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History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley



















This 849 page book has a 40 page index.


CHAPTER I. - INTRODUCTORY. – The Discoverers of America-Raleigh's Expedition-The Origin of the Name Virginia-The London and Plymouth Companies-Lords Hopton and Colepepper-Settlement of Jamestown General Assembly of the Commonwealth-Instructions to Gov. Wyatt First Acts of Assembly-Counties Organized -Benjamin Symms - Berkeley's Infamous Report- Frederick County Created-A Sparse Population -The Northern Neck of Virginia History of the Culpepper-Fairfax Grant

CHAPTER II.-PHYSICAL FEATURES. Geology-Its Application to Agriculture-Theory on the Origin of Matter Nature's Great Forces - Prehistoric Life-Outlines of Geological Study Fertility of the Valley-Mineral Resources-Timber-The Garden of Virginia-Splendor of the Scenery-What the Valley Originally was-And What it Now is

CHAPTER III.-INDIANS AND PREHISTORIC.-The Ancient Aborigines-Theories of Their Origin-Their Vast Antiquity-Were They Autochthons?-The Conquering Mound-Builders - The Montezumas and the Incas-The Zunis -The Indian as a Savage-The Borderers-The Shawnees and Cornstalk Indian Conflicts-Indian Settlements Shawnee Spring and Cabins-Character of the Indian

CHAPTER IV.-FIRST SETTLERS AND SETTLEMENTS. - Expedition of Gov. Spotswood-The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe-Arrival of First Settlers-New Mecklinburg - The Morgans - First Cabin - The Hollingsworths, Hites and Others-Quaker Settlements-Early Grants- Nationalties and Religions-Fairfax vs. Hite et al- Settlement Retarded-List of the Surveys Made by Washington for Lord Fairfax

CHAPTER V.-ORGANIZATION OF FREDERICK COUNT Y.-Appointment of Officers-First Court in 1743-Jail, Pillory, Stocks and Whipping Post-Ordinaries Licensed-First Grand Jury and Presentments - Duncan Ogullion - The First Deed-Some Early Land Transfers - Vestal's Iron Works – First County Levy-Injustice and Inhumanity-Arrival of Lord Fairfax - First Court-House--List of Early Roads.

CHAPTER VI. - WINCHESTER AND WASHINGTON'S EARLY OPERATIONS.-Laying off Frederick Town – First Street-Prison Bounds-Establishment of Winchester-Origin of the Name- Washington's Mission-His Ancestry-French Encroachments -Battle of Great Meadows - Fort Necessity -Population of the Lower Valley-Indian Atrocities-John Harrow vs. G. Washington -Braddock's Defeat –Washington’s Splendid Letter-Winchester in 1756-Building of Fort Loudon -History Repeated-Capt. Bullitt's Exploit-Capture of Fort Duquesne --The Small-Pox - Death of Clerk Wood.

CHAPTER VII.-THE REVOLUTIONARY PERIOD AND MORGAN.-Soldiers of the Valley-Causes of the Revolution Bursting of the Storm-Origin of Gen. Daniel Morgan: His First Military Appointment; as a Custodian; His First Command-The Famous Valley Company-The Dutch Mess- Storming of Quebec-Muhlenburg and Helphenstine-First Court Under the New Regime - The Quakers - Taking the Oath-Saratoga-Cowpens-Col. William Augustine Washington - The Whisky Insurrection-Morgan in Congress-His Character-His Grave.

CHAPTER VIII.-ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO.-Incorporation of Winchester-Post-Revolutionary Boom - Splendid Early Schools-First Newspapers in the Valley-Grandiloquent Salutatory -Some Fancy Figures-First Fire Companies Noted Taverns - Establishment of Manufactories-Theatricals Prominent Merchants-Young Ladies' Seminary-Fine Stores-First Adams Express Company - Post-Office - Indentured Servants-Shaved Heads and "Iron Collar"--Just Received from Cork-Vote of the County-Grand Celebration and Barbecue of 1788-Description of Parade-First Execution Brief, but to the Point-List of Justices-Longevity of Old Clerks

CHAPTER IX. - FREDERICK COUNTY AND WINCHESTER AFTER 1800-Population of County and County Seat Early Water Supply - Disastrous Floods-Old Stackhouse Mill-War of 1812-14--Revolutionary Veterans-The Valley again to the Front-Another Morgan Appears-The First Company and Their Uniform-Lists of all Names Obtainable-Description of Old Court House and Jail-"Black Betty"-Pillory and Stocks-Ye Ancient Market House - Dramatic Entertainments Louis Phillippe in Search of a Dinner-List of Corporation Officers-Various Proceedings of the Council Fire Engines and Houses - Scared Councilmen - Sharp Spasm of Improvement-Reminiscences and Anecdotes-William Greenway-Sarah Zane -Stores, Stage Lines, Teaming, Dress, etc

