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Gleanings of Virginia






Originally Published Washington, 1903

This book contains 388 pages including the index. It covers the early settling of the western counties in Virginia and their relation to the eastern colonies of Virginia. It also covers the western counties contributions to the Revolutionary War.CONTENTS.


1. Early times in Virginia
2. Immigrant List, 1707 (Stafford county)
3. French and Indian War Lord Dunmores War
4. Legislative Enactments connecting the preceding historic sketch
with the adjudication of the resulting accounts that follow; with the list of officers, soldiers and civilians entitled to compensation for military and other services rendered
5. The Scotch Irish of Augusta county, Va.
6. Poll List for the Election of Burgesses for Prince William County, Va. 1741
7. Poll List for the Election of Burgesses for Fairfax County, 1744

1.Virginia in the Revolution
2. Estimate of the Balance of Specie Due the Officers of the Virginia Line, on account of three months specie pay in 1782 and four months in 1873
3. A Partial List of Capt. Daniel Morgans Rifle Company of Winchester, Frederick Co., Va., July 14, 1775
4. Petition from Fairfax County, Virginia, for Importation of Salt, November 23, 1775
5, Correspondence of Washington and Gen. Gates with Col. Bedel, February 1st, 1776
6. Pay roll for the travelling expense of a detachment of the 3d Virginia regiment, discharged from camp at Valley Forge to their different
counties, Feb. 16, 1770
7. Roster of Capt. Thomas Bucks company, enlisted from Dunmore county (now Shenandoah), Sept. 5, 1777
8. List of balance due the dead and deserted of the 1st Virginia regiment, commanded by Col. George Gibson, from 16th of Sept., 1777, to lst of Jan., 1778
9. Pay roll for the Field and Staff officers of the 1st regiment Light Dragoons, commanded by Col. Theodorick Bland, for the month of Nov., 1777, and one month extraordinary pay bestowed by Congress, Dec.,1777 .
10. Loudoun county, Virginia, in the Revolution. A list of Officers with
date of appointment, 1778 1782. With partial list of private soldiers and how their families were supplied with provisions by the county.
11. List of Militiamen in Captain John Given's Company, Augusta County, Virginia, from October 16, 1777, to March 15, 1782, inclusive, with transcript of the bible of Robert Givens, of Lincoln county, Ky., 1759-1802 and his declaration of services rendered .
12. List of American Prisoners confined on board the British ship "Torbay," in Charleston harbor, 1780 1
13. Officers of the Virginia Line who served at the siege of York, Oct. 30, 1781
14. Garrison of West Point, June 21, 1784
15. Letter of Lieutenant Edward Antill to Paymaster Gen. of the Army, 1784
16. Letter of A. Duncomb to Joseph Howell, Esq., Acting Paymaster, March 27, 1791

1. Genealogy of the Newman Family, 1618 190
2. Historical and Genealogical Notes of Hugh Thomas, Westmoreland Co., Virginia, 1660 1750
2. Birth and Death Records from the Tombstones of the Old Stone Church
3. Graveyard in Augusta Co., Virginia
4. Historical and Genealogical Notes of William Craig, of Augusta County,
5. Virginia, and his Descendants, 1721 1900 5. Historical and Genealogical Notes of John Anderson and his Descendants, of Augusta County, Virginia
6. Transcript from the Bible of Hugh Davis, of Davis County, North Caro¬lina, 1731 1800
7. Davis Family Notes (Revolutionary)
8. Transcript from the Davis Bible, Spottsylvania Co., Virginia, 1741 1811, with Revolutionary War Record of Thomas Davis
