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History of Cecil County, Maryland









This 571 page book has a eleven page inde.


Captain John Smith, of Virginia, explores the navigable waters of Cecil County--- Smiths account of the Susquehannock Indians-other Indian tribes in the upper part of the Peninsula--Their weapons and culinary utensils


First English settlement on Watson's Island-Edward Palmer--Wm. Clayborne establishes a trading post on Watsons Island


George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore-he is a member of the Virginia Company -Plants a colony in Newfoundland-Obtains a charter for a colony in Maryland-Is succeeded by his son Cecil, who obtains another charter-Extracts from the charter-The first colony under Leonard Calvert settles at St. Maries-War with the Susquehannocks Treaty with them


Early settlements on the Delaware-Henry Hudson-----Captain Mey and others-Names of the Delaware-Fort Nassau-Swanendale--Peter Minuit plants a Swedish colony at Wilmington-Fort Cassimir-Peter Stuyvesant conquers the Swedes


First permanent settlement in the county-Other settlements--Spesutia Island -Trouble between the Dutch and English-Nathaniel Utie-He is sent to New Amstel-Augustine Hermen and Resolved Waldron visit Maryland-Their meeting with the Governor and Council-Account of the early life of Augustine Hermen --His Map of Maryland--Extracts from his will--He obtains a grant of Bohemia Manor and Middle Neck-Makes a treaty with the Indians at Spesutia Island-First reference to Cecil County-Thompsontown-Indian forts


Council of Maryland meet at Spesutia Island-Examination of persons who had suffered from the depredations of Indians along the Delaware River-Interesting correspondence between the Governor of Maryland and Alexander DHinoyossa, Governor of New Amstel-The Council declare war against the Susquehannocks-Instructions to Captain Odber Letter from DHinoyossa-Augustine Hermen tries to make peace between the Dutch and English-Council meets at Susquehanna Point and are shown the commission of Captain Neals recently arrived from England -Many of the Swedes from Delaware settle in Sassafras Neck.


Treaty with the Passagonke Indians at Appoquinimink-Copy of the treaty-Scarcity of corn-Captain Odber gets into trouble-A cowardly soldier-Trouble with the Senecas-Treaty with the Delaware Bay Indians-Capture of a Seneca Indian-Letter from the justices of Baltimore County respecting the captive-Francis Wright and Jacob Clawson -Torture of an Indian prisoner -War with the Senecas -Another treaty with the Susquehannocks-The Senecas attack the Susquehannocks fort at Turkey Hill, Lancaster County, and are repulsed-End of the Susquehannocks


Augustine Hermen and others naturalized-The Hacks-Hermen has a dispute with Simon Oversee -He tries to establish a village-Trouble among the Dutch-Sir Robert Carr conquers them-The name of New Amstel changed to New Castle-Account of DHinoyossa-Efforts of the Marylanders to extend their jurisdiction to the Delaware River-Durham County-Road from Bohemia Manor to New Castle-Grant of St. Augustine Manor-Ephraim George, and Casparus Hermen-Original limits of Baltimore County-Erection of Cecil County-The first court-house at Jamestown-Augustine Hermen and Jacob Young appointed commissioners to treat with the Delaware Indians-Account of Jacob Young.


The Labadists-Sluyter and Danckers-Their journal-They meet with Ephraim George Hermen and wife-Visit New Castle and Bohemia Manor-They go on down the Peninsula - Return and purchase the Labadie tract on Bohemia Manor, and establish a community there-Description of the Labadie tract and how they got it -Peter Bayard and others Description of the community on Bohemia Manor-Augustine Hermens quarrel with George Holland -Letter from Hermen-Hermens patents of confirmation-He obtains a patent for Misfortune, or the three Bohemia Sisters - Extent of his possessions- he invests his son Ephraim George with the right and title to Bohemia Manor-A curious deed Augustine Hermens last will-His death and monumental stone- His place of burial-Codicil to his last will-His daughters


