DMK Heritage

History of Worth County, Georgia





1854 1934




This 641 page book with a 19 page index was written in 1934.


Chapter I

Indian Land Sessions-Counties from which Worth was carved-Laws that effect Worth County.

Chapter II

Spanish Background of Worth County History-DeSoto's March-Creek Indians-Indian Skirmish on Swift Creek-Willis Family Massacre-Joe WillisDaniel Willis-Willis Cemetery-Battle of Gay's Hammock-Indian's Lament.

Chapter III

Thigpen Trail-Jackson's Trail-Barnard Trail--Ten Mile Trail-Kennard's Trail.

Chapter IV

Pinder Town-Old Stage Coach Road-Pindartown to Irwinville Mail Route-San Barnard-"Old Sanguinard"-lsabella-"Big Court" in the Olden Time-City of Sylvester-Worth County Dotted over with Beautiful Little Towns-Sumner--Warwick--Town of Poulan-Heads of Families when Worth County was Organized.

Chapter V

Justices of Inferior Court-judges and Solicitors- Macon, Southwestern, Albany and Tifton Circuits County Court of Worth-City Court of Sylvester.

Chapter VI

Militia Districts - Boundaries, 1931 of Worth County's Militia Districts.

Chapter VII

Senators and Representatives-Worth County Representatives.

Chapter VIII

Officers-County School Superintendents-County, Officers-Officers Elected to Serve Four Years, Beginning January 1, 1933-County Commissioners.

Chapter IX

Worth's Resources--Worth County, The Diamond of South Georgia-Soils of Worth County-Carrying the Cotton to Market-'Simon Beer”, 'Possum and "Taters" a Resource of Worth.

Chapter X

Industries-Abstract of Banks and Banking History —Poulan Cotton Mills-Ocmulgee to Flint Railroad or Canal-Atlantic Coast Line Railroad-Georgia Northern Railroad-G. A. S. C. Railroad.

Chapter XI

Education-Worth County Public Schools-Consolidated Schools-Negro Schools-McPhaul Institute--- Judge Park's Old Field School-Sumner School.

Chapter XII

Educators-Malchus Cobb Owen-J. O. Mangham--Mrs. Lizzie Mangham Williams-Miss Annie Mae Melton-Eugene Attaway-George I. Martin-Alice Delaney Tipton.

Chapter XIII

Religion-Primitive Baptist Churches-Providence Church Cemetery-At Old China Grove-Methodism in Worth County-Smoak Cemetery-Missionary Baptist Churches-Rev. Ernest L. Baskin-M. L. Lawson –Sunday School Celebration-Presbyterian Churches United Free Will Baptist Church-Pioneer Preachers of Worth-Sumner Quartette-Singing Conventions.

Chapter XIV

Patriotic Organizations-Worth Lodge No. 194Womans Club of Worth County-Sylvester Woman's Club-Civic Improvement Club-Poulan Woman's Club-Barnard Trail Chapter. D. A. R.-Regents of Barnard Trail Chapter, D. A. R.-Sylvester Parent Teacher Association-The Kiwanis Club of Sylvester -Camp Bill Harris-Brownlee Post American Legion-American Legion Auxiliary.

Chapter XV

Journalism-Worth County Newspapers-Editors of Worth County.

Chapter XVI

Bar-judiciary-William Augustus Harris-Judge Raleigh Eve-Judge David H. Pope-Pope Home on Pope Hill-judge Frank Park-The Park Family--Edward Eugene Cox-Judge Chesley Wade Monk.

Chapter XVII

Lawyers-Biographical Sketches-History of Forehand Family, Worth County, Ga.-Walters Family Robert A. Holmes and Family.

Chapter XVIII

County Physicians and Surgeons-Worth County Dentists –Veterinarians - Pharmacists - Records Found in Bible of James M. Quillian.

Chapter XIX

County Officers and Family Details-James W. Warren, Clerk of Superior Court-J. Mack Bass, Judge Sam S. Story, Ordinary Worth County-Charles Harrington Strangward-John N. Sumner, Sheriff David Benjamin Gleaton, Tax Receiver for 1933-Hon. Francis Marion Kimble-- P. M. Lancaster- R. Britt Pollard - Pollard Family - McArthur Sloan - Clyde Horace Forshee.

Chapter XX

Family History, Genealogy and Bible Records-Marriage Licenses in Worth County from 1854 to 1865-- Jews of Worth.

Chapter XXI

Confederate Soldiers who Immigrated to Worth County After the War.

Chapter XXII

Worth in the War Between the States-The Women of Worth in the Sixties-Woman's Part in the Civil War-Company B, 10th Georgia-"Worth Rebels" --Worth in Secession Convention of Georgia-Muster Roll of the Worth Rebels-Muster Roll of Yancey Independents-Roster of Company F, 57th Georgia Regiment-State Militia-Home Guards, 1864-1865 Roster Spanish-American War Veterans.

Chapter XXIII

World War-The Unknown Soldier Speaks-Roster of World War Veterans-John Lewis Herring.

Chapter XXIV

Chase Salmon Osborn, Ex-Governor of Michigan.


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