9. Transcript from the Custis (Thompkins) Bible, 1732 57
10. Smith and Harrison Families of Augusta and Rockingham Counties, Va.
11. Cravens and Brown Families of Augusta and Bath Counties, Va.
12. Early Marriages, Orange County, Virginia, 1770 1800
13. Marriages solemnized in Albemarle County, Virginia, by the Rev. John Gibson, from 1800 to 1846, with his declaration of military services
Index:Aadell, Abbott, Abell, Abercrombie, Aberman, Abet, Abney, Abrams, Abrell, Abston, Acuff, Adam, Adams, Addleton, Adkins, Aetkinson, Airs, Albemarle, Alcorn, Alexander, Alezander, Alfort, Algier, Allen, Allens, Allexon, Allia, Allison, Alstan, Ambrose, Amox, Anderson, Anderson, Andersons, Andrews, Andros, Angel, Anon, Ansel, Ansley, Anthony, Antill, Appling, Arbuckle, Archer, Argall, Armistead, Armontrout, Armstead, Armstrong, Arnold, Arrenton, Arrentrot, Arrington, Arthington, Arthur, Asbury, Ash, Ashby, Asher, Ashford, Ashley, Ashworth, Askford, Askredge, Ather, Atkins, Atlee, Atmore, Atwell, Aubrey, Ausberry, Austin, Authur, Avery, Avey, Awbrey, Axon, Aylatt, Bacon, Baddely, Bagby, Baggers, Baggess, Bagley, Bagnall, Bailey, Bailis, Bailiss, Bailston, Baily, Baird, Baker, Bal, Baldwin, Baley, Balf, Ball, Ballard, Ballenger, Balmain, Banger, Banks, Barae, Barbee, Barber, Barbour, Bardin, Barger, Barham, Barker, Barkley, Barksdale, Barler, Barlor, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barney, Barnwell, Barr, Barret, Barrior, Barron, Barrow, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Baskerville, Baskine, Basquin, Bass, Bateman, Bates, Batson, Battaile, Battle, Baugess, Baughker, Baugus, BAUMAN, Baxter, Bayless, Baylis, Baylor, Bayly, Baytop, Beach, Beadle, Beale, Bealer, Beamer, Beard, Beasley, Beatty, Beaty, Beavers, Beck, Becknel, Bedders, Beddows, BEDEL, Bedinger, Bee, Been, Beirne, Bekley, Belche, Belfiel, Belfield, Bell, Belvin, Bembridge, Bender, Benham, Benigar, Benjami, Benjamin, Benn, Benneham, Bennet, Bennett, Benning, Benningar, Bennit, Benson, Bentley, Bently, Beret, Berkeley, Berkley, Bern, Berrey, Berry, Bertchet, Bewtoole, Bibb, Bickley, Bigbie, Biggs, Bigs, Bileon, Billing, Billops, Bills, Bilson, Bingaman, Bingham, Binns, Birchet, Birk, Birtchet, Bist, Bixby, Bizant, Black, Blackburn, Blackmore, Blackson, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blagg, Blair, Blakemore, Blakey, Blanchet, Bland, Blankenship, Blanks, Bleake, Bledsoe, Blevins, Blindell, BLISS, Blor, Board, Bocock, Boerstler, Boggess, Boggs, Bohannan, Boiling, Boilston, Boldin, Bolin, Bolling, Boltenhouse, Bolton, Bond, Bonn, Booker, Boone, Booth, Boreland, Boring, Borlane, Boroughs, Borthwick, Bosman, Boswell, Botters, Botts, Bough, Boundreal, Bounethean, Bouquet, Bourland, Bourne, Bouyiis, Bowcoc, Bowcock, Bowen, Bowens, Bowerman, Bowie, Bowin, Bowler, BOWLES, Bowling, Bowman, Boworn, Bowyer, Boyd, Boydston, Boyens, Boyer, Boylestan, Boyne, Brackenridge, Braddock, V, Braden, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Braham, Bramlet, Bramlett, Bramlitt, Branaugh, Branford, Branner, Branson, Branwell, Brassfield, Bratchy, Bratton, Braunough, Bray, Breading, Breckenridge, Breckenridge., Breckenridges, Breeding, Brent, Brenton, Brewer, Brian, Bricker, Brickham, Bridge, Bridges, Briggs, Bright, Brim, Broadwater, Brock, Brockenbrough, Brockenbroughs, Broddus, Broil, Bromlet, Bronaugh, Bronongh, Bronough, Brooke, Brookes, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Browning, Brownley, Broyles, Bruce, Bruister, Bruton, Bryan, Bryans, Bryant, Buchanan, Buck, Buckley, Buckmaster, Buckner, Buckus, Buffington, Buffinton, Buford, Bull, Bullett, Bulley, Bullington, Bullitt, Bumpass, Bunion, Burdett, Burgess, Burgh, Burk, Burke, Burkem, Burkett, Burkhead, Burkley, Burks, Burlingham, Burn, Burnes, Burnett, Burnley, Burns, Burnsides, Burson, Burton, Burwell, Bury, Bush, Butcher, Buterworth, Butlar, Butler, Butterworth, Butts, Buyers