CHAPTER X.-MODERN FREDERICK AND THE Towns.--The Bench and Bar--Eminent Early Settlers-Their Famous Descendants-Lists of Lawyers-Some Noted Names - Superior Court of Chancery-Judge Tucker's Law School -Claims for the First Church-Theories Thereon-Rev. William Williams Centenary Reformed Church- Evangelical Lutheran Church- Presbyterian Churches - Methodist Episcopal Churches- Catholic Church-United--Brethren Church-Friends' Meeting House-Baptist, Christian, Church of God and Colored Churches-The Cemeteries-Honors to the Heroic Dead Educational -Splendid Schools -Fire Companies - Public. Improvements Industries - Societies - Stephens City, Middletown, and the Villages-General Summing Up

CHAPTER XI.-ORGANIZATION OF BERKELEY COUNTY.-Act of Creation-The Organization- First Justices-Their Duties Formulated-Sheriff, Clerk and Attorneys-Gabriel Jones and Alexander White-The Whipping Post-Rate of Taxation-A Judgment in favor of G. Washington-Mystery of "Morgan's Spring" Explained - County Seat-Prison Bounds-Generals Horatio Gates and Charles Lee-A Nice Law Point--Indentured Slaves-First Case of Murder-The Revolutionary Period-Easy Transition-Exit Georgius Rex - The New Regime-"Taking the Oath "Taking Care of Soldiers' Wives-Remarkable Will of Gen. Charles Lee Popular Fallacies in Regard to that Erratic Soldier-His Real Character and Surroundings-His Death

CHAPTER XII. - ESTABLISHMENT OF MARTINSBURG. - Martinsburg before 1772-The Act Establishing the Town - Gen. Adam Stephen A Candidate against Washington-Theories An Election in 1789-An Ancient Poll List-A Candidate's Card-A Boom in Martinsburg-Mr. Butler's Tavern Berkeley in the Revolution-Gen. William Darke - Gen. Horatio Gates "With Braddock"-Morgan Morgan- Four Noted Ministers-the Bedingers -Col. Crawford and Gen. Jessup- Felix Grundy, Nathaniel Willis and John R. Cook-Sketch of the Career of Hon. Charles James Faulkner

CHAPTER XIII.-PRIMITIVE TOWN AND COUNTY.-The Newspaper as a "Mirror"-Its Great Value to History Some Interesting Extracts from Journals of 1787, 1862, 1812-14 and 1825 to 1835-A Wily Prisoner-Timely Advertisements - Shopping in 1811 – Fine Stores-A Quaker Goldsmith and Jeweler-Lots of Shoemakers-Some Noted Taverns-War of 1812-14-Depression in Values-The Martinsburg Academy -Library Society-Terrible Storm Another Celebration and Three Fine Toasts - Prices Current - Disastrous Fires-Canal to Martinsburg-A Temperance Society-A Cyclone-Coal Discovered-Falling "Stars"-First Schedule of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

CHAPTER XIV.-TRUSTEES, COUNCIL- MEN, COURTS AND OFFICERS. –The Trustee Form of Government- Enlarged Powers-The Act-First Officers -Nuisances-Market Rules-Trustees v. Parrett-James Faulkner as a Justice-"No Property Found"-A Famous Dog Case-" Trustees vs. Snowdell et ux.-Spirit of Improvement-Petition of Faulkner, et al.-No Riding on Sidewalks-Tax List-Old Market House Incorporation of Martinsburg - The Act - First Proceedings - More Improvements-Fire Engines-The War Period-"A Messenger from Winchester"-A Sad Municipal Entry--From 1862 to 1865-ReorganizationStill Further Improvement- A New Charter-List of Officers-Practicing Attorneys

CHAPTER XV. - MODERN MARTINSBURG.-The Churches-Educational Improvements-Fine Water System- Railroad Shops-Newspapers - Societies - Tornadoes and Floods – Other Towns of Berkeley

CHAPTER XVI. - SOME EARLY SETTLERS OF JEFFERSON. - Before the Creation of Jefferson County-Standing of Her Early Settlers-The Old Packhorse Ford-The Great Indian Highway-The Beautiful Potomac- The Germans-Date of their Arrival- Splendor of Scenery - The East Virginia. Settlers - The Cavalier Stock -Why the Jeffersonians Make Good Soldiers - The Famous "Morgan Spring" Company-Captain Hugh Stephenson-Description of the Company and its Start-Interesting New Facts About Generals Lee, Gats and Stephen-Their residences-Gates' Letter-Some Errors Corrected-Was Lee a Traitor?-Was Charles Lee the Author of the "Junius" Letters-Remarkable Coincidence

