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(2 books) Annals of Bath and History of Highland County both by Morton

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This 220 (includes index) page history of Bath County Virginia was written in 1911 and complements Mortons History of Highland County since Highland was at one time a part of Bath. See Below.

Table of Contents:

Introduction ,1. Geography of Bath, II. Discovery and Settlement, III. The Lewis Land Grant, IV. Areas of Settlement , V. The Mineral Springs , VI. Early Political History , VII. Roads and Road Builders , VIII. Life in the Pioneer Days , IX. Ten years of Indian Wars 79 , X. The Point Pleasant Campaign, XI. Bath During the Revolution, XII. Selim the Algerine , XIII. Efforts Toward a New County, XIV. Organization of Bath, XV. The Surnames of Bath, XVI. A List of Early Marriages , XVII. Seventy Years of Bath History, XVIII. Bath in the War of 1861, XIX. The Bath Squadron , XX. Roster of Confederate Soldiers, XXI. Cloverdale, XXII. The Calfpasture Valley, XXIII. The Bath of Today, XXIV. Alleghany County, XXV. The Families of Greater BathIndex:

Abercrombie, Abercromby, Abner, Acklin, Acord, Adair, Adam, Adams, Agnew, Aikman, Ailshe, Ailstock, Alderman, Alexander, Alford, Allen, Alley, Alphin, Anderson, Andrew, Antrim, Arbuckle, Arbuckles, Archie, Aritt, Armstrong, Arnold, Arritt, Arskin, Ashby, Averill, Avis, Ayers, Bailey, Bailor, Baldwin, Barbery, Barker, Barkley, Barkly, Barksdale, Barley, Barnet, Barnett, Barratt, Bartley, Barton, Bates, Baty, Baxter, Baxters, Beans, Beard, Beathe, Beaty, Beckner, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Benston, Bently, Berry, Bess, Bethel, Betty, Beverly, Bevins, Bias, Bird, Bishop, Black, Blackburn, Blacke, Blaik, Blair, Blake, Blakeman, Blakey, Blankenship, Blanton, Bleak, Bodkin, Bogan, Bogges, Boggess, Boggs, Boleyn, Bollar, Boller, Bolton, Bonds, Bonner, Bonnet, Boone, Booth, Borden, Boreland, Boswell, Botetourt, Botkin, Boude, Bouquet, Bourland, Bowers, Bowman, Bowyer, Boyer, Boyles, Brackenridge, Braddock, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bragg, Branscome, Bratton, Brattons, Breadford, Brennemer, Bridge, Bridger, Bright, Brill, Brindly, Brinkley, Brock, Brockway, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Buchanan, Buck, Buckly, Buddy, Bulger, Bullitt, Bullitts, Bumgardner, Burger, Burk, Burner, Burnett, Burns, Burnside, Burnsides, Bussard, Butler, Byers, Byrd, Byrnes, Byrnsides, Cackley, Cairns, Calaghan, Callaghan, Callahan, Caller, Callison, Cameron, Campbell, Campbells, Campble, Canthorn, Carlil, Carlile, Carliles, Carlisle, Carlock, Carpenter, Carpenters, Carrigan, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Cartmill, Caruthers, Casebolt, Cash, Cashader, Cashady, Cauley, Chambers, Chandler, Chaplin, Chapman, Chesnut, Chestnut, Christian, Christopher, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clear, Cleek, Clement, Clements, Clendening, Clendennin, Clendennins, Clifton, Cobb, Coberly, Cochran, Coffey, Cole, Collins, Connelly, Connor, Cook, Coole, Cooper, Corbett, Corder, Cornstalk, Cornwallis, Corrigan, Cosby, Cottle, Cotton, Coursey, Covington, Cowarden, Cowardin, Cowarding, Cowardson, Coyner, Craig, Craighead, Crane, Crawford, Crawfords, Criser, Crockett, Crook, Crow, Crummett, Crump, Crutchfield, Curry, Curtis, Cutlip, Daggs, Daggy, Damron, Danellor, Dangerfield, Daniel, Darnell, Daugherty, Daughherty, Davenny, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davis, Davitt, Day, De