Delaware granted to William Penn-Death of Cecilius Calvert, who is succeeded by his son Charles-George Talbot- Obtains a patent for Susquehanna Manor-Its metes and bounds-Courts Baron and Courts Leet-The name of Susquehanna Manor changed to New Connaught-Extent of Connaught Manor-Talbot obtains a patent for Belleconnell -Belle Hill--Talbot lays out New Munster-Makes a demand on William Penn for all the land west of the Schuylkill and south of the fortieth degree of north latitude-Runs a line from the mouth of the Octoraro to the mouth of Nasmans Creek-Lord Baltimore visits England-Talbot presides over the council during his absence-Presides over the court of Cecil County -Account of the court - Talbot makes a raid on the settlers east of Iron Hill-Builds and garrisons a fort near Christiana bridge -Account of the fort-Talbots Rangers-Beacon Hill - Trouble about the collection of the kings revenue-Talbot murders Rousby-Is carried prisoner to Virginia-Makes his escape-Returns to Cecil County-Takes refuge in a cave near Mount Ararat-Surrenders to the authorities of Maryland- Is taken to Virginia by command of the King - Is tried and convicted or murder, but pardoned by the King-Returns to Cecil County and executes a deed for Clayfall-Returns to Ireland-Enters the Irish brigade, and is killed in the service of the King of France


New Munster-Its metes and bounds-The Alexanders-Society -Cecil Manor-Charles Carroll-Fair Hill-The Scotch-Irish- Christiana Presbyterian Church- Rock Church-The English Revolution-Its effect, on the Colony of Maryland-Nottingham-The Nottingham Lots-Original grantees-Reasons why the grant was made-The first Friends meeting house--The Little Brick or Nottingham Friends meeting-house- Poppemetto--West -Nottingham Presbyterian Church-Treaty with the Conestoga Indians-Thomas Chalkley visits them-Account of some of the first settlers of Nottingham-The Welsh tract-Its boundaries-The Baptist church on Iron Hill-The Pencader Presbyterian Church--Rev. David Evans-Rev. Samuel Davies-Iron Hill


Characteristics of the early settlers-Augustine Hermen succeeded by his son Casparus-Account of Casparus Hermen--Farms on Bohemia Manor -Death of Casparus Hermen-Succeeded by his son Ephraim Augustine -Sketch of Ephraim Augustine Hermen-His wives and children-John Lawson marries Mary Hermen-Peter Bouchell marries Catharine Hermen-Peter Lawson-Catharine (Herman) Bouchell-Her death-Joseph Ensor-Quarrel about the possession of Bohemia Manor--Joseph Ensor,Jr.-Division of Bohemia Manor-Death of Peter Lawson


Presbyterian Church at Bethel-Visit of Rev. George Whitefield Preaches at Elkton and on Bohemia Manor-Presbyterian Church at Elkton-Disruption of Nottingham Presbyterian Church-Rev. Samuel Finley -Nottingham. Academy-The Free School on Bohemia River-Rev. John Beard-The present church buildings-Name changed to Ephesus-Rev. James Magraw-Revival of Nottingham Academy-The Rock Presbyterian Church-Disruption--Rev. James Finley-Murder of Hugh Mahaffey -Rev. James Finley goes West-Present church buildings-Rev. John Burton-Rev. Francis Hindman-Lotteries for church purposes-Manners, customs and character of the early Presbyterians-The Alexanders, and other emigrants to South Carolina


Border war-Davy Evans dispossesses Adam Short-Petition of Samuel Brice-Arrest of Isaac Taylor and others-Agreement between the heirs of William Penn and Lord Baltimore respecting the settlement of the boundaries-Proceedings in chancery-Renewal of border war Thomas Cresap-Order of the King in Council-The temporary boundary line-Decree of Chancellor Hardwick-Diary of John Watson--Cape Henlopen-The trans-peninsular line-Death of Charles Calvert Another agreement-Location of due north line-Difficulty of the work -Mason and Dixon-They land in Philadelphia-Latitude of that city -Account of their labors for the next five years-Re-location of the northeast corner of Maryland


