DMK Heritage

After 35 years of genealogy research (I got started early) I got tired of pulling old 400 to 800 page books off the shelf, flipping through it and seeing page after page of names then going to the back and there is no index......not even a table of contents.!! Then putting it back on the shelf hoping I would have another lifetime to read it and see if it is value in my research.

My dream was that someone would take these old books and give me access to the information in them. I quite waiting for someone to do it for me so..... We are changing those old books into easily readable, searchable, indexed (yes, you know a name can be spelled many different ways...sometimes in the same sentence) documents on an easily storable CD.

We take each book, scan it, use a word processor to make the document searchable and put it into an easily readable "Times" font. We also index the book and provide for easy navigation in Adobe Reader 5.0 (free off the internet) and Apple (Mac) Preview.

We guarantee that if any changes are made to the CD (some where along the way we may have made an error in transforming it.) you get an updated copy free. And if something happens to the CD (our fault, your fault, the dogs fault, all you have to do is return the damaged CD and we will send you another free.

We are hoping for enough income to cover our time and continue to do more books. We love history and genealogy and are willing to hunt for old and rare books with useful information.