DMK Heritage

History of Truro Parish, Virginia




Edited With Notes and Addenda By REV. EDWARD L. GOODWIN

Historiographer of the Diocese of Virginia

This 183 page book, including index, written in 1907 contains information about Truro Parish which was part of the Northern Neck Grants. "Within this territory were the seats of the Fairfaxes, Washingtons, Masons, McCartys, Fitzhughs, Brents, Alexanders, Lewises, Mercers, Daniels, Carters, Dades, Stuarts, Corbins, Tayloes, Steptoes, Newtons, Browns, Lees, Thorntons, Balls, Smiths, and other leading families too many to mention, who dispensed an elegant hospitality at Northumberland House, Nomini, Stratford, Chantilly, Mount Airy, Sabine Hall, Bedford, Albion, Cedar Grove, Boscobel, Richland, Marleborough, Woodstock, Gunston, Belvoir, Woodlawn, Mount Vernon, etc. Beginning at Lancaster, county was taken from county, Parish from Parish, as the population of each passed the frontiers, until in 1730 Prince William was taken from Stafford and King George Counties, above Chappawansick Creek and Deep Run, and along the Potomac, to the "Great Mountains." This became also Hamilton Parish; which Parish, by an Act of the General Assembly passed at the Session of May, 1732, to take effect the first of the following November, was divided into two Parishes "By the river Ockoquan, and the Bull Run, (a branch thereof,) and a course from thence to the Indian Thoroughfare of the Blue Ridge of Mountains," (Ashby's Gap.) All that part of Prince William lying below the said bounds was to retain the name of Hamilton, "And all that other part of the said county, which lies above those bounds, shall hereafter be called and known by the name of Truro." The Parish was named after the Parish in Cornwall, in England, which is now the Diocese of Truro."


Adam, Adams, Alexander, Alexanders, Allan, Allen, Alrich, Andrews, Ashford, Atkins, Aubrey, Awbrey, Aylatt, Ayres, Baker, Bakers, Ball, Ballard, Balls, Barbour, Barker, Barkley, Barnes, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Baugus, Baxter, Baylis, Bayly, Beach, Beckwith, Bedford, Bennet, Bennit, Berkeley, Berkley, Bird, Blackburn, Blackburns, Blair, Bleight, Blumfield, Boggess, Boilston, Boilstone, Bond, Bosman, Bowie, Bowling, Bowman, Boyden, Boylston, Braddock, Breckenridge, Brents, Broadwater, Brocket, Bronaugh, Brown, Browns, Bryan, Bryant, Bucklands, Buckley, Burke, Burkes, Burrows, Cairde, Canady, Car, Carlyle, Carney, Carpenter, Carter, Carters, Carty, Cash, Caton, Champneys, Chapman, Chase, Chesher, Chichester, Chichesters, Claggett, Clapham, Cleveland, Clifton, Cockburn, Cocke, Cockerell, Cofer, Coffer, Cole, Coleman, Colemans, Colvill, Cookburn, Cooke, Cooper, Coopers, Copein, Corbins, Corner, Cox, Crutcher, Cullison, Custis, Dade, Dades, Dainty, Dalton, Dame, Daniel, Daniels, Darne, Darrel, Darrell, Darus, Davie, Davis, De Butts, Demevill, Deneale, Denty, Deskins, Dickins, Dickson, Diskin, Dixon, Dodd, Dodge, Donaldson, Douglass, Dozier, Dulan, Dulin, Dunbarr, Duntan, Ellett, Elliott, Ellzey, Eltenger, Elzey, Elzy, Emms, English, Erskine, Evans, Ewel, Ewell, Fairfax, Fairfaxes, Fairhurst, Falkner, Farguson, Fauquier, Ficklin, Fitzhugh, Fitzhughs, Fleming, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Franklin, French, Furguson, Furgussons, Gaillard, Gardner, Garrett, Gerard, Gibson, Gilmore, Gladdin, Gladding, Gleading, Godfrey, Gooch, GOODWIN, Goram, Graham, Grant, Grantum, Grayson, Green, Griffin, Griffith, Grigsby, Grymes, Guest, Gunnel, Gunnell, Gunnells, Hago, Hairsling, Hall, Halley, Halling, Hamilton, Hampton, Harle, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartley, Hartshorne, Haslip, Haugo, Hawley, Henderson, Hendersons, Hening, Henry, Herbert, Hereford, Heryford, Hester, Hews, Hicherson, Hicks, Higgerson, Hollis, Holmes, Hord, Howel, Howson, Hull, Hunter, Hunters, Huntt, Hurst, Husk, Hutchinson, Hutchinsons, Hutt, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Janney, Jefferey, Jefferson, Jenifer, Jenkins, Jenny, John, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Judy, Keen, Keith, Kemp, King, Kirk, Kirkland, Kitchen, Kloman, Koon, Krouch, Kurhling, Lamphier, Landstreet, Lane, Langfier, Lasswell, Lawfull, Lay, Lee, Lees, Lewis, Lewises, Lindsey, Linton, Littlejohn, Lockwood, Love, Loves, Loyd, Lucas, Lumley, Lund, Lynton, Macgill, Machen, Macrae, Madden, Madison, Manley, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Masons, Massey, Masterson, Mc.Bee, Mc.Carty, Mc.Cartys, McCarty, McCartys, McGill, McIlhenny, McWhorter, Meade, Meckby, Melton, Mercers, Middleton, Milstead, Minor, Moncure, Monroe, Monteith, Moore, Morton, Moscrope, Moseley, Moss, Mosses, Moxley, Muir, Munroe, Murray, Musgrove, Neale, Neill, Netherton, Nevitt, Newton, Newtons, Nisbett, Noland, Norton, Offutt, Omohundro, Osborn, Osborne, Owen, Owsley, Packard, Page, Payne, Peabody, Peak, Peake, Pendleton, Penson, Perin, Perkins, Peyton, Piper, Platt, Pollard, Popejoy, Porter, Posey, Potter, Powell, Presley, Price, Pritchett, Ramey, Ramsay, Ramsey, Randolph, Ratcliffe, Ratcliffes, Reagan, Reagans, Reardon, Reid, Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roe, Ronks, Ross, Rumsey, Russell, Ryers, Saintclare, Samford, Sanders, Sands, Sanford, Saunders, Scandall, Scott, Seal, Sears, Sebastian, Selectman, Shaddedin, Shaw, Shelton, Shortridge, Simmonds, Simpson, Slaughter, Smallwood, Smith, Smiths, Sommers, Sparks, Specht, Spurr, Stephens, Steptoes, Stoddert, Stone, Straham, Stribling, Stuart, Stuarts, Sturman, Stutt, Summers, Talbot, Taliaferro, Tayloes, Taylor, Tebbs, Terrett, Terretts, Theisz, Thomas, Thomases, Thompson, Thornton, Thorntons, Thrift, Tillett, Towners, Townsend, Trammel, Trammell, Triplett, Turley, Turner, Valandigam, Veal, Violet, Violett, Wade, Wagener, Wait, Waite, Walker, Wallis, Ward, Warden, Wardens, Warner, Washington, Washingtons, Watson, Waugh, Weems, West, Westmoreland, Weston, Wheeler, White, Whitford, Whittle, Wiley, Wilks, Williams, Willis, Windsor, Winsor, Withers, Wren, Wright, Wyatt, Wythe, Young,