La Matonye, De la Montony, Dean, Deaner, Deckert, Deeds, Deene, Deever, Delany, Dempsey, Dennis, Dennison, Depew, Derry, Devericks, Dickenson, Dickey, Dickinson, Dill, Dilley, Dilly, Dineen, Dinwiddie, Dinwoody, Divet, Dixon, Dizard, Doak, Docherty, Dodridge, Doherty, Donaho, Donally, Donoly, Donovan, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dowden, Doyle, Doylton, Drenon, Dressier, Dressler, Drinen, Driscoll, Dubois, Dudley, Duffell, Duffie, Duffield, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunlaps, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunwodie, Durham, Eagle, Eakle, Ebert, Edde, Eddy, Edenton, Edmanson, Edmondson, Edwards, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Elstock, Erskine, Ervin, Ervine, Erwin, Eskins, Estell, Estes, Estill, Evans, Evins, Ewin, Ewing, Faircloth, Faught, Fauntleroy, Feamster, Feemster, Ferguson, Fertig, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Flack, Fleishman, Fleming, Fletcher, Fliegan, Fogle, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fountaine, Foutz, Fox, Frame, Francis, Francisco, Frasier, Frazier, Fry, Fudge, Fulks, Fuller, Fulton, Fultz, Gabbart, Galaspy, Galford, Galloway, Gannt, Gardner, Garing, Garland, Garnett, Garrison, Gate, Gates, Gatewood, Gattes, Gay, Gays, Gellispie, George, Getty, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilham, Gillespie, Gillett, Gilliam, Gilliland, Gillispie, Gillock, Ginger, Given, Givens, Gladwell, Glendy, Godard, Goode, Gordon, Gore, Gorman, Grady, Graham, Grahams, Grattan, Graves, Graybeal, Greaver, Green, Greene, Greenlee, Gregory, Gregorys, Griffen, Griffeth, Griffin, Griffith, Grinsted, Grose, Gross, Grove, Groves, Grymes, Guliam, Gum, Gunton, Guy, Gween, Gwin, Haddon, Hahn, Haines, Hall, Halterman, Ham, Hamilton, Hamiltons, Hammack, Hanceford, Hand, Handley, Handly, Hanley, Hansbarger, Harden, Hardin, Harnsbarger, Harouff, Harper, Harpers, Harpole, Harris, Harrison, Harruff, Harry, Hartman, Harvie, Hawkins, Haynes, Hayslett, Heffner, Hefner, Helminstoller, Helms, Hempenstall, Hempstall, Hencher, Henderson, Henry, Hepler, Herbert, Herman, Hestent, Heth, Hevener, Hicklin, Hickman, Hicks, Higgens, Hill, Hillman, Hiner, Hinkle, Hite, Hively, Hodge, Hogarth, Hoge, Holcomb, Holland, Holloway, Holm, Holman, Holmes, Honce, Hook, Hoover, Hopkins, Hornberger, Hosaw, Houston, Hubbard, Hugart, Hughart, Hughes, Hull, Hume, Humphrey, Hunt, Hunter, Husk, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Huzer, Hynes, Imboden, Ingram, Insminger, Irick, Irvin, Irwin, Jack, Jackson, Jacksons, Jameson, Jamesons, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jemysons, Jevons, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Justice, Karnes, Karr, Kay, Kayton, Keatz, Keckley, Keiffer, Keizer, Keller, Kelley, Kellison, Kelly, Kellys, Kelso, Kender, Kenison, Kenney, Kenny, Kephart, Keyser, Kilpatrick, Kimberland, Kimberlane, Kimberlin, Kime, Kincade, Kincaid, Kincaids, Kindell, King, Kinging, Kinkade, Kinkaid, Kinkaide, Kinkead, Kinkeads, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirpatrick, Knap, Knight, Knittel, Knox, Knoxes, Kuhn, Kuykendall, La