DMK Heritage

A History of Orange County Virginia



From its Formation in 1734 (0. S.) to the end of Reconstruction in 1870; compiled

mainly from Original Records

With a Brief Sketch of the Beginnings of Virginia, a Summary of Local

Events to 1907, and a Map


This 296 page (includes index) history of Orange County by Scott was written in 1907 and contains transcripts of original documents and information on the most notable early residents


The Seating of Virginia ; --The Genesis of Orange Organization of the County; --The Courthouses; --The Colonial Churches; --Other Old Churches; --The Dissenters; --Indian Antiquities; -- French and Indian War; --Orange in the Revolution; --Germanna and the First Settlers; --Progress to the Mines; --The Knights of the horseshoe; --Physical Features; --Social and Economic; --Crimes and Punishments; --The Orange Humans Society; --From 1848 to 1861; --The War Period Reconstruction 1865 to 1870; --Fiscal and Statistical 1870 to 1907; --Miscellaneous; -- Biographical Sketches; --Historic and Other Homes; --Being a Personal Retrospect .


Importations, --Census, 1782. --Will of President Madison. --War of 1812, --War of The Revolution. --Commissions. 1734-178, --Roster of the Montpelier Guards During John Brown Raid. 1859 --Roster of Confederate Soldiers. 1861 to 1865, -- Members of the Various Conventions; --Members of the Colonial House of Burgesses


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Breedlove, Brent, Bresau, Bresee, Bridwell, Broadus, Brock, Brockman, Broil, Brook, Brooke, Brookes, Brooking, Brookman, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Broyle, Bruce, Brumback, Bryan, Bryant, Bryne, Bryson, Buchannon, Buchanon, Buckannon, Buckner, Bugler, Bullard, Bullock, Buntine, Burk, Burley, Burnley, Burnleys, Burrus, Burton, Burtons, Burwell, Bush, Butler, Byrd, Cabell, Caldwell, Calvin, Camble, Cameron, Campbell, Campbells, Canady, Cannon, Canterberry, Captain Tom, Cardhaut, Carlton, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carrell, Carrier, Carson, Carter, Carters, Caruthers, Cash, Cason, Casper, Cass, Castle, Cathey, Cathin, Cave, Cavenaugh, Caves, Chambers, Chandler, Chaney, Chapman, Chew, Chewning, Chews, Childress, Chiles, Chilton, Chisham, Chisholm, Chowning, Christian, Christle, Christopher, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clay, Clayton, CLEVELAND, Clore, Clouder, Coalton, Coats, Cobbler, Cobbs, Cockburn, Cocke, Cockran, Coffer, Coghill, Coker, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Colling, Collins, 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