DMK Heritage

A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia

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This 570 page book plus 32 page index written in 1920 contains the following:

Table of Contents

I. The Local Geography ,


II. Scenic Features,

III. The Ulsterman and the Pathfinder,

IV. The Borden Land Grant,

V. Early Pioneer Days.

VI. Civil Government: 1737-1852,

VII. Annals of 1737-1777,

VIII. Strife with the Red Men,

IX. Rockbridge County Established,

X. The Calfpasture,

XI. The War for Independence,

XII. Middle Period ,

XIII. A Year of Suspense,

XIV. The War of 1861,

XV. Recent Period,

XVI. The Negro Element

XVII. The Town of Lexington,

XVIII. Buena Vista and Glasgow,

XIX. Villages, Hamlets, and Summer Resorts ,

XX. Highways, Waterways, and Railways,

XXI. Industrial Interests,

XXII. The Churches of Rockbridge,

XXIII. Temperance Societies and Other Fraternities,

XXIV. Old Field Schools and Free Schools ,

XXV. Washington and Lee University,

XXVI. The Virginia Military Institute,

XXVII. The Ann Smith and Other Academies ,

XXVIII. The Franklin Society,

XXIX. Journalism and Literature,

XXX. Old Militia Days ,

XXXI. A Rockbridge Hall of Fame ,

XXXII. Stonewall Jackson at Lexington,

XXXIII. Robert E. Lee as a College President,

XXXIV. Family Sketches and Biographic Paragraphs,

XXXV. The MacCorkle Family,


XXXVI. Rockbridge in the World War, XXXVII. Supplementary Items,

XXXVIII. Rockbridge Inventions

PART Two: Genealogic MaterialIntroduction, Section I. Given Names and Surnames ,

II. Conveyances in Borden Tract, 1741-1780 ,

III. Early Patents Outside the Borden Tract,

IV. Secondary Land Conveyances Prior to 1778,

V. Tithables of 1778 ,

VI. Taxpayers of 1782 ,

VII. Taxpayers of 1841,

VIII. Present Surnames,

IX. Militia Officers Prior to 1816,

X. Soldiers of the Revolution,

XI. Rockbridge Artillery,

XII. Soldiers of the World War,

XIII. Various Lists,

XIV. Miscellaneous Data, Appendices


Abbot, Abbott, Abit, Able, Abner, Abraham, Ackerley Ackerly, Acton, Adair, Adam, Adams, Addison, Adison, Adkins, Ager, Agner, Agnew, Agnor, Aigner, Aiken, Ailstock, Ainsworth, Aken, Akin, Akry, Albertoli, Albright, Aleson, Alexande, Alexander, Alfred, Alger, Alien, Alison, Allan, Allen, Allens, Allet, Allison, Almond, Almonrode, Alphin, Altizer, Alvis, Alwin, Ambrose, Amherst, Amice, Amick, Amole, Anderson, Andersons, Andrew, Andrews, Angelly, Angelotti, Anthony, Arbogast, Arbuckle, Archer, Archibald, Arehart, Armentrout, Armistead, Armstrong, Armstrongs, Arndt, Arnold, Arnot, Arthur, Artz, Aschew, Ashburne, Asly, Aston, Athon, Atkins, Atkinson, Auld, Austin, Averill, Avis, Ayers, Aylett, Ayres, Babb, Babcock, Backhouse, Backus, Bacon, Baer, Bagby, Bagg, Bagges, Baggs, Bagley, Bailey, Baily, Bain, Baine, Baker, Baldridge, Baldwin, Ball, Ballagh, Ballard, Ballin, Balser, Bambridge, Bane, Banister, Banker, Banks, Banning, Bannington, Barber, Barbour, Barclay, Barcus, Bare, Bargar, Barger, Barkley, Barnes, Barnett, Barney, Barr, Bartlett, Bartley, Bartly, Barton, Bartow, Barty, Bashford, Baskerville, Bate, Bater, Bates, Batman, Baxter, Bay, Bayless, Baylor, Bayne, Bazzanella, Beach, Beaker, Beal, Beale, Bealle, Bean, Bear, Beard, Beasley, Beats, Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Beauregard, Beaver, Bechtel, Beckett, Beckham, Beckner, Bedford, Bedinger, Beers, Beeson, Beeton, Beets, Began, Beggs, Beiggs, Beli, Bell, Bender, Benjamin, Bennen, Bennet, Bennett, Bennington, Benson, Benton, Beresford, Berkeley, Bernard, Berrall, Berrisford, Berry, Berryford, Berryhill, Besenfelder, Bethel, Bett, Beverage, Beverly, Bevill, Bibb, Biby, Bickett, Bickle, Biddle, Biggerhead, Bight, Bird, Birdwell, Birmingham, Birney, Bissell, Black, Blackburn, Blackford, Blacks, Blackwell, Blain, Blair, Blairs, Blakely, Blane, Blessinger, Bletcher, Blosser, Bobbitt, Bock, Bodkin, Bodkins, Bogan, Boggs, Bogins, Bogle, Boils, Bolen, Boley, Bolling, Bond, Bones, Boogher, Booker, Boone, Booth, Booz, Boppell, Borden, Bordin, Bosserman, Boston, Bosworth, Boteler, Botetourt, Botorpp, Botts, Boude, Bouquet, Bourn, Bousman, Bousserman, Boutwell, Bow, Bowen, Bowlin, Bowman, Bowmans, Bowyer, Boyd, Boykin, Boyl, Boyle, Boyles, Boys, Brackley, Bradds, Bradford, Bradley, Brads, Bradshaw, Brady, Brafford, Braford, Bragg, Brains, Bramlette, Branch, Branham, Branson, Bratton, Brawford, Bready, Breckenridge, Breeden, Breedlove, Breen, Brewster, Briant, Brice, Bridget, Brigham, Bright, Bringhurst, Brion, Britton, Brockenbrough, Brogan, Brokenbrough, Brooke, Brooks, Brosius, Broughman, Brower, Brown, Brownfield, Brownlee, Brownlow, Brownsburg, Bruce, Brush, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckingham, Buckley, Buckner, Buckridge, Budinot, Buford, Bumgardner, Bumpis, Bumpus, Bunch, Buntain, Bunten, Buntin, Bunton, Burch, Burden, Burford, Burger, Burgess, Burion, Burk, Burke, Burks, Burr, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Bushong, Butler, Butt, Butter, Byers, Byram, Byrd, Bywaters, Cabell, Cadagan, Caddell, Cahoon, Cail, Cain, Calbraith, Calbreath, Caldwell, Cale, Calhoun, Callaghan, Callavan., Callison, Callman, Calloway, Camden, Cameron, Cammock, Campbell, Campbells, Camper, Capper, Cardiff, Care, Cares, Carlile, Carlisle, Carlock, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carpenter, Carper, Carr, Carrick, Carrigan, Carrington, Carroll, CARRUTHERS, Carskaddon, Carson, Carter, Cartmill, Cartright, Caruther, Caruthers, Carver, Casady, Case, Caset, Casey, Cash, Cashady, Caskey, Cassady, Casteel, Catlett, Caulk, Cave, Cavet, Cawful, Cephas, Chalkley, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champ, Champenois, Chanby, Chandler, Chapin, Chaplin, Chapman, Chariton, Charleton, Charlton, Chase, Chayne, Cheatham, Chesebrough, Chester, Chew, Childers, Childress, Chiles, Chitham, Chittum, Choate, Christian, Christopher, Church, Ciders, Circle, Claiborne, Claireborne, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clarkson, Clatterbaugh, Clay, Clayton, Claytor, Cleaveland, Cleek, Cleghorn, Clemens, Clements, Clemer, Clemmer, Clendennin, Cleveland, Clifton, Cline, Clinebell, Close, Clowney, Cloyd, Clyburn, Clyce, Coakton, Coalter, Cobb, Cobbs, Cochran, Coe, Coehorn, Coffee, Coffey, Coffman, Cohenour, Cohenower, Coiner, Colbrath, Cole, Coleman, Coler, Collier, Collins, Colston, Colter, Colville, Compton, Conaway, Condon, Conn, Connell, Conner, Connor, Conolly, Conway, Cook, Cool, Cooly, Coonrod, Coontz, Cooper, Coorman, Coots, Cope, Copenhaver, Copper, Corbett, Corbit, Corcoran, Corier, Cornelius, Cornet, Cornett, Cornstalk, Cornwallis, Corrick, Corse, Cosby, Costello, Coster, Coswell, Cotter, Coulter, Coulton, Counes, Counts, Coursey, Cousart, Covington, Cowan, Cowarden, Cowden, Cowen, Cowfell, Cowherd, Cowman, Cox, Crabill, Craft, Craig, Craighead, Craigs, Craney, Crasley, Craven, Cravens, Craver, Crawford, Creag, Cree, Cress, Crigler, Criser, Criss, Crist, Critcher, Crittenden, Crocken, Crocker, Crocket, Crockett, Croddy, Cromwell, Cronan, Crook, Crosby, Crosen, Cross, Crossley, Crothers, Crotingale, Crouch, Crouse, Crow, Crowden, Crozet, 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Dodd, Dods, Doil, Dold, Doll, Donaghe, Donaho, Donahow, Donahy, Donald, Donally, Donaphan, Donelly, Donihoo, Donnald, Donnell, Donoho, Dooley, Dooly, Doran, Doremus, Dorman, Doty, Doubt, Dougherty, Doughorty, Douglas, Douglass, Douthat, Dowell, Downey, Downing, Downs, Doyle, Drain, Draper, Drawbond, Drawbone, Drayton, Dreadden, Dreaddin, Dredin, Drenner, Driscoll, Drumheller, Drummond, Dryden, Dudding, Dudley, Duff, Dun, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunfield, Dunkum, Dunlap, Dunlaps, Dunlop, Dunmore, Dunn, Durham, Dyal, Dysart, Eads, Eagle, Eakin, Eakins, Earhart, Early, Earman, East, Easter, Eastham, Eaton, Ebbard, Ebberd, Ebeling, Echard, Echo, Echols, Edes, Edgar, Edington, Edison, Edley, Edminson, Edmiston, Edmondson, Edmundson, Edsal, Edwards, Effinger, Eggleston, Egner, Eichelberger, Eisenach, Eisenhower, Elder, Elhart, Ellinger, Ellinipsico, Elliot, Elliott, Elliotts, Ellis, Elwood, Emerson, Emmett, Emore, Engleman, English, Entsminger, Epley, Eply, Eppes, Ervin, Ervine, Erwin, Eskew, 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Greenwood, Greer, Greever, Gregory, Greiner, Grenadier Squaw, Grey, Gridley, Griener, Grier, Griffin, Griffith, Grigsby, Grim, Grimes, Grinstead, Groah, Grog, Grogg, Groome, Groove, Gross, Grossly, Grove, Grover, Groves, Grow, Gue, Guffey, Guilenger, Guin, Guinn, Gum, Gunn, Gunter, Gurney, Gutherie, Guthrie, Gutridge, Guttery, Guy, Gwin, Gwyn, Gwynn, Gywnn, Gywnne, Haddon, Hadley, Hagan, Haggerty, Hair, Haislet, Haislip, Halbert, Hale, Halk, Hall, Hall,, Hallman, Halsey, Halterman, Haman, Hamil, Hamilton, Hamiltons, Hammer, Hammers, Hammond, Hampton, Hanan, Hancock, Hand, Handly, Haney, Hanger, Hanna, Hannah, Harbarger, Hardbarger, Hardiman, Hardin, Harding, Hardy, Hare, Harger, Hargrove, Harkins, Harlan, Harless, Harlow, Harman, Harmon, Harness, Harnest, Harnsbargar, Harnsbarger, Harold, Harper, Harpers, Harrah, Harris, Harrison, Harriston, Harshbarger, Hart, Hartbarger, Hartigan, Hartingan, Hartless, Hartley, Hartman, Hartsook, Hartwell, Harvey, Haslet, Haslip, Hastings, Hatcher, 