DMK Heritage

Days of Makemie or the Vine Planted




A.D. 1680-1708



Rev. L. P. BOWEN, D. D.


Frances Makemie was one of the first Presbyterian ministers in the Maryland/ Virginia area. This is the history of his ministry as it was affected by the Church of England, Presbyterian Church and the Quaker Church in the early days of the colonies. Bowen tells what is happening in England, Ireland and the Colonies with respect to the C. of E. and how those things affect the Presbyterians and Quakers. Rev. Makemie jailed and put on trial for not preaching the doctrine of the Church of England. Also, in case anyone is interested in learning the dialect of the Nanticokes Indians, this will give you a start.

This book is 568 pages with a short index.

Vine PlantedINDEX:

Ackworth, Adams, Addison, Alexander, Alexanders, Alleine, Allen, Almoner, Alsop, Anderson, Andersons, Andrews, Andros, Ash, Askew, Aydelotts, Backus, Bacon, Baily, Balch, Ballard, Banes, Barnabe, Barns, Barons, Barret, Barrets, Barrett, Bartholomew, Bartow, Baxter, Baynex, Baynums, Beall, Beau, Beauchamp, Beauchamps, Bekely, Benston, Bently, Berkeley, Berkley, Betts, Beverly, Bishop, Blackiston, Bladen, Blair, Blakiston, Boggs, Boggses, Bolton, Bonnewell, Boom, Boston, Bostons, Bowen, Bowens, Bowman, Bownas, Boyd, Bozman, Bradford, Bragg, Brandhurst, Bray, Brays, Brechin, Breekin, Brittinghams, Brown, Browne, Browns, Brugh, Bunyan, Burnet, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Butt, Buzzard, Cabot, Calvert, Cameron, Campbell, Camplin, Cardale, Cardwell, Carrell, Cartwright, Chalkley, Chambers, Chariton, Cheseldine, Cheseldyn, Chichely, Cillock, Clarendon, Clarke, Clarkes, Clayborne, Clayton, Clouds, Cohanzy, Coke, Colbourn, Colbourns, Colburn, Coldin, Collier, Collins, Colman, Coman, Congreve, Coode, Coodes, Cook, Copley, Corbin, Corbins, Cornbury, Cornelius, Cornish, Cornwallis, Corry, Cottman, Cotton, Coverdale, Covington, Covingtons, Cowman, Cox, Craighead, Crane, Cranmer, Crier, Cromline, Cromwell, Cropper, Crow, Culpeper, Curremuccos, Custis, Custises, Dashiel, Dashiell, Dashiels, Davies, Davis, Day, De Vries, Defoe, Dennis, Dennises, Dent, Dentons, Dents, Denwood, Dickinson, Dickinsons, Dickson, Divine, Dixon, Dixwell, Dorman, Dorsey, Doughty, Draper, Drummond, Dryden, Drydens, Du Moulin, Dubois, Dyer, Echo, Edgar, Edmundson, Edwards, Elgate, Elzey, Elzeys, English, Erskines, Evelyn, Evernden, Everndons, Fasset, Fassett, Fassetts, Fausett, Fendal, Fenton, Fentons, Finney, Fitz-Walter, Flavel, Fleet, Flemingses, Fletcher, Fontaines, Fookes, Fookses, Foord, Foote, Foreman, Fowace, Fowkes, Fox, Franklin, Frankling, Franklins, Freeman, Galbraith, Galbraiths, Gardener, Gay, Giffing, Gillett, Glass, Glover, Goddin, Godwin, Godwyn, Goffe, Goodall, Goode, Goodhue, Gookins, Gordon, Gray, Green, Guthrie, Hackston, Hale, Haliday, Hall, Hallet, Hamilton, Hamiltons, Hammond, Hampton, Handys, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harvey, Haskins, Hast, Hawks, Heart, Heathcote, Heckewelder, Hempstead, Hempton, Henderson, Hendersons, Henry, Herman, Hewetson, Hewett, Hicks, Higby, Hill, Hodge, Hogue, Holden, Holland, Hooper, Hope, Hopes, Hopkins, Hopkinses, Horsey, Horseys, Horswell, Howard, Howards, Howe, Hubbard, Hudson, Hudsons, Humphreys, Hutchinson, Innis, Ives, Ivy, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jamison, Jarman, Jefferson, Jeffreys, Jenifer, Jenkins, Jenkinses, Johnson, Johnstone, Jollies, Jones, Joneses, Jowles, Keith, Kemp, Kemps, Kennedy, Ker, Key, Keyes, Kidd, Killen, King, King