Rue, Lafayette, Lafferty, Laforde, Lair, Lamb, Landes, Lange, Lapsley, Largent, LaRue, Laverty, Law, Lawrence, Layman, Layne, Layton, Leach, Lee, Lemon, Leonard, Levi, Lewis, Lewises, Leytch, Lightner, Lilley, Linager, Linch, Lindsay, Lingnecker, Lininger, Linkswiler, Liptrap, Little, Littlepage, Loan, Lockhart, Lockridge, Lockridges, Logue, Lomax, Long, Lonsdale, Loughridge, Loving, Lowe, Lower, Lowman, Lowney, Lowry, Lunsford, Lyle, Lynch, Lynn, Lyons, Macdonley, Mackey, Madison, Malcom, Mallow, Mallows, Maloy, Manasse, Mann, Manns, Marlin, Marshall, Martin, Marton, Mason, Massie, Massingbird, Mateers, Matheny, Mathews, Mattinearly, May, Mayhall, Mays, Mayse, Maze, McAllister, McAlvery, McAvoy, McCalister, McCallister, McCampbell, McCandless, McCanles, McCartney, McCarty, McCashlin, McCaslin, McCausland, McCay, McCays, McChesney, McClain, McCland, McClellan, McClenachan, McClenahan, McClentic, McClintic, McClintick, McClintoch, McClintock, McClung, McClungs, McColgan, McCollom, McCollum, McConnell, McCorkle, McCormick, McCoslin, McCourt, McCout, McCoy, McCray, McCreary, McCree, McCreery, McCreerys, McCroskey, McCune, McCutchen, McCutchens, McDannald, McDannell, McDonald, McDuff, McElwee, McElyee, McFadden, McFarland, Mcfarlen, McFarlin, McGart, McGlaughlin, McGowan, McGraw, McGuffin, McGummery, McIlvaine, McIlwain, McKay, McKenny, McKittrick, McLaughlin, McMansmay, McMath, McMullen, McMullin, McMurray, McNeil, McNight, McRobert, McSherry, McWhorter, McWilliams, Means, Mede, Meek, Meigs, Meteer, Miles, Milholland, Milhollen, Milican, Miller, Milligan, Millroy, Mines, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moffett, Mongomery, Monroe, Montague, Montgomery, Moody, Moor, Moore, Moorehead, Moorhead, Morgan, Morgans, Morison, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Moses, Mounts, Mourning, Muldrock, Muldrough, Mullinix, Munroe, Murray, Musson, Mustoe, Nail, Nales, Names, Nance, Nants, Nee, Neff, Nelson, Newcomer, Newman, Newton, Nicholas, Nickell, Nighswinger, Noffsinger, Northern, Norton, Notingham, Nox, Nutt, Nutty, Oden, Odle, OFarrell, Offill, Ofriel, OHara, Oldram, Oliver, OMara, Page, Paine, Painter, Painturff, Palmer, Park, Parker, Partner, Pateson, Patrick, Patterson, Patton, Pattons, Paul, Paxton, Payne, Peacock, Peale, Pebbles, Peeble, Peebles, Peery, Pegram, Pelter, Persinger, Peters, Phegan, Phelan, Phelps, Phillips, Pickett, Pinnell, Pitzer, Plecker, Plunkett, Poage, Poesy, Pole, Polk, Porter, Porterfield, Posey, Poter, Potts, Powel, Powers, Preston, Price, Prince, Prior, Pritt, Propst, Puffenberger, Pullen, Pullin, Pullins, Putnam, Rader, Rainey, Ramsay, Ramsey, Raney, Ratcliff, Ratliff, Ray, Rayhill, Reagh, Reah, Reaugh, Redman, Redmond, Reed, Reid, Renick, Revercomb, Reynolds, Rhea, Rheas, Rian, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richie, Rider, Right, Riley, Ritchie, Rithway, Roberta, Roberts, Robertson, Robey, Robinson, Robnson, Robuck, Rockey, Rodecap, Rodgers, Roebuck, Rogers, Romney, Roop, Rorke, Rose, Ross, Rosser, Rourke, Rowe, Royall, Rucker, Ruckman, Rule, Rupe, Rush, Rusmisell, Russell, Rutherford, Ryder, Ryne, Salmon, Salt, Sampson, Satchell, Sawyer, Sawyers, Saxton, Schosleo, Scott, Seely, Seelys, Selim, Setlington, Shaffer, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaver, Shaw, Shawver, Sheesley, Sheffer, Shelton, Shields, Shirkey, Showalter, Shrewsbury, Shultz, Shumaker, Shumate, Sigafoos