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King's Mountain and Its Heroes





OCTOBER 7TH, 1780,




This book (CD) contains 616 pages with a 10 page index.Table of Contents:

CHAPTER I. 1763 to May, 1780.

Causes of the Revolution.- Alternate Successes and Disasters of the Early Campaign of the War.- Siege and Reduction of Charleston. .

CHAPTER II. May, 1780. .

Further Incidents Connected with the Siege. Tyranny of the British Leaders. Subjugation of South Carolina. .

CHAPTER III. 1741 to May, 1780. .

Early Life of Patrick Ferguson. Brandywine Battle Refrains from Shooting Washington. Wounded. Conducts Little Egg Harbor Expedition. Nearly Killed by an Accidental Attack by his own Friends. Biggon Bridge and Monks Corner Affair. Resents Insults to Ladies. Siege of Charleston. .

CHAPTER IV. 1780 May July. .

Colonel Ferguson sent to the District of Ninety Six. Organizing the Local Militia Major Hangers Account of the up country Inhabitants his own bad reputation. Fergusons seductive promises to the people. The Tory, David Fanning. Ferguson's adaptation to his Mission Mrs. Jane Thomas; Adventure. Colonel Thomas repels a Tory assault at Cedar Spring. Ferguson advances to Fair Forest. Character of the Tories Stories of their plunderings. Colonels Clarke and Jones of Georgia the latter surprises a Tory Camp Dunlap and Mills attack McDowells Camp on North Pacolet. Captain Hamptons Pursuit and defeat of the Tories. .

CHAPTER V. 1780 July August. .

McDowell sends for the Over Mountain Men. Clarke joins him, and Pushes on to Sumters Camp. Capture and Escape of Captain Patrick Moore. Moores Plunderers. Story of Jane McJunkin and Bill Haynesworth. Shelby and the Mountaineers arrive at McDowells. Camp. Capture of Thicketty Fort. Expedition to Browns Creek and Fair Forest. Fight at the Peach Orchard, near Cedar Spring, and Woffords Iron Works, and its Incidents.--Sayes Account of the Action. British Report. Contradictory Statements concerning the Conflict. .

CHAPTER VI. 1780 August 18. .

Musgroves Mill Expedition and Battle. Rencontre of the Patrol Parties. British Alarm. Information of the Enemy;s Reinforcement. Whigs throw up Breast works. Captain Inmans Stratagem.--Enemy drawn into the Net prepared for them. Desperate Fighting.- Innes and other British Leaders Wounded. Tory Colonel Clarys Escape.- Captain Inman Killed. The Retreat and the Rout. Incidents at the Ford.- Sam Moores Adventure. The British and Tory Reserve. A British Patrol Returns too late to share in the Battle. Burial of the Slain. Length and Severity of the Action.- Respective Losses. News of Gates; Defeat its Influence. Whigs; Retreat. Anecdote of Paul Hinson. The Prisoners.--Williams; Reward. -Cornwallis; Confession.--Comparison of Authorities. .

CHAPTER VII. 1780 Summer and Autumn. .

Incidents of the Up country Major Edward Musgrove. Paddy Carr and Beaks Musgrove. The Story of Mary Musgrove. Samuel Clowneys adventure. William Kennedys Forays Against the Tories. Joseph Hughes; Escape. William Sharp Bagging a British and Tory Party. Tories; Attack on Woods, and how dearly he sold his life. Plundering Sam Brown .

CHAPTER VIII. August, 1780 March, 1781. .

Cornwallis; Hanging Propensities. Sumter a thorn in his Lordships side. Dispersion of Whig Bands. Fergusons Success in Training the Loyal Militia . Action of the Alarmed Tory Leaders. Ferguson Moves into Tryon County. Colonel Graham Repels a Party of Plunderers. Ruse for Saving Whig Stock. Mrs. Lytle and her Beaver flat. Engagement on Cane Creek, and Major Dunlap wounded.--Apprehension of Jonathan Hampton. Dunlaps Insolence. Sketch of Dunlaps Career and Death. .

CHAPTER IX. July October, 1780. .

Gathering of the Kings Mountain Clans. Williams; failure to get command of Sumter;s men his tricky treatment of Sumter. Ferguson sends a threat to the Over Mountain Men. Shelbys patriotic efforts to turn the scales on Ferguson. Sevier, Mc Dowell, Hampton and Campbell unite in the Enterprise Cleveland invited to join them. Seviers success in providing Supplies for the Expedition. Rendezvous at the Sycamore Shoals. Preparations for the March. Parson Doak commends the men to the protection of the Good Father. Their March over the mountains. Joined by Cleveland and Winston. Campbell chosen to the Chief Command. McDowells mission for a General Officer.

