DMK Heritage

Sketches of Western North Carolina









This 376 page book with a 8 page index was written in 1887 and it is concentrated around the Revolutionary War and the people from this area that fought in it.

Table of Contents:


MECKLENBURG COUNTY: The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, A brief account of the Mecklenburg Centennial, The Grand Procession, Exercises at the Fair Grounds, James Belk A Veteran Invited Guest, Signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Origin of the Alexander Families of Mecklenburg County,Jack Family, Captain Charles Polks ;Muster Roll,; President James K. Polk, General William Davidson, General George Graham William Richardson Davie Battle of the Hanging Rock General Michael McLeary Major Thomas Alexander , Captain William Alexander, Elijah Alexander, Captain Charles Alexander, Joseph Kerr "The Cripple Spy," ,Robert Kerr, Henry Hunter, James Orr , Skirmish at Charlotte; or, First attack of the " Hornets; Surprise at McIntires; or the Hornets at work , Judge Samuel Lowrie, The Ladies of the Revolutionary Period Mrs. Eleanor Wilson, Queens Museum

CABARRUS COUNTY: The "Black Boys" of Cabarrus,

Dr. Charles Harris Captain, Thomas Caldwell

ROWAN COUNTY: Route of the British Army through Mecklenburg and Rowan Counties, General Griffith Rutherford, Locke Family, Hon. Archibald Henderson, Richard Pearson, Mrs. Elizabeth Steele

IREDELL COUNTY Col. Alexander Osborn, Captain William Sharpe, Major William Gill, Captain Andrew Carson, and others, Captain Alexander Davidson Captain James Houston, Captain James Houstons Muster Roll, Rev. James Hail, Hon. Hugh Lawson White

LINCOLN COUNTY:Battle of Ramseurs Mill Route of the British Army through Lincoln County, Gen. Joseph Graham,Brevard Family,Col. James Johnston, Genealogy of Col. James Johnston, Jacob Forney, Sr., Gen. Peter Forney, Major Abram Forney, Genealogy of the Forney Family,

GASTON COUNTY Rev. Humphrey Hunter, Dr. William McLean, Major William Chronicle, Captain Samuel Martin, Captain Samuel Caldwell, Captain John Mattocks, William Rankin, General John Moore, Elisha Withers

CLEAVELAND COUNTY: Battle of Kings Mountain, Colonel William Campbell, Colonel Isaac Shelby, Colonel James D. Williams, Colonel William Graham, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Hambright

BURKE COUNTY :Battle of the Cowpens, General Daniel Morgan, General Charles McDowell and Brothers,

WILKES COUNTY: Colonel Benjamin Cleaveland, Colonel John Sevier General William Lenoir, Lord Cornwallis, Colonel Tarleton, Cherokee Indians


