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Goodspeed History of Missouri: Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties

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Indexed Edition








This 572 page Book (CD) contains a new 50 page index.

Table of Contents is similar for all of the above counties:

Pulaski County:

Topography and Natural History

Location and Area

Physical Features



Settlement and Pioneer History

Early Inhabitants

Indians and Mound Builders

First White Settlers

Residents' Tax List of 1828

Early Residents of Pulaski Proper

Pioneer Incidents

Sundry Trading-points

Early Justices

First Marriage Records

Politics of The Thirties

Land Entries

Development of Pulaski


County Formation

County Court

First Lay's Court Proceedings


County Seat

Early Officials and Official Acts

Townships Re-organized

Later Court Records

County Court Since 1875

Railroad, Societies, Etc

St. Louis & San Francisco R. R.

Grange Movement

County Immigration Society

Agricultural Wheel


Poor Farm

Judicial and Official History

Official city Directory

Judicial Representation

County Finances

Roll of First Attorneys Circuit Court Proceedings

Disposal of Early Cases

Present Bar of the County

Military Record

The Texas Agitation

Pulaski County in the Civil War

Party Feeling

Early Meetings and Measures



Representation of Soldiers

Towns, Villages, Etc

County's Condition Prior to 1870



First Buildings


Business Interests






Early Mercantile Interests

Present. Directory

The Press




Early History

First and Subsequent Settlers

Commercial Interests


Masonic Lodge

Crocker, History of



Sundry Villages

Educational history

Pioneer Schools

Waynesville Academy

Richland Institute

Public Schools

Present Condition

Churches .