CHAPTER X. September October, 1780. .

Further gathering of the Kings Mountain Men. Williams; North Carolina Recruits. Movements of Sumters Force under Hill and Lacey. Troubles with Williams. March to Flint Hill. The Mountaineers at their South Mountain Camp. Patriotic Appeals of the Officers to their Men. Resume of Fergusons Operations in the Upper Catawba Valley. Alarming Intelligence of the Approach of the Back Water Men. Why Ferguson Tarried so long on the Frontiers. British Scheme of Suppressing the Rebellion by the Gallows. Ferguson Flees from Gilbert Town. Sends Messengers for aid to Cornwallis and Cruger. Frenzied Appeal to the Tories. Fergusons Breakfast Stolen by Saucy Whigs. His Flight to Tates Ferry. Dispatch to Lord Cornwallis. Takes Post on Kings Mountain, and Description of it. Motives for Lingering there. .

CHAPTER XI. October, 1780. .

Uncertainty of Fergusons Route of Retreat. A small party of Georgians join the Mountain Men. Whig forces over estimated. Report of a patriot Spy from Fergusons Camp. Williams; attempt to Mislead the Mountaineers. Lacey sets them Right. The South Carolinians treatment of Williams. Selecting the fittest Men at Green river to pursue Ferguson. Arrival at the Cowpens. The Toy, Saunders his ignorance of Ferguson, his Beeves and his Corn. Story of Kerr, the cripple Spy Gilmer, the cunning Scout, duping the Tories. The Cowpens Council, further selection of Pursuers, and their Number. Night March to Cherokee Ford. Straying of Camp bells Men. Groundless Fears of an Ambuscade. Crossing of Broad river. Stormy Times. Faded condition of Men and Horses. Tory Information. Gilmers Adventures. Plan of attacking Ferguson. Colonel Graham Retires. Chronical assigned Command of the Lincoln Men. Young Ponder Taken. Fergusons Dress.--Pressing towards the enemy;s Camp. .

CHAPTER XII. Kings Mountain Battle, October 7th, 1780. .

Ferguson and his Men Resolve to Fight. The Bayonet their Main Reliance. British Strength. character of the Provincial Rangers.--Different Classes of Loyalists Described. Traits of the Mountaineers. The Holston Men, and Frontier Adventures. Assignment of the Whig Corps to the Attack. Campbell;s Appeal to his Men. Winston;s mis-Adventures. Cleveland not the First to Commence the Action Surprising the Enemys Picket. Shelbys Column Annoyed by the Enemy. Campbells Men Rush into the Fight Attack on the British Main Guard. The Virginians Advance up the Mountain. March of Clevelands Men Patriotic Speech of their Commander. Drive in a Picket. Movements of Laceys Men. -Campbells Corps before the Bayonet Rally, and Renew the contest. Shelby, too, Retired before the charging Columns.--The Right and Left Wings take Part in the Action. Culbertsons Heroism. Captain Moses Shelby Wounded. Ensign Campbell Dislodging Tories from their Rocky Ramparts. Terrific Character of the Conflict. Amusing Incident of one of Lacey’s Men. Heroic Efforts of Campbell and his Corps. Ensign Campbells Good Conduct. Captain Edmundsons Exploit and Death. Lieutenant Reece Bowens Disdain of Danger, and his Lamented Fall. Camp bells Active Efforts and Heroic Appeals. Death of Major Chronicle. The South Fork Boys charged, and Several Wounded. Robert Henry Transfixed, and yet Survived all his Associates.--William Twitty and Abram Forney. Cleveland and his Men. -Lieutenant Samuel Johnson and other Wounded Officers. Intrepidity of Charles Gordon and David Witherspoon.- Singular Adventure of Charles Bowen and Colonel Cleveland. .

CHAPTER XIII. The Battle October 7th, 1780. .