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Kender, Kenear, Kennedy, Kenny, Kent, Kepler, Kercheval, Kericoft, Kerkham, Kerlin, Kern, Kerr, Kersey, Kesler, Kester, Kesterson, Key, Keys, Keyser, Kicklighter, Kidd, Kiddy, Kiefe, Kiger, Kiley, Killavane, Kilpart, Kilpatrick, Kincade, Kincaid, Kinder, Kindred, King, Kingan, Kingea, Kingery, Kinging, Kings, Kinkade, Kinkaid, Kinkead, Kinnear, Kinner, Kinnerly, Kinney, Kinny, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkham, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirtley, Kisor, Klemmer, Kline, Knapp, Kneighton, Knicely, Knick, Knight, Knights, Knott, Knox, Knuckles, Koiner, Koogler, Koontz, Kramer, Krause, Krebbs, Krebs, Kremer, Kurtz, Kyger, Kyle, Kyler, Kyme, La Bree, Labree, Lackey, Lackey, Lackland, Lacy, Lady, Lafayette, Lafferty, Lain, Lair, Laird, Lam, Lambert, Lance, Landers, Landes, Landstreet, Lane, Lang, Lanier, Lannum, Lanthron, Lants, Lapsley, Laremore, Larew, Largen, Larkin, Larrick, Lary, Latane, Latan, Lauck, Lauderdale, Laughlin, Lavelle, Law, Lawhorn, Lawless, Lawrence, Lawson, Lawton, Layman, Layne, Lea, Leach, Leake, Leathers, Leck, Lecky, Ledgerwood, Lee, Leece, Leech, Leeper, Lefler, Leget, Leighton, Leister, Lemon, Lemons, Lenter, Leopard, Leslie, Lessley, Lester, Letcher, Letecher, Letiro, Letshaw, Lettice, Levi, Lewis, Leyburn, Liebert, Ligan, Liggens, Ligget, Liggett, Lightner, Lilley, Lilly, Lincks, Lincoln, Lindsay, Link, Linkenfelter, Linkswiler, Linkswiller, Linn, Lipscomb, Liptrap, Litten, Littich, Little, Lloyd, Loan, Lochan, Locher, Lochers, Lockard, Lockbridge, Locke, Lockhart, Lockridge, Lockridges, Logan, Logans, Logwood, Lokey, Long, Looney, Loring, Loromer, Lotta, Lotts, Love, Lovegrove, Loving, Lowe, Lowman, Lowry, Lowther, Loyall, Loyd, Lucas, Luckess, Ludwick, Lugar, Luke, Lunceford, Lunsford, Lusk, Luster, Lycias, Lyet, Lyle, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lytle, Maben, Mabray, MacCorkle, MacCorkles, Mack, Mackay, Mackey, Macky, MacNutt, Macon, Maddox, Madison, Magann, Magee, Magruder, Mahood, Mainwaring, Maiss, Major, Malcolm, Mallory, MAnelly, Mangus, MAnler, Manley, Mann, Manna, Manny, Mansfield, Manson, Manspile, Maphis, Mappins, Marchann, Marcum, Margrave, Marion, Marks, Marlin, Marshall, Marstella, Marston, Martin, Marton, Mason, Massie, Masters, Masterson, Mateer, Mateers, Matheny, Mathews, Matthews, Mattingly, Matton, Maupin, Maury, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, Mayers, Maynought, Mayo, Mays, Mayse, Mazingo, McAdams, McAfee, McAleer, McAlegant, McAlison, McAllison, McAllister, McAlphin, McAlpin, McAlpine, McAmey, McAndrew, McBride, McC, McCabe, McCaddan, McCafferty, McCaleb, McCalester, McCallister, McCalmon, McCalpin, McCalster, McCampbell, McCandless, McCanless, McCanliss, McCappen, McCappin, McCarroll, McCarthy, McCartney, McCarty, McCaskery, McCaslin, McCasney, McCaul, McCauley, McCausland, McChesney, McClain, McClary, McClean, McCleary, McCleland, McClellan, McClelland, McClelon, McClenachan, McClenahan, McClenon, McClernand, McClewer, McClintic, McClintock McClister, McCluer, McClung, McClure, McColerath, McColgan, McCollam, McCollem, McColley, McCollister, McColloch, McCollom, McCollum, McColm, McColpin, McComb, McConkey, McConne, McConnell, McConnells, McCool, McCorkle, McCorkles, McCormick, McCormicks, McCoskey, McCoskie, McCoughtry, McCowan, McCowen, McCown, McCoy, McCrary, McCraw, McCray, McCrea, McCreery, McCrory, McCroskey, McCrowry, McCrum, McCue, McCulloch, McCullock, McCullough, McCully, McCune, McCurdy, McCutchan, McCutchen, McCutchens, McCutcheon, McD, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonnel, McDonnell, McDowell, McDowells, McDuel, McElhany, McElheny, McElroy, McElvain, McElwee, McElwrath, McEnaire, McEntosh, McEwen, McFadden, McFaddin, McFall, McFarland, McFarlin, McFeeters, McFerran, McFerrin, McFilton,, McGavick, McGavock, McGee, McGier, McGinnis, McGlaughland, McGlockland, McGlothlin, McGovern, McGowan, McGravy, McGregor, McGuffin, McGuire, McHeney, McHenry, McIlvain, McKamin, McKamon, McKamy, McKay, McKee, McKees, McKeever, McKeharry, McKehen, McKelhenny, McKemmy, McKemy, McKenly, McKenny, McKenry, McKensey, McKerny, McKim, McKinley, McKinney, McKinon, McKinsey, McKinzie, McKittrick, McKnab, McKnight, McKnights, McKorey, McLane, McLang, McLaughlin, McLean, Mclntosh, MCluer, MClung, McMachan, McMahan, McManama, McManamy, McMannama, McMaster, McMasters, McMath, McMichael, McMillen, McMullen, McMullin, McMullon, McMurray, McMurtry, McMurty, McNab, McNabb, McNair, McNamar, McNamara, McNaughton, McNeal, McNear, McNeely, McNeil, McNight, McNut, McNutt, McNutts, McPharrin, McPheeters, McPherson, McQuean, McQueen, McQuilten, McQuiltin, McRoberts, McRorey, MCrosky, McSpadden, McSpaden, McSpadin, McTear, McTeer, MCutchen, McVey, McWhorter, McWilliams, Meade, Meadows, Meath, Meek, Meeks, Meigs, Mercer, Merchant, Merriam, Merrick, Merrimom, Meteer, Mets, Michael, Michie, Middleton, Miers, Milan, Miles, Miley, Milholland, Milhollen, Milleland, Miller, Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Millikin, Milliron, Millirons, Millner, Mills, Milner, Milor, Milroy, Mines, Minick, Minitor, Minor, Mitchel, Mitchell, MMullin, MNabb, Moats, Moderwill, Moffett, Mohler, Moler, Moncure, Moneyham, Moneymaker, Monroe, Montgomery, Month, Moody, Moomaw, Moor, Moore, Moorehead, Moores, Moorhead, Moorman, Moose, Moran, Morehead, Moreland, Morgan, Morley, Morphet, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mortar, Morter, Morton, Moses, Motherspel, Mould, Moxley