Early Religious Privileges

Baptist Churches


Christian Church, The

United Presbyterians


Sundry Religious Societies


Abbot, Abbott, Acres, Adams, Addison, Adelman, Adey, Adkins, Adkinson, Ady, Age, Agee, Akman, Albert, Aldrich, Aldridge, Alkire, Allen, Alley, Allison, Allman, Allsman, Alters, Ammin, Ammons, Anderson, Andrae, Andrews, Angel, Angell, Angney, Ansley, Anthony, Apling, Apperson, Appleton, APPLY, Armitage, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnot, Arrington, Arthur, Arthurs, Asbridge, Asbury, Ashbaugh, Ashbrook, Asher, Ashlerocks, Ashlock, Ashwood, Askin, Askins, Aspley, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwoods, Auckman, Ault, Austill, Avery, Baccus, Bace, Back, Bacon, Bailey, Bain, Baker, Bakers, Baldridge, Bales, Baley, Ball, Ballard, Balleau, Ballew, Balls, Bamber, Banch, Bandy, Bangs, Banker, Bannon, Banster, Barbarick, Barber, Barclow, Barker, Barksdale, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barns, Barnum, Barnwell, Barr, Barrett, Barricklow, Barron, Barrow, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Barton, Basham, Basket, Baskett, Bass, Bassett, Bate, Bates, Batten, Bauch, Baumeister, Baumgartner, Baxter, Baxton, Bay, Bayles, Beal, Bean, Beaney, Beanly, Beard, Beasley, Beaumont, Beauregard, Beck, Beckham, Beckner, Becktow, Beddoe, Bedwell, Beeler, Beemer, Beers, Beevers, Beggs, Beitzel, Beitzell, Belew, Bell, Bellerby, Below, Benard, Bender, Benedict, Bennett, Bennight, Benoist, Benson, Benthell, Benton, Bentons, Bergau, Berlin, Bernard, Berry, Best, Betsy, Bevel, Bewley, Bezoni, Bierman, Biggs, Bight, Bilgew, Billings, Bilyeu, Bilyew, Bingham, Binkley, Bird, Birdsong, Birlew, Bishop, Bittick, Black, Blackburn, Blackwell, Blake, Blakely, Blakey, Blame, Blanchard, Bland, Blands, Blankenship, Blanton, Blassingame, Blaylock, Bledsoe, Blevans, Blevens, Bliss, Blize, Block, Blodgett, Blogett, Blount, Blue, Boas, Boatman, Boggs, Bohannan, Bohannon, Boileau, Boisselier, Bolding, Boles, Bolin, Bolinger, Bonacum, Bond, Bondurant, Bone, Bonner, Boone, Bostic, Bostick, Bostrick, Botsford, Boucher, Boulware, Bowen, Bowers, Bowles, Bowlin, Bowls, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd, Boyed, Brackapp, Brackett, Bradbury, Braddish, Bradfield, Bradford, Bradfords, Bradish, Bradley, Bradlords, Bradshaw, Bradway, Brake, Braly, Brandon, Branson, Branstetter, Brant, Bratten, Breacher, Breckenridge, Breckinridge, Breeding, Bremer, Brenton, Bressie, Brewer, Brewington, Brewster, Brickey, Bridges, Briggs, Brigman, Briner, Brittain, Britton, Brittons, Broadwater, Brock, Brockman, Broemser, Bronson, Brooks, Brookshire, Brown, Browne, Brownfield, Brownlee, Browns, Bruce, Brucher, Bruhlman, Brunnel, Bryan, Bryant, Bryck, Brydges, Bryson, Buchanan, Buck, Buckhart, Buckner, Buford, Bugg, Bumpass, Bundy, Burbanks, Burch, Burchard, Burckhardt, Burckhart, Burden, Burdine, Burhans, Burk, Burkhart, Burkitt, Burks, Burlison, Burlisons, Burnell, Burnes, Burnet, Burnett, Burns, Burres, Burright, Burton, Burwell, Bushnel, Butler, Butt, Byatt, Cabble, Cage, Cain, Cairns, Caldwell, Callahan, Callahans, Cambell, Cameron, Campbell, Campbells, Cane, Canedy, Cannady, Cannefax, Canning, Cannon, Canoy, Cansler, Cantrell, Capehartt, Capps, Caps, Carby, Cardwell, Careley, Carey, Carival, Carleton, Carley, Carlisle, Carlley, Carmack, Carman, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carson, Cart, Cartall, Cartell, Carter, Carthy, Carty, Case, Casebolt, Casey, Caskey, Cason, Cassevant, Cassilly, Castleman, Caufman, Cavaness, Caveness, Cavico, Chalfant, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chandler, Chaneel, Chaney, Chapman, Chatham, Chauvin, Cheeks, Cherry, Childers, Chilton, Chinoweth, Chon, Christeson, Christesson, Christman, Christmon, Christon, Christophers, Christteson, Chumbley, Chumleys, Claiborn, Claibourn, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Clary, Clay, Clayton, Cleary, Cleek, Cleino, Clement, Clendenen, Clendenning, Clent, Click, Clifton, Clinton, Cloud, Clute, Coats, Cobb, Cobble, Cobbs, Coble, Cochrane, Cockrill, Coday, Coffey, Coffin, Coffman, Coldiron, Cole, Coleman, Collens, Colley, Collie, Collier, Collins, Colvin, Combs, Combz, Commons, Compton, Comstock, Condray, Condrays, Conger, Conley, Connefax, Connell, Connelly, Consodine, Coock, Cook, Cooks, Cooksey, Cooley, Coon, Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Coppage, Coppedge, Coppedges, Corder, Cork, Cornelius, Cornett, Corse, Costetters, Costly, Cotes, Counts, Coutts, Cowan, Cowden, Cowen, Cox, Coy, Coyl, Coyle, Crabtree, Craddock, Craddocks, Craft, Crags, Craig, Craiger, Cram, Craven, Cravens, Crawder, Crawford, Creal, Creamer, Crews, Crider, Crisman, Crismon, Crist, Crites, Crocker, Crockett, Cronin, Crosner, Cross, Crosthwaite, Crouch, Crow, Crump, Culbertson, Cullen, Cullom, Culp, Culton, Cummings, Cummins, Cunningham, Cupps, Curry, Curtice, Curtis, Curtman, Cuthbert, Dade, Dale, Daloy, Daniel, Daniels, Darden, Daugherty, Davault, Davey, David, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawe, Dawson, Day, Dayton, Deal, Deam, Dean, Deardeuff, Dears, DeBruin, December, Deck, Decker, Decoursey, Deegan, Deegans, Deem, Deemen, Deen, Deer, Deers, DeForest, Deihl, Delashmidt, Delhi, DeLile, Delisle, Dellinger, Dembowski, Demit, Dempewolf, Demuth, Denison, Denman, Denney, Denning, Dennis, Dennison, Denny, De'Normandia, Dent, Denton, Deviney, Deweese, Dial, Dickenson, Dickerson, Dickinson, Dickson, Dihedron, Dill, Dillon, Dillworth, Dilworth, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Doak, Dobbins, Dobbs, Dodd, Dodds, Dodge, Dodson, Doehler, Donahoe, Donaldson, Dongan, Donnan, Donner, Dony, Dooley, Dooling, Doren, Dorman, Dorris, Dotson, Doty, Dougan, Dougherty, Douglas, Douglass, Dover, Dowd, Dowdall, Dowdy, Dowel, Downing, Doyl, Doyle, Drake, Drane, Dreifuss, Drennan, Drennon, Drexells, Drolett, Drury, Drurys, D'Spain, Ducan, Ducans, Duckworth, Dudley, Duff, Duke, Dukes, Dull, Dulle, Dulon, Dumont, Dun, Duncan, Dunham, Dunivin, Dunklin, Dunlap, Dunlovey, Dunn, Dunnavaut, Dunnivan, Durham, Duthero, Dutton, Duval, Duvalt, Dye, Dyer, Dyke, Dykes, Earls, Early, Earney, Earp, East, Eastis, Eastwood, Eaton, Eaves, Echols, Eddy, Edgar, Edleman, Edmondson, Edward, Edwards, Eedes, Egaline, Elayer, Elder, Eldred, Eldridge, Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ellmores, Ellrod, Ellsworth, Elmore, Elms, Elrods, Elvin, Embree, Emerson, Emory, England, Enloe, Enochs, Eppstein, Ervin, Erwin, Erwins, Estes, Etherton, Eurchs, Evans, Evington, Ewing, Fagan, Fairaw, Falconer, Falk, Fancher, Fansler, Fant, Farley, Farnham, Farrar, Farrell, Farris, Faulkner, Feibelman, Feibleman, Fengler, Fennex, Fenton, Ferguson, Ferrell, Ferrill, Ferry, Feurs, Feurt, Fielding, Fields, Finley, Finney, Fischer, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fizer, Flanner, Flannigan, Flatt, Fleming, Fletcher, Flett, Flint, Flippen, Flood, Flord, Flower, Flowers, Floyd, Foard, Folsom, Foote, Ford, Fore, Forehand, Forest, Forester, Forrester, Forsythe, Fort, Fortune, Foster, Fourt, Fowler, Fox, Foy, Fraizer, Frank, Franklin, Frazier, Frederick, Freeland, Freeman, Fremont, French, Freudenstein, Frields, Friels, Frink, Frinks, Frisbie, Friteer, Frizzell, Frost, Frosts, Fry, Fryen, Fudge, Fulbright, Fulkes, Fulks, Full, Fullbright, Fuller, Furguson, Fuson, Fusselman, Fyan, Gadby, Gaddy, Gage, Gaithers, Gale, Gallagher, Gallahorn, Galloway, Gallup, Gamble, Gan, Ganit, Gant, Gardenhire, Gardner, Gargus, Garhart, Garner, Garnett, Garrett, Garrison, Garutz, Garvey, Garvie, Garvin, Gass, Gaston, Gates, Gaunt, Gay, Gayhart, Gaylord, Gearhart, Geers, Geesler, Geiger, Genge, Gentry, George, Gettys, Gibbons, Gibson, Giddens, Giddeons, Gideon, Gifford, Gilbert, Giles, Gill, Gillaspy, Gillespie, Gillespy, Gillmore, Gilmore, Gilson, Ginger, Gipson, Givens, Gladen, Glasgow, Glasscock, Gleason, Glenn, Glens, Glover, Goade, Gobble, Godbey, Godby, Godfrey, Godwin, Goerly, Goff, Goins, Goldsberry, Goloday, Goode, Goodell, Goodman, Goodrich, Gordan, Gordon, Gorman, Goss, Gott, Gouge, Gough, Gowin, Grabiel, Grace, Grady, Graffenbury, Gragg, Graham, Granger, Grangoard, Grant, Grassaw, Gratmüller, Gratz, Graves, Gray, Greaber, Green, Greenberry, Greener, Greenly, Gregory, Gremp, Grempezynski, Gresham, Grffin, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes, Grisham, Grizzell, Grizzett, Grofuth, Grogan, Groom, Grooves, Gross, Grosse, Grover, Groves, Grundy, Guild, Guin, Guinn, Guire, Gunnett, Gunter, Gustin, Guthoerl, Guy, Guynn, Haas, Haden, Hadley, Hagenbush, Haggard, Hagler, Haines, Halbert, Halbrook, Halburt, Hale, Hales, Haley, Hall, Halliburton, Hallock, Halloway, Hambey, Hambleton, Hamby, Hamer, Hamill, Hamilton, Hammer, Hammers, Hammill, Hamor, Hamrick, Hanada, Hance, Hancock, Handricks, Handy, Hanes, Hanesworth, Haney, Haneycutt, Hanifan, Hanigan, Hanna, Hanrahan, Hans, Hansen, Hansley, Hanson, Harbeson, Hardester, Hardin, Harding, Hardy, Hargis, Harkey, Harlan, Harland, Harlow, Harman, Harmon, Harper, Harrington, Harringtons, Harris, Harrison, Harroll, Harry, Harston, Harte, Hartenstein, Hartje, Harvey, Harwood, Hascall, Hase, Haskinson, Hasler, Hasten, Hatch, Hausden, Haverty, Hawkins, Hayden, Hayes, Hays, Hazzard, Head, Headlee, Headley, Headly, Headrick, Healeys, Healy, Heardy, Hearn, Hearst, Heavin, Hedgepath, Hedges, Hedrick, Heimberger, Heller, Hellmuth, Hellmuths, Hellums, Helm, Helms, Hembree, Henderson, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Henry, Henshaw, Henslee, Hensley, Hensly, Henson, Henthorn, Herbert, Herd, Herlinger, Herrick, Herrin, Herron, Hess, Hetherly, Hewitt, Heymann, Hibbs, Hibler, Hice, Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Hide, Higginbotham, Higgins, Highley, Hight, Hightour, Hightowr, Hildebrand, Hill, Hillerich, Hillhouse, Hilton, Himes, Hinchy, Hines, Hinkle, Hinson, Hinton, Hobaugh, Hobbs, Hobson, Hockett, Hockman, Hodges, Hoeck, Hoffman, Hoffmeister, Hogan, Hogle, Hohenschild, Holbert, HOLBROOK, Holder, Holler, Holloman, Holloway, Holly, Holman, Holoman, Holt, Honeys, Honk, Honsinger, Hood, Hoodenpyle