The Revolutionary War-The Quakers-Convention of 1774-Committee of Safety-Delegates to convention of 1775-First military organization in the county-Henry Dobson-Military organizations in the county -Henry Hollingsworth makes musket barrels and bayonets for the army -Edward Parker makes linen and woolen goods for the use of the soldiers-Invasion of the county by the British-They land at Court-house Point-Sir William Howes proclamation-Part of British army march to Head of Elk-Another part overrun Bohemia Manor-Account of the invasion-Court-house not burned-Doings of the American army-Skirmishing on Iron Hill-Robert Alexander-Disloyalty of the citizens of Newark-Tories trade with the British-The Quakers refuse to perform military duty, and are court-martialed-Brick Meeting-house used for a hospital-Burglary at Head of Elk-Interesting correspondence-Lafayettes expedition to Yorktown passes through Head of Elk-His route through Cecil County-Journal of Claude Blanchard-Forteen Stodder, the negro soldier-Confiscated property-The Elk Forge Company John Roberts hanged for treason-The Principio Iron Company-Susquehanna Manor-Lots in Charlestown-Property of Rev. William Edmisson.


Removal of seat of justice to Charlestown-Reasons of the removal Interesting correspondence Charlestown Ferry-Condition of society Stephen Porter kills Thomas Dunn---Escapes from jail, etc.-Is tried at Charlestown and convicted of manslaughter-Unsuccessful efforts to build up Charlestown-Removal of county seat to Head of Elk-Rev. Joseph Coudons address to citizens of Elk-Opposition of the citizens of Charlestown to the removal of the county seat-Act of Legislature authorizing the erection of public buildings at Elktown-Elkton incorporated-Court meets in Elkton-Members of the Elkton bar-Trouble about roads-The first almshouse-Sale of free school farm-Rumsey's steamboat-The Susquehanna Canal-Rivalry between Havre de Grace and the town of Chesapeake-First arks on the SusquehannaRiver-Malignant fever in Elkton


Octoraro forge--Cecil Manufacturing Company-New Leeds-Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-Benjamin H. Latrobe-The canal feeder Riot at Elkton-" Treeket the Loop "-Supplementary Act-Work resumed on the canal-John Randel-He sues the canal company-Completion and cost of the canal-Difficulty of construction-Port Deposit Philip Thomas-Port Deposit Bridge Company-Bridge burned-Sale of Susquehanna canal-The log pond-Susquehanna and Tide Water canal.


County divided into election districts-County commissioners-Location of boundary line between Cecil and Harford-Number of mills in Cecil County-Elk-ton wheat market-Manufactories-Charlestown-Elkton bank-Line of packets between Baltimore and Philadelphia vie Elkton-Frenchtown and New Castle Turnpike Company-Curious provision in the charter


War of 1812-British fleet in Chesapeake Bay-Camp of observation on Bulls mountain-General Thomas M. Foreman-Forts Hollingsworth and Defiance-Colonel William Garrett-Persons employed in building Fort Defiance-British land on Spesutia Island-Visit Turkey Point Burn Frenchtown-Zeb. Furgusson-British fail to reach Elkton-Incidents and anecdotes-Burning of Havre de Grace-Poetical extract Pillaging-British burn Principio Furnace-Destruction of Fredericktown and Georgetown-Brave defense of Colonel Veazey-List of militia under him-Treaty of Ghent-Rejoicing-Accident at Fort Hollingsworth


First steamboats on the Elk River-Lines of transportation-Frenchtown and New Castle Railroad Company-Construction of French town and New Castle Railroad-First locomotives and cars-Telegraphing The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad-Riot at Charlestown-Sale of Frenchtown and New Castle Railroad .