Further Progress and Incidents of the Contest. Heroic Act of William Robertson. Thomas Robertson Shoots a Tricky Tory. Treatment of the Tory Branson, by Captain Withrow. Captain Lenoirs Part in the Battle. Captain Robert Sevier Wounded. Alarm concerning Tarleton. Mistakes caused by Campbells Bald Faced Daring Reconnoiter. Anecdote of Cleveland.- Colonel Williams; Patriotic conduct. William Giles "Creased" Revives, and Renews the Fight. Thomas Youngs Relation of Colonel Williams; Fall. Major Hammonds Desperate Charge, and singular Premonition of one of his Men. Campbell and Shelby Renewing the Attack. Lieutenant Colonel Hambridge Wounded.- Fergusons Pride and Recklessness Attempting to Escape, is Mortally Wounded. Various Statements of Colonel Williams Fall. Furious Charge of Campbells and Shelbys Men. Several Corps driven down the Mountain. British Over Shoot the Whigs. North Carolina Tories first to Weaken.--Colonel Graham;s Unexpected Return. Fergusons Fall DePeyster Vindicated. Whigs slow to Recognize the Whit Flag. Young Seviers Shooting Paroxysm. Efforts of Shelby and Campbell to Quell the Firing of the Whigs. Three Rousing Cheers for the Great Victory. . Colonel Williams; Shot an Exciting Scene. Conflicting Stories of his Fatal charge. British Officers Surrender their Swords.--Fergusons Heroic conduct in the Battle his Mistakes. He was Mortally Wounded, not Killed Out Right. Curiosity of the Whigs to View his Body. His Mistresses. Privations and Sufferings of the Mountaineers. Strength of the Tories. Absence f their Leaders. Their Fighting Qualities. Dismay of the Southern British Commanders. Their Ignorance of the Over Mountain Whig Settlements. Boone not on the campaign. Duration of the Battle. Strength and Losses of the British and Tories. Colonels John and Patrick Moore. Number of Prisoners Taken. Errors in Report of Losses. Names of Whigs Killed and Wounded.--Death of Captain Sevier. William Moore Wounded. Remarkable Losses in Campbells Regiment. captains Weir and Shannon Arrive. Counting the Dead. Caring for time Wounded. Guarding the Prisoners. Scarcity of Provisions. Kings Mountain Souvenirs . Heart Rending Scenes of time Battle Field. The Night after the Action. .

CHAPTER XIV. October, 1780. .

Battle Incidents. Long Sam Abney Coerced into Fergusons Army. Death of Arthur Patterson. Drury Mathis Rough Experience. -A Tory Woman Finding her Slain Son.- Fatality of the Riflemen.- Preston Goforth and three Brothers Killed. A Brother kills a Brother. The Whig and Tory Logans. William Logan Noticed.- Preparing to Retire.- Burning captured Wagons. Horse Litters for time Wounded. Grays Kindness to a Wounded Tory. A Termagant Prisoner Released. Messengers sent to the Foot Men.--Arms captured. Tories made to carry Them. Trophies of Victory. A Whig Woman Refusing to Share in the Plunder.- Rumor of Tarletons Approach. Burial of the Whig and Tory Dead.--Treatment of Ferguson Considered.- Re Interment of Remains. March of the Army. Death of Col. Williams. -Camp at Broad River. Williams; Burial. Discovery of his Long Forgotten Grave.- Six Tory Brothers Escape. Notice of Colonel Walker.—Brandon’s Barbarity. Campbell Protecting the Prisoners. Grays Retort to a Tory Vixen. Grays Services. Suffering for Food. Feeding Prisoners on Corn and Pumpkins. Billeting the Wounded. March to Bickerstaffs Old Field. .

CHAPTER XV. October November, 1780.

Colonel Campbell Denounces Plundering. Complaints Against Tory Leaders. Their Outrages on the Whigs. A Court Called to Consider the Matter. Retaliation for British Executions Demanded.- A Law Found to Meet the Case. Charges against Mills, Gilkey, and McFall. Colonel Davenport Noticed. Number of Tories Tried and Condemned. Case of James Crawford. One of the Prisoners Released. Cleveland Favoring Severe Measures.--Motives of the Patriots Vindicated. Shelbys Explanation.- Tories Executed.- their names and Residence. Paddy Carrs Remarks, and Notice of Him. Baldwins Singular Escape.- Further Executions Stopped . Tories Subsequently Hung.—Rumor of Tarletons Approach. Whigs Hasten to the Catawba.—Hard Days March Sufferings of Patriots and Prisoners. Major McDowells Kindness. Mrs. McDowells Treatment of British Officers. Some of the Whig Troops Retire. Disposition of the Wounded.- Prisoners Escape One Re taken and Hung. March to the Moravian Settlements.- Bob Powell;s Challenge. Official Account of the Battle Prepared. Campbell and Shelby Visit General Gates. Cleveland Left in Command. His Trial of Tories. Escape of Green and Langum. -Cleveland Assaults Doctor Johnson.—Colonel Armstrong Succeeds to the Command. Escape of British Officers.

CHAPTER XVI. October December, 1780. .