, MSpeden, Muck, Muckleroy, Muhlenburg, Muir, Mulhollen, Mullen, Mundy, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Muse, Musgrove, Mushaw, Muterspaw, Myers, Mynes, Myres, Nash, Navils, Naylor, Neal, Neece, Neel, Neely, Neff, Neil, Nelson, Nephews, Nesbit, Nesbitt, Nevil, Nevius, Newcome, Newcomer, Newell, Newells, Newland, Newlin, Newlon, Newman, Newton, Niblack, Nicely, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Nick, Nickel, Niswander, Nixon, Noble, Noel, Norcross, Norgrove, Norris, Northern, Norvell, Norwood, Notfield, Nowel, Nowlen, Nowling, Nuckols, Null, Nutty, Oakey, Oates, Obenchain, OBrian, OBrien, Occroman, Ocheltree, Ochiltree, Ocle, OConner, Odell, ODiddle, OFreel, OFriel, OFrield, Ogawie, Ogden, Ogle, Oiler, Oldhauser, Olingar, Oliver, Olley, Orbison, Ord, Ordeman, Orenbaum, Orendorf, Ornbaum, Ornbom, ORourke, Orr, Osborne, Otey, Ott, Otty, Overby, Owen, Owens, Oyler, Packard, PADGET, Padgett, PAE, Pagan, Page, Paine, Painter, Palmer, Pappert, Park, Parker, Parks, Parmer, Parrat, Parrent, Parris, Parry, Parsons, Paten, Patrick, Patterson, Pattison, Patton, Paul, Paxton, Paxtons, Payne, Payton, Peabody, Pearce, Pearl, Pearman, Peary, Peck, Peckham, Peebles, Peel, Peerman, Peery, Peeters, Pemberton, Pence, Pendleton, Penick, Penn, Pennington, Peoples, Perkins, Perry, Persons, Petalla, Peteet, Peter, Peters, Petries, Petticrew, Pettigrew, Peyton, Phalby, Phillips, Philpot, Phrasher, Phresher, Pickens, Picket, Pickett, Pierce, Pillow, Pine, Pines, Pinkerton, Pinkney, Piper, Pittman, Plaugher, Pleasants, Plogger, Plot, Plott, Plunkett, Poage, Poague, Poe, Poindexter, Points, Pole, Polk, Pollard, Pollock, Polly, Pool, Pooley, Porter, Posey, Poston, Potter, Powell, Power, Powers, Praeses, Pratt, Prentiss, Presly, Presser, Pressley, Pressly, Preston, Price, Priestly, Pring, Prior, Pritchard, Pruthirds, Pryor, Ptomey, Ptomy, Puckett, Pugh, Pullen, Pullin, Pully, Pulse, Pultz, Purcell, Pusey, Pusy, Putnam, Quail, Quarles, Quate, Quigley, Quin, Quintin, Quisenberry, Ra, Rader, Radford, Raison, Ralston, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randal, Randell, Randles, Randolph, Randon, Rankin, Rapp, Raredon, Ratliff, Ratliffe, Rawlings, Ray, Raymond, Raynes, Rea, Read, Reagh, Reah, Really, Reaney, Reany, Reardon, Reas, Red Hawk, Redwood, Ree, Reece, Reed, Rees, Reese, Reeton, Reid, Reiley, Reilley, Reilly, Remley, Remsburg, Renick, Renn, Rennolds, Rentzell, Renwick, Replogle, Reveley, Reverley, Reyburn, Reynolds, Rhea, Rhineholt, Rhoades, Rhoads, Rhodes, Rhudy, Ricardi, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richey, Richie, Rickett, Ricketts, Riddle, Right, Riley, Rinehead, Rinker, Ripley, Riplogle, Rippetoe, Rippy, Risk, Risks, Risque, Ristine, Ritchey, Ritchie, Ritchy, Rite, Rives, Rnick, Roach, Roadcap, Roadccap, Roads, Roan, Roane, Roberdeau, Roberts, Robertson, Robey, Robinson, Robison, Roche, Rocklin, Rodenizer, Rodes, Rodgers, Rogers, Rolison, Rollin, Rollins, Rollison, Rondoun, Rooklin, Roop, Roosevelt, Root, Rose, Roseman, Rosen, Ross, Rosser, Row, Rowan, Rowe, Rowland, Rowlinson, Rowlison, Rowsey, Roy, Rozen, Ruble, Rucker, Ruckman, Rudasil, Rudolph, Ruff, Ruffin, Ruffner, Ruley, Ruly, Runkle, Runnels, Rush, Rusk, Russel, Russell, Rust, Ruth, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutter, Ryan, Ryanback, Ryley, Ryman, Rynes, Sabille, Sadler, Sale, Sales, Saley, Salley, Salling, Sallis, Sally, Salting, Sample, Sampson, Sanderfer, Sanderson, Sandford, Sandridge, Sanford, Santon, Sare, Sarver, Satterfield, Saunders, Savers, Savile, Savill, Saville, Sawyer, Sawyers, Sayer, Sayers, Schammerhorn, Schenk, Schindel, Schmidt, Schoonmaker, Schwartz, Scot, Scott, Scott,, Scudder, Sea, Seacot, Seacott, Seaglor, Seal Seale, Searight, Searson, Seay, Secrist, Sedwick, See, Seebert, Sehorn, Seisson, Selby, Self, Selph, Selver, Selvy, Semmes, Sensabaugh, Senseny, Sensibah, Seragh, Sergeant, Serpell, Serrett, Seward, Seymour, Shafer, Shainor, Shalter, Shane, Shaner, Shank, Shanklin, Shanks, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaver, Shaw, Sheckle, Sheffey, Sheltman, Sheltmas, Shelton, Shepard, Shepherd, Shepherdson, Sheppard, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherrard, Shewey, Shick, Shield, Shields, Shieldtz, Shifflett, Shindle, Shipley, Shipp, Shipplett, Shirey, Shirley, Shoemaker, Sholtz, Short, Shortee, Shorter, Shoulder, Shover, Show, Showalter, Shuey, Shultz, Shutterley, Siars, Siders, Sigel, Siler, Silling, Sillings, Silven, Silvey, Simbrew, Simcoe, Simmons, Simonds, Simons, Simpkins, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Singer, Singleton, Siron, Sisson, Sitlington, Sivell, Sizer, Skain, Skean, Skeen, Skeene, Skidmore, Skillern, Slaton, Slaughter, Sloan, Sloat, Slough, Slusser, Sly, Small, Smallwood, Smedley, Smiley, Smith, Smithers, Smiths, Smithson, Smylie, Snead, Snider, Snieder, Snodgrass, Snow, Snyder, Solomon, Somers, Something, Somewell, Sommers, Sorrells, Sorrels, Southerland, Spear, Spears, Speer, Speers, Spence, Spencer, Spicer, Spider, Spillman, Spitler, Spitzer, Spohr, Sprague, Spriggs, Spring, Sprouse, Sprowl, St. Clair, Stainer, Staley, Stalley, Stanage, Standoff, Stanley, Stanton, STAPLES, Stare, Starke, Staten, Station, Staton, Staunton, Steel, Steele, Stein, Stephani, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterret, Sterrett, Steuben, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevensons, Stewart, Stighleather, Stinson, Stokes, Stone, Stoner, Stoop, Stoops, Story, Stout, Stover, Strahan, Strain, Strange, Stratton, Straub, Strausburg, Strickland, Strickleather, Strickler, Stricklin, Strider, Strother, Struthers, Stryker, Stuart, Stuarts, Sublette, Suddarth, Sullivan, Summers, Superinger, Supinger, Surber, Surfer, Sutherland, Suthers, Sutton, Swan, Swann, Swanson, Swartz, Swearingen, Sweet, Swink, Swinley, Swinney, Swisher, Switcher, Switzer, Swoope, Swope, Syders, Syler, Sylor, Syron, Tade, Tadford, Taft, Tagart, Taggart, Talcot, Talford, Taliaferro, Tallford, Tankersley, Tankersleys, Tankersly, Tankery, Tanquary, Tapley, Tapscote, Tapscott, Tardy, Tarleton, Tarr, Tate