DMK Heritage

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants

Shenandoah Valley

Pioneers and Their Descendants

A History of Frederick County, Virginia

From its Formation in 1738 to 1908

Compiled Mainly from Original Records of Old

Frederick County, now Hampshire, Berkeley,

Shenandoah, Jefferson, Hardy, Clarke,

Warren, Morgan and Frederick

T. K. Cartmell

Clerk of the Old County Court

This 568 page (25 page index) history of old Frederick County contains information on the pioneers of the upper Shenandoah Valley.

Table of Contents (abridged)

Shenandoah Valley Settled, Flow and by Whom

The Minor Grants

Van Meter and Hite Grants

Old Frederick County, Organization of; Gleanings from Old Courts

Boundaries of Old Frederick County

Frederick County, Physical Features of

Frederick County, Typography of

Frederick County, Natural Points of Interest of

The Lower Valley; Old Frederick in the Early Days

Old County Roads and Turnpikes

Railroads, Their Charters, etc

Public Ferries

Mills and Other Developments

Gleanings from Old Courts, Continued The Indian and French War

Gleanings from Old Courts, Succeeding Revolutionary War

County Roads, List of, and Overseers, 1788-89, and Gleanings from Courts

Revolutionary War, Officers and Enlisted Men of

Morgan and his Men; George Rogers Clark Expedition; List of Old Justices

The War of 1812-14

Old Courts, Justices, District and Circuit; Notable Trials; Naturalized AliensvValley Banks Old and New

Revolutionary War Heroes; Court Gleanings Continued up to Civil War

Justices' Courts, from 1862 to Underwood Constitution; County Court Judges and Officers; Criminal Trials

The County Court, Continued; Lynching of Wm. Shorter

End of County Court System; Beginning of New

City of Winchester, 1743-1850

Winchester, Water Supply of, Gas, Electricity and Manufactures; Criminal Trials.

Newspapers of Winchester, 1787-1908

Winchester, Educational Developments, Fire Companies

Winchester Old Taverns and Streets, Mayors from 1804

The Churches in the Lower Valley

Presbyterian Church, Episcopal Church, Parish of Hampshire

Lutheran Church, German Reformed Church,Methodist Episcopal Church

Baptist Church, Society of Friends , Roman Catholic Church

The Cemeteries of Winchester

Town and City Government; The Market Square Suit Towns in Old Frederick County

Notabilities of Old Frederick, Fairfax

Notabilities of Old Frederick, George Washington

Notabilities of Old Frederick, Joist Hite Pioneer

Daniel Morgan Life of

Homesteads, Colonial and Others

Homesteads of Frederick County

Homesteads and Biographical Notices

The John Brown Raid

The Civil War;

Emancipation Proclamation, Effect on Both Armies; The Campaign in Spring of 63; Death of Stonewall Jackson