Disposition of Kings Mountain Prisoners. Proposition to Enlist Them Needed for Exchange. Congress refers the Matter to the States where the Prisoners Belong. How They Dwindled Away. Colonel Armstrong Blamed. Remnant confined at Salisbury. DePeyster and Ryerson Paroled. A Plucky Band of Whigs Scare a Large Tory Party. Tarleton Frustrates Cornwallis; Design of Relieving Ferguson. Intercepting Fergusons Messengers. Tarleton at Length in Motion. His Instructions.- Effect of Kings Mountain Victory. Ewin and Barry Alarm the Neutrals and they Alarm Cornwallis. -Crowning of David Knox. Cornwallis flees to South Carolina, with the Imaginary Mountaineers in Pursuit. A Tricky Guide Misleading the Retiring Troops. A Panic. Illness of Cornwallis. Sickness and Fatality among the Troops. Privations and Sufferings of the Retrograders. Aid Rendered by the Tories.--Ninety Six Safe. ;Cornwallis Threatens Retaliation for Execution of Kings Mountain Prisoners. Gates and on the Situation. The Question Met by General Greene. Cornwallis Drops the Matter. Case of Adam Cusack. The Widows and Orphans of Ninety Six District. Good Words for Kings Mountain Victory.--Gates Thanks the Victors.- Washington Takes Courage. Resolves of congress. Greene and Lee Commend the Mountaineers. -Lossing, Bancroft, and Irving on the Result. The British Leaders Recognize the Disastrous Ejects of Fergusons Miscarriage. -Gates and Jeffersons Encomiums. King Mountain Paves the Way for Yorktown and Independence. .

CHAPTER XVII. Gen. William Campbell. .

His Scotch Irish Ancestry. His Father an Early Holston Explorer. William Campbells Birth and Education. Settles on Holston. –A captain on Dunmores Campaign. Raised a Company for the first Virginia Regiment in 1775. Return for the Defense of the Frontiers. His Military Appointments. Rencounter with and Hanging of the Bandit Hopkins. Suppressing Tories up New River. Kings Mountain Expedition.- his Bravery Vindicated. –Public Thanks for his Services. Marches to Long Island of Holston. At Whitzells Mills and Guilford. Resigns from Ill treatment. -Made Brigadier General.- Serves under La Fayette. Death and Character. Notices of his Kings Mountain Officers. .

CHAPTER XVIII. Cols. Shelby and Sevier, and their Officers. .

Notice of Evan Shelby. Isaac Shelbys Life and Services. Officers under him at King s Mountain- Evan Shelby, Jr. Gilbert Christian- Moses Shelby James Elliott- John Sawyers George Maxwell, and George Rutledge. John Seviers Life and Services. His King;s Mountain Officers -Jonathan Tipton Valentine and Robert Sevier Christopher Taylor- Jacob Brown- Samuel Weir. .


Col. Ben. Cleveland, Maj. Joseph Winston and their Officers. Clevelands Ancestry. His Early Life and Hunting Adventures.--Trip to Kentucky.- Elk Hunt and Narrow Escapes.- Revolutionary War. Suppressing Scotch Tories.--Rutherfords Cherokee Campaign. - Marches to Watauga. Appointed Colonel. Serves in Georgia. New River Scout. Kings Mountain. Hangs Coyle and Brown. Captured by Tories and his Rescue. Riddle and Wells Hung. Other Tory Brigands Taken Nichols, Tate, and Harrison. Thumbing the Notch. Reforming Tories. Removes to Tugalo. Hangs Dinkins. Appointed Judge. Anecdote. Great Size, Death, and Character. Major Joseph Winston Noticed. Ben. Herndon. Micajah and Joel Lewis. Robert and John Cleveland. Jesse Franklin. William Lenoir John Barton William Meredith, and Minor Smith.--John Brown and Samuel Johnson. and David and John Witherspoon. Jo. Herndon, Richard Allen, and Elisha Reynolds. .


Lacey and Other Whigs. British and Tory Leaders .Lacey, Hawthorne, Tate, and Moffett.- Williams, Hammond, Hayes, Dillard, Thompson, and Candler. Brandon.--Steen, and Roebuck. -Maj. McDowell, Capt. McDowell, Kennedy, Vance, and Wood. -Hampton, Singleton, Porter, Withrow, Miller, and Watson. -Hambright, Graham, Chronicle, Dickson, Johnston, White, Espey, Martin, and Mattocks. British and Tory Leaders. .


Allaires Diary, and Other British Accounts. Letters of Williams, Davidson, and Gates. Gates; Thanks to the Victors. Official Report of Kings Mountain. Shelbys and Campbells Letters. Washingtons General Order. Arthur Campbell and Unknown Writer;s Statements. -Col. Campbell;s General Orders. Thanks of Virginia Legislature. Lee and Greenes Letters. LaFayette on Campbells Death. Monroe;s Letter. Robert Campbell, Shelby, Graham, Lenoir, and Sharps Naratives.- "Narrators" Charge. –Shelby and Seviers correspondence. Shellys Pamphlet. Synopsis of Rejoinders. Various Certificates Vindicating Col. Campbell. Old Ballads. .

Index: .

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