Clergy of the Established Church-Their powers and duties-They incur the displeasure of the common people-What Rev. William Duke says of them-Presbyterian clergymen-Spiritual condition of the people-Introduction of Methodism-First Methodist society-Character of the early Methodist preachers-Rev. Francis Asbury visits Bohemia Manor-He refuses to take the oath of allegiance-Methodists favor the royal cause-Retrospective glance at the history of the Episcopal Church-North Elk parish-Rev. John Thompson-Rev. Joseph Coudon-St. Augustine parish-Progress of Methodism-Cecil circuit--Harts meeting-house-First Methodist meeting-house at North East First parson age-Bethel meeting-house-Goshen-Revival at Bethel North Sassafras and St. Augustine parishes-Richard Bassett joins, the Methodists-Rev. Henry Lyon Davis-Death of Rev. Joseph Coudon Rev. William Duke-His life and labors-Methodism supplants Episcopacy-First Methodist society at Elkton-Methodism and Presbyterianism at Charlestown-Hope well and Asbury-Methodist Protestant churches


Miscellaneous information-Newspapers-Fisheries-Chrome-Granite quarries-Iron-Iron Works-Paper mills-Free schools-Population.


The Hall family-The Evans family-Dr. Amos A. Evans-The Mitchell family-Colonel George E. Mitchell-The Rumsey family-The Mauldin family-The Gilpin family-The Rudulph family-The Leslie family-The Hyland family-The Churchman family-The Defoe family -The Hartshorne family-Colonel Nathaniel Ramsay

