DMK Heritage

History of Halifax County, Va.





This 513 page book contains a 23 page index and photos.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER I Origin and Formation

CHAPTER II Extracts From Court Records, Deeds, etc

CHAPTER III Town of Halifax

CHAPTER IV Town of South Boston

CHAPTER V Road Through the Wilderness

CHAPTER VI The Visit of John Randolph

CHAPTER VII Traditions

Visit of Washington

Kilpatricks School

Old Landmarks





CHAPTER XII Marriages 1753-1850


Abbot, Abbott, Abbotts, Abernathy, Abney, Adam, Adams, Adkerson, Adkins, Adkinson, Adkinsons, Adkison, Adkisson, Akin, Alderson, Ales, Alexander, Alimoth, Allen, Allens, Alley, Alston, Ambers, Ambrose, Amis, Anderson, Andersons, Anderton, Andrews, Annett, Anthony, Apple, Arby, Archer, Arden, Armes, Armistead, Armstrong, Arnatt, Arnett, Arnette, Arnold, Arrendal, Arrendale, Arrington, Asbruck, Asbury, Ashby, Asher, Ashlock, Ashworth, Askew, Atkerson, Atkins, Atkinson, Atkisson, Aulderson, Austin, Averet, Averett, Avery, Ayers, Aylett, Ayres, Baates, Bacon, Bagby, Bailess, Bailey, Baileys, Bailis, Baird, Baker, Baldwin, Baler, Ball, Ballinger, Ballou, Ballow, Banger, Banister, Banks, Barbe, Barbee, Barber, Barclay, Barden, Barette, Barker, Barkesdale, Barkley, Barksdale, Barksdales, Barley, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barp, Bartlett, Base, Baskerville, Bass, Bassett, Bastes, Batemore, Bates, Bathes, Battell, Batten, Batter, Bayne, Baynham, Bays, Beach, Bead, Beadles, Beal, Beale, Bean, Beans, Bearding, Beasley, Beaufort, Bebe, Beckley, Bed, Beddington, Bedford, Beevers, Bell, Belt, Bendall, Benham, Bennett, Bennetts, Benson, Bentley, Bently, Benton, Berkeley, Bernard, Best, Bester, Bett, Betterton, Betts, Beverly, Bickmon, Biggs, Bilbo, Billington, Billups, Binford, Birchfield, Bird, Bistick, Black, Blackstock, Blackwell, Blain, Blake, Blalock, Blame, Blanc, Bland, Blane, Blankenship, Blankenship, Blankinship, Blanks, Blanton, Blevins, Blunt, Boelte, Bohannon, Boiling, Boles, Bolling, Bolt, Boman, Bomar, Bomer, Bond, Bonner, Boog, Booker, Boone, Booth, Borroum, Borum, Bostick, Bott, Bottom, Botts, Bouldin, Boulding, Boulton, Bowe, Bowen, Bowlware, Bowman, Bowmar, Boxley, Boyd, Boys, Bracy, Bradley, Bradnor, Bradshaw, Brady, Bragg, Brame, Branch, Brandon, Bransford, Brashear, Brashears, Brasshaw, Bray, Breckinridge, Breedlove, Brent, Bressie, Bretton, Brewer, Brezendine, Bridgeman, Bridgewater, Briggs, Brigs, Bristol, Bristow, Brittain, Britton, Bro, Brock, Brockman, Brockwell, Bromfield, Brookes, Brooks, Brough, Browder, Brown, Browner, Bruce, Bruces, Bruice, Bruis, Brumfield, Bryan, Bryant, Brydon, Buchanan, Buck, Buckley, Buckner, Bull, Bullock, Bumpass, Buntin, Burch, Burche, Burchet, Burchett, Burchfield, Burge, Burgess, Burke, Burks, Burley, Burn, Burner, Burnley, Burns, Burnwood, Burroughs, Burrus, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