, Silver, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Singlenton, Siron, Sitington,, Sitlington, Sitlintown, Sittlington, Sively, Skidmore, Skillern, Skilron, Slath, Slavin, Sloan, Slone, Slosser, Smith, Smythe, Snead, Snider, Snodgrass, Snyder, Soice, Spottswood, Sprawl, Sprouse, Sprowl, Stack, Stanley, Staunton, Steele, Stephenson, Sterrett, Sterry, Steuart, Steuarts, Steuben, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stiff, Still, Stimson, Stinespring, Stinson, Stombeck, Stone, Stout, Strother, Stuart, Stull, Summers, Surber, Sutton, Swadley, Swartz, Swearingen, Swearingham, Sweet, Swerengen, Switchard, Switcher, Swoope, Sybert, Sydnor, Syms, Tabley, Tackett, Taliaferro, Tallman, Tankersley, Tanner, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Terrell, Terrill, Thacker, Tharp, Thomas, Thompson, Tidd, Tiffany, Tinsley, Todd, Tomblin, Toms, Townsend, Townson, Tracewell, Trainor, Trimble, Trostle, Trotter, Trout, Tucker, Tuller, Tuning, Turnbull, Turner, Tygart, Tyree, Usher, Vachub, Vachube, Vacob, Vahubs, Valentine, Van Derveer, Van Lear, Vance, Vances, Vanosdale, Vanstavern, Vaught, Vees, Venable, Vess, Viers, Vines, Waddell, Waddle, Wade, Waid, Waide, Waitt, Walgrave, Walker, Walkup, Walkups, Wall Wallace, Wallaces, Wallin, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wandless, Wanless, Ward, Ware, Warick, Waring, Warman, Warren, Warrick, Warwick, Warwicks, Washington, Watson, Watts, Waugh, Weaver, Webb, Weems, White, Whitefield, Whiteman, Whitesides, Whitman, Wiatt, Wildridge, Wiley, Wilfong, Wilkenson, Williams, Williamson, Willoughby, Willson, Wilson, Winder, Windom, Wine, Wiseman, Withrow, Witt, Wood, Wooden, Woods, Woodzell, Wooley, Wooten, Wright, Wrights, Wyatt, Yoakum, Youll, Young, Zimmerman,







Chapter I Descriptive, II While the Indian was Hero, III The European Forefathers, IV America in 1745, V Colonial Virginia VI Exploration Beyond the Mountains, VII Early Days of Settlement, VIII The Time of Indian Peril, IX Highland Under the British Crown , X The Dunmore War and the Revolution, XI Under Pendleton and Bath , XII The New County, XIII Highland in the War of 1861, XIV Churches and Fraternities, XV Schools and the Professions, XVI Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, XVII Land Ownership, XVIII Civil Officers . XIX Highland Militia, XX Highland Soldiers , XXI The Negro In Highland, XXII The Highlander Abroad , XXIII Biographic Paragraphs , XXIV The Highland of To day and Tomorrow PART II

Given Names and Surnames, II Classification of Highland Families , III Explanatory , IV Outline Sketch of Pioneer Families , V Adjunct Families , VI Pioneer and Sub Pioneer Families, VII Border Families, VIII Recent Families , IX Extinct Families APPENDIX

A Population in Different Years, B The Settlers of l50 Years Ago, C Tithables in 1822, D Householders in 1848 E Statistical Items, F Act of Assembly Establishing Highland , G Boundary Survey of 1848, H Church Letter of, William Wilson, I Surveys in Bath, 17446 , J School Statistics , K Post Offices, Past and Present, L Bond by James Knox , M Appraisement of Seybert Estate , N Servants Indenture , 0 Soldiers Oath, 1777, P Attest of Naturalization , Q Tavern Prices in Colonial Days , R Prices of Store Goods in 1820, S Sundry Prices in Former Years , T Regents Letter to Charles P. Jones , U The Hooke Family.