, Byram, Byrd, Byrne, Cabell, Cadon, Caghey, Cain, Caison, Caldwell, Calhoone, Calhoun, Call, Callahan, Callaway, Callis, Calmers, Calmes, Calton, Calvert, Calvin, Camble, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Camper, Camps, Canady, Cann, Cannady, Cannaird, Cannon, Canterberry, Cantley, Caperton, Capliner, Capper, Car, Care, Carfey, Cargil, Cargill, Cargon, Carhart, Carlile, Carlock, Carlyle, Carnall, Carnan, Carnel, Carnes, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carrer, Carries, Carrington, Carrol, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Carthae, Carthra, Cartie, Cartmill, Cartwright, Caruth, Carvin, Cary, Caryle, Casey, Cash, Cashaday, Cashiah, Cason, Castle, Catlet, Catlett, Caton, Catterton, Cattleton, Cavanaugh, Cavans, Cave, Cayors, Cenney, Chafin, Chalmor, Chalmore, Chamberlain, Chamberlayne, Chamberlin, Champ, Champain, Champe, Champneys, Champrys, Champs, Chandler, Chapman, Cheatham, Chermside, Chester, Chew, Chewning, Chicheley, Childers, Childre, Chiles, Chilton, Chisum, Chiswell, Choat, Chowning, Chrisman, Christian, Christie, Chriswell, Chumley, Church, Claiborne, Clapham, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Claypole, Clayton, Cleeke, Clement, Clements, Clemons, Clendinin, Clerk, Cleveland, Clifton, Clinedinst, Cloud, Cloyd, Coate, Coatney, Cobbs, Cochan, Cochran, Cock, Cocke, Cockeran, Cockerill, Cockrell, Codd, Cofer, Coffman, Cogh, Cohen, Coiner, Coke, Coker, Colater, Coldwell, Coleman, Coler, Coleson, Collater, Collatter, Collens, Colley, Collier, Collin, Collins, Colquitt, Colson, Colston, Colter, Colville, Colyar, Combs, Comet, Conaly, Condron, Condrow, Confey, Conger, Conley, Connally, Connel, Connell, Conner, Connor, Conroe, Contsman, Conway, Conyers, Cook, Cooke, Coombs, Coon, Coonrod, Coonroe, Cooper, Copeman, Coplinger, Coppage, Corbam, Corbin, Corder, Coreham, Cork, Cornaga, Corneleous, Cornelison, Cornelson, Corner, Cornet, Cornwell, Corser, Cosby, Cotrell, Cottrill, Couch, Couden, Coulthard, Couniers, Coutts, Coventon, Coverly, Covington, Cowan, Cowdown, Cowen, Cowert, Cowherd, Cox, Coxen, Coyle, Crabtree, Craddock, Crafurd, Craig, Craigg, Craine, Cram, Crammel, Cramp, Crand, Crane, Craven, Cravens, Crawford, Cray, Creed, Cretshall, Crevens, Crewdson, Crite, Critindon, Crocker, Crocket, Crockett, Croford, Croghan, Croley, Crookshank, Crookshanks, Cropper, Crosbey, Crosby, Cross, Crosse, Crouch, Crumley, Crump, Crumps, Crupper, Crurothers, Crutcher, Crute, Cull, Cullems, Cullens, Culley, Cullins, Culpeper, Cummings, Cummins, Cumpton, Cunningham, Cunninghame, Cunrod, Cureton, Currey, Currier, Curry, Curtis, Cushing, Custis, Cuter, Dade, Dagg, Daily, Dale, Dalton, Dames, Dams, Dana, Dandridge, Dandy, Dangerfield, Daniel, Darby, Darke, Darnel, Darnell, Darnes, Darnold, Darns, Darper, Darrell, Darris, Darrison, Dart, Dartley, Daugherty, Daulton, Daunn, Davey, Davice, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davy, Dawkins, Daws, Dawson, Day, Dayton, de Bienville, De Lancey, De Vose, Deadman, Dean, Deane, Dearing, Debell, Decker, Degell, Degranch, Dehaven, Dehavin, Delahage, Delancey, Delaney, Delaplaine, Delplane, Demovil, Deniston, Denny, Dent, Denton, Depanseure, Depriest, Dermond, Deskins, Dew, Dewar, Dibblee, Dice, Dickenson, Dickerson, Dickie, Dickinson, Dickson, Dictom, Dicton, Dier, Digges, Diggs, Digs, Dikton, Dilenham, Dillard, Dillingham, Dillinham, Dinwiddie, Diskim, Diskin, Diskins, Diver, Dix, Dixon, Dixson, Dixton, Dobbins, Dodd, Doe, Doggett, Doherty, Dolonson, Donaghe, Donaldson, Donalson, Donlap, Donnelly, Donnely, Donohoe, Dooley, Dossey, Doughterty, Douglas, Douglass, Dowel, Dowell, Downs, Doyle, Drew, Driver, Drummon, Drysdale, Duckworth, Dudgeon, Duff, Duford, Duke, Dulany, Dullard, Duly, Dun, Dunbar, Dunbarr, Duncan, Duncomb, Duneklebery, Dunkel, Dunkle, Dunlap, Dunlevy, Dunlop, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunnavan, Dunnivan, Dunran, Dunscomb, Duoscombs, Duquesne, Durbin, Durran, Durrett, Durvin, Dust, Dyer, Earhart, Earle, Earley, Early, East, Eastham, Eastin, Eastis, Eaton, Eberly, Eberman, Eccleston, Echols, Eckert, Eddens, Eddings, Edemston, Edmiston, Edmistone, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edmundson, Edwards, Effinger, Eflinger, Egan, Eggleston, EIlzey, Eister, Elate, Elgin, Elizey, Elkin, Ellengee, Ellet, Ellett, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ellzey, Eltinger, Ely, Elzey, Embers, Emerson, Emmett, Emorie, Emrey, English, Ennus, Epps, Erhart, Erskine, Ervin, Erwin, Eskridge, Esters, Estes, Estile, Estis, Eubank, Eustace, Evans, Everard, Evertts, Evins, Ewel, Ewell, Ewet, Ewing, Ewings, Eysten, Fair, Fairhurst, Falkner, Fall, Falling, Fancy, Fann, Fannin, Fantleroy, Farguson, Farley, Farmer, Farnsworth, Farrar, Farrell, Farrow, Farses, Faucett, Faulconer, Faulkne, Faulkner, Fauntleroy, Fauquier, Fauster, Favor, Feagan, Febiger, Fennell, FENNO, Fent, Fergerson, Ferguson, Fern, Ferrel, Ferrill, Fhares, Fibiger, Fie, Field, Fielder, Fields, Fiell, Filbrick, Finley, Finnel, Finnell, Finney, Fishback, Fishel, Fisher, Fisk, Fitzgerald, Fitzherbert, Fitzhugh, Fitzjarrel, Fitzpatrick, Fleet, Flemin, Fleming, Fleshman, Fletcher, Flewellen, Flin, Florence, Floyd, Folk, Follas, Foolam, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Forman, Forrest, Forrister, Forster, FORYE, Foster, Foulk, Fowkes, Fowler, Fox, Fraizer, Frame, Frank, Franklin, Frazier, Freek, Freeman, Frees, Freeze, French, Friend, Frier, Frogg, Fry, Fudge, Full, Fuller, Fullom, Fulse, Fults, Fuqua, Furbush, Furr, Gabble, Gadsden, Gailliard, Gaines, Gaines,, Gains, Gales, Galissoniere, Gallaw, Gallaway, Galloway, Gambill, Gamble, Gamer, Garcer, Garden, Gardener, Gardner, Garland, Garner, Garnett, Garrett, Garrison, Garten, Garter, Garvey, Garvill, Garvin, Gary, Gaskens, Gaskins, Gasper, Gass, GATES, Gatlive, Gaudilock, Gaultney, Gay, Gear, Gee, Geir, Gemmel, Gentry, George, Geott, Getty, Ghink, Gibbins, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibert, Gibson, Gifins, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Giles, Gilespy, Gilkison, Gilkson, Gillam, Gillaspey, Gilleson, Gillespie, Gilliam, Gillison, Gillson, Gilmare, Gilmore, Ginning, Ginnings, Gipson, Gisens, Gist, Githings, Givens, Gladden, Gladdin, Gladding, Gladin, Glascock, Glass, Glasscock, Gleishbrin, Glen, Gloor, Glover, Goalfold, Godfrey, Goffe, Goggan, Goggins, Going, Goings, Goldin, Gooch, Goodall, Goode, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodwin, Goosberry, Goram, Gordan, Gorden, Gordon, Gore, Gorham, Goring, Gosling, Goss, Gowen, Gower, Grable, Graffert, Gragg, Graham, Grainger, Grant, Grantham, Grantum, Grautmus, Graves, Gray, Grayson, Gree, Green, Greene, Greenes, Greening, Greenlee, Greenning, Greens, Greenway, Greer, Gregg, Gregory, Greir, Greson, Griffin, Griffith, Grigg, Grigsby, Grigson, Grim, Grimes, Grimm, Grimsley, Griswold, Grub, Grubbs, Grubs, Grundy, Grushaun, Grymes, Grymes,, Grymsley, Guerard, Guerard,, Guess, Guest, Guffey, Guillum, Guin, Gulton, Gum, Gummery, Gunn, Gunnel, Gunnell, Gunson, Guntur, Guss, Guthery, Guthrie, Guy, Gwin, Gwinn, Haas, Hackley, Hackworth, Hage, Hagler, Haile, Hailes, Hains, Hairston, Halbert, Halcomb, Halkett, Hall, Hallaway, Halley, Halliday, Halling, Hallis, Halloguan, Halsey, Ham, Hamble, Hamblet, Hambleton, Hamblin, Hamby, Hamer, Hames, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammock, Hammons, Hampton, Hamrick, Hamricks, Hamton, Hanaborough, Hanburgher, Hancock, Handcock, Handy, Hanes, Haney, Hange, Hankins, Hanks, Hannah, Hans, Hansbager, Hansford, Hansley, Harbet, Harbison, Harcum, Hardiman, Hardin, Harding, Hardman, Hargrove, Harld, Harle, Harman, Harmer, Harmon, Harmond, Harmous, Harnener, Harney, Harnsberger, Harnsell, Harper, Harriman, Harris, Harrison, Harroback