CHAPTER XVII. - ORGANIZATION OF JEFFERSON COUNTY. -The County Court-First Commission of the Peace--Gen. William Darke-Manumission of Slaves-Taverns- Erection of Public Buildings -Military Appointments Ferdinando Fairfax - Ministers Licensed - The Civil War Period Prompt Patriotism-- Shepherdstown, the County Seat - Reorganization Restoration of the County Seat-Dr. S. J. Cramer-Thomas A. Moore-The Circuit Court-Its Able Judges-Richard Parker, Ossawattomie Brown's Judge-A Four Years' Hiatus-Robert T. Brown, C. C. C.-Tribute to a Good Man - The Later Judges – Complete List of Sheriffs

CHAPTER XVIII. - CHARLESTOWN. Early Settlers and Settlements-Braddock's Route - The Old Ruin-Primitive Sports-Capt. William Cherry -Business Prospects-The Mexican War-Gallant Officers-Col. Hamtramck- Old St. George's Chapel-A Picturesque Ruin-Sketch of the Ancient Landmark-Its Origin-The Churches-Schools-The Press-Societies-Public Officers-Lawyers-Enterprises

CHAPTER XIX. - SHEPHERDSTOWN, MIDDLEWAY AND WIZARD CLIP. -First Settlers-Kohonk-ou-roo-ta--The Germans-Establishment of Mecklenburg-A Ferry Contest-Partial Incorporation, 1793-The Trustee Form--Additions to the Town-Change of Name to Shepherdstown - Trouble About the Run-Market House-Large Firms of 1810-The "Cossack" Celebration - Incorporation- The "Commonhall" Municipality-Mayor Henry Boteler-Town Officers-A Peremptory Order and a Scare-Another Change in Charter-Religious and Educational--History of the Churches-Shepherd College - Societies - Morgan's Grove Fair- Newspapers -Towns and Villages-The Famous Legend of the Wizard Clip."

CHAPTER XX. —JAMES RUMSEY, INVENTOR OF THE STEAMBOAT.-Pipe Boiler-Other Machines - Rumsey's Struggles -Proofs of Priority-The Boat of 1783-In Bath-Petition to Virginia-Testimony of Gen. Washington -His Advice-John Fitch-His Admission-The Secret Trial-The Steamer at Shenandoah Falls-Its Mishaps-Removal to Shepherdstown - Washington's Letter-Second Trial-Eye Witnesses - The Public Trial Trip Fulton' s Pretensions –Congressional Medal to the Inventor

CHAPTER XXI.-HARPER'S FERRY AND JOHN BROWN'S RAID.-Early Settlement - Harper's Mill - Shenandoah Falls - Magnificent Scenery - Jefferson's Rock-Washington's Portrait--The Grand Rivers-Wild Goats-The Government Works -Vandalism- Camp Hill-Superintendent Perkins-Destruction of the Works-Bursting of a Bubble-Disappointment—Church and School-Grand Dedication-Desecration of the Churches-Sketches of Some of Them-Storer College-Misfortunes of the Ferry - The Great Floods-The John Brown Assassins- Their Atrocious Plans and Arms- Details of the Affair-Gens. R. E. Lee and J. E. B. Stuart-Indictment and Trial-Perfect Impartiality -Brown's Own Testimony

CHAPTER XXII.-CREATION OF CLARKE AND SOME EARLY MATTERS.- Some Noted Early Settlers - Famous Old Families-Rich Lands and Fine Scenery-Organization of the Courts-First Officers and Lawyers - Building of Court-House- "Prison Bounds" Established-"Swearing Out"-List of Justices-A Blank from 1861 to 1864 Military Rule - Reconstruction -List of Clerks and Sheriffs-Gen. George Rogers Clarke-Gen. Daniel Morgan-- Additional Facts about the Old Wagoner-Soldiers' Rest-Morgan's Stone Pile Forts -Washington's Surveyor's Office-G. W. Fairfax - The Soldier- Parson, Rev. Charles Mynn Thruston--Sketch of the Old Patriot-Old Alexandria Road-Braddock' s March-Hessian Prisoners-Lord Dunmore's Expedition-The Old Chapel-Cunningham's Older Structure-The Ancient Graveyard