Abercrombie, Abraham, Adair, Adam, Adams, Alderman, Aldrich, Alexander, Alfred, Alkire, Allen, Altaffer, Amiss, Anderson, Andrew, Anglen, Apple, Arbogart, Arbogast, Armentrout, Armstrong, Arnett, Asbury, Ashby, Ashe, Ashton, Atchison, Atkins, Auge, Auvil, Averill, Ayres, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Banks, Barbour, Barkley, Barnes, Barr, Barringer, Barton, Bateman, Bates, Bayard, Beard, Beath, Beathe, Beatty, Beaver, Beck, Beckham, Beery, Begoon, Beibel, Bell, Benjamin, Bennett, Benson, Bensons, Berger, Berlin, Bernard, Berry, Beverage, Bible, Bird, Bishop, Black, Blagg, Blaine, Blair, Blakemore, Blame, Bland, Blankenship, Blizzard, Blue, Blundell, Boder, Bodkin, Bodkins, Boggs, Bolinger, Bollar, Bond, Bonner, Boone, Borden, Borst, Borton, Botetourt, Botkin, Boude, Bowde, Bowen, Bowers, Bowman, Bowyer, Boyd, Braddock, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brady, Brantner, Bratton, Braxton, Bright, Bright,, Brill, Brinkley, Briscoe, Britton, Brock, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Bruffey, Bryant, Bryson, Buchanan, Buford, Bumgardner, Burdett, Burke, Burks, Burner, Burners, Burnett, Burns, Burnside, Burton, Bush, Bussard, Butler, Butt, Butter, Bye, Byrd, Byron, Cackley, Cain, Caldwell, Calhoun, Callahan, Cameron, Campbell, Canary, Canby, Capito, Carlile, Carliles, Carlisle, Carpenter, Carper, Carr, Carrichoff, Carroll, Carter, Cartmill, Cartwright, Carver, Carwell, Cassell, Chambers, Champion, Chandler, Chase, Cheatham, Chesling, Chestnut, Chew, Chewning, Chitester, Chrisman, Christian, Christopher, Church, Clark, Clayton, Cleek, Clemens, Clemons, Clendenin, Clendennin, Clinton, Clyde, Cobb, Coberly, Cochran, Cocke, Coffey, Coffin, Colaw, Coleman, Coles, Collins, Collison, Connelly, Conoway, Conrad, Conway, Cook, Cookholtz, Coovert, Corbett, Corbin, Corder, Cornelius, Cornwallis, Corrigan, Cotter, Coulter, Cox, Coyner, Craig, Crawford, Crickenberger, Crider, Crifield, Crigler, Crist, Crittenden, Crockett, Cropp, Cross, Crouch, Croushorn, Crowley, Crozet, Crozier, Crum, Crummett, Crutchfield, Culbertson, Cummins, Cunningham, Cupp, Currence, Curry, Curtis, Dabney, Daggy, Dalton, Dameron, Dammeron, Daniels, Daugherty, Davis, Davitt, Dean, Deaver, Deckert, Deihl, Delamontony, Delhi, Denison, Detimore, Dettor, Dever, Devericks, Dice, Dick, Dickenson, Dickinson, Dickson, Dilley, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Dobbs, Dodds, Dollins, Dolly, Donaghan, Donally, Donovan, Dougharty, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dove, Downey, Doyle, Drake, Draper, Drowers, Dudley, Duffied, Duffield, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunnington, Dunsmore, Dunwoody, Dyke, Eagan, Eagle, Eakle, Eastham, Eaton, Echols, Eckard, Eckhardt, Eddings, Edmond, Edmondson, Edwards, Edwin, Eldridge, Elliott, Ellsworth, Emerson, Engleman, Ervin, Ervine, Erwin, Estill, Euritt, Evans, Evick, Ewell, Ewig, Ewing, Eye, Fairfax, Farrar, Fauber, Faulkner, Fauquier, Faurote, Fenton, Ferguson, Few, Filler, Findlay, Finlay, Finnegan, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzhugh, Fitzpatrick, Fitzwater, Flaherty, Flanagan, Fleisher, Fleming, Fletcher, Flippin, Florence, Floyd, Folks, Font, Fontaine, Foraker, Ford, Foster, Fox, Fraley, Frame, Francis, Francisco, Franklin, Frazier, Freed, Freel, Fremont, Fuchs, Full, Fulton, Fultz, Gabbart, Gaines, Galford, Gall, Galls, Gamble, Gammon, Gardner, Garnett, Garrett, Gaskins, Gay, Gaylord, Gentry, George, Geyster, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilham, Gilkeson, Gillam, Gillespie, Gillett, Gilliam, Gilliland, Gilmer, Gilmor, Gilmore, Gindner, Ginger, Girard, Given, Gladwell, Glass, Glenn, Glover, Goats, Goddin, Goings, Gooch, Good, Goose, Gordon, Gothard, Gragg, Graham, Granfield, Grant, Graves, Gray, Greathouse, Green, Greene, Gregg, Gregory, Griffen, Griffin, Griffith, Grigsby, Grim, Grimes, Grogg, Gross, Grove, Groves, Gulford, Gum, Gutshall, Guy, Gwin, Gwise, Gwynn, Haas, Hafford, HAGLE, Haldemann, Hale, Hall, Halterman, Ham, Hamilton, Hammer, Hampden, Hanna, Hannah, Hansborough, Hansel, Harding, Hardway, Hardy, Harman, Harmon, Harold, Harouff, Harper, Harras, Harris, Harrison, Harrow, Hart, Hartman, Harvey, Hatcher, Hatton, Hawkins, Hay, Hayes, Hays, Hayworth, Hazlett, Heath, Heck, Hedges, Hedrick, Hefner, Heide, Helmick, Helms, Heltzel, Hempenstall, Henderson, Henkel, Henly, Henry, Herold, Herring, Hester, Hetzel, Hevener, Hickley, Hicklin, Hickman, Hicks, Hickson, Hidy, Higgins, High, Hildebrand, Hill, Hille, Hine, Hinegardner, Hinegarner, Hiner, Hines, Hiney, Hinkle, Hinton, Hite, Hodge, Hodges, Hoff, Hogg, Hogshead, Hohl, Holcomb, Holladay, Hollingsworth, Holman, Holt, Hood, Hook, Hooke, Hoover, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Houchin, Houchins, Hough, Houlihan, Houston, Howard, Howdersheit, Huber, Hubert, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Hughart, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Hummer, Humphreys, Hunn, Hunter, Hupman, Hushaw, Hutton,Hyer, Iman, Imboden, Ingles, Ingraham Ingram, Jack, Jackson, Jaeger, Jamison, Janes, Janney, Jarrett, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jenks, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Judy, Julian, Karicofe, Keckley, Kee, Keezle, Keister, Keith, Keitz, Keller, Kelly, Kemp, Kemper, Kenny, Kent, Keplinger, Kerr, Ketterman, Key, Keys, Kibler, Kile, Killingsworth, Kilpatrick, Kimble, Kincaid, Kinkead, Kinney, Kirby, Kirkpatrick, Kiser, Kisling, Kitzmiller, Kline, Knapp, Knox, Koontz, Kramer, Kromet, Kugler, Kuykendall, Kyle, Lafferty, Laird, Lamb, Lambert, Lambeth, Lamont, Lance, Landes, Lanier, Lantz, Largent, Lauck, Laurence, Laverty, Layman, Layne, Leach, Lear, Leary, Leather, LeCompte, Lee, Lefevre, Leif, Lemon, Lentz, Leonard, Letcher, Levi, Lewis, Lewises, Life, Liggett, Lightner, Lilly, Lincoln, Linderwood, Lindsay, Little, Lloyd, Lockridge, Lockridges, Logan, Lohr, Long, Losh, Loudenslager, Lough, Love, Lowance, Lowderbeck, Lowe, Lowery, Lowman, Lowrey, Lucas, Lucky, Lukens, Lunsford, Lupton, Lutz, Lyle, Lyman, Lynn, Lyon, Mack, Mackey, Malcolm, Malcom, Mallet, Mallett, Maloy, Manley, Mann, Marion, Markle, Marks, Markwood, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Masters, Matheny, Mathew, Mathews, Maupin, Maurer, Mauzy, May, Mayberry, Mayse, McAllister, McAvoy, McBride, McCamie, McCan, McCandless, McCANN, McCartney, McCarty, McCauley, McClanahan, McClellan, McClenahan, McClintic, McClintick, McCloud, McClung, McClure, McCourt, McCoy, McCracken, McCray, McCrea, McCreary, McCutcheon, McD, McDannald McDannell, McDonald, McDougall, McDowell, McFann, McGlaughlin, McGuffin, McGuinn, McKamie, McKane, McKean, McKendree, McKergno, McLean, McLuster, McMahon, McMullen, McMullin, McNeal, McNear, McNeer, McNett, McNulty, McQuain, Meadows, Meek, Meeker, Meeks, Melville, Merritt, Meshantic, Meyer, Meyerhoeffer, Michael, Michie, Michler, Mick, Middleton, Mifford, Miles, Miller, Millers, Milroy, Minnie, Minor, Mitchell, Moats, Moffet, Moffett, Mongold, Monroe, Montgomery, Montony, Moomau, Moomaw, Moon, Moor, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Mounts, Mowrey, Moxley, Moyerhaver, Moyers, MULDROUGH, Mullenax, Mullinax, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Musson, Mustoe, Myers, Naigley, Neal, Neff, Neil, Nelson, Newbank, Newcombe, Newell, Newlin, Newman, Newton, Nichol, Nicholas, Nickel, Nicodemus, Nine, Noel, Noll, Nordeck, Norment, Northern, Nottingham, Nutter, Oakes, Oaks, Oats, Ogilvie, Oliver, Orbison, Osborne, Otho, Owe, Page, Painter, Palmer, Parker, Parks, Parrot, Parsons, Patrick Patterson, Patton, Paulie, Paup, Payne, Peale, Peck, Peebles, Pence, Pender, Pendleton, Peninger, Penn, Pennington, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Peyton, Pfaffenberger, Phares, Phegan, Phillips, Pickens, Pickle, Pierce, Pierson, Pinckney, Pirkey, Pitsenberger, Pitt, Poage, Poague, Poling, Pollock, Poole, Pope, Popham, Porter, Porterfield, Potter, Potts, Pray, Preston, Price, Price., Priest, Pritt, Probst, Propst, Pruitt, Puffenberger, Puffin, Puffinberger, Pullen, Pullin, Pulsor, Quidore, Radabaugh, Rader, Raines, Rainey, Ralston, Randall, Randolph, Rankin, Ratliff, Ray, Razor, Reamer, Redmond, Reed