, Harshbarger, Hart, Hartley, Hartshorn, Harvey, Harwood, HASKELL, Hass, Hasting, Hatcher, Hatchill, Hatshorn, Haulcom, Haven, Havener, Hawes, Hawkins, Hawks, Hawl, Hawley, Haws, Haxall, Hay, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hazen, Head, Heard, Heath, Hecks, Hedges, Hedgman, Hedrick, Heiskell, Helm, Hemphill, Hempstone, Hems, Henderson, Hendley, Hendon, Hendrick, Hendron, Hening, Henkel, Henley, Henry, Hensey, Henshaw, Hensley, Henson, Henton, Hereford, Hering, Hermon, Herndon, Herren, Herring, Herron, Hert, Hervey, Heryford, Heth, Heward, Hewlet, Hey, Hickerman, Hickie, Hicklins, Hicks, Higden, Higginbottom, Higgins, Higgs, Hight, Hill, Hinton, Hipkins, Hire, Hisey, Hiskerson, Hitchcock, Hite, Hitt, Hix, Hixon, Hoar, Hobbs, Hobday, Hodgdon, Hodge, Hodgman, Hofflers, Hoffman, Hofman, Hog, Hogan, Hogg, Hogshead, Holdings, Holebrooke, Hollaby, Hollis, Hollister, Hollzclaw, Holman, Holmer, Holmes, Holt, Holtsclaw, Hom, Home, Homes, Honaker, Hooff,, Hook, Hooke, Hooks, Hoover, Hopkins, Hopper, Hopwood, Hord, Horden, Horn, Hornbery, Hornby, Houchings, Hough, House, Houseworth, Hover, Howard, Howell, Howle, Howlet, Hoye, Hubley, Huckstep, Hudson, Hues, Huff, Huffman, Hufing, Hufman, Hugart, Huggard, Hugget, Hugh, Hughes, Hughey, Hughs, Hughston, Hulm, Humphreys, Humphry, Humphrys, Hunt, Hunter, Hupp, Hurst, Hurt, Huse, Hushman, Husk, HUSKSON, Huson, Hussey, Hustan, Huston, Hutcherson, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, HUTT, Hyde, Ingles, Iresen, Ireson, Irick, Irish, Irvine, Israel, Ivy, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacoby, James, Jameson, Jamison, Janney, Jarrell, Jarrott, Jarvis, Jear, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffries, Jeffries., Jenkins, Jenney, Jennings, Jervice, Jett, Jiffriss, Jinnings, Job, John, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jollett, Jones, Jordan, Jordan., Jouett, Joyce, Judd, Jumonville, Kain, Kavanaugh, Kayes, Keasy, Keatin, Keating, Keaton, Keef, Keen, Keeny, Keeton, Keith, Kelly, Kelty, Kemp, Kemper, Kenaday, Kendal, Kendall, Kennan, Kennedy, Kenner, Kennon, Kenny, Kent, Kenton, Keppel, Kerr, Kerre, Kesier, Keunon, Key, Keyseer, Keyser, Kichson, Kicks, Kidd, Kilgour, Kilpatrick, Kimbell, Kimble, Kincheloe, Kindler, Kindly, King, Kinkade, Kinkald, Kinley, Kinly, Kinney, Kinsel, Kinsey, Kirk, KIRK., Kirkendale, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkum, Kirns, Kirtley, Kitchem, Kitchen, Kite, Knap, Knapp, Knight, Knowlton, Knox, Kurtz, Kyle, Lacey, Lackie, Ladd, Laferty, Laidley, Lain, Laine, Laird, Laird,, Lake, Laman, Lamb, Lambert, Lamkin, Lamme, Lander, Lane, Lang, Langford, Langham, Lanier, Lanman, Lapesley, Lapsley, Lard, Lark, Lasswell, Laswell, Latham, Latheram, Laton, Latta, Lattimare, Lattimore, Lauck, Laurel, Lawful, Lawler, Lawn, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawson, Lay, Layne, Layton, Leachman, Leath, Leatherer, LEAVENWORTH, Ledbetter, Ledgwood, Lee, Leeper, Leftwich, Leftwitch, Legare, Legat, Lehue, Leland, Lemmon, Lender, Lent, Leonard, Leperne, Lester, Lett,, Letts, Levil, Lewis, Leybert, Libby, Lightfoot, Lilley, Linch, Lind, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsy, Liner, Link, Linn, Linsey, Linton, Lipscomb, Listen, Litteral, Little, Littleton, Lively, Locard, Lockart, Lockett, Lockhart, Lockmiller, Lockridge, Lockry, Lofland, Logan, Logans, Login, London, Long, Longdon, Lood, Looney, Lorey, Lorimore, Losh, Loson, Loth,, Love, Lovell, Lovely, Lovely,, Lovey, Lovin, Loving, Low, Lowman, Lowry, Loyd, Lucas, Luce, Luck, Lucks, Luderman, Lune, Lush, Lusk, Luttrell, Lutz, Luzader, Luzader., Lybrand, Lyle, Lynch, Lynk, Lynn, Lyon, Mackclure, Mackenzie, Mackey, Mackie, Macklemare, Macky, Maclin, Macon, Madden, Maddison, Maddox, Maden, Madison, Maffett, Magavock, Magdalen, Magery, Magill, Maginis, Maiden, Mais, Majors, Makenry, Maland, Malcom, Malcomb, Malcum, MAlhaney, Maller, Mallery, Mallory, Mallow, Malloy, Malow, Malumdro, Man, MAnally, Manin, Mank, Manley, Manly, Mann, Mannim, Mannin, Manning, Maples, Mar, Marchel, Markham, Marks, Marly, Marr, Marry, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Marvin, Mase, Masgrove, Mason, Masserg, Massey, Master, Masterson, Mathews, Matthew, Matthews, Matthis, Mattocks, Mattox, Maupin, Maupine, Maurice, Maury, Mauzy, Maverick, Maxwell, May, Mayab, Maybon, Mayborn, Mayes, Maynard, Mayors, Mayse, MBridge, McAfee, McAlliste, Carney, Cay, McBee, McCaffry, McCallister, McCann, McCarta, McCarty, McCawley, McCawly, McChesney, McClain, McClary, McClellan, McClung, McClure, McCollister, McComb, McCombs, McCome, McConnel, McCormick, McCrary, McCrum, McCud, McCue, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonough, McDowell, McDowells, McElroy, McFarley, McGeath, McGee, McGill, McGinnis, McGlaham, McGrady, McGregor, McIlhaney, McIntosh, McKay, McKeldon, McKensie, McKenzie, McKrum, McKum, MClanahan, MClanham, McLean, McLeary, McLees, MClelan, MClellan, MClong, MCloskey, MClung, MClunge, MClure, MClurr, McMahon, McMaster, McMelion, McMilion, McMillan, McMillon, McNeece, McNeil, MColIam, MCollam,, MCollom, MComb, MCome, MComey, MConnal, MCormack, MCormick, MCoy, MCrimar, MCroskey, MCuIlon, MCulley, MCutchin, MCutchison, MDade, MDaniel, MDavid, MDonald, MDonell, MDonnall, MDonnell, MDowell, Meacham, Mead, Meade, Meadows, Meaks, Meamack, Means, Meas, Meckley, Mede, Medley, Megary, Melcum, Melone, Melton, MElvan, Mendenhall, Menifee, Mennis, Menzie, Mercer, Merchant, Meredith, Mergee, Meriwether, Merriett, Merriweather, Merryman, Meteer, Mews, Meyers, MFall, MFarlin, MFerrin, MFoll, MGarey, MGary, MGeary, MGee, MGill, MGown, MGrigger, MGuire, MHenry, Michael, Mickley, Middlebrook, Middlebrooks, Middleton, Mieles, Mildebarler, Miles, Miligan, Millan, Miller, Milliway, Mills, Millsaps, Millwood, Milton, Minear, Minice, Minnis, Minor, Minott, Minter, MIntire, Mintor, Miscampbell, Misonthe, Mitchell, Mitchum, MKay, MKenney, MKinney, MLaugham, MMillon, MMulen, MMullan, MMullin, MMurtry, MMurty, MNamar, MNamare, MNeal, MNeale, MNelly, MNely, MNess, MNight, Moderwill, Moffet, Moffett, Mohier, Molyneaux, Monathaw, Moncrief, Monday, Money, Monks, Monro, Monroe, Montcalm, Monteith, Montgomery, Mooney, Moor, Moore, Moorman, More, Moredock, Morehead, Moreland, Morgan, Morley, Morris, Morrison, Morriss, Morrow, Morse, Morsham, Morton, Mosby, Moseley, Mosely, Moses, Moss, Motherhead, Motlett, Mous, Mouse, Moxley, Moyers, MQueen, MRonolds, Muhlenberg, Muhlenburg, MUIR, Muller, Mullins, Munday, Munroe, Murfee, Murfey, Murfy, Murphet, Murphey, Murphy, Murray, Murrey, Murry, Murty, Muse, Musgrave, Musgrove, MWhorter, Nabus, Nailor, Nalle, Nalor, Nance, Narrow, Nash, Naylor, Neal, Neale, Nealy, Neely, Neilson, Nelson, Nemo, Netherton, Nevil, Nevile, Nevill, Neville, New, Newall, Newbery, Newell, Newland, Newman, Newport, Newton, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Nix, Nixon, Noel, Noland, Norford, Norman, Norrell, Norris, Northcut, Norton, Norvell, Norwell, Norwood, Nosier, Nott, Nowell, Nowling, Noyes, Null, Nunnelly, Oarr, ODaniel, Oden, Odle, Offal, Oglesby, Ohair, Olava, Oldham, Oliphant, Oliver, Olliver, Oneal, Oneale, Orchard, Orear, Organ, Ornshandro, Orr, Orrack, Orzlin, Osborn, Ott, Otterback, Overal, Overall, Overhall, Overstreet, Overton, Owen, Owens, Owsley, Ozban, Pabley, Page, Paines, Painter, Palmer, Pangle, Pannell, Parharn, Parish, Parker, Parks, Parris, Parrot, Parrott, Parsons, Pasco, Pate, Paterson, Patrick, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Paty, Paul, Paulin, Paulson, Paxton, Payne, Payton, Peachy, Peaco, Peak, Peake, Peale, Pearce, Pearis, Pearpoint, Pearsal, Pearson, Peary, Peebles, Peel, Pelham, Pell, Pemberton, Pence, Pendleton, Peniger, Peninger, Penninger, Pense, Penson, Pentleton, Perce, Percy, Peregoy, Perkin, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Perryman, Person, Petanger, Peterfish, Peters, Peterson, Petro, Pettet, Peyton, PHELON, Phelps, Phelty, Philby, Philips, Pickens, Picket, Pickett, Pickins, Pickney, Pierce, Pigot, Pikcle, Pinn, Piper, Pitt, Plat, Platt, Plumer, Plummer, Pluncket, Plunketpeter, Plunkett, Poague, Poe, Pogece, Pogue, Poindexter, Pointer, Pollert, Pollett, Polog, Polson, Pool, Poole, Poore, Popejoy, Porter, Porterfield, Posey, POTTER,, Pottlet, Potts, Pou, Poulson, Powan, Powel, Powell, Power, Powers, Poyas, Praier, Prather, Prator, Pratt, Prentice, Prentis, Prepest, Presnal, Preston, Prestons, Pretchett, Prewitt, Price, Prichard, Pricket, Primm, Priolean, Prior, Prisnall, Pritchard, Pritchet, Proby, Proctor, Props, Prouty, Prowty, Prunk, Pryar, Pryor, PUGH, Pullon, Pultney, Purzins, Putnam, Putt, Putted, Pyburn, Pyle, Quarles, Quarrier, Quarrier), Quisenberry, Ragsdale, Ralston, Ramey, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randel, Randolph, Randols, Rankin, Rankins, Ransone, Rapp, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Ravenscrop, Rawlins, Ray, Reaburn, Read, Reade, Reads, Reagan, Reah, Reams, Reardon, Reburn, Ree, Reed, Reeder, Reeves, Regan, Reid, Reiger, Reity, Reme, Remi, Renalhan, Rennick, Reno, Rent, Rentfro, Rentfroe, Reny, Respass, Respess, Revin, Reynolds, Rhea, Rheah, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rice, RICHARD, Richards, Richardson, Richeson, Richey, Rickle, Ricksey, Riddle, Ridgway, Ridley, Ried, Rife, Righton, Riley, Rindle, Rippito, Risk, Rite, Roach, Roan, Roberds, Roberson, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Robison, Roch, Rodes, Rodgers, Rodham, Roger, Rogers, Roirdon, Roleman, Rolestone, Roller, Rollin, Rollins, Rolman, Rolston, Romey, Rooney, Rosamond, Rosanber, Rose, Rosebury, Rosin, Ross, Rosser, Rouce, Roundton, Row, Rowe, Rowland, Rowley, Roy, Royley, Rucker, Ruddall, Rudder, Rudulph, Ruff, Ruffner, Runkle, Runnals, Rush, Rusk, Russeell, Russell, Rust, Rutherford, Rutter, Ryley, Ryon, Sagar, Sage, Sailing, Sallard, Salley, Salmitro, Salmon, Sammond, Sample, Sampson, Sanders, Sandridge, Sands, Sanford, Sansum, Sapington, Satterfield, Satterwhite, Saunders, Savage, SAWYER, Sawyers, Saxton, Say, Sayer, Sayers, Sayle, Scandall, Scandel, Scandling, Scanlon, Scarborough, Scarlock, Schultz, Schuyler, Scoggins, Scott, Scotton, Scruggs, Scrugs, Scut, Scutt, Seale, Seales, Seamans, Sears, Seaton, Seavers, Sebastian, Sebastin, Seed, Seirl, Selden, Seller, Sellers, Selser, Semple, Setser, Settle, Sevear, SEVER, Sevier, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Shackelford, Shadburn, Shaddin, Shadedin, Shands, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon, Shanon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaver, Shaw, Shearer, Shearman, Sheddin, Shelton, Shepard, Sherald, Sherfield, Sherman, Sherrill, Shever, Shidmore, Shield, Shields, Shiflet, Shiflett, Shill, Shillinger, Shingleton, Shiplet, Shiplett, Shipley, Shipman, Shipp, Shirley, Shoemaker, Shorb, Shore, Shores, Short, Shortridge, Shough, Shrewsbury, Shrieve, Shropshire, Shumaker, Shurmond, Sidebothom, Silbaugh, Sillivant, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Sinclair, Sinclare, Sinder, Singleton, Sinkler, Sinuns, Sipe, Sisson, Sitolentown, Sitton, Siver, Sivers, Skelton, Skidmore, Skillern, Skinner, Slacht, Slack, Slaughter, Slayton, Slin, Slinker, Slodser, Slye, Small, Smelling, Smelt, Smith, SMITH,, Smitley, Snapp, Snead, Sneed, Snider, Sningers, Snodgrass, Snow, Snowden, Snowdon, Snyder, Soamans, Sommers,, Sonn, Sonner, Sonsiger, Sorrell, South, Southall, Southard, Spalden, Sparks, Spead, Speak, Speake, Speece, Spence, Spencer, Sperry, Spiller, Spilman, Spindel, Spitzfathem, Splane, Spolden, Spotswood, Spottswood, Spragin, Springer, Sproul, Sprout, Sprowle, Spurlock, Spurr, Stackhouse, Stainback, Stalker, Standall, Standerfield, Stanhope, Stanley, Stark, Starke, Starkel, Staunton, Steady, Stearman, Steed, Steel, Steele, Steenson, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Stern, Steuart, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevison, Stewart, Stiff, Still, Stillwell, Stilly, Stilt, Stilwell, Stinnett, Stinson, Stith, Stockbridge, Stockdale, Stockley, Stockly, Stockton, Stoder, Stokely, Stoker, Stokes, Stone, STONE,, Stonsafer, Story, Stoten, Stover, Stovin, Stradler, Straham, Strange, Stratton, Strayer, Stribling, Stringfellow,, Strother, Stroud, Stuart, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Stull, Sturd, Sturman, Stut, Stutt, Sudden, Sudduth, Sulavin, Sulivan, Sullivan, Sullivant, Summer, Summers, Suthard, Sutherland, Suttle, Swadley, Swan, Swartz, Swearingen, Swearinger, Sweet, Swindele, Syas, Symms, Tabb, Taberer, Tacket, Tailefaro, Tailofar, Talbot, Taled, Taliaferro, Talley, Tallmadge, Talor, Tams, Tandus, Tankersley, Tannehill, Tanner, Tapp, Tarplay, Tarrant, Tassey, Tate, Tatum, Taucett, Tayloe, Taylor, Teague, Teas, Tebbs, Teibolt, Temple, Tenbroeck, Tencher, Terrell, Terrett, Terrier, Terrill, Terry, Thacker, Thanas, Tharman, Thatcher, Thirman, Thomas, Thomas,, Thomason, Thompkins, Thompson, Thomson, Thorn, Thornhill, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Thorton, Thrift, Throckmorto, Throckmorton, Thruston, Thurmond, Thurston, Thweat, Tibbs, Tice, Tied, Tilde, Tillet, Tillett, Tilman, Timberlake, Timons, Tinker, Tinley, Tinney, Tiths, Tobin, Tobit, Todd, Tolford, Tomerlin, Tomlinson, Torrey, Towles, Towns, Townsend, Townshend, Trabree, Trabue, Tracey, Trader, Trammel, Trammell, Trapp, Trayler, Treakle, Tremble, Trent, Trick., Trigg, Trimble, Trimbles, Triplet, Triplett, Tritipoe, Trowbridge, Trummens, Trusler, Tucker, Tufts, Tuley, Tullos, Tuly, Tupman, Turk, Turley, Turner, Tush, Tutt, Twedey, Tweedy, Twiddy, Twiman, Tyce, Tyler, Tylor, Tyre, Tyree, Umble, Underwood, Upchurch, Upshaw, Urquhart, Valandingham, Valendingham, Valentine, Van Lear, Van Leer, Van Wyck, Vanbever, Vance, Vanderwall, Vandeventer, Vanimon, Vanlandingham, Vanmetar, Vanmeter, Varant, Vardeman, Vass, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vauhob,, Veale, Vehber, Veneman, Vernon, Vernor, Vertrees, Vespasian, Vest, Via, Vier, Vilet, Vince, Vincel, Voss, Vyat, Wabreaner, Waddell, Waddy, Wade, Wager, Waggoman, Wagoner, Waide, Wailer, Waite, Waities, Wakdin, Wakefield, Walbridge, Waldin, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Walls, Walton, Ward, Wardlaw, Ware, Warham, Waring, Warman, Warner, Warran, Warren, Warwick, Wash, Washington, Waters, Watkins, Wats, Watson, Wattbroke, Watters, Watts, Waugh, Waughub, Wayland, Wayne, Wayt, Weatherall, Weaver, Webber, Webster, Weeden, Weedon, Weems, Weese, Weir, Welch, Well, Wells, Welsh, Wert, West, Western, Weston, Wethers, Weyman, Whale, Whaley, Wharton, Wheeler, Whitaker, Whitcomb, White, Whitehead, Whiteside, Whitfield, Whitford, Whiting, Whitledge, Whitley, Whitter, Whitworth, Wiece, Wigg, Wiggington, Wilcocks, Wilcox, Wildman, Wilerson, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wilkie, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilks, Will, Willes, Willey, Willhoit, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willock, Wilmouth, Wilson, Wiltshire, Wimberly, Wimbish, Windsor, Wine, Winfree, Winfry, Wingfield, Winlock, Winne, Winnifred, Winsboro, Winslow, Winsor, Winston, Wirt, Wise, Witherhead, Withers, Withlaw, Withoff, Witledge, Witts, Wizer, WOFFY, Woitlaw, Wolfe, Wollin, Womack, Wood, Woodard, Woodbridge, Wooddie, Wooden, Woodford, Wooding, Woods, Woodson, Woodward, Wooley, Worsham, Worshborne, Wren, Wrenn, Wright, Write, Wunder, Wyant, Wyat, Wyatt, Wyche, Wythe, Yacome, Yadley, Yager, Yancey, Yancy, Yarborough, Yarbrough, Yates, Yeadon, Yeardley, Yeates, Yedley, Yost, You, Young, Younger, Yountz, Zackary, Ziglar, Zollicoffer,