DMK Heritage

History of Mecklenburg County, NC

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From 1740 to 1900


Charlotte, N. C.


This 479 page book (includes 18 page index and 9 photos) was written in 1902 and contains the following:

Table of Contents:

Preface; --Early, Settlement; --Early Recollections of Charlotte; --May 20, 1775; --Martins Historical Account of the Declaration of Independence; --Prominent Men who Took an Active Part; --The Celebration of May 20. 1775, in the Year 1825; --A Historical Fact Not Generally Known; --Troops Furnished for the War of 1812-14; --Members of General Assembly from 1777 to 1902,; --Inclusive, and Time of Service; --County Officers and Time of Service;-- Rev. Alexander Craighead.; --Dr. D. T. Caldwell; --Lives and Peculiarities of Some of the Signers.;-- Some of the Bar One Hundred Years Ago; --President James Knox Polk; --William Davidson; --Gov. Nathaniel Alexander; --Maj. Green W. Caldwell; --The Opinion of the Ladies;--Matthew Wallace and George Wallace; --Adam Alexander ; --Humphrey Hunter; --Hopewell Church and Graveyard,; --The Part Mecklenburg Took in Mexican War; --Banks and Banking; --Some of the Prominent Citizens in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century; --The Champions of the County; --Blind Dick; --Negroes Before the War Between the States; --State Laws Before the War in 1865;

Biographical Sketches; --The Central Hotel; --The Charlotte Hotel ; --Rufus Barringer, of Cabarrus and Mecklenburg; --The Great Commoner, --Z. B. Vance;-- Calvin Eli Grier; --Matthew Wallace and Family; --Capt. John Randolph Erwin; --Hon. James W. Osborne; --Rev. John Hunter; --The Hunter Family;

The Descendants of Some of the Famous Men who Fought in the Revolutionary War; --Many Men Who Sustained a Splendid Reputation as Ministers of the Gospel in the Various Years of the Nineteenth Century; --Rev. John McCamie Wilson, D. D; --Rev. A. W. Miller, D. D.; --Two Church Sessions Act as a Unit; --Methodists in the County; --Roman Catholic Church; --The Associate Reformed Presbyterians ;--The Lutheran Church --The Baptist Denomination; --The Rock Springs Burying Ground; --Sugar Creek Church; --Steele Creek Church; --Providence Church; --Flowers Now and One Hundred Years Ago; --The Old Four-Horse Stage; --Lee Dunlap Kills James Gleason; --Mint Built in 1836; --The Two Town Pumps; --Public Works in Charlotte Fifty Years Ago; --Changes in Mecklenburg in the Last Century; --Healthfulness of Mecklenburg; --Snow on the 15th of April, 1849; --Aurora Borealis as Seen in October, 1865; --Stars Fell in the Fall of 1833; --The Passing of an Aerolite From West to East; --Earthquake Shocks in 1886; --Progress ; --Gentlemen and Ladies Before the Civil War; --Patrol in Slavery Times; --Roster of Confederate Troops; --Reconstruction Times in Mecklenburg ; --Last Chapter of Mecklenburg History ; --Appendix;


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