Abernathy, Abrigo, Adair, Adams, Agee, Aldrich, Alexander, Alexanders, Alison, Allen, Alston, Amadas, Anderson, Archibald, Armstrong, Ashe, Ashmore, Atta Kulla Kulla, Auld, Avery, Bain, Baker, Balch, Baldridge, Balfour, Ballard, Ballinger, Bancroft, Barber, Barlow, Barnett, Barnetts, Barringer, Barry, Bartlett, Baxter, Beamer, Beard, Beattie, Beckman, Behringer, Belk,, Bell, Bells, Benedict, Bently, Bergner, Berkeley, Bibb, Bible, Binghams, Bissell, Bivings, Blackwelder, Blythe, Boon, Boote, Boothe, Bost, Bostwick, Bowie, Bowman, Boyd, Boyden, Bradburn, Braddock, Bradley, Brandon, Bratton, Brent, Brevard, Brigade, Bright, Brogden, Brown, Brownfield, Browns, Bruce, Bryan, Bryson, Buckaloe, Buford, Bufort, Burke, Burnet, Burrington, Burton, Byers, Bynum, Cabeen, Caldwell, Caldwells, Calloway, Cameron, Campbell, Cape, Captain John, Carden, Carey, Carnes, Carpenter, Carrick, Carriger, Carson, Carter, Caruthers, Caswell, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chaplain, Charles, Chronicle, Clarke, Clarkes, Clay, Cleaveland, Clingman, Clinton, Coburn, Cocke, Cockrane, Coil, Connelly, Conner, Connor, Cook, Corbin, Corner, Cornstalk, Cornwallis, Corpening, Cosby, Costner, Council, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Craighead, Crawford, Creswell, Croom, Cryer, Cumberland, Cummins, Cunningham, Curry, Dairs, Dallas, Davidson, Davidsons, Davie, Davis, de Graffenreid, De Kalb, De Peyster, DeKalb, Dellinger, Dennis, Dent, Depeyster, Derry, Desaussure, Dickerson, Dickson, Dicksons, Dobbins, Dobbs, Dobson, Dougherty, Dover, Doyle, Drummond, Dudley, Dunlap, Dunmore, Dunn, Durant, Dysart, Eaker, Early, Edmonds, Edmundson, Edward, Elaby, Elliott, Ellis, Ellsworth, Erwin, Espey, Evans, Evins, Ewart, Ewarts, Ewing, Falls, Fannin, Fanning, Farley, Ferguson, Field, Findley, Fisher, Fleming, Fletcher, Flinn, Floyd, Foard, Foote, Forbes, Forney, Frank, Fraser, Frohock, Fulenwider, Gabriel, Gadsden, Gage, Gaines, Galbraith, Gales, Galloway, Gardner, Gaston, Gastons, Gates, Gibbs, Giles, Gill, Gillespie, Givens, Gore, Gorman, Gowen, Graham, Grahams, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenlee, Grier, Griffith, Grove, Grundy, Guess, Gulick, Guyon. See Hadley, Hager, Hagins, Hall, Halsey, Hambright, Hambrite, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hancock, Hand, Hanger, Hanson, Happoldt, Harben, Hardin, Harnet,, Harnett, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Harvey, Hawsey, Hayes, Hayne, Haynes, Hays, Haywood, Henderson, Hendricks, Hennigan, Henry, Hewes, Hews, Hickerson, Hicks, Hill, Hillhouse, Hodge, Hoke, Hooper, Houston, Hovis, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hudson, Huger, Hughes, Humphrey, Hunley, Hunter, Hunters, Husbands, Hutchinson, Inman, Innis, Irwin, Isaacs, Jack, Jackson, Jay, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joyner, Keener, Kennedy, Kennon, Kerr, Kinchen, King, Kirby, Knight, Knox, Knoxes, Kuykendal, Kuykendall, La Fayette, Lacey, Lacy, Lancer, Lanier, Latta, Lawson, Lee, Leeper, Lemmond, Lemmonds, Lenoir, Leslie, Lewis,, Lincoln, Lindsay, Linton, Little, Little Carpenter, Livingston, Locke, Loftin, Logan, Long, Lowrie, Loyd, Lucas, Luckey, Lunsdale, Lytle, Madison, Malmedy, Manning, Mansfield, Marion, Martain, Martin, Martins, Mattocks, Mauney, Maxwell, McAdoo, McCafferty, McCall, McCandlis, McCaule, McCauley, McCawn, McCay, McCombs, McConnaughey, McConnell, McCorkle, McCoy, McCullock, McDonald, McDougal, McDowell, McEwen, McFadden, McGee, McIntire, McIntyre, McKee, McKemie, McKissick, McKnights, McKnitts, McLean, McLeary, McLinn, McLure, McNeil, McWhorter, Meadows, Mebane, Meek, Meredith, Miller, Mitchell, MLean, Monk, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mott, Moultrie, Murphy, Murray, Mushat, Nance, Nash, Neal, Nelson, Newman, Newton, Nicholson, Norfleet, OHara, Ormand,, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Patrick, Patterson, Pattersons, Patton, Pattons, Peace, Pearson, Penn, Person, Petit, Phifer, Pickens, Pierson, Polk, Polly, Pope, Poston, Potts, Powell, Preston, Prevost, Price, Probart, Purser, Pyles, Quigley, Quinn, Rabb, Ramsey, Ramsour, Rankin, Rawdon, Ray, Rayburn, Rayner, Rea, Read, Reed, Reep, Reese, Reid, Reily, Reinhardt, Richards, Richardson, Riddle, Roane, Robb, Robertson, Robinson, Romney, Ross, Rosses, Rowan, Rudisill, Ruffin, Rugeley, Rutherford, Rutledge, Sample, Scott, Seagle, Seitz, Sellers, Selwyn, Sergeant, Sevier, Shannon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shelby, Sherrill, Shields, Shipley, Shipp, Shuford, Sides, Sidney, Siler, Simonton, Simpson, Singleton, Sloan, Smallwood, Smart, Smith, Somerville, Spencer, Spratt, Spratts, Springs, Stansill, Steele, Steen, Stevens, Stewart, Stirling, Stone, Sullivan, Sumner, Sumpter, Sumter, Taggart, Tarleton, Tate, Taylor, Taylors, Tazewell, Templeton, Thackson, Thackston, Thompson, Toole, Torrence, Travis, Triplet, Triplett, Tryon, Turnbull, Twitty, Vail, Vance, Vint, Vorhees, Waddell, Wade, Wahab, Walker, Walkers, Walkup, Wallaces, Walsh, Walton, Warlick, Washington, Wasson, Watt, Webb, Webster, Weir, Welch, Wheeler, Whiston, Whitaker, White, White,, Whites, Whorter, Wiley, Wilkes, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Wilsons, Wingfield, Winn, Winslow, Winston, Withers, Witherspoon, Woodward, Work, Worsham, Worthington, Wright, Wriston, Wylie, Young,