The Valley Army After Jacksons Death


Fall of Richmond; Appomattox and Surrender

Biographical Sketches

The Pioneers of the Upper Valley

Frederick County at this Writing

Appendix No. I-8


Aadell, Abbott, Adam, Adams, Affleck, Afflecks, Afflick, Albin, Alburtis, Alburtiss, Alderson, Aldrich, Alexander, Alfort, Alfred, Aliens, Allamong, Allamongs, Allan, Allemong, Allemongs, Allen, Alstadt, Altrilk, Ambler, Amherst, Amick, Anderson, Andersons, Andrews, Andros, Annan, Arbogast, Arbuckle, Archer, Argall, Argenbright, Argenbrights, Armistead, Armstead, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Asbury, ASH, Ashby, Ashbys, Ashley, Ashwood., Atkinson, Atwell, Aulick, Austin, Averill, Avery, Avirett, Avis, Aylett, Ayres, Babb, Bacon, Baechter, Baetjer, Bageant, Bagnall, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Bakers, Balch, Balderson, Baldwin, Baldwins, Baley, Ball, Ballenger, Ballinger, Balmain, Balmaine, Balthis, Baltimore, Banks, Banner, Bantz, Barbee, Barbour, Bare, Barksdale, Barley, Barleys, Barnes, Barnett, Barnewell, Barney, Barnny, Barns, Barnum, Barr, Barrett, Barron, Barrow, Barry, Bartgis, Bartlett, Barton, Bartow, Basco, Baskerville, Battle, Bauer, Baum, Baumger, Bayard, Baylis, Bayliss, Baylor, Beale, Beall, Bean, Beans, Beason, Beatly, Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Beau, Beauregard, Becker, Becket, Beckett, Beckham, Beckman, Becks, Beckwith, Beddinger, Bedinger, Bee, Beeler, Beeller, Beemer, Beeson, Beesons, Bell, Bells, Bender, Benham, Benjamin, Bennett, Benning, Bent, Bentley, Bently, Berck, Berkeley, Berkley, Berkly, Berry, Bertram, Berwick, Best, Beutell, Bewtoole, Bicket, Bierlin, Biggs, Billings, Birch, Bird, Birmingham, Birney, Birthright, Bishop, Bishops, Bittle, Bitzer, Bizant, Black, Blackburn, Blackemore, Blackfords, Blackhard, Blackstone, Blackwell, Blain, Blair, Blakeman, Blakemore, Blanchard, Bland, Blandy, Blank, Blenker, Bliss, Blue, Blue Jacket, Bly, Blythe, Boerly, Boggs, Bolts, Bond, Bonham, Boogher, Booker, Boone, Booth, Boothe, Borden, Boseman, Bossers, Bostin, Boston, Boswell, Boteler, Botetourt, Botts, Boush, Bowen, Bowers, Bowly, Bowman, Bowmans, Boyce, Boyd, Boyer, Braddock, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brady, Bradys, Bragg, Braggs, Bragonier, Braidfoot, Braithwaite, Braithwaites, Brake, Bramingham, Branch, Branner, Brannon, Brannons, Branson, Bratten, Braun, Braxton, Brazer, Breckenridge, Breckenridges, Breeden, Brent, Brewbaker, Brigade, Briggs, Bright, Brill, Brills, Brindle, Brinker, Brinkers, Briscoe, Briscoes, Briscot, Bristoe, Broaddus, Brock, Brockenbraugh, Brockenbrough, Brockinbough, Brome, Bronaugh, Brooke, Brookhart, Brooking, Brookover, Brooks, Broomell, Brown, Browne, Browning, Browns, Broy, Bruce, Bruin, Brumback, Bruor, Bryan, Bryant, Bryarly, Bryce, Buchanan, Buchannan, Bucher, Buck, Buckhannon, Buckle, Buckles, Buckner, Buckus, Buford, Buger, Bulger, Bull, Bulla, Buncutter, Burchham, Burd, Burden, Burgess, Burgoyne, Burkem, Burks, Burnett, Burnie, Burns, Burnside, Burr, Burrell, Burton, Burwell, Busby, Bush, Buskirk, Butler, Byers, Byram, Byrarly, Byrd, Byre, Byrne, Bywaters, Cabell, Cackley, Cackleys, Cadwallader, Cahill, Cain, Calames, Calderhead, Caldwell, Calhoun, Calmees, Calmes, Calvert, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Campbells, Canby, Cannon, Canter, Caperton, Capper, Carens, Carey, Carlisle, Carlyle, Carnes, Carney, Carpenter, Carper, Carpers, Carr, Carrington, Carroll, Carrs, Carson, Carsons, Carter, Carteret, Carters, Cartier, Cartmell, Cartright, Carver, Cary, Casey, Cashell, Casper, Castleman, Cather, Cathey, Catlett, Cave, Caven, Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chambers, Chamblin, Chambliss, Champe, Chandler, Chaplain, Chapline, Chapman, Chase, Cheney, Chenowith, Chenowiths, Cherry, Chester, Chew, Chicheley, Chick, Chief Wappa, Chiles, Chilton, Chipley, Chisholm, Chrisman, Chrismore, Christian, Christman, Churchill, Clagett, Claggett, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Claypole, Clayton, Cleaver, Cleaves, Clements, Cleveland, Clevenger, Cliff, Cline, Cloud, Clowe, Clower, Clowser, Clowsers, Clymer, Clyne, Cobb, Cobbs, Coble, Coburn, Cochran, Cochrane, Cochrans, Cock, Cocke, Cockey, Cockran, Cocks, Coddy, Cody, Coe, Coffelt, Cohoon, Coiston, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Colepepper, Collett, Collins, Colmes, Colquitt, Colston, Colstons, Colville, Colvin, Combs, Conaly, Conelly, Conn, Connell, Connolly, Connor, Conrad, Contee, Converse, Conway, Conways, Cook, Cooke, Cool, Cooley, Cooleys, Coontz, Cooper, Coopers, Copeland, Copeman, Copenhaver, Copp, Coppie, Copple, Corbin, CORDELL, Cornelius, Cornstalk, Cornwallis, Cornwell, Correll, Corse, Cosen, Couch, Couplands, Courtney, Cover, Cox, Coxe, Coyle, Cozen, Crabill, Crabills, Craddock, Craft, Craig, Craigen, Craighead, Craighill, Craigs, Craik, Crane, Crawford, Crawfords, Crebs, Cresap, Crever, Crisman, Crittenden, Crittendon, Crockett, Croghan, Cromer, Cromley, Cromwell, Crook, Crookshank, Cropper, Cross, Croudson, Crowell, Crown, Cruikshank, Crum, Crumly, Crump, Crutchfield, Crute, Cubbage, Culler, Culpeper, Culver, Cumming, Cummings, Cuningham, Cunningham, Curlett, Curtis, Custer, Cutler, Dabney, Dacon, Dahlgren, Dailey, Dalby, Dale, Dalton, Dame, Danaker, Dandridge, Dangerfield, Daniel, Danner, Darbe, Dark, Darke, Darlingtons, Daugherty, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Davisson, Day, Deans, Dearing, Dearmont, Death, Dedimus, Deeper, Degell, DeHart, DeHaven, DeHavens, Deitrick, DeKeyser, Delaware, Delay, Delheryea, Dellener, Dellinger, Dellinor, Dennison, Denny, Dent, Denton, Denver, Derry, Desarfe, Detering, Dettra, Dick, Dickinson, Dickson, Diffenderffer, Diggs, Dilks, Dillon, Dinges, Dinwiddie, Discow, Dispanet, Dispennette, Dixon, Doag, Dobbins, Dobson, Dodd, Dodridge, Doe, Dolan, Doles, Donaldson, Doneghy, Donnelley, Donnelly, Donoho, Dooland, Dooues, Doran, Doring, Dorsey, Dosh, Doster, Dough, Douglas, Douglass, Dowdal, Dowdall, Downing, Doyle, Drakes, Drawbaugh, Drayton, Drew, Drinker, Drysdale, DuBois, Duckwall, Duckworth, Duff, Duffield, Duffs,, Dulaney, Dumas, Dun, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunlaps, Dunlevy, Dunmore, Dunn, Durell, Durst, Dust, Dutton, Duvall, Dyer, Eagan, Eakin, Earle, Earles, Early, Easley, Eastham, Ebert, Echols, Eddy, Edgar, Edmiston, Edmondson, Edmonson, Edmunds, Edmunson, Edwards, Edwin, Effinger, Eggleston, Eichelberger, Eldridge, Eley, Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Elmores, Elosser, Elsey, Eltinge, Elzey, Embrey, Emmart, Emmitt, Engle, English, Eno, Enoch, Epes, Ernest, Erskine, Eskridge, Espey, Essick, Evan, Evans, Evard, Everett, Everly, Ewans, Ewell, Ewing, Ewings, Fagan, Fair, Fairfax, Fairfield, Falkenborough, Fant, Farmer, Farmers, Farra, Farrell, Farron, Faucett, Faulkner, Fauntleroy, Fauquier, Fauver, Fawcett, Featherston, Feely, Feif, Fendell, Fenton, Fentzell, Fenwick, Ferguson, Fergusson, Ferrell, Fetzer, Fickhis, Field, Fielding, Fiell, Fillmore, Findlays, Findley, Fink, Finley, Finnell, Fisher, Fishpaw, Fitch, Fithian, Fitzhugh, Fitzmiller, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Fix, Fizer, Flag, Flaugherty, Flautt, Fleming, Fletcher, Fletchers, Fling, Flood, Florence, Flounroy, Floyd, Foltz, Fontaine, Foolam, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Foreman, Forney, Forsyth, Forsythe, Fossett, Foster, Fouke, Fox, Frambach, France, Francis, Franckel, Franklin, Frayser, Frazier, Frederick, Freeland, Fremont, French, Frencham, Fretley, Fridley, Friedly, Fries, Frieze, Froman, Frost, Frosts, Fry, Frye, Fryes, Fulhone, Fulkerson, Fuller, Fulton, Funk, Funkhouser, Funks, Funsten, Furguson, Furman, Gable, Gabriel, Gage, Gait, Gaither, Gallagher, Gallaher, Gallitzin, Galt, Gamble, Gano, Ganslen, Gardner, Garland, Garner, Garnett, Garret, Garrett, Garrison, Garvin, Garvins, Gates, Gatewood, Gausinske, Gay, Geary, Geddings, Geisleman, Gelston, Gentry, Gents, George, Gerard, Gheislin, Gherundo, Gibbens, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gibsons, Giddings, Giffin, Giffins, Gilbert, Gilbortzer, Giles, Gilham, Gilkerson, Gilkeson, Gill, Gilmer, Gilmore, Gilpin, Ginn, Gist, Givens, Gladstone, Glaize, Glass, Glasscock, Glassell, Gluck, Godfrey, Goertner, Goff, Gold, Gollidays, Golloday, Gooch, Good, Goodman, Goodmyer, Gooseberry, Gordon, Gordons, Gore, Gorsuch, Goshorn, Gough, Goughs, Grabill, Grady, Graham, Graichen, Grammar, Granberry, Grandstaff, Grant, Grany, Grapes, Gratton, Graves, Gray, Grays, Grayson, Green, Greenfield, Greenleaf, Greenlee, Greens, Greenway, Greenwood, Gregg, Gregory, Griffin, Griffith, Griggs, Grigsby, Grigson, Grim, Grimes, Grimm, Grimms, Gross, Grove, Grover, Groves, Grubb, Gruber, GRYMES, Guard, Guards, Guy, Guyer, Haas, Haasall, Hable, Hack, Hackney, Haddox, Hadley, Haenh, Hagan, Hagerty, Haggy, Hahn, Haines, Haldeman, Hale, Haley, Halkett, Hall, Halleck, Haller, Halley, Halls, Ham, Hambert, Hambreton, Hamilton, Hamiltons, Hamlin, Hammack, Hammond, Hampton, Hancher, Hancock, Handley, Handshaw, Handy, Haney, Hanger, Hannon, Hansberger, Hansbrough, Hansbury, Hanson, Hansonbella, Harbinson, Harbison, Hardee, Hardesty, Hardie, Hardin, Hardy, Harfield, Hargrave, Harlan, Harman, Harmer, Harmon, Harness, Harnsborough, Harper, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harrisons, Harrow, Hart, Hartman, Hartwick,,Harvey, Hassett, Hatch, Hatcher, Havely, Haven, Haw, Hawkins, Hawks, Hay, Hayden, Haymaker, Haynes, Hays, Hazlett, Headleys, Heard, Heater, Heath, Heaton, Hedges, Hedrick, Hefferlin, Hefferman, Heflebower, Heinrick, Heintz, Heironimous, Heironimus, Heiskel, Heiskell, Heiskill, Heist, Heister, Heizel, Helfenstein, Heller, Hellion, Helm, Helms, Helphinstine, Helsey, Hemmons, Henderlite, Henderson, Hening, Henkel, Henning, Henockel, Henricks, Henry, Hensell, Hensells, Henshaw, Herbert, Herdsman, Herrell, Herrells, Hesser, Hester, Heterick, Heth, Hetzel, Heydt, Hickman, Hicks, Hiett, Higgins, Higinbotham, Hill, Hill,, Hillary, Hillman, Hillyard, Himelrights, Hinckle, Hinckles, Hindman, Hinkley, Hirdie, Hisey, Hite, Hites, Hober, Hobson, Hockman, Hodgson, Hoey, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoffnagle, Hoffs, Hog, Hoge, Hogg, Hogue, Hogues, Hoke, Holiday, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Hollingsworths, Hollis, Holmes, Holt, Holtman, Home, Honaker, Honesty, Hood, Hook, Hooker, Hoover, Hopewell, Hopkins, Hopper, Horrell, Horton, Hotchkiss, Hotsinpeller, Hott, Hottle, Hottles, Hotzenpeller, Houck, Hough, Houghton, Householders, Houston, Howard, Howards, Howe, Howel, Hoxton, Hubard, Hubbard, Huck, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Huffs, Huger, Hugh, Hughes, Hughs, Humble, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hunter, Huntsberry, Hupp, Hurr, Huston, Hutcheson, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutton, Huyett, Hyde, Hynes, Hyte, Imboden,Ingram, Innis, Inskeep, Ireland, Irish, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, Isaacs, Isler, Iverson, Jack, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacques, James, Jamison, Janney, Jarvis, Jay, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Job, Jobe, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstons, Joliffe, Jolliffe, Jones, Jordan, Jordans, Jordon, Joseph, Joyce, Kable, Kagey, Kain, Kairnes, Kamp, Kane, Karnes, Karns,, Kater, Kauffman, Kaufman, Kean, Keane, Kearn, Kearne, Kearnes, Kearsley, Keating, Keckley, Keckleys, Keeler, Keeling, Keene, Keesel, Keffer, Kehler, Keisee, Keiter, Keith, Kellars, Keller, Kelly, Kelso, Kemp, Kempe, Kemper, Keniper, Kenly, Kennedy, Kenner, Kennerly, Kenney, Keppel,, Kepps, Kercheval, Kerfoot, Kern, Kerns, Kerr, Kerrell, Kersey,Kershaw, Keyes, Keyser, Kidd, Kiger, Killbuck, Kilmer, Kilpatrick, Kimball, Kimble, Kinbrough, King, Kingan, Kingore, Kinson, Kinzel, Kinzell, Kirby, Kirchner, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kline, Kloess, Klyfustine, Knight, Knipe, Knisman, Knolton, Knoultone, Koontz, Koppenhaber, Kramer, Krauth, Kreamer, Krebs, Kreemer, Kremer, Krener, Kuhnert, Kurt, Kurtz, Kuykendall, Kyle, La Salle, Lacey, Lackland, Lacy, Lafferty, Laidley, Laird, Laman, Lambert, Lamp, Lamp,, Lamps, Landengham, Lane, Lang, Langfelt, Langley, Larey, Largent, Larks, Laroque, Larrick, Larricks, Larue, Latane, Latham, Latharn, Latimer, Latrobe, Laubinger, Lauck, Lavore, Law, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lawton, Layton, Leach, Leafe, Learning, Leathe, Leatherman, Lee, Lees, Legat, Legg, Legrand, Leigh, Leighs, Lemen, Lemley, Lemly, Lemmon, Lemon, Lender, Lentz, Leonard, Leopold, Leps, Lesley, Leslie, Letcher, Lewin, Lewis, Lewis,, Lewises, Leyburn, Lilburn, Lillard, Lilley, Linaburgs, Lincoln, Linder, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsey, Line, Linebergers, Lineweaver, Lingamphleter, Lingemfelter, Link, Linn, Linndsey, Linsey, Linville, Linzey, Lippit, Lisle, Little, Littlepage, Littler, Littlers, Littleton, Livermore, Livingston, Livingstone, Lloyd, Lobb, Lockard, Locke, Lockes, Lockhart, Lockharts, Lockmiller, Lockwood, Lodge, Lodor, Loftin, Lofton, Logan, Logsett, Lomas, Lomax, Lonas, Long, Longacre, Longacres, Longfield, Longstreet, Loring, Loughhead, Love, Lovell, Lovett, Lowe, Lucan, Lucas, Lucket, Luckett, LUDI, Luke, Lukens, Lupton, Luttrell, Lutz, Lyle, Lyman, Lynch, Lynn, Lyon, Lytle, Macatee, MacCracken, Macfee, Mack, Mackey, MACKY, Maclean,, Madden, Madison, MaGill, Magills, Maginis, Magruder, Magson, Mahahan, Mahaneys, Mahone, Mahony, Maid, Make, Mallory, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Mantz, Manuel, Marbury, Mark, Marker, Marks, Marple, Marquis, Marsh, Marshall, Marsttella, Martin, Mary, Mason, Massey, Massie, Massies, Massle, Master, Mathews, Maucks, Mauk, Maupin, Maury, Mauzy, Maxwell, Mayers, Maynard, Mayo, Mayre, Mayson, McAlister, McAllister, McAuley, McAuly, McBride, McC, McCalister, McCallister, McCandless, McCann, McCardell, McCarroll, McCart, McCarthy, McCarty, McCauley, McCausland, McChesney, McClanahan, McClanihan, McClannahan, McCleary, McClellan, McClelland, McClenahans, McClenehan, McCloun, McClure, McCluskey, McCoole, McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McCreary, McCrimas, McCues, McCune, McCutchen, McDaniel, McDonald, McDowel, McDowell, McDowells, McFall, McFarlane, McGann, McGee, McGehee, McGILL, McGuire, McHandry, McIllwee, McIlwee, McIlwees, McIntire, McIntosh, McKay, McKays, McKee, McKeever, McKenney, McKinney, McKinster, Mcknight, McKown,McLaughlin, McLaw, McLaws, McLean, McLeod, McLeods, Mcllwees, Mclntire, Mclnturff, Mclntyres, McMachen, McMahon, McMechin, McMicken, McMickin, McMullin, McMurran, McNamee, McNeil, McNeill, McPherson, McPheters, McSheary, McSherry, McUllock, McVeigh, McVerry, McVicar, McWhite, Meade, Meades, Meamick, Means, Medlicot, Medtart, Melbourne, Meldren, Meldrun, Mellinger, Mercer, Merchant, Meredith, Mergee, Meridith, Merritt, Merryman, Mesmer, Mess-Lauck, Meyer, Middleton, Milburne, Miler, Miles, Milhon, Milhorn, Milhorns, Millar, Millburns, Miller, Millers, Mills, Milroy, Milton, Minor, Minors, Mitchell, Mitchum, Mitton, Moeller, Moffett, Mogul,, Moling, Moncure, Money, Monroe, Montague, Montfort, Montgomery, Moore, Moorman, Morelock, Morgan, Morgans, Moriarity, Morrell, Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Morrisons, Morrow, Morryson, Morse, Morton, Moses, Moss, Mossier, Mounts, Mueller, Muhlenberg, Muhlenberger, Muhlenburg, Mulelcuro, Mulholland, Mumaw, Munday, Munford, Murdock, Murphy, Murphys, Murray, Murrey, Murry, Muse, Musgrove, Myers, Nail, Nash, Nason, Naval, Neal, Nealy, Neavill, Needles, Neff, Neil, Neill, Nelson, Nelsons, Nevill, Neville, Newbold, Newman, Newmans, Newport, Newton, Nichol, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nicodemus, Nisewanger, NISSWANGER, Niswanger, Noland, Norman, Norres, Norris, Northern, Norton, Nott, Nourse, Nulton, Nuschanger, OBannon, OBrien, Odle, OFerral, OFerrall, Offutt, Ogden, Ogdens, Ogilvie, Oguillion, OGuillon, Oldham, Oldrid, Olford, Oliver, Olmstead, Omps, ONeall, Opeckenough, Opie, Oran, Ord, ORear, OReilly, Orison, Orndorff, Orndorffs, Orndorffs, ORoak, ORoke, ORourke, Orrick, Osborne, Osburn, Ott, Otto, Overall, Owen, Owens, Owings, Owsly, Pace, Padgett, Pagan, Page, Pages, Painter, Painters, Palb, Palmer, Pancoast, Pangle, Pangles, Parish, Parishes, Parke, Parker, Parkins, Parks, Parlett, Parrall, Parrell, Parrish, Parson, Parsons, Parton, Patterson, Patton, Pattons, Paul, Paxton, Payne, Peace, Peacemaker, Peacemakers