DMK Heritage

History of Augusta County, Virginia




Aboriginal population

First settlers

Folk lore.

Mason Dixon line

Serving writs.

Patent for Beverley manor.

Mary Greenlee, the so called witch her deposition in the burden case.

The Old Stone Church

Tinkling Spring

Bethel church, Hebron church

House of Burgess and the divisions of the parishes


Hannah Dennis, the queen witch or invisible princess.

Massacre at Seyberts Fort

Indian forays and massacres in Shenandoah.

Joint report of the commissioners on the boundary line between Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Justices courts. Alphabetical list of the justices of Augusta, from 1790 to 1860.

Genealogy of the Peyton family

Information on the following families:

M’Dowell , Preston, Lee, Lewis, Baldwin KoinerCampbell, Stuart Bell Crawford, M’cue, Hanger, Mathews, Porterfield, Wadell, Wayt

Town and community listings along with creeks and rivers geology of the county


Abney, Abraham, Adams, Alby, Alexander, Allen, Amherst, Anderson, Andrews, Andros, Antrim, Arbuckle, Archer, Arehart, Argall, ARGENBRIGHT, Armstrong, Arnall, Arnold, Asher, Ashley, Ast, Atkinson, Averill, Avis, Bacon, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Balsley, BALTER, Balthis, Baltimore, Barbour, Barclay, Barger, Barksdale, Barnett, Barringer, Barry, Barter, Barton, Bass, Baxter, Baylor, Beard, Beaty, Becket, Bedford, Belden, Bell, Belmaine, Bennet, Benton, Berkeley, Bernard, Berry, Beverley, Beverly, Bickle, Bierne, Biggs, Bill, Bincroft, Binford, Birtreit, Bixio, Black, Blackburn, Blair, Blakemore, Blakey, Bledsoe, BLOWNLEE, Blue jacket, Blufford, Blundell, Bogas, Boggs, Boilleau, Bolen, Bonny, Bonworth, Booker, Borden, Botetourt, Bouchier, Bouland, Bouquet, Bower, BOWLES, Bowman, Bowron, Bowyer, Boyd, Boyden, Boyle, Boys, Bracken, Braddock, Bradley, Bradstreet, Brady, Branch, Breckenridge, BRECKINRIDGE, Brickerton, Briscoe, Broadhead, Brokenborough, Bronaugh, Brooback, BROOKE, Brown, Bruce, BRUFFY, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Bucher, Buford, Bullet, Bullitt, Bumgardner, Burbridge, Burden, Burke, Burnett, Burns, Burrell, Burton, Burwell, Bush, Buskirk, Butler, BYERS, Byrd, Byrne, Cabell, Caldwell, CALF, Calhoon, Calhoun, Call, Callaghan, Cameron, Campbel, Campbell, Cannon, Cantiff, Captain John, Cardiff, Carmody, Carpenter, Carr, CARROLL, Carter, Cary, Cason, Castleman, Cathey, Cave, Caveat, Chalkley, Chambers, Chapman, Chenaugheata, Chevalier, Chew, Chichesters, Chiyawee, Christian, CHURCHMAN, Clark, Clarke, Cline, Clinton, Clow, Coalter, Cochran, Cock, Cockburn, Cocke, Coffman, Coger, Coiner, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Comstock, Condor, Connelly, Connolly, Connoly, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Copeland, Cornstalk, CORNSTALK., Cornwallis, Cosby, Cosswentanica, Coswen, Cowan, Cox, COYNER, Craig, Craik, Cravens, Crawford, Creigh, Cresap, Crittenden, Crockett, Croghan, Crook, Crow, Crowle, Crozet, Crydan, Culpepper, Cummings, Cunningham, Curtis, CUSHING, Custaloga, Custer, Cutton, Dabney, Daggy, Dale, Daniel, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Decker, Dee, Delaware, Dellinreg, Dennis, Denny, Desper, Dever, Dickenson, Dickerson, Dickinson, Digges, Diller, Dillon, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Doag, Doake, Doddridge, Doherty, Doly, Donaghe, Donaldson, Donovan, Dorman, Dougal, Doughady, Dougherty, Douthat, Downey, Dowthat