DMK Heritage

A History of Rockingham County Va

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Table of Contents.

I. Geography of Rockingham County.

II. Geological Features.

III. First White Settlers: 1727 1738.

IV. Rockingham as Part of Augusta: 1738 1777.

V. The New County and the New Nation: 1777 1820.

VI. A Growing Community: 1820 1860.

VII. Rockingham in the Civil War: 1861 1865.

VIII. The Days of Reconstruction: 1865 1876.

IX. From 1876 to 1912.

X. Rockingham To Day.

XI. Towns and Villages of Rockingham.

XII. Roads and Railroads.

XIII. Race Elements and Population.

XIV. Churches and Religious Life.

XV. Education and Schools.

XVI. Charitable Institutions.

XVII. Writers and Printers: Books and Periodicals.

XVIII. Singers of Rockingham.

XIX. Rockingham Statesmen and Jurists.

XX. Farms and Farmers.

XXI. Domestic Arts and Manufacturing Enterprises. XXII. Banks and Banking.

XXIII. Health Resorts.

XXIV. Natural Curiosities.

XXV. Hunting in the Western Mountains.

XXVI. Boating on the Shenandoah River.

XXVII. Court Days of Long Ago.

XXVIII. Some Interesting Incidents: Spotswoods Expedition of 1716 & University Pageant of 1909. The Coming of the Lincolns. Daniel Boone on Linville Creek. Valentine Seviers Sale Bill. The Influenza of 1806 7. A Case of Body Snatching. A Visit to Philadelphia in 1847. Death of Ashby: 1862. Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic. Killing of John Kline: 1864. Death of Meigs: 1864. The Thurman Movement. Sidney Lanier at Rockingham Springs. A Fence Corner Council.



Sheriffs of Rockingham. County Judges and Circuit Judges. County Clerks and Circuit Clerks. Commonwealths Attorneys. Superintendents of Schools. County Surveyors. Members of House of Delegates. Members of State Senate. Marriages in Rockingham, 1778 1720. Landowners in Rockingham in 1789. Muster Rolls of Rockingham Soldiers. Business and Professional Directory of Rockingham County: 1912. Bibliography: A list of books, magazines, and newspapers containing information concerning Rockingham County and Rockingham People.


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Vaughan, Vawters, Venable, Vicars, Viger, Vogt, Voorhees, Voss, Waddell, Wade, Waesche, Waggoner, Wagner, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Walsh, Walter, Walters, Walton, Wampler, Ward, Warden, Waren, Warick, Warren, Warrin, Wartman, Wartmann, Warvel, Washbun, Washburn, Washington, Waterman, Waters, Watson, Watts, Way, Wayland, Wayt, Weaggy, Wean, Wease, Weast, Weatherholt, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weeb, Weed, Weekley, Weir, Weishampel, Welby, Weller, Wells, Welsh, Wenger, Wengers, Wesley, West, Wetsel, Wetzel, Wevner, Wheafer, Wheat, Wheaton, Wheeler, Wheton, Whetzel, Whisler, Whissen, White, Whiteman, Whitener, Whitescarver, Whitesel, Whitesell, Whitesides, Whitmer, Whitmire, Whitmore, Whitney, Whitsel, Whitzell, Whyatt, Wiece, Wilard, Wilcocks, Wildes, Wilhite, Wilkin, Wilkins, Will, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Wilton, Wimbigler, Winder, Wine, Winegord, Winfield, Winger, Winkle, Wise, Wiseman, Wises, Wissler, Wither, Witsel, Witsell, Witt, Wittig, Witts, Wohlfarth, Woldredg, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolfinger, Wolfrey, Wood, Wooding, Woodley, Woodly, Woods, Woodson, Woodward, Wooledge, Woolf, Woolford, Woolridge, Woolrige, Wright, Wyant, Wynant, Wyndham, Yacome, Yager, Yancey, Yanceys, Yankey, Yardley, Yates, Yeager, Yeakel, Yeakle, Yeakley, Yeates, Yerger, Yorges, Yost, Young, Yount, Youst, Zane, Zeehon, Zigler, Zimerman, Zimmerman, Zimmers, Zirkel, Zirkle,