Reel, Reese, Reger, Reichtrodt, Reintzel, Renick, Revercomb, Rexrode, Reynolds, Rhine, Rhodes, Rhodosky, Richards, Richardson, Richter, Riddle, Rider, Riffle, Riggle, Riggleman, Riley, Ritchie, Rite, Roach, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Robson, Roby, Rodeffer, Rodgers, Rogers, Roller, Rolls, Ronck, Root, Ross, Rosser, Roudabush, Rowe, Ruckman, Ruebush, Ruff, Ruhlmann, Ruleman, Runnels, Rusmisell, Russell, Rust, Ryder, Rymer, Rynoff, Sale, Sampler, Samples, Sampson, Sanger, Sauffley, Saufley, Saunders, Schenck, Schilling, Schmidt, Schneider, Schoolcraft, Schouler, Scott, Seawright, See, Seebert, Seig, Seiver, Seybert, Shafer, Shaffer, Shaffler, Shanahan, Shannon, Sharp, Sharps, Sharrot, Sharrots, Sharrott, Shaven, Shaver, Shaw, Sheets, Shelby, Shelton, Shepherd, Sheppe, Sheridan, Shields, Shiflet, Shinneberger, Shirley, Shobe, Shoulder, Shrader, Shreve, Shull, Shultz, Shumate, Sidney, Sieman, Siever, Simmons, Simpson, Sims, Sinder, Sinnett, Sipe, Siple, Siron, Sisler, Sites, Sitlington, Sively, Sivers, Skeen, Skidmore, Skillern, Skinner, Slaven, Slayton, Smalley, Smallridge, Smith, Smithson, Smythe, Snapp, Snedicore, Snider, Snodgrass, Snyde, Snyder, Solomon, Sommers, Sorrel, Soule, Speece, Spencer, Sperry, Spicer, Spielman, Splawn, Sponangle, Sponaugen, Sponaugle, Spottswood, Sprouse, Sprowl, Stacey, Stalnaker, Starr, Staunton, Stein, Stenitt, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterrett, Sterritt, Steuart, Stevens, Stewart, Stickley, Stinebuck, Stinespring, Stone, Stout, Stover, Straley, Strathy, Strawen, Strickler, Strother, Stuart, Stull, Stump, Suddarth, Sullenberger, Sullivan, Summerfield, Summers, Sutton, Swadley, Swank, Swecker, Swisher, Swope, Syron, Tabler, Taggart, Taggert, Taliaferro, Tallman, Taylor, Terrill, Terry, Teter, Tharp, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Thorp, Tilden, Tinsley, Todd, Tomlinson, Towberman, Townsend, Tracy, Trainer, Trainor, Trimble, Trout, Trumbo, Tschudi, Tucker, Tuning, Turk, Turner, Tuttle, Underwood, Usher, Vaiden, Valentine, Van Lear, Vance, Vanderpool, Vandervender, Vandevender, Vandeventer, Vandiver, Vandyne, Vanmeter, Vanosdale, Vanpelt, Varner, Vera, Vest, Vint, Vogel, Vossler, Waddell, Waddle, Wade, Wadsworth, Waggy, Wagner, Wagoner, Walker, Walkup, Wallace, Wallaces, Walter, Walton, Wamsley, Wanless, Ward, Waring, Warlow, Warner, Warrick,Warwick, Waters, Watson, Watts, Waugh, Way, Waybright, Wayman, Wayne, Webb, Webster, Weeks, Wees, Weese, Weiss, Welborn, Welch, Welsh, Werner, Weron, Wesley, West, Westerman, Westfall, Wheeler, Whistleman, White, Whitecotton, Whitehead, Whitelaw, Whiteman, Whitmore, Whitner, Wiant, Wiatt, Wickham, Wickline, Wildfang, Wiley, Wilfong, Will, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Wilsons, Wimer, Wine, Winegard, Winfree, Winsler, Wise, Wiseman, Witz, Wolf, Wood, Wooddell, Woodfin, Woodruff, Woods, Woodsell, Woodson, Wright, Wyckoff, Yeager, Young, Zickafoose, Zirkle, Zorn,