Bush, Bustian, Butcher, Butler, Button, Bynum, Byrd, Byrn, Byrne, Byrnes, Byrns, Cabaness, Cabaniss, Cabell, Cabells, Cage, Calder, Caldewell, Caldwell, Caldwells, Callahan, Calland, Callaway, Calloway, Camp, Campbell, Canada, Canaday, Canady, Cannaday, Cannady, Cannon, Canton, Carden, Cardle, Cardwell, Cargill, Carley, Carlton, Carmical, Carmicel, Carnal, Carnall, Carr, Carrel, Carrell, Carrie, Carrington, Carringtons, Carrol, Carson, Cartea, Carter, Carters, Cary, Casaday, Casady, Casaoy, Cassada, Cassaday, Cassady, Cassida, Cate, Cathill, Cauthren, Cauthron, Cearay, Cearnal, Chaennaught, Chaffin, Chafin, Chalkley, Chalmers, Chambers, Chambliss, Chandler, Chandlers, Chaney, Chany, Chapell, Chapman, Chappel, Chappell, Chastain, Chasteen, Cheatham, Chenault, Chenshaw, Chentham, Chessum, Chick, Child, Childers, Children, Childres, Childress, Childrey, Chiles, Chilton, Chin, China, Chisholm, Chism, Chisman, Chisom, Chisser, Chissher, Chissom, Chissum, Chisum, Choice, Christian, Christians, Christopher, Chumbley, Chumley, Chumney, Church, Claiborne, Claray, Clardy, Clark, Clarke, Clarks, Claude, Clay, Claybrook, Claytor, Cleborne, Clement, Clements, Cliborne, Cliburn, Clowdas, Clowdes, Coal, Coates, Coats, Cobb, Cobbs, Cochran, Cock, Cocke, Cockerham, Cody, Coffins, Coke, Cole, Coleman, Colemans, Coles, Colley, Collier, Collings, Collins, Colquehoun, Colquett, Colquhoun, Colquit, Colquitt, Colton, Combo, Combs, Comer, Compton, Comptons, Conally, Conerley, Conley, Connelly, Conner, Connor, Constant, Conts, Cook, Cookey, Cooksy, Cooley, Cooper, Corker, Corner, Corner., Cornwallis, Cornwell, Cosby, Costham, Cothean, Cots, Cotton, Cousin, Cousins, Covington, Cowell, Cox, Crabtree, Craddock, Craig, Cralle, Cralley, Cramp, Crane, Crank, Craven, Crawey, Crawley, Creel, Crenshaw, Crews, Crockett, Croley, Cromwell, Cross, Crowder, Crowders, Crump, Cruse, Crutchfield, Crute, Cruze, Cumbe, Cumbee, Cumbo, Cumby, Cunningham, Cupples, Curd, Currie, Curtice, Custis, Cute, Dabbs, Dabney, Dalton, Damron, Dana, Dance, Dandy, Daniel, Daniels, Davenport, Daveson, Davidson, Davie, Davis, Davy, Dawes, Dawson, Day, De Graffenread, De Graffenreid, De Jarnett, De Jarnette, Degernette, DeGraffenread, Degraffenreid, DeJarnett, DeJarnette, Dejernett, Denbery, Dennett, Dennis, Denton, Derrick, Derrickson, Deupree, Dewberry, Dewey, Dickee, Dickerson, Dickeson, Dickie, Dickinson, Dickinsons, Dickson, Dillard, Dillon, Dinwiddie, Dismukes, Dix, Dixon, Dobbs, Dobson, Dodon, Dodson, Donahoe, Donaldson, Donhoe, Dorsey, Doss, Dotson, Dougherty, Douglace, Douglas, Douglass, Dougliss, Dowdy, Dowel, Dowell, Downey, Dresser, Drew, Drewry, Drinkard, Drinkards, Drummond, Dudgeon, Dudgeons, Dudley, Dueberry, Dulany, Dullard, Dun, Dunaway, Duncan, Duncomb, Duneley, Duneway, Dunham, Dunkley, Dunman, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunnavant, Dunnway, Dunscomb, Dunsman, Dupree, Duprey, Duprie, Dupuy, Durbin, Durham, Durrett, Duryear, Dyer, Earle, Early, Easey, Easley, Easly, East, Eastes, Eastham, Easttis, Eaton, Echolds, Echols, Eckhols, Edge, Edmondson, Edmondsons, Edmunds, Edmundson, Edson, Edwards, Edy, Eggleston, Elam, Elcer, Eldridge, Elkins, Ellington, Elliott, Elliotte, Ellitt, Ellott, Elmore, Embry, Enes, Ennis, Enoch, Enroughty, Ensey, Epperson, Eppes, Epps, Erp, Ervine, Esdale, Essex, Estes, Estis, Evans, Everett, Fag, Fagg, Fairfax, Falkner, Fallin, Fambrough, Fancy, Fargus, Farguson, Faris, Farlay, Farley, Farmer, Farrall, Farrar, Farrier, Farris, Farthing, Faulkner, Fearis, Featherston, Fergason, Ferguson, Fern, Ferrel, Ferrell, Ferret, Ferril, Ferrill, Ferry, Fiber, Fields, Finch, Finn, Finney, Finny, Firesheets, Fischer, Fisher, Fitts, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerrel, Fleming, Flemings, Flemister, Flemming, Fletcher, Flinn, Flora, Flournoy, Floyd, Floyd., Flyn, Flynn, Foe, Folkes, Follin, Follis, Fombey, Fontaine, Fontaines, Ford, Fore, Forest, Forguson, Forkner, Forlines, Formbey, Forrest, Foster, Fouchee, Foules, Foulis, Foulkes, Foulks, Fountain, Fourqurean, Fourqureans, Fourqurin, Fowler, Fowles, Fowlkes, Frambrough, Frame, Frances, Francia, Francis, Francisco, Franklin, Frankline, Frankling, Fraser, Frasier, Frayzier, Freeman, French, Frenchs, Friffin, Fry, Fulford, Fulkerson, Fulks, Fuller, Fultz, Fuqua, Furgurson, Furr, Gaines, Gains, Gale, Gallaway, Galloway, Garcer, Garlingtons, Garner, Garnett, Garrard, Garrett, Garrot, Gates, Gatewood, Gathridge, Gathright, Gay, Gayle, Gee, Genkins, Gentry, George, Ghoeston, Gholson, Gholston, Gibson, Gilfoy, Gill, Gillentine, Gillespie, Gillingtine, Gillington, Gilmer, Girdon, Gist, Given, Giving, Glass, Glasscock, Glazebrook, Glenn, Glidewell, Goad, Goare, Godby, Gold, Golden, Good, Goode, Gooding, Goodman, Goodwin, Goodwyn, Gordon, Gorrell, Goslin, Gosnell, Gosney, Goston, Grady, Grammar, Grammer, Granger, Grant, Gravall, Graves, Gravet, Gravett, Gravit, Gravitt, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenhill, Greens, Greenwood, Gregg, Gregory, Gresham, Grey, Griffen, Griffin, Griger, Grigsby, Grimes, Grin, Grisam, Grisham, Groce, Grogen, Grosvenor, Grubis, Grundy, Grymes, Guerrant, Guill, Guinn, Gull, Gunn, Gunson, Gunston, Gunter, Gutherie, Guthery, Guthrey, Guthrie, Gutrey, Gutry, Guy, Gwin, Gwinn, Gydner, Hack, Hackeney, Hadon, Hagood, Haile, Haily, Hairston, Hale, Haley, Haliburton, Hall, Halliburton, Halls, Haly, Hambleton, Hamblett, Hamblin, Hambrick, Hamilton, Hamlet, Hamlett, Hamlin, Hammer, Hammond, Hammons, Hamner, Hampton, Hamrick, Hancer, Hancock, Hancocks, Handcock, Hands, Hanes, Haney, Haning, Hankins, Hankla, Hanklay, Hankley, Hanna, Hannings, Hannor, Hanshaw, Haraway, Harber, Harbor, Harboro, Harden, Hardie, Hardin, Harding, Hardridge, Hardwick, Hardy, Harmer, Harper, Harrelson, Harrilson, Harris, Harrises, Harrison, Harrisons, Harriss, Hart, Harte, Harts, Hartwells, Harum, Harvey, Harwood, Haskins, Hatfield, Hawker, Hawkins, Hay, Haydon, Haygood, Hayle, Haymes, Haynes, Hazelwood, Headspeth, Heart, Heath, Hedge, Hedgpeth, Height, Henderson, Hendly, Hendrick, Hendricks, Henley, Henry, Henrys, Hensley, Henson, Henwick, Herbert, Herrin, Herring, Hester, Hewell, Hewes, Hickey, Hickman, Hicks, Higgerson, High, Hight, Hightourr, Hightower, Hill, Hills, Hilton, Hite, Hitson, Hitts, Hittson, Hobson, Hodge, Hodges, Hoge, Holbrook, Holcombe, Holden, Holding, Holland, Holloway, Holt, Holts, Homer, Hood, Hooker, Hooper, Hope, Hopkins, Hopson, Hord, Horsley, Horton, Hoskins, Houston, How, Howard, Howe, Howel, Howell, Howerton, Howson, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbards, Hucer, Huddleston, Hudman, Hudson, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Hummins, Hun, Hundley, Hundleys, Hunkley, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Hurt, Huskesson, Huskison, Hutcherson, Hutcheson, Hutson, Ingram, Innes, Irby, Ironmonger, Irrage, Irvin, Irvine, Irvins, Irwin, Isbell, Ives, Jackson, James, Jarratt, Jarrell, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jefferson, Jeffres, Jeffress, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennett, Jennings, Jent, Jessup, Jesup, Jeter, Jewel, Jinkins, Jinnet, Jinnings, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jorge, Junal, Juneil, Juniel, Junis, Junmon, Juno, Junor, Justice, Juttle, Kasey, Kealton, Kearbey, Keelerig, Keeling, Keen, Keene, Keeper, Kendricke, Kenner, Kennon, Kent, Keny, Kerby, Kerr, Keys, Kidd, Kilpatrick, Kimball, Kimsey, King, Kinkead, Kinsolving, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkland, Knight, Kraymer, Lacey, Lack, Lacks, Lacy, Lad, Ladd, Lafayette, Lain, Lalman, Lambert, Lambeth, Lamderon, Lampkin, Lampkins, Lancaster, Landrum, Landrurn, Lane, Lanes, Lanier, Lankester, Lankford, Larkin, Lathan, Laurel, Laws, Lawson, Lax, Layne, Le Grand, Lea, League, Leak, Lee, Leech, Leek, Lees, Leeson, Leester, LeFay, Leggon, LeGrand, LeGrands, Leigh, Lenard, Lessenby, Lester, Levanson, Lewellen, Lewellyn, Lewice, Lewis, Light, Lightfoot, Ligon, Ligons, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linean, Link, Linn, Linthicum, Lipscomb, Lipscombe, Lithgo, Little, Littleton, Llewellen, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lloyds, Lockett, Loftis, Logan, Logans, Lomax, London, Long, Love, Lovelace, Loveless, Lover, Lovin, Loving, Lowden, Lowder, Lowrey, Lowry, Loyd, Lucado, Lucas, Luck, Luckett, Luellen, Luke, Lumkin, Lumpkin, Lunsford, Luster, Lyle, Lynch, Mackalister, Mackay, Mackling, Mackmahany, Maclen, Maclin, Macon, Maddox, Madison, Maikill, Major, Majors, Malcolm, Malone, Malony, Mane, Manfell, Manin, Mann, Mannin, Manns, Mansfield, Marable, Marables, Marchbanks, Markall, Markham, Marley, Marlow, Marrable, Marshall, Martian, Martin, Maschil, Maskill, Mason, Massie, Masteen, Masten, Mathews, Matlock, Matthews, Matthis, Mattox, Maury, Mautkis, Maxey, May, Maybee, Mayberry, Mayers, Mayes, Mayho, Maynard, Mayne, Mayo, Mays, McAlexander, McAlister, McAllister, McBride, McCan, McCanless, McCann, McCannon, McCar, McCarge, McCargo, McCarmack, McCarr, McCarter, McCarty, McClary, McColluch, McComack, McCorkle, McCraw, McCulluch, McCutcheon, McDaniel, McDearman, McDowel, McDowell, McFarland, McFarlane, McGehee, McGinnis, McGomery, McGranighan, McGraw, McGregor, McGriffer, McGriger, McGrigg, McGrigger, McGruder, McGuckin, McGuee, McIntire, McKenney, McKennies, McKinney, McKinnies, McKutchen, McLanjhein, McLaughlin, McMahan, McMahaney, McMarra, McMelton, McMichell, McMillan, McMullins, McNara, McNeal, McNeil, McNichol, McNicoll, McOffie, McPearson, McPhail, McPhaile, McQuie, McWane, Meade, Meadows, Mealer, Mealey, Mechaum, Meclarney, Medcalf, Medley, Medleys, Medlin, Medlock, Megginson, Megrigs, Melan, Melvin, Mereweather, Meridith, Meriweather, Meriwether, Merrett, Merriam, Messenger, Michaux, Mickleborogh, Migrigs, Milam, Miler, Miles, Miles., Miller, Milliner, Mills, Milner, Milnor, Milton, Mims, Miner, Minns, Minor, Minter, Mirs, Mitchell, Monday, Monroe, Montague, Montgomery, Mood, Moody, Moon, Moore, Moorefield, Moores, Moorfield, More, Moreday, Morefield, Morehead, Morgan, Morning, Morrice, Morris, Morrison, Morriss, Morson, Morten, Morton, Mortons, Morvior, Mosby, Moseley, Mosely, Moses, Moss, Motley, Mountcastle, Mucarter, Muffins, Mulford, Mullens, Muller, Mullins, Mumford, Muncas, Munday, Munford, Murdock, Murfee, Murphey, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Muse, Myers, Nance, Nash, Navell, Neal, Nealey, Neathery, Neeley, Neely, Nelle, Nelson, New, Newbel, Newbell, Newbill, Newby, Newcom, Newcomb, Newell, Newman, Newton, Nicheles, Nicholas, Nicholds, Nicholes, Nicholls,, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickens, Nickles, Nicolds, Nobles, Noblin, Noel, Noell, Nolean, Norman, Norrell, North, Norton, Norwood, Nowlin, Nunally, Nunnaley, Nunnally, Nunnelee, Nunnellu, Oakes, Oakes., Oates, OBryan, Oen, Old, Ole, Oliver, Onsley, Organ, ORiordan, Orrel, Orrell, Orsbrooks, Osborn, Osborne, Osbourne, Osler, Otterson, Ourn, Ousley, Overby, Overton, Owen, Owens, Ozborne, Ozbrook, Page, Palmer, Palmore, Pamplin, Pankey, Pannill, Parcel, Paris, Parish, Parker, Parkinson, Parkman, Parks, Parr, Parrish, Parrot, Parrott, Parsons, Parten, Pass, Pate, Paterson, Patey, Patterson, Patton, Patty, Payne, Paynor, Peak, Pearce, Pearman, Pearson, Peck, Peersal, Pell, Pemberton, Pence, Pender, Pendergrass, Pendleton, Penick, Penn, Pentacost, Penticost, Peregoy, Perkerson, Perkins, Perkinson, Perren, Perrin, Perry, Pesy, Peters, Peterson, Petipool, Pettey, Pettipool, Pettress, Pettus, Petty, Pettypool, Peyton, Pheeps, Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Picket, Pickett, Pickle, Pillar., Pillars, Piller, Pincham, Pincon, Pinder, Pinn, Pinson, Pirchbeck, Pistole, Pitts, Pleasant, Pleasants, Poague, Pocahontas, Poindexter, Pointer, Pollard, Polley, Polly, Pool, Poole, Poor, Pope, Posey, Potts, Pound, Pounds, Powel, Powell, Power, Powers, Poyner, Poythress, Prator, Preddy, Preston, Prewet, Prewett, Prewit, Prewitt, Price, Pricket, Prickett, Priddy, Pride, Priestly, Prindall, Prindle, Prindle., Pringle, Prisham, Pritchard, Proctor, Pruden, Pruit, Pruitt, Pryor, Puckett, Pugh, Pulliam, Pulling, Purcell, Purkerson, Purkins, Puryear, Pusey, Quarles, Radford, Ragan, Ragland, Raglands, Ragon, Ragsdale, Ragsdale., Raine, Ramey, Randolph, Randolphs, Raney, Ransom, Ransome, Ratcliff, Ravenscroft, Rawlings, Rawlins, Ray, Rayborne, rby, Reace, Read, Reade, Readin, Ready, Reaman, Reaves, Redd, Redman, Redmond, Reed, Reeder, Rees, Reese, Reeves, Renfro, Rentfro, Reves, Rewlett, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Richerson, Richman, Richmond, Rickes, Rickets, Ricketts, Rickle, Rickman, Rickmon, Ridgeway, Ridley, Riely, Rights, Rite, Rives, Road, Roarck, Roark, Roberson, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robertsons, Robins, Robinson, Roby, Rock, Rodden, Roddin, Rodgers, Rogers, Rolenthens, Rolings, Rollins, Roruck, Rose, Rowe, Rowland, Rowlet, Rowlett, Rowten, Roy, Royal, Royall, Royester, Royster, Rudan, Rudd, Rudder, Runnals, Russell, Rust, Rutledge, Ryan, Ryburn, Ryburns, Ryland, Sadlas, Sadler, Saemaon, Sale, Sales, Salles, Salmon, Sampson, Samuel, Sanders, Sandford, Sands, Sanford, Sans, Satterfield, Satterwhite, Saunders, Sawyers, Sayle, Scarborough, Schaife, Scot, Scott, Scotts, Scroggins, Scruggs, Scrulock, Scurlock, Seales, Seam, Seaman, Seamans, Seamons, Seamore, Seamster, Seary, Seat, Seates, Seats, Seay, Seays, Seemore, Seemster, Seesm, Segle, Selden, Settle, Seymore, Shackelford, Shackleford, Sharen, Sharmon, Shaw, Sheeton, Shelby, Shelton, Shepard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sherwood, Shields, Shipman, Short, Shotwell, Sibley, Sidnor, Sikes, Silcock, Simmons, Simms, Simons, Simpson, Sims, Singleton, Sizemore, Sizer, Skinner, Skipwith, Slade, Slate, Slaton, Slaughter, Slayden, Sloan, Slow, Smallman, Smallons, Smallwood, Smart, Smith, Snead, Sneed, Snelson, Snowden, Snuggs, Snyder, Solomon, Sowell, Sparrow, Spears, Spence, Spencer, Spigner, Spiller, Spoolman, Spottswood, Spraddling, Spradling, Spraggins, Spragins, Squire, St. Clair, St. John, Stamps, Stanard, Standfield, Standifer, Standley, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Staunton, Steagall, Steall, Stebbens, Stebbins, Steel, Steen, Stegall, Stephens, Steven, Stevens, Steward, Stewart, Stiene, Stigall, Stimson, Stith, Stockton, Stokes, Stone, Stovall, Stovaul, Stow, Strange, Stratford, Stratton, Street, Strickland, Strong, Stroud, Strut, Stuart, Stubblefield, Sturdevant, Subblit, Sullins, Sullivan, Sullivant, Sumpter, Sutherlain, Sutherland, Sutherlin, Sweeting, Swinney, Swinny, Sydner, Sydnor, Sydnors, Tabor, Tailor, Talbert, Talbot, Taler, Talley, Tally, Tankersey, Tankersley, Tanner, Tarleton, Tarpin, Tarpley, Tatum, Taylor, Teat, Tendall, Teney, Terrel, Terrell, Terrence, Terrill, Terry, Thackston, Tharp, Thaxton, Theweatt, Thighs, Thomas, Thomas., Thompkins, Thompson, Thomson, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Thrift, Throckmarton, Throckmorton, Throgmarton, Throgmorton, Thurman, Thurston, Thweat, Thweatt, Thweatts, Tibet, Tillett, Tillotson, Tillson, Tindall, Tine, Tinkler, Tinsley, Todd, Tolbard, Tolbert, Toler, Tombs, Tomerson, Tomson, Toombs, Toot, Toote, Torian, Torian., Totten, Townes, Towns, Townsend, Trainham, Trainum, Trammel, Tranum, Traylor, Traynham, Treadaway, Trent, Trevelien, Tribble, Trible, True, Tubble, Tuck, Tucker, Tuckers, Tuggle, Tune, Tunes, Tunstall, Turbeville, Turbiville, Turner, Turpin, Turpum, Tweedel, Twiggs, Tyler, Tyne, Tynes, Upton, Ussery, Vaden, Vallentine, Van Dike, Van Hook, Vanhook, Vaniber, Varner, Vass, Vasser, Vaughan, Vaughans, Vawter, Venable, Venables, Vian, Videtto, Vincent, Voluntine, Vowel, Vowell, Waddell, Waddhill, Waddill, Waddle, Wade, Wades, Waene, Wagstaff, Wakefield, Walbrand, Walden, Waldo, Waldriss, Waldron, Walke, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Walne, Walsh, Walters, Walthall, Walton, Waltons, Wamaack, Ward, Ward., Wareen, Warhop, Warren, Warrener, Warrin, Warring, Washburn, Washer, Washington, Waskey, Watkins, Watlington, Watson, Wattes, Wattlington, Watts, Wattson, Wauhop, Wayne, Weader, Weakey, Weakley, Weakly, Weatherford, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Welborn, Welch, Well, Wells, Werly, Wesley, West, Westbrook, Westley, Wests, Whaley, Whaling, Wheeler, Wheet, White, Whitehead, Whitelow, Whiteman, Whitemore, Whithead, Whitlock, Whitlocke, Whitlow, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitt, Whitten, Whitworth, Wiatt, Wilborn, Wilborne, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Wilburn, Wilcher, Wilcox, Wiles, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, William, Williams, Williamson, Williglam, Willing, Willingbam, Willingham, Willis, Wills, Wilmot, Wilmoth, Wilmott, Wilmouth, Wilmuth, Wilson, Wilsons, Wimbish, Wimbush, Winbree, Winchester, Winders, Windows, Winfree, Winfrey, Wingo, Winn, Winningham, Winston, Wit, Witt, Wolden, Wolliams, Wollin, Womack, Womacke, Wood, Woodall, Wooddy, Wooding, Woodings, Woodson, Woody, Wooldridge, Woolfork, Woosley, Word, Worley, Worril, Worsham, Worthington, Worthy, Wosley, Wray, Wright, Wyatt, Wyche, Wyllie, Wynn, Wynne, Wythe, Yancey, Yancy, Yarbrough, Yarner, Yates, Yeates, Yeats, York, Young, Younger, Yuelle, Yuill, Yuille, Yuland,