, Hooker, Hoops, Hopkins, Hornsinger, Horrell, Horton, Hoskinson, Hotchkiss, Houg, Houk, Housden, House, houses, Housman, Houston, Hovey, Howard, Howards, Howe, Howell, Hubbard, Huber, Huckins, Hudgens, Hudgins, Hudson, Hudspeth, Huff, Huffman, Huffsmith, Hughes, Hughey, Hughs, Hull, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphries, Hunnicut, Hunter, Hurlbut, Hurst, Hurt, Husted, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutsell, Hutson, Hyatt, Hyder, Hyer, Hynn, Imboden, Ing, Ingera, Inglis, Ingram, Inman, Irman, Irvin, Irwin, Isbel, Isbell, Ivans, Ives, Ivey, Ivy, Jackhart, Jackson, Jacobs, Jadwin, James, Jamison, Jamisons, Janes, January, Jarrell, Jarvis, Jashlin, Jefferson, Jeffreys, Jenkins, Jennings, Jett, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Joice, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Judd, Judermuhle, Judge, Judson, Jugg, Julian, June, Justice, Kager, Kaine, Kaiser, Kanada, Kaney, Kasid, Kay, Kean, Keatley, Keaton, Keen, Keene, Kehr, Keicher, Keith, Keiths, Kell, Keller, Kelley, Kellion, Kelly, Kelso, Keltner, Kenamore, Kendall, Kenneday, Kennett, Kenrick, Kenworthy, Kepler, Kerr, Kessler, Kester, Kesters, Ketcum, Kevitt, Key, Keys, Kiber, Kidd, Kiddy, Kidwell, Kieth, Kiles, Kilgore, Killian, Killum, Kimberly, Kimrey, Kincaid, King, Kingdon, Kings, Kinney, Kinser, Kinsey, Kirkman, Kirkpatrick, Kirman, Kirwan, Kissiah, Kissinger, Kitchel, Kitchell, Kitchen, Kitchens, Klein, Klene, Klymer, Knapp, Knerr, Knight, Knowen, Knox, Koch, Kofahl, Konkle, Kotchiskey, Kountz, Krame, Krauss, Kreiling, Kunce, Kyle, La Clair, Laclair, Lafayette, Lamar, Lamb, Lamer, Landeau, Landreth, Landsell, Lane, Langley, Langston, Lanning, Laquey, Large, Largent, Larigan, Larimore, Larkey, Larkin, Larrie, Larue, Latham, Latimer, Latimore, Laughlin, Laun, Lavender, Law, Lawes, Lawler, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lay, Layman, Lea, Leach, Leake, Leasman, Leathers, Leavitt, Ledgerwood, Lee, Leeds, Leek, Leeper, Leet, Legg, Lemmens, Lemmons, Lemon, Lemp, Lenard, Lennon, Lenox, Lenoxes, Leonard, Leper, Leplont, Lepper, Lermond, LeSueur, Letney, Lett, Lewark, Lewis, Liddy, Light, Lilly, Lindell, Lindsey, Lingo, Lingow, Lingsweiler, Linn, Linsey, Linvill, Linville, Lipscomb, Liscomb, Lisle, Littleton, Lively, Livesay, Livingstone, Lloyd, Loftin, Logan, Lombar, London, Long, Lopp, Lortz, Lotta, Loughran, Love, Loves, Low, Lowe, Lowell, Lowes, Lowndes, Lowry, Loy, Luce, Lucus, Lumbeck, Lunbeck, Lunford, Lupton, Lushers, Luster, Luthy, Lutsenberger, Lyles, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, MacDonald, MacGlashan, Macklin, Mackney, Madding, Magedant, Mahan, Maise, Major, Malady, Malcolm, Malcom, Malhoit, Mallory, Malone, Maloney, Manchester, Manes, Maness, Manley, Manly, Mansfield, Manship, Manter, Manuel, Many, Marbles, Marcee, Marcy, Margedant, Margrave, Marks, Marling, Marlow, Marlows, Marquis, Marr, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Massay, Massey, Massie, Masterbrook, Masters, Masterson, Mathis, Matkin, Matlock, Matthews, Mattison, Maupin, Mauthe, Maxey, Maxwell, Mayberry, Mayo, Mays, McAlfresh, McArthur, McBarron, McBride, McCain, McCall, McCartney, McCaskill, McCaupin, McCaw, McCladin, McClary, McClellan, McClelland, McClenden, McClendon, McClennan, McCloud, McClurg, McCluster, McCoin, McCollough, McCombs, McCommon, McCord, McCoren, McCormick, McCourtney, McCrae, McCrary, McCullock, McCurdy, McDaniel, McDehat, McDenowey, McDermot, McDole, McDonald, McDonnell, McDougal, McDowell, McEffee, McElhaney, Mcelroy, McElroys, McFarland, McFarlane, McFerson, McGee, McGinnis, McGowan, McGowin, McGregor, McGuier, McGuire, McIlroy, McIntosh, McKean, McKee, McKenna, McKenney, McKenny, McKenzie, McKim, McKinney, McKnight, McKorkle, McLachlan, McLaughlin, McLellan, McMahan, McMakin, McManers, McMillan, McMorris, McMullen, McMurtray, McMurtrey, McMurtry, McNeal, McNealy, McNeff, McNeil, McPherson, McQueen, McSpadden, McVeights, Meadlock, Meador, Medleys, Medlock, Meigs, Melton, Melvina, Mercer, Meriwether, Merrell, Merrill, Merritt, Messersmith, Metsker, Mickler, Middaugh, Miers, Milan, Millard, Millen, Miller, Millers, Mills, Millsap, Millsaps, Milsaps, Milton, Minchell, Mincher, Miner, Miners, Mings, Minium, Minor, Mires, Miscal, Misner, Mitchell, Moffat, Moffatt, Moles, Monday, Mondy, Monks, Monroe, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moony, Moore, Moran, Morehouse, Morgan, Morisey, Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Morrissy, Morrow, Morse, Mortland, Mortsinger, Mosby, Moseley, Mosely, Moser, Mosher, Mosier, Mosley, Moss, Mounce, Mountfort, Mouser, Mowls, Muller, Mulligan, Muncie, Murphy, Murray, Murrill, Musgrave, Musgraves, Musgrove, Musick, Myers, Myres, Nagle, Nall, Nalle, Narren, Nash, Nashes, Nasry, Neadam, Nealy, Neely, Neff, Neibhors, Neice, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nestor, Nettle, Neuman, Newberry, Newburg, Newcomb, Newcombs, Newell, Newington, Newman, Newport, Newton, Nichless, Nichol, Nicholas, Nicholds, Nichols, Nicholson, Nigh, Night, Niles, Niven, Nivens, Noble, Nobles, Noris, Norman, Norris, Norrises, North, Norton, Nortons, Norvell, O’Hare, Oatley, O'Brien, O'Briens, O'Connells, Odle, Odom, Ogel, O'Hearne, O'Hern, Omohundro, on, O'Neal, O'Niel, Orchard, Orchards, Organ, Organs, Ormsby, Orr, Osborn, Osterhaus, Ostermeyer, Ott, Otter, Ousley, Overbey, Overton, Owen, Owens, Owensby, Ownsbay, Owsley, Oxendine, Oxley, Pace, Packee, Padgett, Paget, Pahlman, Palmer, Parker, Parkinson, Parks, Parley, Parmer, Parrott, Parry, Parsons, Parton, Partridge, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Paulding, Paulsell, Payne, Peacock, Peck, Peden, Peirce, Pellett, Pemberton, Pence, Pennington, Perkins, Perry, Persipul, Peter, Peters, Peterson, Pettigrew, Pettis, Petty, Pettyjohn, Petzold, Pewett, Pfitzenrauter, Pharis, Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Phoenix, Pickard, Pickens, Pickering, Pickett, Pierce, Pike, Pillman, Pinckney, Pine, Pinnel, Pinnell, Pinxton, Pipkins, Pippin, Pitnisin, Pitts, Plain, Plank, Platt, Plokwitz, Poe, Pogue, Poindexter, Polk, Pollard, Pomeroy, Pool, Poole, Popejoy, Porch, Porter, Potts, Pounds, Powell, Powelson, Power, Powers, Poynter, Poyter, Pratt, Prewett, Price, Prichettes, Priddys, Prigmore, Prillaman, Prince, Proctor, Protman, Provence, Province, Pruitt, Pryor, Puckett, Pugh, Pulland, Pulliam, Pullum, Purcell, Purnell, Purscel, Puschman, Putman, Putnam, Pyburn, Pyrtle, Quinlan, Rackliff, Rackliffe, Radcliff, Radley, Rafferty, Ragan, Ragland, Ragsdale, Rail, Rainey, Rains, Rambo, Ramsey, Ramseys, Rand, Randall, Randolph, Raney, Ranney, Rap, Raper, Rathbone, Ratliff, Rattles, Rauch, Ray, Rayl, Rayle, Razor, Read, Ready, Reagars, Reardon, Reddick, Redwines, Reed, Reeves, Reid, Reillys, Reitz, Relfe, Renfro, Renfrow, Rennick, Repsher, Revelle, Revels, Revis, Reyburn, Reynolds, Rhea, Rheinerson, Rhinehart, Rhodes, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Richs, Richter, Ridden, Riddle, Riden, Ridenough, Ridle, Rigdon, Riggs, Riggsby, Right, Riley, Rillmon, Rinker, Rippee, Ritchey, Roak, Roam, Roark, Robbins, Roberds, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinett, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Rodenbo, Rodgers, Rodrick, Roe, Roehm, Rogers, Rohrer, Rollins, Roney, Rook, Root, Roper, Rose, Rosecrans, Roses, Ross, Roster, Roth, Roubidoux, Rouse, Rowden, Rowe, Roy, Ruark, Ruffing, Ruse, Rush, Russel, Russell, Rust, Rutherford, Rutland, Rutledge, Rutt, Rutter, Ryan, Sachs, Sailling, Salley, Sally, Salsbury, Saltsman, Samler, Sampel, Samples, Sanders, Sands, Sanford, Sankey, Sanks, Santee, Sapenfield, Sappenfied, Sappenfield, Saults, Sawhill, Sawyer, Scaggs, Scanlin, Scanlon, Schelling, Schissler, Schlicht, Schnable, Schneider, Schrock, Schultz, Schuyler, Schwartz, Scoggins, Scott, Seabres, Seaman, Sease, Seay, Seburn, Seele, Seeley, Seigenthaler, Self, Selfe, Sellard, Sellers, Senne, Sergeant, Seymour, Shafer, Shaffer, Shaha, Shanks, Shannon, Sharrartz, Sharrer, Shaut, Shaver, Shaw, Shea, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherill, Sherley, Sherlock, Shero, Sherrill, Shields, Shinman, Shinneman, Ship, Shipley, Shirley, Shivers, Shobe, Shockley, Shoemaker, Shoemate, Short, Shubert, Shuck, Shully, Shults, Shultz, Shumate, Sibley, Sides, Sieg, Sigel, Sigler, Sigmann, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Sinclairs, Singleton, Sisk, Skaggs, Skeeters, Skiles, Skinner, Skyles, Slate, Slaughter, Sloan, Small, Smalley, Smart, Smelser, Smiley, Smith, Smithers, Smiths, Smotherman, Smothermon, Smyley, Smyres, Sneed, Snelson, Snider, Snodgrass, Snotgrass, Snowden, Snyder, Soest, Solley, Solomon, Somson, Soule, Southard, Southgate, Spann, Sparks, Spaulding, Spear, Speck, Speer, Spencer, Spillman, Spradling, Sprague, Spriggs, Springer, Sprout, Spurlock, Staff, Stafford, Stagner, Stamper, Stanford, Stanislaus, Stanley, Stanleys, Stark, Starke, Starkey, Starret, Starts, State, Staton, Stawhun, Stay, Steel, Steele, Steeley, Steen, Steffen, Steffens, Steffins, Stegleman, Stein, Stephens, Stephenson, Stepp, Sterigere, Stern, Sterrett, Stevens, Stevenson, Stever, Steward, Stewart, Stewarts, Stigall, Stigleman, Stills, Stillwell, Stimson, Stobaugh, Stogdill, Stogedill, Stoggsdill, Stokes, Stone, Stonecypher, Stoop, Stoops, Storey, Storts, Story, Stott, Stout, Stover, Stoy, Strain, Strawhun, Stricklan, Strickling, Strine, Stringer, Stringfield, Strobach, Strong, Stuart, Stuarts, Stubbs, Stull, Stump, Sturdivant, Sturgeon, Sturn, Sturtevant, Sullens, Sullins, Sullivan, Sullivant, Summers, Summerville, Sumner, Sutherd, Sutherland, Sutliff, Sutton, Swain, Sweat, Swedine, Sweeney, Sweeny, Sweyers, Swift, Swiney, Swink, Swofford, Symmons, Tabor, Taffs, Talberts, Talbot, Talbott, Tallman, Taney, Tanzy, Tarber, Tate, Tates, Tausig, Taylor, Teeple, Telcher, Telford, Ten Eyck, Tennyson, Tetley, The earliest pedagogues of the territory embraced in Phelps County are largely shrouded in oblivion. One of the earliest of whom information can be obtained is James Sullivan, an old Virginian major