Index: Absolute, Agnew, Aiken, Alden, Aldridge, Alexander, Alexanders, Allan, Allen, Allison, Alricks, Amos, Anderson, Andrews, Andross, Archer, Armstrong, Arnold, Asbury, Atkinson, Atwood, Auber, Augustine, Auroghtaregh, Baily, BAINBRIDGE, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Baltimore, Barban, Barnaby, Baron, Barr, Barret, Barrett, Barroll, Bassett, Bateman, Bates, Baxter, Bay, Bayard, Bayland, Bayley, Bayly, Beard, Bechtel, Beckman, Beedle, Beekman, Bell, Benjamin, Benjamins, Bennett, Benson, Beson, Biddle, Biork, Bird, Bisset, Black, Blackiston, Blackstone, Bladen, Blake, Blanchard, Blay, Boardley, Boiles, Bond, Bonn, Booth, Boreland, Borelin, Bosee, Bosley, Bouchell, Bowen, Bowle, Boyd, Boyer, Boyle, Bozman, Braddock, Bradford, Bradly, Bratton, Brearley, Breider, Brent, Brevard, Brevards, Brice, Briggs, Briscoe, Bristow, Broadhead, Brooks, Broughton, Brower, Brown, Browning, Browns, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchannan, Bull, Burgess, Burk, Burr, Burrows, Burton, Butcher, Calvert, Cameron, Campbell, Cann, Cannon, Cantwell, Carnahan, Carpender, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Cather, Catto, Caulk, Cerie, Chalkley, Chamberlaine, Chamberline, Chambers, Chandlee, Chase, Chehoock, Childs, Christy, Churchman, Claggett, Clark, Claude, Clawson, Clay, Clayborne, Clayfall, Clayton, Clements, Clifton, Clinton, Cloud, Clowe, Coalman, Cochran, Cockburn, Coke, Coleman, Collier, Colvill, Compton, Conkey, Conley, Conn, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Constable, Contee, Conway, Coode, Cook, Cookburn, Cooper, Coppen, Copson, Cornish, Cosden, Cottey, Coudon, Coulson, Council, Coursey, Couts, Coventon, Cowden, Craig, Crawford, Creagear, Cresap, Cresswell, Creswell, Cromwell, Crosson, Crouch, Cruikshank, Cummings, Cunningham, Curer, Curnan, Currer, Currier, Danckers, Dare, Darley, Darlington, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Dawson, Dayton, de Koning, de la Grange, de la Montaigne, De Vries, Dearbourn, Death, Defoe, Delaney, Dennison, Denton, Depeyster, Derixon, D'Hinoyossa, Ditoway, Dixon, Dixons, Dobson, Douglass, Dowdall, Drennen, Duffy, Duke, Dunn, Dutton, Duvall, Dysart, Eaton, Eden, Edmisson, Edmiston, Edmundson, Edmunson, Egan, Elder, Elliott, Ellis, Elms, Elton, Elves, Ely, Emory, Empson, England, Ensor, Etherington, Evans, Evanses, Everitt, Ewing, Ewings, Eyre, Fallwell, Fanning, Farmer, Fendall, Fenwick, Ferris, Finley, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Flanigan, Ford, Foreman, Forwood, Foster, Founce, Fouster, Fowke, Francis, Franklin, Franks, Frazer, Frederick, Frey, Frisby, Fuller, Furguson, Furgusson, Gabry, Gaines, Galbraith, Gale, Gallaher, Galloway, Garfield, Garnett, Garrett, Gatchell, Gay, Gee, George, Ghiselin, Gillespie, Gilmer, Gilpin, Gist, Glasgow, GLENN, Goddard, Goldsborough, Goldsmith, Gordon, Gorsuch, Graham, Granger, Grangers, Grantham, Gravenrod, Gravenrods, Graves, Greaton, Green, Greene, Greenwood, Griffith, Groome, Growden, Grunwin, Guest, Guttery, Hacket, Hackett, Haines, Hall, Hambleton, Hamilton, Hamm, Hampton, Handy, Hanson, Harris, Hart, Hartshorn, Hartshorne, Hasson, Hayes, Hays, Hazard, Hazlehurst, Heath, Hegarty, Hemphill, Henderson, Hendrickson, Henickson, Henry, Herald, Herman, Hermen, Hermens, Hersey, Hewitt, Hill, Hindman, Hinson, Hinton, Hitchcock, Hogg, Holland, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Holmes, Holt, Hooper, Hossett, Houston, Hovington, Howard, Howe, Howell, Huber, Huckle, Huddleston, Hudson, Huggins, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Humphries, Hunt, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hutton, Huyberts, Hyland, Hynson, Ingle, Irvine, Irwin, Jackson, Jacobs, Jamar, James, Jameson, Janney, Jawert, Jay, Jefferson, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jimmet, Job, Jobs, Joce, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kankey, Kay, Keagy, Keating, Keith, Kemble, Kerr, Key, Kidd, Kilgore, Kilpatrick, King, Kinky, Kirk, Knight, Knox, Knyphausen, Kolchman, Krygier, La