CHAPTER XXIII.-LORD FAIRFAX AND GREEN WAY COURT.-Origin of the Fairfax Family-Recovery of Lost Records--Romantic Escapade-The Fair Isabel--Protestant and Romanist-Witchcraft -The First Lord Fairfax-A Family of Soldiers-The Great Fairfax -Cromwell's Famous General-A Patriot as well as a Soldier-Lady Fairfax-Her Pluck- Buckingham's Tribute-The Colepepper Alliance-Our Lord Fairfax, the Sixth-Injustice Toward Him -Entangled in Love's Meshes-Perfidy of His Betrothed-The Contract - A Romantic Episode -Departure for America - Belvoir - George William Fairfax and George Washington-Fairfax the First Patron of Washington--The Young Surveyors - Greenway Court-Death of the Old Lord-Washington's Respect-The Fairfax Successors

CHAPTER XXIV.-BERRYVILLE OR BATTLE-TOWN.-Early Nucleus of Battle-Town-The Great Road to Alexandria -Settlers from "Over the Ridge "Noted Advertisers-More about Gabriel Jones-Negro Harry Wanted-An Ad. Worth Preserving -Establishment of Berryville - Enlarged-The Trustee Form - Incorporation - Officers -The Churches-Grace Episcopal-Baptist--Presbyterian-Methodist Churches- Colored Churches - Green Hill Cemetery - Educational- Early Establishment of Schools, Public and Private--Clarke Courier- Societies –Officers--Manufactures, etc.- Courts - County Boards - Lawyers - Millwood, White Post and Boyce

CHAPTER XXV. -THE GREAT CIVIL WAR OF 1861-65. - The Underlying Causes of the Conflict--Early Anti- Slavery Sentiment and Action-The South on the Defensive - Culmination of Northern Encroachments-Election of a Sectional President- Proclamation of Emancipation-Acts of Self-protection-Nothing Left but to Separate-Secession of South Carolina-Preparations for War-The Valley to the Front -Occupation of Harper's Ferry-Col. Thomas J. Jackson-Appearance of the Immortal "Stonewall"-Gen. Johnston in Command-The Women of the Valley-Stuart, the "Yellow Jacket' '-A True Cavalier- Operations Around Martinsburg-Removal of the Engines —Fight at Falling Waters-At Winchester - Johnston's Brilliant Movement-Four Brave Valley Boys go to Their Death - Stonewall Jackson's Fearful March to Romney-Origin of the Soubriquet "Stonewall."

CHAPTER XXVI.-OPERATIONS IN THE VALLEY DURING 1862.-Banks crosses the Potomac -Jackson Offers Battle, but is Ordered Back-Strategic Movements-Shields in Command-Battle of Kernstown-Jackson Retreats with a Small Loss-A Wounded Wolf-Stonewall's Wonderful Strategy-The Fight at McDowell - "Bank's Races" -A Disgraceful Stampede of the Federal Forces- Marylander vs. Marylander—“Jackson's Commissary," Gen. Banks -Port Republic and Cross Keys-Death of Gen. Turner Ashby-His Gallantry, Courtliness and Humanity-Close of the Valley Campaign of 1862-Jackson's Investment-of Harper's Ferry--Surrender of the Federal Forces-Immense Stores Captured-The Sanguinary Encounter at the Old Packhorse - Ford-Closing Scenes of 1862

CHAPTER XXVII.-FROM 1863 ONWARD TO THE COLLAPSE. - Ewell Surprises Milroy-Large Amount of Supplies and Prisoners-Gen. Rhodes makes a Capture at Martinsburg-Gen. Lee enters Maryland by way of the Lower Valley - Imboden' s Successful Affair at Charlestown-Capture of the Federal Garrison-Early Falls Back to the Valley-An Incident after the Battle of Winchester-Graphic Description by John Esten Cooke-The Heroine still in Winchester-The Valley Campaign of 1864-Sheridan Appears on the Scene -Battle of Winchester -Early Falls Back to Fisher's Hill-The Valley Devastated- Unprecedented Incendiarism and Pillage - The Confederate Commander Prepares a Surprise-Battle of Cedar Creek-Gen. Wright Robbed of Honors Justly Due Him -The True Story of Cedar Creek-New Facts-End of the Struggle, etc.