, Peachy, Pearce, Pearls, Pearsell, Pearson, Peck, Peery, Pegram, Pemberton, Pendall, Pender, Pendleton, Penn, Pennington, Pennybaker, Pentz, Percy, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Perrys, Persons, Petanger, Peterkin, Peters, Peterson, Pettigrew, Peyronny, Peyton, Peytons, Pheasants, Phelps, Philips, Pickens, Pickerel, Pickets, Pickett, Pierce, Pierpont, Pifer, Pifers, Pike, Pilcher, Pinckney, Piper, Pirkey, Pitman, Pitt, Pittman, Pitts, Pitzer, Place, Pleasanton, Pleasants, Plunkett, Po, Poage, Poague, Poe, Poison, Polhamus, Polk, Pollock, Pool, Pope, Porteous, Porter, Porterfield, PORTEUS, Posey, POSTAGE, Pott, Potts, Poulson, Powell, Powells, Powers, Preston, Prestons, Price, Prickett, Printz, Pritchard, Pritchartt, ProBasco, Province, Pryor, Pugh, Pughs, Pulley, Purcell, Purdour, Quinn, Quint, Rabonack, Rader, Ragan, Raife, Raleigh, Ralph, Ramey, Rameys, Ramseur, Ramsey, Randall, Randolph, Randolphs, Rankin, Rannells, Ransom, Ransome, Ranson, Ratchlie, Ray, Read, Reagan, Reardon, Reck, Red Hawk, Redmond, Reed, Reely, Rees, Reese, Reffey, Regan, Reichert, Reid, Reilly, Reily, Renner, Reno, Reynolds, Rhea, Rhinehart, Rhodes, Rhyan, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richet, Richie, Rickart, Ricketts, Riddle, Ridenour, Ridenours, Ridgeway, Ridgway, Ridings, Ridley, Riely, RIGG, Riggs, Riley, Rinehart, Rinker, Rinker, Rinkers, Ripley, Rippey, Risk, Ritchcreek, Ritenour, Rittenhouse, Roads, Roan, Roarer, Roberdeau, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robertsons, Robinson, Roderick, Rodering, Rodes, Rodgers, Roe, Roger, Rogers, Roher, Roland, Roller, Rolls, Rombach, Romney, Rood, Root, Roots, Rose, Rosecrans, Rosecranz, Rosenberger, Ross, Rosser, Roundsifer, Rouse, Rouss, Rowan, Roy, Royall, Rubey, Ruble, Rucker, Ruddell, Ruddle, Rude, Rudell, Rudolph, Ruffin, Ruffner, Rumsey, Russel, Russell, Russells, Rust, Rusts, Rutherford, Rutledge, Ryalls, Ryan, Ryans, Ryland, Saffell, Sale, Sampson, Samsells, Sandys, Sangster, Sapington, SARGEANT, Sarrendahl, Saunders, Savage, Saxton, Scaggs, Scales, Scanlon, Schenk, Schmichts, Schmidt, Schneider, Schneyder, Schofield, Schrack, Schreck, Schultz, Schumacher, Schumucker, Schurz, Scott, Scrivener, Scrivner, Seabright, Seabrook, Seal, Seaman, Seaton, Sebastian, Secrist, Secrists, Sedgewick, Sedgwood, Seemer, Seevers, Seibert, Seifert, Seigel, Seiss, Sellers, Selzer, Semme, Semmes, Semple, Senseny, Sergeant, Setsar, Setser, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shade, Shades, Shadrick, Shaffer, Shands, Shanholtzes, Shanks, Shannon, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaull, Shaver, Shaw, Shearard, Shearer, Sheets, Sheetz, Shenk, Shepard, Shepherd, Sherer, Sheridan, Sherman, Sherrard, Shield, Shields, Ship, Shipe, Shipley, Shirley, Shoaff, Shockey, Shorter, Shringers, Shriver, Shryock, Shull, Shultz, Shumaker, Sibert, Sibley, Sickles, Sidebottom, Sidney, Sidwell, Siebole, Siegel, Sigler, Siler, Silver, Simerall, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Sincindiver, Singleton, Singletons, Sisco, Sitzer, Skelton, Skillian, Skinker, Skinner, Slack, Slaughter, Slemmer, Slemmons, Sloat, Smallwood, Smellie, Smith, Smithers, Smiths, Smithy, Smoke, Smythe, SMYTHER, Snapp, Snapps, Snickers, Snider, Snook, Snowden, Snyder, Somers, Somerville, Sommers, Sommerville, South, Southard, Southerd, Sowers, Sparks, Sparrow, Speak, Speake, Spear, Speecher, Speekman, Speers, Spellmans, Spencer, Sperry, Spessard, Spickert, Spillman, Spindle, Spotts, Spottswood, Sprague, Sprigg, Springer, Sprinkle, Sprunt, Spurr, St. Clair, Stabler, Stackhouse, Stacy, Staddon, Stafford, Stanton, Stark, Starke, Station, Staunton, Stayman, Stearman, Stearns, Steck, Steel, Steele, Steer, Steerman, Steinberger, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Stephensons, Steuart, Stevens, Steward, Stewart, Stickley, Stine, Stitler, Stockbridge, Stockton, Stogdon, Stone, Stoneman, Stonesifer, Storer, Stork, Stottlemyer, Stover, Stradler, Strain, Stratton, Streepy, Streit, Stribling, Strickler, Strider, Strode, Strole, Stroop, Strother, Strothers, Stroud, Stuart, Stuarts, Stubblefield, Stubbs, Stuffey, Stump, Sturman, Sublett, Sullivan, Summers, Sumner, Sumption, Suthard, Suttle, Swain, Swallum, Swann, Swanson, Swartz, Swartzwelder, Swearingen, Sweet, Swimleys,, Sydnor, Tabb, Tabbs, Tablers, Taft, Tait, Talbot, Talbott, Taliaferro, Tallefferro, Talley, Talty, Tanquary, Tarleton, Tate, Tavener, Tavenner, Taylor, Taylors, Tees, Teeters, Telfair, Tennant, Tevalt, Tevalts, Tharp, Thatcher, Thom, Thomas, Thomases, Thompson, Thornton, Thorpe, Throckmorton, Thruston, Thurston, Tidball, Tidings, Tilden, Tillar, Timberlake, Timberlakes, Timmons, Todd, Tokes, Toles, Toombs, Torbett, Torian, Touchstone, Towers, Towles, Townes, Townsend, Trautvein, Treadwell, Trenary, Trent, Treson, Trimble, Trimmel, Triplett, Trout, Tuck, Tucker, Tuley, Tuly, Tummens, Turk, Turley, Turner, Turners, Tustin, Tutt, Twyman, Tyler, Tyng, Tyson, Underwood, Unger, Urton, Valk, Van De Vyver, Van Fossen, Van Horn, Van Meter, Van Rensselaer, Van Swearingen, Vance, Vances, Vandevender, Vandiver, Vane, Vanhorn, VanMeter, Vanort, Vashion, Vass, Vasser, Vaunce, Veal, Veasy, Venable, Vernon, Vestal, Vestall, Viol, Von Holst, Vorhees, Voss, Waagener, Waddells, Wade, Wadlington, Wager, Wagner, Wailer, WAITE, Walker, Walkers, Wall, Wallace, Wallbroke, Waller, Walls, Walsingham, Walter, Walters, Walton, Ward, Ware, Waring, Warren, Washburn, Washington, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watsons, Waugh, Wayland, Wayne, Weaver, Webb, Weed, Weeks, Weir, Weitreit, Welch, Weller, Wellford, Wells, Welsh, Welton, Weltons, Wendel, Wessant, West, Wetsell, Wetzel, Weyer, Weysties, Wharton, Wheat, Wheat,, Wheatley, Wheelan, Wheelen, Wheeler, Wheelright, Whelan, Whetz, Whetzel, Whetzels, Whipple, Whissen,, Whissens, Whitacre, Whitacres, White, Whiteman, Whites, Whiting, Whitmore, Whitridge, Whittle, Whittlesey, Wickham, Wiggenton, Wigginton, Wiggintons, Wiggons, Wilcox, Wild, Wildbahn, Wiley, Wilkes, Wilkinsons, Willard, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willoughby, Willson, Wilmer, Wilson, Wilsons, Winder, Windle, Windles, Wine, Wingfield, Winn, Winston, Wise, Wisecarver, Wiseman, Witting, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolford, Wolseley, Womeldorff, WOOD, Wood,, Woodbridge, WOODCOCK, Woods, Woodward, Woodworth, Woolfe, Wormley, Worsley, Worsted, Worth, Wortham, Worthington, Wotring, Wright, Writtenhouse, Wroe, Wyatt, Wyndham, Wynkoop, Yager, Yates, Yeakley, Yeardley, York, Yost, Young, Zable, Zane, Zea, Zepp, Ziler, Zinn, Zirkle,