of the War of . He seems to have been not only a refined and dignified pedagogue, but a pioneer "fiddler" also. He taught on Bear Creek, at the house of George Sally. Another early teacher was Martha Hyer, who first taught at the houses of L. L. Coppedge and I. N. Bradford. Messrs. Coppedge and Bradford later on erected Spring Dale Academy, on Spring Creek, at a cost of over $. Simeon B. Phillips was one of its first teachers. It is a house x feet, and has the honor of being in the district first organized as a public school district-No. . The employees of the Meramec Iron Works had their schools at an early date, but nothing can be learned of their teachers. On Spring Creek Sarah Newport (now Mrs. Sarah Bates), J. L. Matthews, Margaret Coppedge (now Mrs. John Sally), Sarah E. Norton XE "Norton" (afterward Mrs. Daniel Newport) were early teachers, and Charles Richardson on Dry Fork., Thomas, Thomases, Thompson, Thons, Thornhill, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Thrailkill, Threlfall, Throckmortin, Thurber, Thurman, Tice, Tiffany, Tigert, Tile, Tilfore, Tilley, Tilly, Timmons, Tine, Tinsley, Tinsleys, Tippett, Tipton, Tiptons, Titterington, Todd, Toney, Torney, Totsch, Towery, Townsend, Tracy, Trail, Traill, Tramble, Travis, Traw, treasurers, Tredway, Trigg, Triplett, Tripp, Trotman, Trowel, Trower, Truesdale, Truesdall, Truesdell, Trusty, Tuck, Tucker, Tuckett, Tune, Turley, Turnbull, Turner, Turpin, Turpins, Tuttle, Tuttles, Tweed, Tweedy, Twiggs, Twitty, Tyler, Tyree, Umphrey, Underwood, Upton, Urp, Vails, Van Campen, Van Deren, Van Frank, Van Hooser, Van Slack, Van Slycke, Van Slyke, Van Wormer, Vance, Vanderbilt, Vandever, Vansandt, Vanslycke, VanWormer, Varris, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vaught, Venable, Vest, Vetter, Via, Viemann, Vilas, Vining, Vinson, Vinyard, Volmer, von Soest, Von Wormer, Waddill, Wade, Wadley, Wadsworth, Wagner, Wagoner, Wait, Waits, Walck, Walden, Waldo, Wale, Waler, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallin, Walling, Wallis, Walls, Walsh, Walshe, Walter, Walters, Walton, Ward, Warden, Ware, Wark, Warmack, Warmoth, Warmuth, Warner, Warren, Wassum, Waters, Watkins, Watros, Watson, Watts, Waugh, Wauson, Wayman, Waymans, Waymon, Wayne, Weakley, Weast, Weatherby, Weatherman, Weathermans, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weckerly, Weeks, Wegen, Weisenbach, Welch, Weller, Wells, Welton, Wentz, Wenz, Wesley, West, Weston, Wetherley, Whachter, Wheat, Wheeler, Wheeling, Whipple, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whitehill, Whitelaw, Whittle, Wicker, Wiggins, Wigginton, Wilcox, Wiley, Wilhite, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Wilks, Willey, Willhite, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willoughby, Wilsey, Wilson, Wilsons, Winds, Winfrey, Winger, Wingfield, Wingo, Winkle, Winningham, Winters, Wisdom, Wise, Wiseman, Wishon, Withaup, Witten, Wittson, Wofford, Wolcott, Wolf, Wollford, Womack, Wood, Woodall, Woodard, Woods, Woodside, Woodson, Woodward, Woodworth, Woody, Wooliver, Woolsey, Workman, Worsham, Worshop, Worth, Worthington, Wreckley, Wright, Wrights, Wrinkle, Wyatt, Wybark, Wylie, Wyman, Wynn, Wyshon, Yakely, Yancy, Yaney, Yarbrough, Yates, Yeagor, Yeaman, Yekly, Yesman, Yokum, York, Yost, Young, Youngblood, Yowell, Zachritz, Zeigler, Zinsman, Zumwalt,