Index: Abel, Abell, Aby, Adams, Addison, Affleck, Afflick, Aikman, Akins, Albin, Alburtis, Aldridge, Alexander, Allan, Allemongs, Allen, Allens, Allison, Alstadt, Altrich, Amblers, Anderson, Andrews, Angel, Annin, Anson, Antler, Arbuckle, Ariss, Armistead, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Asbury, Ash, Ashby, Ashman, Astor, Atkinson, Aulick, Austin, Averill, Avers, Avery, Avirett, Avis, Aviss, Babb, Bacon, Baetjer, Bageant, Bailey, Baily, Baird, Baker, Balch, Baldwin, Ball, Ballenger, Ballinger, Balmaine, Balthrope, Banks, Bannon, Bantz, Barbour, Bard, Barker, Barkley, Barley, Barnes, Barnett, Barnetts, Barnewall, Barney, Barnhart, Barns, Barr, Barrett, Barretts, Barron, Barry, Bartgis, Bartlett, Barton, Bartons, Bassett, Baty, Bauer, Baugh, Baughman, Baum, Bausman, Bayard, Baylis, Baylor, Baylors, Beale, Beall, Beals, Bean, Beard, Beattie, Beatty, Beauchamp, Beauregard, Bebee, Becker, Beckham, Beckley, Beckwith, Beddinger, Bedinger, Bedingers, Beecher, Beeler, Beemer, Bees, Beeson, Beesons, 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Christman, Clagett, Claggett, Clares, Clark, Clarke, Clawson, Clay, Claycomb, Clayton, Cleggett, Cleveland, Clevenger, Cline, Cloud, Clouson, Clowe, Coalter, Cochrane, Cock, Cockburn, Cockey, Cockrell, Cocks, Coe, Coffenberger, Coffinberry, Coffman, Colepepper, Collett, Collette, Collins, Colston, Colstons, Colvert, Colvin, Comegys, Comptons, Conaway, Conklyn, Connell, Conner, Connolly, Conrad, Conradt, Contrecoeur, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cookers, Cookus, Cooley, Coons, Coontz, Cooper, Copeland, Copenhaver, Coppie, Cordell, Corn, Cornelius, Cornstalk, Cosine, Cost, Costello, Courtney, Cover, Cowan, Cox, Coxe, Coyle, Cozens, Cozin, Cozins, Craft, Craig, Cramer, Crane, Crawford, Creamer, Crebs, Creever, Cresap, Creswell, Crockwell, Croft, Cromley, Cromwell, Crone, Crook, Cross, Crow, Crown, Crumbaker, Culler, Culpepper, Cumming, Cunningham, Curhen, Curtis, Cushwa, Custard, Custer, Custis, Cuzin, Dabney, Daingerfield, Dalby, Dalgarn, Dandridge, Dangerfield, Daniels, Danner, Darke, 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Hooff, Hook, Hooker, Hooper, Hoover, Hopes, Hopewell, Hopkins, Horn, Horrel, Horton, Hotsenbell, Hotsenpiller, Hott, Hottle, Hough, Houseman, Houser, Houston, Hout, How, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howt, Hubard, Hubbard, Huber, Huck, Huffman, Huger, Hugh, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Hulls, Hulse, Humbert, Hume, Hummige, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humrickhouse, Hunt, Hunter, Huntsberry, Hurst, Huston, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Huyett, Hyatt, Hyde, Imboden, Ingles, Ingram, Innes, Ireland, Irwin, Isaac, Isaacs, Isler, Jack, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Janney, Jaquelin, Jazinsky, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jenners, Jennings, Jerdon, Jessup, Jett, Jewell, Jewett, Jobe, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Johnstons, Jolliffe, Jones, Joneses, Jordan, Joyce, Julian, Jumonville, Jump, Kable, Kachler, Kackley, Kagi, Kain, Kean, Kearfoot, Kearfott, Kearn, Kearney, Kearns, Kearsley, Keef, Keeler, Kehler, Keightley, Keiter, Keith, Keizer, Keller, Kemish, Kendrick, Kenley, Kenneday, Kennedy, Kenner, Kennerly, Kenney, Kennon, Kent, Kepler, Keplinger, Kercheval, Kerchevel, KERCHNER, Kerfoot, Kerfoots, Kern, Kerney, Kerns, Kerr, Kerrell, Kersey, Key, Keyes, Keys, Keyser, Khmer, Kidd, Kiger, Kilmer, Kimmell, Kindall, King, Kinney, Kinsman, Kinson, Kinzel, Kippel, Kirk, Kitchen, Kitzmiller, Klees, Kline, Klyfustine, Knap, Knight, Knott, Kohlhousen, Koonce, Koontz, Kopp, Koppenhaber, Kownslar, Krauth, Krebs, Kreglo, Kremer, Kroesen, Kuhn, Kurtz, La