Daniel, King Wynicaco, Kings, Knox, Knusonum, Langford, Laronex, Latimer, Lauron, Law, Lawson, Layfield, Layfields, Leatherberry, Lee, Lenapes, Leonard, Lewis, Lingan, Liston, Littleton, Littletons, Livingston, Locke, Lowe, Loyd, Luff, Lyle, Mackay, Mackemy, Mackennan, Mackensie, Mackie, Macnish, Maddux, Madduxes, Magee, Makemie, Makemius, Manlove, Manton, Marshall, Martyr, Matchacoopah, Mather, Mathers, Matix, Maynard, McClelland, McDonald, McKemie, Mckemy, McMahon, McMaster, MCNISH, McSherry, Meade, Melyen, Middleton, Middletons, Milbourn, Miller, Milligan, Milton, Milward, Minifie, Miskell, Mompesson, Moncrieff, Monro, Moore, Moreau, Morgan, Morris, Morumsco, Morurnsco James, Mossom, Mulberry, Murray, Murry, Nearn, Neill, Newbold, Newton, Nichol, Nicholson, Noble, Nock, Norwood, Nott, Noyes, Oates, Palmer, Parker, Parkers, Parnell, Parris, Peden, Peel, Penn, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Peterson, Phesey, Philpot, Pickman, Piper, Pipers, Pitt, Pitts, Pocohontas, Pool, Pope, Pory, Poulson, Poulsons, Powell, Power, Powhatan, Price, Prior, Prudden, Pullen, Purnell, Ramsey, Randolph, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Raymond, Reckliffe, Regniere, Reid, Renny, Renshaw, Renwick, Revell, Richards, Richardson, Richardsons, Richebourg, Riddel, Ridley, Rintaughton, Robbeson, Roberts, Robin, Robins, Robinson, Robinsons, Rodgers, Roe, Rogers, Round, Rounds, Rowat, Rowatt, Rule, Sandford, Sanfords, Sangster, Sangsters, Scanderet, Scarborough, Schofield, Schofields, Scholfield, Scott, Scotts, Selby, Semple, Seward, Seymour, Sharp, Shepherd, Sidney, Simcock, Sly, Smith, Sorrel, Spence, Spences, Spicer, Sprague, Squifortum, Stanfield, Stanton, Starret, Stephens, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevensons, Steward, Stewart, Stewarts, Stiles, Stockdale, Stockly, Stoddard, Stone, Story, Strawbridge, Stuart, Swift, Tailzior, Talbot, Tanguawton, Taylor, Taylors, Teackle, Temple, Tennent, Theobalds, Thomas, Thomson, Thorne, Tillotson, Titus, Toaf, Tomehawk, Trail, Trotter, Trueman, Truitt, Tull, Tully, Turlinge, Turvale, Upshur, Urquhart, Van Lear, Vanhorn, Vaughn, Venable, Venables, Vesey, Vigerous, Wale, Wales, Wali, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Wallop, Walton, Ward, Wardrope, Warren, Warring, Washington, Wasposson, Watson, Watts, Weatherby, Webster, Weegnonah, Welburne, Welsh, Weningominsk, Weocomoconus, Wesley, West, Whaley, Whalley, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whites, Whitt, Whittington, Whittingtons, Whitty, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wilsons, Winder, Winders, Windsor, Winikako, Winsmore, Winston, Winstone, Wise, Wises, Wishart, Witherow, Woodbridge, Wooden, Woodgate, Wormleys, Wren, Wright, Wyatt, Yard, Yeo, Yeos,