Grange, Labadie, Lafayette, Lallemand, Lamb, Lambert, Land, Larkin, Larramore, Lasley, Latham, Latrobe, Latta, Lawson, Lawsons, Lay, Leacock, Lears, Lednum, Lee, Leslie, Lewellin, Lewis, Linton, Lister, Littington, Littler, Lloyd, Lockerman, Lockwood, Logan, Long, Lord, Lorrett, Lort, Lovelace, Lowery, Lucas, Ludwell, Lugg, Lukens, Lumm, Lusby, Lynch, Lynes, Mackall, MacKenzie, Mackey, Macky, Maclay, Macomb, Macumber, Maffit, Magaw, Magraw, Mahaffey, Mainley, Mallery, Maloney, Manfield, Manners, Mansell, Mansfield, Marbury, Marechal, Marsh, Marshall, Mason, Mather, Mathews, Matthews, Matthias, Matthiason, Mauldin, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, McAlister, McAuley, McCauley, McClean, McComb, McCord, McCormack, McCreary, McCrery, McCrey, McCrimmen, McCullough, McDonald, McDowell, McGregor, McGregory, McHenry, McIntire, McKean, MCKENZIE, McKnitt, McLane, McMahon, McNamee, McNelly, McVey, McVeys, Meeteer, Mendenhall, Mey, Meyer, Meyers, Miles, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Minuit, Mitchell, Moll, Monickle, Montgomery, Moore, Moores, Morgan, Morgans, MORRIS, Morrison, Mosley, Moss, Munro, Murray, Muse, Nathheldianch, Neals, Neil, Neilson, Nelson, Newton, Ney, Nichols, Nicholson, Norden, Norman, Norton, Nowell, Nowland, Oaks, Oconittka, O'Daniel, Odber, O'Dwire, Ogle, O'Howry, Oldfield, Oldham, Oliver, O'Neil, Onion, Orbel, Orr, Orrick, Osmond, Outhout, Overbury, Oversee, Overton, Owen, Owens, Paca, Paget, Painter, Palmer, Parker, Parsley, Partridge, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Pattons, Payne, Peale, Pearce, Penn, Pennington, Penningtons, Penns, Pennypacker, Perry, Peter, Peters, Phelps, PHILIPS, Phillips, Physic, Pierce, Pierson, Pincney, Pinna, Plater, Pluck, Plunket, Poe, Polks, Pope, Porter, Pory, Preston, Price, Pritchard, Pulton, Ralph, Ramsay, Randal, Randel, Ratcliff, Rawlings, Reading, Reed, Reese, Reisler, Reyniers, Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Rickett, Ricketts, Riddle, Ridgely, Rigg, Riggs, Riley, Ripley, Roberts, Robeson, Robinet, Robinson, Roch, Rodney, Rogers, Ross, Rothwells, Rouck, Rousby, Rowan, Rowls, Rudolph, Rudulph, Rumsey, Rupp, Rush, Russel, Russell, Russle, Ruston, Ruthchogah, RUTTEN, Rutter, Ryan, Ryddarcks, Ryland, Sampson, Savin, Sawahegeh, Scarhuhadig, Schaeffer, Scharf, Scharff, Schilders, Scott, See, Segar, Sewell, Shankland, Shannon, Shaw, Shields, Shippen, Shirton, Short, Simcoe, Simon, Simpers, Sims, Skiddimor, Skreen, Slagle, Sleyter, Sloan, Sluby, Sluyter, Slye, Smallroad, Smallwood, Smith, Smithson, Southerly, Sproston, Spurne, Standish, Stanly, Stapler, Steel, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Sterritt, Steuben, Stevenson, Stewart, Stille, Stillman, Stirling, Stockett, Stockton, Stodder, Stoops, Story, Stout, Strong, Stump, Stuyvesant, Sullivan, Sumption, Surting, Swanson, Sweazey, Swell, Talbot, Tanner, Tasker, Taylor, Tennent, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tichecoon, Tilden, Toas, Tomlinson, Torbert, Tosh, Touchstone, Trimble, Trimbles, Trippe, Trivit, Trump, Tull, Turner, Tyson, Updegrove, Urmston, Utie, Van Barkelo, Van Bibber, Van Burkaloo, Van Burkelow, Van Naas, Van Rodenburgh, Vanderbush, Vanderford, Vanderhuyden, Vanlaman, Vans, Varlett, Veasey, Veazey, Vesey, Vincent, Vorsman, Vrintz, Waldron, Walker, Wallace, Walmsleys, Ward, Wardner, Ware, Warner, Warwick, Washington, Watson, Waugh, Weld, Wells, Wesley, West, Weston, Wetherell, Wetherspoon, Whann, Whitaker, White, Whitefield, Whitesides, Whittingham, Whitworth, Whyte, Wicks, Wigwell, Williams, Williamson, Wilmer, Wilson, Winans, Winfell, Wingate, Wingfield, Winters, Wirt, WIVEL, Wood, Woodland, Work, Wormwag, Worth, Wright, Wroth, Wroths, Wunder, Wye, Yanson, Yeo, Yorkson, Young,