners during the Civil War. It has 611 pages with an 11 page index.

Table of Contents


Origin of Cape Fear; ---Sources and Tributaries ---Cape Fear ---Indiana Archaeology of New Hanover Indian Mounds ---The Indians of the Lower Cape Fear ---First Attempted Settlement Charlestown ---Report of Commissioners to Explore ---Sandfords Account of Conditions at Charlestown ---The End of Charlestown ---The Pirates .


Brunswick A Visit to the Cape Fear, ---1734 Erection of Wilmington ---Decay of Brunswick Spanish Invasion, 1747 ---Colonial Plantations ---Social Conditions ---Colonial Orton ---Libraries on the Cape Fear ---The Provincial Port of Brunswick---The Stamp Act on the Cape Fear Russellborough


The Institution of the Revolutionary Government ---Proceedings of the Committee of Safety ---Colonial Officers Whigsand Tories ---The Battle of Elizabethtown ---Flora Macdonald--- Major Jack Walker


The First Steamboat--- The Disastrous Year of 1819 ---Negro Insurrection ---Plantations on the Northeast--- Old St. James ---First Cape Fear River Improvements ---Railroads, First Project --First Declaration of a State Policy ---Origin of the Railroad Project ---The Wilmington and Weldon R. R. ---The Longest Railroad In the World ---The Development of the Railroad ---Wilmingtons Commerce ---Public Spirit--- Activities on the River, 1850 1860, ---Coal Forgotten ---Aids to Navigation Fayetteville


Visits of Presidents before the War---Washington, Monroe, Polk, Fillmore ---Visits of Henry Clay --Daniel Webster --Edward Everett --Reception of Remains of Calhoun --General McKay Wilkings and Planner Duel Old School Bays Governor Dudley-- Colonel Burr --The Thaliane Odd Characters Joe Jefferson


On the Eve of Secession--- George Davis ---Answer to Lincolns Call for Troops ---A Capture before the War ---Early War Times--- During the War ---The Blockade ---The Cruisers ---A Port of Refuge ---Changes During the War ---The Pestilence ---Mrs. DeRosset ---War Prices ---Record of the Officers ---The Roster of Camp Cape Fear U. C. V. ---Fort Fisher and Other Defenses ---Cape Fear Pilots


Financial Estimate of Blockade Running--- North Carolina Steamer--- Advance Captain Wilkinson Usina Taylor ---Rescue of Madame DeRosset ---Improved ships and Notable Commanders ---Famous Blockade Runners ---A Close Call ---The Kate ---The British Flag ---Closing Scenes ---The Confederate Navy ---Wilmington During the Blockade ---Lines to Mrs. Greenhow ---Capture of Wilmington


Resumption of Commerce ---Disastrous Fires ---Cuba Man of War Incident ---Federal Government Improvements, ---Upper Cape Fear Board of Commissioners of Navigation and Pilateage ---U. S. Revenue Cutter Service ---Cape Fear Life Saving Service ---Cape Fear Aids to Navigation ---Use of oil to Prevent Breaking Seas .---The Earthquake, 1886 ---Visit of the Cruiser Raleigh ---Visit of President Taft ---Boyhood of President Wilson ---Southport Port ---Caswell Coastal Canal Project ---Congressional Aid to River Improvement--- City and Port of Wilmington ---Cape Fear Newspapers ---The Bar The Public Buildings ---The Schools ---The Boys Brigade The Revolution of 1898 T---he Atlantic Coast Line ---The Seaboard Air Line ---Hugh MacRaes Projects ---Tide Water Power Co. The River Counties --The Growth of Wilmington Looking Forward.


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Grimes, Grinnell, Grissom, Gross, Groves, Guthrie, Gwyn, Haar, Hadley, Hagood, Haighs, Hale, Hales, Hall, Halling, Halls, Halpin, Halsey, Halton, Hamilton, Hamme, Hammer, Hampton, Hanby, Hancock, Handy, Hankins, Hanrahan, Hapold, Hardee, Hardy, Harnett, Harper, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Hart, Hartman, Hartshorn, Hasell, Hasells, Haskell, Hathaway, Hawes, Hawkins, Hawks, Hawley, Hayden, Hayman, Hayne, Haynes, Hays, Haywood, Hedrick, Heide, Heinsberger, Hemenway, Henderson, Henrys, Herne, Hewett, Hewitt, Heyer, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hills, Hilton, Hines, Hinsdales, Hoard, Hodges, HODGSON, Hoge, Hogg, Hogue, Hoke, Holcomb, Hollingsworth, Holly, Holmes, Home, Hooper, Horne, Horsey, Hort, Hoskins, Houston, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howes, Huggins, Hughes, Humphrey, Hurst, Huske, Huskes, Hutchinson, Hyrne, Innes, Iredell, Irving, Ives, Jack, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jennings, Jewett, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Joyner, Kane, Katts, Keeter, Keith, Kelley, Kellogg, 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