Taylor, Teaford, Teague, Teal, Tedford, Tees, Telford, Teller, Temple, Templeton, Templin, Tenant, Tennant, Terrell, Terrill, Terry, Tharp, Thomas, Thompkins, Thompson, Thorn, Thornham, Thornhill, Thornton, Tibbs, Tidball, Tidd, Tidd,, Tilden, Tilford, Tilfords, Till, Tillman, Timberlake, Tindall, Tindle, Tinsley, Todd, TODDYS, Toles, Tolley, Tolly, Toman, Tomlin, Tomlinson, Tomson, Tooley, Tools, Tooly, Tooman, Toomey, Topping, Topscott, Torbet, Townley, Townsley, Trafford, Trayson, Trench, Trevey, Trevy, Tribbett, Tribett, Trice, Trigg, Trimble, Trimbles, Trolan, Trotter, Trout, Troxal, Troxall, Troxell, Truehart, Truslow, Trussell, Tuck, Tucker, Tudor, Tuley, Tungit, Turk, Turnbull, Turner, Turnin, Turpin, Tutwiler, Twitty, Tygret, Tyler, Tyree, Tzvelle, Underwood, Unrew, Unroe, Unrow, Updike, Upton, Ustick, Utter, Utz, Vachob, Vaden, Valentine, Van Derveer, Van Devaner, Van Devender, Van Lear, Van Leer, Van Pelt, Vance, Vanderslice, VanDevaner, Vanmaple, Vanness, Vanpelt, Vansandt, Vanstavern, Varner, Vaughan, Vaughn, Veers, Venable, Verner, Vernon, Vernor, Vess, Vest, Vethake, Via, Viar, Vickers, Vickery, Viers, Vines, Viney, Vineyard, Vinzant, Waddell, Waddy, Wade, Wadington, Waggoner, Wagner, Waite, Walker, Walkup, Walkups, Wall, Wallace, Wallas, Wallice, Wallis, Walter, Walters, Walton, Wandless, Ward, Wardlaw, Wardlow, Ware, Warfield, Warren, Warrick, Warwick, Wash, Washington, Waskey, Wason, Wasson, Watkins, Watson, Watt, Watters, Watterson, Watts, Wattson, Wauchope, Waugh, Waughub, Wauson, Waybright, Wayland, Wayne, Wayt, Weade, Wear, Weathers, Weaver, Webb, Weeks, Weems, Weever, Weinberg, Weir, Weis, Weiss, Welch, Welchance, Weller, Wells, Welsh, Wence, Wens, Werner, Wesley, West, Westmoreland, Wetter, Whealiss, Wheat, Wheeler Whipple, Whitaker, White, Whitefield, Whiteman, Whitemore, Whitesel, Whitesell, Whiteside, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitly, Whitman, Whitmer, Whitmore, Whitney, Whitsel, Whitt, Whittemore, Whitten, Whittle, Whitzel, Wiars, Wickenson, Wier, Wilbourn, Wilbur, Wilburn, Wilcher, Wilcox, Wiley, Wilfong, Wilhelm, Wilkenson, Wilkerson, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willmer, Willoughby, Wills, Willson, Wilmer, Wilmore, Wilmoth, Wilmuth, Wilsher, Wilson, Wilsons, Winborne, Windall, Windell,, Winder, Windle, Winegar, Wines, Winfield, Winiston, Winn, Winnis, Winst, Winston, Winters, Wintz, Winyard, Wirt, Wise, Wiseman, Wisson, Withers, Withrow, Witt, Wolf, Womack, Womeldorf, Womelsdorf, Womelsdorff, Wood, Woods, Woodsell, Woodson, Woodward, Woody, Woolf, Woolfolk, Worcester, Workman, Worley, Worth, Worthington, Wray, Wright, Wyand, Wyant, Wyatt, Wylie, Wymer, Wyse, Yancey, Yarbro, Yard, Yeats, Yost, Youel, Youell, Youells, Young, Yowell, Zimmerman, Zink, Zollman,