, Doyle, Draper, Driver, Drummond, Dudley, Duke, Dull, Dunbar, Dunlap, Dunmore, Eagan, Early, EAST, ECHOLS, Edmiston, Edmondson, Edmundson, Edrington, Edwards, Effinger, EIDSON, Elinipsico, Ellet, Elliott, ELLIS, Emerson, Emlen, Engleman, English, Ennis, Enoch, Erskine, Ervine, Erwin, Eskridge, Estill, Euritt, Evans, Ewing, Fackler, Fairfax, Farrar, Fauber, Faunce, Felebaum, FERGUSON, Fiddler, Field, Fincastle, Finley, Fisher, FITCH, Fitzsimmons, Flack, Fleming, Fletcher, Floyd, Foote, Forbes, Foreman, Forest, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Francisco, FRANKLIN, Frazier, Fremont, French, Fretwell, Frogg, Frost, Fry, Fullenweider, FULT0N, Fulton, Fultz, Funk, Furgesson, Furman, Gage, Gaines, Gait, Galen, Gallaher, Gamble, Garber, Garland, Garlon, GARNER, Garth, Gassaway, Gates, Gaustrax, Gay, Gearhart, Gee, Geiger, GENTRY, GEORGE, Gerard, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilkerson, Gilkeson, Gilliard, Gilmer, Gilmore, Girty, Gisberne, Givens, Glass, Glendin, Glendy, Goldman, Goldsby, Gooch, Goodman, Goodson, Goodwin, Gordon, Graham, Granitto, Grant, Grattan, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenlee, Gregg, Grier, GRIFFITH, GRIGSBY, Grills, Grinnan, Grisly, Grove, Guernsey, Guthrie, Guy, Hackett, Hagerty, HAILMAN, Hairston, Hale, Hall, Hambrton, Hamilton, HAMRICK, Hancock, Hand, Handy, Hanger, HANSBARGER, Hanson, Harbert, Harden, Hardy, Harlan, HARMAM, Harman, Harmer, Harmon, Harnsbarger, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartman, Harvey, Harvie, Haskell, Hawpe, Haws, Hay, Haynes, Hays, Headin, Heath, Hedabaugh, Hedges, Hedgman, Hedrick, Heil, Heiser, Heiskell, Helms, Henderson, Hendren, HENKEL, Henry, Higginbottom, Hill,, Hindman, Hinthnan, Hodges, Hog, Hogg, Hogshead, Holloway, Holmes, Home, Hoover, Horn, Hotchkiss, Hottle, Hounihan, Howard, Hubert, Hudson, Hughart, Hughes, Hull, Hullihen, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunter, Hupp, Hutcheson, Hutchins, Imboden, Inglis, Ingman, Irvine, Jackson, Jacob, Jefferson, Jeffreys, Jessup, Jewell, Johnson, Johnston, Johonerissa, Johonerissa Scaroyadia, Jones, Jordan, Judson, Kayser, Keer, KEISER, Kelly, Kelso, Kenady, KENNERLY, Kenney, Kent, KENTON, Kercheval, Kerford, Kincaid, King, Kinkead, Kinney, Kirke, Kirkpatrick, Knight, Koiner, Kress, KUNKLE, Kuntz, KURTZ, Kyashuta, Kyser, La Fayette, Lackey, Landes, Lang, Lard, Larew, Latane, Lavelle, Lawrence, Lee, Lefler, Leigh, Leighton, Leiper, Lesley, Lessly, Letcher, Lewis, Lickliter, LIGHTNER, Lilley, Lincoln, Linwell, Lipscomb, Little Eagle, Littleton, Lockart, Locker, Lockhart, Lockridge, Logan, Lohr, Lomax, Long, Love, Loving, Loyd, Lukens, Lybrook, Lyle, Lyman, Lynn, Mackay, Madison, Mahahan, Makamie, Man Killer, Manifee, Manly, Mann, Maphis, Marion, Marks, Marquis, Marshall, Martin, Mason, MASSIE, Matheny, Mathews, Matthews, Maverick, Maxwell, May, McAlear, McAnulty, McC, McCaferty, McCampbell, McCandless, McCausland, McChesney, McClain, McClanahan, McClanechan, McClean, McClenachan, McClenechan, McClenehan, McClintock, McClowseme, McClung, McClure, McColloch, McColmick, McCorkery, McCorkle, McCormick, McCoy, McCroskey, McCroskry, McCue, McCulloch, McCullock, McCullough, McCune, McCutchen, McDonald, McDowell, McFadden, McFarland, McGuffin, McGuire, MChenechan, McHenry, McIntosh, McJunkin, McKamy, McKee, McKeefry, McLaughlin, Mcllhany, McMaher, McMechon, McMullen, McNeil, McNutt, McPheeters, McUlluck, McVerry, Meade, Mercer, Meredith, Merriot, Merritt, Michie, Miller, Millhollen, Mills, Minnick, Minor, Mitchell, Moffett, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Moore, Moorman, Moray, Morgan, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mosby, Moultrie, Murphey, Murray, Muse, Musry, Myerley, Napp, Needler, Neil, Nelson, Nevill, Neville, NEWMAN, Newport, Newton, Nicholas, Nicholson, Nicolson, ODonnells, OFerrall, Ogle, Opie, Ormsbey, ORork, Outacité, Overton, Owens, Page, Paine, Painter, Pakington, Pannill, Paris, Parkins, Parks, Paston, Patrick, Patterson, PATTISON, Patton, Paul, Paxton, Peale, Pearman, Peck, Pendleton, Penn, Penticost, Percy, Perkins, Perry, PETERS, Peyronny, PEYTON, Phoebus, Pickens, Pierce, Pierson, Pilson, Pinkerton, Pitt, Pitzer, Pleasants, Poage, Poague, Poe, Points, Pollard, Polmer, Portees, Porter, Porterfield, Porters, Poulson, Pratt, Preston, Prevost, Price, Priggs, Prostor, Pryor, Putnam, QUARLES, Quin, Quinlan, Ramsey, Randolph, Rankin, Ranson, Ream, Red Hawk, Reed, Reeves, Reid, Renix, Resner, Reswick, Rice, Richardson, Ridgway, Riley, RIMEL, Rippetoe, Risk, Rittenhouse, RIVERCOMB, Rives, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, RODES, Rodgers, Roebuck, Rohr, Roland, ROLLER, Rosebro, Ross, Round RUFF, Ruffner, Rufus, RUNNELS, RUSH, Rusk, Russell, Ryan, Sagnarisera, Sale, Sample, Samuels, Sangrado, Savage, Scaroyadia, Schall, Schendle, Scherer, Schindett, Scoppothus, Scot, Scott, Searight, Sears, SEAWRIGHT, Sedgerwood, See, Self, Selim, Selkirk, Semple, Sennghors, Sergeant, Sethorne, Seymour, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon, Sheffey, Sheiry, Shelby, Shepherd, Sheridan, Sherwood, Shippen, Shirley, Shomo, Shuey, Shumate, SIEG, Sigler, Simms, Simpson, Sitlington, Sittington, Skelson, Skidman, Skillim, Skinner, Slagle, Smallman, Smith, SMYTH, Snapp, Snyder, Sowers, Sparks, Spear, Speece, Spence, Sperry, Spindle, SPINNER, Spreil, Sproul, Sprunt, St. Clair, St. George, Stanley, Stannard, Stanton, Staubus, Staunton, Steel, Steele, Steinbuck, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterrett, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stobo, Stockton, Stofer, Stover, Straughan, Stribling, Strickler, Stringfellow, Strother, Stuart, Sullivan, Swearengen, Sweringer, Swoope, SYCLE, Syms, Tagaaia, Talbot, Talford, Tapp, Tariton, Tarleton, Tash, Tate, Taylor, Tazewell, Tebbs, Teeford, Tees, Telfair, Templeton, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Tiffins, TILGHMAN, Todd, Tomlinson, Tonler, Toothacre, Toussey, Towles, Towner, Trayer, Tremper, Trencher, Trent, Trevy, Trible, Trigg, Trimble, Trimmel, Triplett, TROUT, Tucker, Turk, Tyler, Vallandingham, Van Lear, Vanbraam, Vance, VanLear, Vanmeter, Vanmetre, Vasco da Gama, Vernon, Waddell, Waddill, Wagener, Waggener, Walker, Wallace, Walls, Walpole, Walton, Wandless, Ward, Warwick, Washington, WASHINGTON., Waterman, Waters, Watersafter, Watkins, Watts, WAYLAND, Wayne, Wayt, WEATHERHEAD, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weed, Weedon, Weir, Welch, Welfer, Weller, Wells, Wenger, Wesley, West, Wetzel, Weysties, White, Whitehead, Whitfield, WHOLEY, Whyte, Wickham, Wickliffe, Wilison, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willson, Wilper, Wilson, Wine, Winfree, Wingfield, Wirt, Withrow, WITZ, Wood, Woods, Woodson, WOODWARD, Woolley, Worthington, Wright, Wyatt, Yancey, Yeardley, Yellow Bird, Yolkom, Young, Zane, Zirkle,