DMK Heritage






JANUARY 1, 1882.



From January 1, 1870, to 1882


Printed at the HERALD Office, Wellsburg, 1882.

This 280 page book includes a 9 page index.


Early History

Indians of the Upper Ohio.

Williamson's and Crawford's Expeditions.

Dunmore' War

Death of Major McColloch

Capture of Mrs. Glass.

Mrs. Buskirk Killed Buskirk Fight.

Block Houses, Location of, Wellsburg in 1790.

The Era of Peace Imigration and Settlement

Cumberland Road Controversies.

Washington Turnpike Bethany Turnpike.

Pan Handle Origin and Name.

Mason & Dixon's Line.

The Short Creek Country.

The Whisky Business Insurrection.

Marshal's Mill George Fetter.

Clarke's Mill

Waugh's Mills Richard Waugh

Flour Market Roads and Tunnels.

Wellsburg as a Shipping Point.

Temperance Agitation.

Sheep Husbandry.

Woolen Manufacturing.

The First Iron Furnace, &c.

Old Flint Glass works, &c.

Brooke Cotton Factory.

Paper Making.

Iron Foundry.

Potteries Powder Mill, &c.

Acme Machine Works.

Coal and Coal Mining.

Flat Boats and Boating.

First Steam Boat.

Early Traders Character, &c.

Railroads Right of Way, &c.

Final Charter Burying the Hatchet.

The P. W. & Ky. Railroad Commenced.

Railroad Opened for Business.

Banks and Bankers.

Religious Drift and Churches.

Schools and Colleges.

Bethany College.

Female Seminary.

Free Schools.

War Record Soldiers of 1812.

The Secession Era.

Politics Twenty Years Ago.

Chicago Convention

Slavery in the Pan Handle.

John Brown Raid.

Secession Convention in Virginia.

After Secession.

The Three Months Enlistment.

Procuring Arms at Wellsburg.

The False Alarm, &c.

Home Guards.

Soldiers Pay Bounties, &c.

Capt. Melvin's Company "G."

Capt. James White's Company "B."

Capt. Thomas White's Company 'K."

Other Organizations.

As it Appeared at Home.

Casualties of the War.

Summary Arrests, &c.

Support of Families Issue of Bonds.

Morgan Raid New State.

Brooke County, Formation of, &c.

Valuation Population, &c.

Division of the county.

Wellsburg Foundation of

Local Items.

Paper Mill Hudson House Wellsburg Manufacturing Co.

Feterer's Saloon Burned, &c.

Agricultural Society Started, &c.

Annexation of Territory to Town.

Hudson House Stable Fire.

Coal Shaft.

Riverside Glass works.

Tucker Water works.

Marriage Record.

Death Record


Abrams, Adams, Algeo, Amick, Anderson, Andrews, Applegate, Arbaugh, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Arny, Asbury, Ashenhurst, Ashenhust, Ashley, Atkinson, Atwell, Auchy, Baily, Baker, Bakewell, Ball, Bambrick, Bane, Barclay, Barcus, Barnes, Barr, Barrett, Bartholomew, Bassell, Batelle, Baxter, Bayless, Beall, Beck, Becker, Bedding, Behar, Bell, Benhaw, Bentz, Bernard, Bickerstaff, Bigger, Billings, Billingsley, Billingsly, Blair, Blankensop, Blankensops, Boggs, Bond, Bonner, Bonsall, Bonten, Bowman, Boyd, Boyles, Bradshaw, Brady, Brannan, Brashear, Brashears, Brenamen, Brenneman, Brent, Brice, Bridget, Briggs, Brindley, Britt, Brockunier, Brooke, Brown, Browning, Brownlee, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckalew, Buckey, Bucy, Burgoyne, Burke, Burns, Burt, Busby, Buskirk, Byran, Cain, Calbaugh, Calder, Caldwell, Calendine, Callahan, Cameron, Camhouse, Campbell, Cane, Cannon, Cariens, Carle, Carlisle, Carmichael, Carouth, Carr, Carter, Cassiday, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chapline, Chariton, Chester, Chipley, Churchman, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clary, Clay, Clayton, Clemens, Clemmons, Cline, Clohan, Coates, Cochran, Coen, Cogan, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Colwell, Congleton, Conklin, Connel, Connell, Conningham, Conrad, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Cope, Corbett, Corbley, Corbly, Cord, Corenin, Cornelius, Cowan, Cowarden, Cox, Craft, Craig, Crany, Craven, Cravens, Crawford, Criss, Cronin, Crook, Crooks, Crothers, Crouch, Crowly, Cruson, Cunningham, Cupples, Curfman, Curran, Curtin, Curtis, Daisy, Dare, Darrah, Daugherty, Davis, Dawson, De Frances, Dean, Decker, Degarmo, Deighton, Devinney, Devinny, Dickinson, Diehl, Dillon, Dilworth, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Dodd, Doddridge, Donaldson, Donavan, Dornan, Dorsey, Dow, Dowler, Drummond, Duffy, Duke, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Durrett, Duval, Duvall, Early, Edgar, Edgington, Edie, Elder, Ellinger, Elliott, Ellis, Elsessor, Elson, Emig, Ervin, Everett, Ewing, Fair, Farr, Fenwick, Ferrel, Ferrell, Feterer, Fetter, Fier, Fink, Finley, Fleming, Fletcher, Flynn, 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