Fayette, Lackland, Lacy, Laferty, Lafevre, Lafferty, Lamber, Lambert, Lambright, Lamon, Lanahan, Lanby, Lancaster, Landstreet, Lane, Lanes, Lang, Langdon, Langley, Larkin, Larrick, LaRue, Latimer, Laubinger, Lauck, Laws, Lawton, Lea, Leach, Lee, Leech, Lees, Lehew, Leigh, Lemen, Lemley, Lemmon, Lemon, Lemons, Lentz, Leopold, LEREW, Lester, Letcher, Letzerick, Levi, Levy, Lewis, Lewises, Ley, Leyburn, Liady, Licklider, Lieveny, Liewellyn, Light, Lightfoot, Likens, Lilburn, Lilly, Lindsay, Lindsey, Line, Lingan, Linghamfelter, Link, Linn, Lippitt, Littell, Little, Littler, Littleton, Livingston, Lloyd, Lock, Locke, Lockhart, Lockwood, Lodge, Lofton, Logan, Logie, Lomax, Long, Longacre, Longstreet, Loring, Louthan, Love, Lovell, Lovett, Lowe, Lowery, Lowry, Loy, Lucas, Lucases, Luckett, Ludden, LUDI, Ludlow, Luke, Lupton, Luptons, Luvin, Lyle, Lyman, Lynch, Lynn, Lyons, Mackail, Mackey, Macky, MacNeal, Macons, Macoughtry, Madden, Madison, Magaha, Magaw, Magill, Magills, Magruder, Magson, Maitland, Majors, Mallette, Manning, Mantor, Mantz, Maphis, Marbury, March, Mark, Marks, Marmaduke, Marquis, marriage, Marsden, Marshall, Marshalls, Martin, Maslin, Mason, Masons, Massei, Massey, Massie, Mathenger, Mathews, Matthaei, Matthews, Matthias, Maund, Maury, Mauzey, Mauzy, Maxwell, May, Mayberry, Mayer, Mayers, Maynard, Mayo, McAlister, McAllister, McAuly, McBride, McCallister, McCann, McCartney, McCarty, McCaw, McClahan, McCleary, McClellan, McCloskey, McClure, McConnel, McConnell, McCoole, McCormack, McCormick, McCormicks, McCoy, McCrachans, McCue, McCune, McCurdy, McDonald, McDowell, McEllengot, McElroy, McElwee, McFarland, McFee, McGary, McGaw, McGee, McGill, McGlashell, McGonigall, McGuire, McGyer, McHandry, McIlhaney, McIntyre, McKay, McKays, McKeaver, McKee, McKeefry, McKennon, McKericher, McKewen, McKinney, McKinster, McKleduff, McKown, McLane, McLaughlin, McLaws, McLean, McLeod, McMachen, MCMAHON, McMahons, McMechen, McMechin, McMullen, McMurran, McNamee, McPharlane, McPherrin, McPherson, McQuilken, McSherry, McVeigh, Meade, Meaks, Mealey, Medcalf, Medlicot, Medtart, Meem, Meetze, Meldrum, Mellon, Meloin, Melvin, Mendenhall, Menifee, Menzies, Mercer, Mercers, Merchant, Meredith, Merrit, Merryfield, Mesmer, Messenger, Meyer, Michie, Mien, Milburn, Miles, Millar, Miller, Millhon, Millin, Mills, Milroy, Milstead, Milton, Mines, Minges, Minghini, Minor, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mohr, Moler, Mong, Monroe, Montgomery, Moore, Moorehead, Moores, Mooters, Morales, Morgan, Morgans, Moriarity, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Moser, Moss, Moulder, Muckey, Muffin, Muhlenberg, Muhlenburg, Mulligan, Mulvehill, Mumit, Munday, MUNFORD, Munroe, Murat, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Muse, Musgrove, Myers, Mykle, Mynn, Nadenbousch, Nase, Nash, Nation, Naylor, Neavil, Neel, Neil, Neill, Neills, Nelson, Nelsons, Nesmith, Nevill, Neville, Newbank, Newberger, Newborough, Newcomer, Newell, Newells, Newkirk, Newly, Newman, NEWPORT, Newports, Newsam, Newton, Nice, Nichodemus, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Niswanger, Nixdorff, Nixon, Noble, Nobles, Norris, Norrises, North, Norton, Nourse, Nowland, Nowlin, Nulton, Nunn, O'Brien, Ockerman, Oden, Odhie, O'Ferrall, O'Ferrell, Ogden, Ogullion, Oldfield, Oldham, Oliver, Olliman, O'Neal, O'Neil, Opie, O'Rear, Orr, Orrick, Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, O'Shanter, Oswald, Otterbein, Otto, Overaker, Overholtz, Owen, Owens, Owram, Ox, Packett, Page, Pages, Pain, Painter, Palfrey, Palmer, Pangle, Papin, Parish, Parke, Parker, Parkins, Parks, Parran, Parrell, Parrett, Patterson, Pattison, Paul, Paull, Paver, Payne, Peachy, Peale, Pearsall, Pearson, Peck, Peebles, Pegel, Pegram, Peifer, Pemberton, Pendleton, Penett, Penick, Penington, Penn, Pennington, Penningtons, Perier, Perkins, Perks, Perry, Peterkin, Petite, PETRIE, Peyton, Peytons, Phelps, Phifer, Philips, Phillippe, Phillips, Philpot, Picking, Pidgeon, Pierce, Pierpoint, Piet, Pifer, Pinckney, Pinkney, Pirkey, Pitman, Pitt, Pittman, Pitts, Pitzer, Pleasants, Plotner, Plummer, Plunket, Plunkett, Poague, Poe, Poisal, Polhamus, Polk, Ponsonby, Pope, Popham, Porter, Porterfield, Porterfields, Porteus, POSTGATE, Potter, Potterfield, Potts, Poulson, Powars, Powell, Powers, Pratt, Prentiss, Preston, Price, Printz, Pritchard, Pryor, Pucktol, Pugh, Pulliam, Pulse, Pultz, Pumell, Purcell, Putts, Pyfer, Pyle, Quick, Quigley, Quin, Quinn, Rabenach, Ragan, Rahauser, Ramey, Ramseur, Ramsey, Randall, Randolph, Randolphs, Rankin, Rankon, Ransdall, Ransom, Ransone, Ratchlies, Raveriack, Rawlins, Ray, Rea, Read, Reck, Rector, Red Hawk, Redman, Redmond, Redwood, Reed, Reeder, Rees, Reese, Register, Reigh, Reilly, Reily, Reinhart, RElLY, Renner, Renock, Renshaw, Rentch, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Richter, Riddell, Riddle, Riddlesperger, Ridenour, Ridgway, RIDINGS, Ridley, Riely, Rightstine, Riley, Rileys, Riner, Rinker, Rissler, Ritenour, Ritter, Roberdeau, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roderick, Rodgers, Rodney, Roe, Roger, Rogers, Rohrbaugh, Roland, Roller, Rollins, Roots, Roouey, Ropp, Rosenberger, Rosenburg, Rosenburger, Ross, Rossiter, Rouse, Rouss, Rowan, Rowland, Ruble, Rudacille, Ruddell, Rudesill, Rudolph, Rumsey, Rush, Russell, Russells, Rust, Rutherford, Rutherfords, Rutlidge, Ryan, Ryley, Sadler, Sampson, Sanders, Sargent, Saunders, Savage, Savages, Scaggs, Scarborough, Schaeffer, Schell, Scheuer, Schmidt, Schmucker, Schneider, Schneyder, Schooley, Schoppe, Schoppert, Schrack, Schreck, Schultz, Schumacher, Scott, Scout, Scribner, Scrivener, Seal, Seamon, Seaton, Sebastian, Sedwick, Seeburn, Seevers, Seibert, Seiss, Seivers, Selby, Semans, Senaker, Sencendiver, Senseney, Senseny, Seth, Sevanick, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shackleford, Shaffer, Shall, Shambaugh, Shank, Sharkle, Sharp, Shaull, Shaver, Shaw, Sheely, Sheerer, Sheets, Sheetz, Shepard, Shepherd, Shepherds, Sheppard, Shepperd, Sheridan, Sherley, Sherlock, Sherman, SHERRARD, Sherrer, Shield, Shields, Shierly, Shingler, Shinn, Ship, Shipley, Shippen, Shiras, Shirely, Shirley, Shoaf, Shome, Shope, Showers, Shriner, Shriver, Shryock, Shugert, Shulenberger, Shull, Shumate, Shunk, Shutt, Sibert, Sidney, Sigel, Siler, Silman, Silver, Silvers, Simmons, Simon, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Sine, Singhass, Singleton, Sinn, Sittler, Skelding, Skerlock, Skinker, Slagle, Slater, Slaughter, Slemmens, Sloat, Small, Smallwood, Smellie, Smeltzer, Smith, Smiths, Smoke, Smurr, Smyth, Smythe, Snapp, Snickers, Snively, Snodgrass, Snowdell, Snyder, Sollers, Somers, Somerville, Southerd, Sower, Sowers, Spalding, Spangler, Spears, Speck, Spengler, Sperow, Sperry, Spessard, Spickert, Spindle, Sponceller, Spotswood, Spotts, Spottswood, Sprecher, Sprigg, Springer, Sprint, St. Clair, Stackhouse, Stadon, Stailey, Stake, Staley, Stanfield, Staples, Staunton, Stayman, Steck, Steed, Steel, Steele, Steer, Steerman, Steermans, Steiger, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Steptoe, Stevenson, Stewart, Stickley, Stidham, Stimmel, Stimmell, Stine, Stinson, Stockton, Stogden, Stogdon, Stone, Storer, Stottlemyer, Stover, Straith, Stratton, Strayer, Strebling, Streblings, Streit, Stribling, Strider, Striker, Strode, Stroop, Strope, Strother, Stuart, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Stuckey, Stump, Sturges, Sturgis, Sturman, Summers, Suter, Sutton, Swallum, Swan, Swart, Swartz, Swearengen, Swearengens, Swearingen, Swearingens, Swhier, Swift, Swimbey, Swimley, Swinton, Sydnor, Syester, Symington, Symms, Tabb, Tabler, Tacey, Talbott, Taliaffero, Talty, Tanacharison, TANNER, Tanquary, Tapscott, Tarleton, Tarring, Tate, Tavenner, Taylor, Taylors, Tearney, Terrell, Terrill, Thatcher, Thayer, Thomas, Thomburg, Thompson, Thomson, Thornberry, Thornborough, Thornburg, Thornton, Thorpe, Thrasher, Thresher, Throckmorton, Throgmorton, Thruston, Thurston, Tidball, Tidd, Tidwell, Tilden, Tilly, Timberlake, Timmons, Titzell, Todd, Tongue, Toole, Touchstone, Tousey, Towles, Townley, Townsend, Towson, Trail, Tramway, Trapnell, Trautwine, Travers, Trayhern, Traynor, Trenholm, Trent, Tretheway, Triplett, Troutwines, Troxell, Trump, Trussell, Tucker, Tull, Tunchard, Turk, Turner, Turpin, Tustin, Tyler, Tyng, Tyson, Unger, Unseld, Unsell, Upton, Urton, Vale, Van Doren, Van Fossen, Van Horn, Van Meter, Van Metres, Van Swearingen, Vanarsdale, Vanbraam, Vance, Vances, Vancouver, Vandeventer, Vandiveer, Vanmeter, Vanmetre, Vannort, Vanswearingens, Vass, Vaughan, Vaughn, Veasy, Veitch, Vernon, Vest, Vestal, Vestall, Von Holst, Von Ringharz, Voorhees, Vorous, Vowell, Vulgamott, Wade, Wageley, Wager, Waggoner, Wagner, Waif, Waigley, Waite, Wakefield, Walker, Walkers, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Walls, Walper, Walpole, Walraven, Walters, Walton, Ward, Warden, Warder, Ware, Warford, Warner, Warnig, Warton, Washington, Washingtons, Waters, Watkins, Watrous, Watson, Watt, Wayland, Weaver, Weber, Weech, Weed, Weeks, Weems, Weier, Weir, Weiser, Welch, Weller, Wells, Welshans, Welty, Wendell, Wentzell, West, Westenhaver, Wetzel, Wetzell, Wever, Weyman, Wharton, Wheat, Wheelan, Wheeler, Wheelright, Whelan, Whetzell, Whitacre, WHITALL, White, Whiteford, Whites, Whiting, Whitmore, Whitson, Whittaker, Whittle, Whittlesey, Wiggenton, Wiggins, Wigginton, Wiggons, Wilcox, Wilen, Wiley, Wilkinson, Willard, Willcocks, Willett, Willey, William, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willoughby, Willson, Wilmer, Wilshimer, Wilson, Wilsons, Wilt, Wiltbahn, Wiltsheiner, Winchester, Winder, Windle, Wingfield, Winn, Winning, Winship, Winton, Wise, Wisecarver, Wisler, Wisner, Wisong, Wissler, Withers, Witzel, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolff, Wood, Woodall, Woodcock, Woods, Woodward, Wool, Woolf, Woolfolk, Woolford, Woolsley, Wormley, Wormly, Worth, Wortham, Worthington, Worthingtons, Worting, Wotring, Wright, Wunder, Wyatt, Wylie, Wynkoop, Wythe, Yager, Yancey, Yates, Yeackley, Yeardley, Young, Yowell, Zane, Zeiber, Zin, Zinn, Zirkle, Zittle, Zocchi,